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Full text of "The Free Homestead (Winnebago City, Minn.)"


VOL. 4. 


NO. 3, 

JAS. L CMP.IS11E Editor & Piopiiotor. 


Office on Main Street next door ^orth of the 
Winnebago City Hotel. 

TEllMi OF SbliSCIlIl'TlON. 

Oae copy one year - - - SLTiO 

Vor any term lc*9 n- aiolhj, 5 coats a wecU. 


N'o. in. 1 I s.i 1 2 «ri~l '-q iTc<^. I i col. p T^jT 

\ wjtfk I 1,00 l.Mn 2J,^)t AM b.5n 

1 mj'ch! 2.'>0 t.OO] fi.(H)| 7.00 ' 12.00 

•> \«'"k3 j 3.30 a.rti»i S.OO 10.0') If.. 00 

3 m'ths I i.rti) ?.00: 12.00, iJ.dO , 21.00 

») tu'ths ' S.OO n.Otl Irt.OO' 20,00 ' ;50.00 

^ yjiir. .10.00 il,00 20,tH»' 2.'..ii0 I -10,00 

Ten lines or 'i\jia luiike one squui'C. 






Terms— $1.50— Invarially in 




XjIX W i3 tXKJ X AlJLI. 
Corner of llolli-y & Main Streets. V.'iiincbiig'i Ci'y 

D. S- LAW Proprietor. 

Stages karo tbis for all PoincJ. 

There is also a good livery couueclcil with tbe 
lluisc. OctaO'ftfl 

Harness ^^Smiii. 

a -ront .leal before, but I , I' anJ fi.ied, and in default of i-ay . 

nuLst confess that it far behind mout uv the fine ard co.ts shood Ic 
Goodm.^v of lh^. pKacc. who went (o what is hero. Sunday is Iho liveliest i ^oUl to the person who wood ta.ce his 
(lie mines last stwmner. TliO "b;)ys'' ^lay of the week, it loin;: Pji' 

"T *!• 1 •". Til" 

From Montaua. 

Jj.'low we uivc a letter from C C. 

...1...* :« 1 ^ C...,1.,.r io « M.-niirtct OUlV-l tU Uliv; |/virjwii »» ..v •■ 

the mines last summer. The "b;)ys ' ,Uy of the week, it loin- sj.ct.t in , or her labor for the sh-rtest number 
are evidently in j^ood spirits, and tlieir , ......^ly.;.,.,^ drii.kin-, liorso rucinfj, prize i "v years anrl pay the fine and costs 

pro..iKx.ts.<een.tobe,./oul fur n.-km- ji,,,,^-,,,;.,^,! .., ,,„,;|,-ed other tempth.- I aforesaid. "Kz a conservative," said 
their "pde- A\ e wi>h them success, o .-. ' i .. ^ t . .1 ^^^^■> 

IIelkna, Mo'.TAN a, \ 
August lilJtIi, 1801). j 

Pe.'.r Hrother : — Vv''e arrived here on dra- the yountr man down to i the Deekin, "I report this plan.' 
discrraee aud niisery. And whllo spcuk j "i>o you't t kn-.w my ^It-nnition 
in" of lhe.«?c matters allow me to say a ' uv the word con-^ervative." sod Joe 

Ailverti*cments uot luirke'l foi u spceiGod time 
will bceontinucJ. and elr<r.2;cufof aecorJinjly. 

Yearly a«lvorti-?er-f will bo held strit-tly to ad- 
re rt omenta pcuaining to tbjiir businers All 
"thor notii-es will bij ehcu''.''! at thu roiriilar rates 
Exccsiof advertisemi'TUs iu:<v.ited will be eharij- 
d pronertioTately to the number of squares bar- 
gained f>r. 

,, ,.„i- 1 r 1 • ' • , .r .11 «; the same, tmd know in;; what I have ' \\ by can't voo qo to the devil by a 

nnl IS row rvcpnnvl to d» .V:l Kn.d^• r,f w..rk in yerv easy tiip to what I expected hut I -»""-, " , ' . s. ^ 

hisMiue. Now hnrnc^s made to order, and nil I , . , , • i withstood, it ffives niO nerve <o lace s'.i ale roa'J CZ 1 GO. 

kinds of ropairiu- di.uo on short notice. .Shop Were .some Wliat tire«I W heu We an IVed. ", .i„;i.. „., ■ , , 4i 1 ^^^Vr^A 

n <fnr<s Lxt do..r<LU h c,f iMLh"J<on i Rev- ' r , 111 • the many tenn,t::tion.s wh;ch are da;ly 'U.q intcru])shen uv the dcmor.abaed 

...p^t.urs. If i,Ku...a.M.n«,K.> , I prc'SUHJe that you liave li:id some | '■"'^ '"' J • , t. . , • ...,o 

uoids orocciy. i » • ' Ix'tore mc, and bvbevc me wiicnlsay wretch wuzn t noti.-t, and ez the trus- 

E. IT. IIUTCIIIXS. I dangerous ri'ports about tis but our ^ 
W'inncbacro City, Miiv 25. istjrt. 32if j d inger.> have been Way and far between. 

Our routi? was from Fort Wad-^wortjj 

that I stand fimer to d »y than ever. j t-.-es uv iht* tuwiisMp wuz all present. 
The markuts of iirlMjaare all over- ' tl.o ordinan c wuz piused, trnd that 
stocked, there bcin<^ more <.'Oods here night two thirds uv the niggers wilhiu 

And sell t.n expression of atiguitih 
ez destorted tlie face uv the Dc-ekiu's 
wife I hope never to seo aiiniu. Drop 
p;n the fhovl, :-.he stood ez one petrifi 
ed, withjher f.Kit elevated i.: mid air, 
ez in the act nv s*.oni))'.ii, and I'.ttevin a 
shretk V. ieh m<'t!!illk^^ I hear rinir'-iijT \n 
my cars yet, ?<;ii fell preeiri'ly t" she 
stood with Iter Irp; crooked (.-'. cftwua 
froze tliere*. Tom reiea.-cd t;r.^ V-"^l he 
wuz sub.looin, and mounUii his horae 
rode t^iflolhe l'>'rn«vs wi; bout .-ay in a 
word, and unalle to wilr.03 'ha dlarres.'? 
uv that stiickon f?m'h. I n.ade hanle to 

rcount mv liiule 

iud ''o 'o w! 

m' :';. 


to Bone Hill. Ihon to the brad water | ^^^.^^^^ ... g,.,.- -.on, than <-Mn be sold fur I five miles uv the corner., wuz arrested 
lofthe Shayonnc rtver then to Lurt^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^ ^ ^^^, ^^ can earn ; and sold, and within two weeks every 

Business Directory 

ULUtC EAllTH V.\LL1:Y LOOaE , Terms Rcason^bZc-Tcaui^fcfs cv:.r 
\,'() 27. • ! One uoilar luiil ii bnlf 

I'ho roj^ulur Coaiinunicntlons of this 

-lay cncnin^, on or i 

fii I'ho ro;4ulur toaiinu 
>V^ I,ud-c i-< held Jn Ti'c- 
/Sr\ before ibo fuU moon. 

— OFFICKI'..'*— 

S. .« WII,T.-5KV. V>-. M. T>. V. WFIt. .T. P 
ti. K. .MOt'Ll'oV, S. \V. 
THO-S. l'.LAI!:.J. >V, 
GI-: ). A, Wi:ili, ?. D. 

,)0. I.. WKIK, S.-cvft.ary. 
T. \V. .IKNNi'-^S. Tr»' (.,. 

HALL ct CO., 

Billiard lv.5om mil 


Slioriff -C. E. CICAl>K'.. Co. AM .v^,^ • C. n\ >>. . 

rie»-r-K. C. JonN.-iOX Ju.!>.'>.— aM;k^ ' *\^\'v-'' 

IteMHter— V. IION.VKI.K, Coroner— ^\ .»I. A. " A \ . 

AuTlUor-.W. F. CAl)V, C.nrlCon..-A. 1»IU:.^T0N 

The V>c«t of Liiiuois and Ci;:ar:< at the b tr. — ■. -t i • • i i ' 7 ] 

All kili<l^* of ir.Oiv.^ .vid Candi.s oon^tantly on doscvd»ed in my jouumI vAvd my mihu, ! 

hand. .41.-0 frt^h ov-:lor^ in their season. 47iii:' 


LOCK ^^• D , 
Pnv.»?iriAX Axi) Srn<iK<>x, 

n:<tr;.'' *' lUi'. f tiii-i District me 

n the oil .M.iy. 

\Yinnel)a;'o City I)l.>trlct. 

ctoat HiucE..ri:.c:iy '. Wiaacbrs-o City. 


J n. V.-KI.CU. Rei^ist-r. 
n. W. UoLf.KV, tttcfiver. 


tn^O'Ticeh'>arjrvv.-n <i A. M.ti'l4P. M. 
AViuiisW-iSo C:iy, V.;.i-i., Jot. -., lM,-J. 

J. i5. 1' s: R Pw Y, 

T A I I^ ® I^ • 

Wiiinubago City .Minnesota, 

May bo r. uo,i In rcUcvJK K^^w jpioc^^Op- 

•u V.' ti.i.e.=. 1 r. Pi-rod to d^ ./il t%..vk intrusted to 
ilUin [bo llto \ Now York 1- ..Shi .... or to .a.t 


Mo.-t kind» of eountry , r.H'.acc war.tcd f..r work 
Cutt.n;,' ..n sb-rt li.ik-.', warranto-.^ to 
fit if propetly laado up. ""^ 

CriAS. llElLr.OlvX. 

Manufii'-t luei- !\n.l DiMlei- ii 

of every variety. 
GiltMoiiMings Kept On ILiiid 


The iMidi>r,-i.,'ned w.inM rc?f cpllally the 
people of Wiiiriel»a.iro Cicy and ^:l•ir:ity thaMiO 
ha.-i a-.jniii opened iii.> ••lliio iu llii-; ii!.n<v-. aiid iff 
prcpa;ei' to attend on all who may r^n'iiro nid 
aid. Ot'ico up st.iirj in City .'^ah-un l,ui5;tin;r. 
Fre.''.riJlti■•!;^• eiir».fui!y eonijoumled. Peis-ns 
\vi.<bing to consult uie upon any difen^o, either 
I mail! Mr of long stanuioi^, will ]i'oa^o call oi. 
uie Satnrdnyi! of caeh wj.^k, ns \ sIihM give these 
t.iiv.x exelusively to ihi? bran<di of the pr()le;;;iou 

.M A 1. OCX WOOD. 
Wien-jhago City, Aog-.tst lb, isC'J. 43mG 

, , 1 •! .1 1 ....a;, ,. i and a "oud v.iiiTou City dollars. 

thati 1 can de cnbe them here, tutliee "^ . / , . 

, , , . -.1 Mr. side has j^one into the ujitics on 

il to .say, wo cleuivd next itiorumg with „r , , , r 

, . , , «]ie yii.^sotin River a H>ut twenty five ^^^ay pensivelv. 

oat iiavmcr a mm hartacd. I .. . . I -^ ' 

Fron> here we followed up the Mis 
souri as far as the mouth of the Milk 
riv^r, this wo followed up until we had 
pas-cd .around the Bear's Taw Motm- 
tam, whcro we left it and dri>in«; 
soudiward struck lljo T-.Iiss mri ri»er 
airain about ten miles below Fort 13en- 
ton. F- rt llesiton has been cpiile a iive 
ly place this summer and is tlie door 
of IIoliMia, nud is nothin;.T but alow 

mde.-: fr<»in bore. TliO Maukito boys I ^nz fust goin too Deekin Pograms 
arc with us yet. I Mjall comnienec work j ^j,. in, ^^^^ the most interested uv eny 
next week, am goinj^to en-ineenugin I i,i t]ie settlement. After the meelin 
a steam mill. I ;:et eii>lity dollars i» } ,„eutioned above, the Deekin bed caused 
gold and, per month. I^ ve to t^|,e p.nvst uv sich niggers ez he cood 
all. Your.-^, il'c., ketch, and had had em fisxd in i^ 

(\ C. GooDNOW. ^v §275 and upwards, wich bein;:» una 


The October Fleeticns. 

) the IIou.-<c. 

l.:;.ly A. D. Masos. 

S^nTlf cfc llUMPilKEY^ 

Healers ia 

BOOKS 'fc STATlOXiftlV. 

ro;->T oiFifK nitr.iMNn, fuont ST., 

:ir {5- Particular attention paid l<t Jlu^ic Orders 

on Iloru river hdfv.ay irom the Fort , , i -p 

"",',, . , .1 vcsterdav, thiou'^h a Louisvihe paper 

to tiie (xi!v. " h'Mi wo i.rrjve I at h s - • ' ' , ,v ., * c^ 

to i.iL 1...N , . . - i wich wuz dropi)ed oil the cars at Re- 

place Frank IVtaian made up his uiind 

i cessiot'.vibe. w ieh is the neatest station 


niggers fctlin that they were wunst 
more their own men and vvouieu, scat- 
tered iu every direction. 

*Sit:h is the froots uv narn-koii-ni,* 
mut mured I. Sich is the bitter cup 
fanatisism luz to put to our lijts,' and 
castiiiiT one lingerin look at the pros 
trate forms uv the Deekin, Ids wife with 
her foot insensibly raised, atid their 
two gusning (bitiiihters, j .spurred iha 
luide and i;lowly dep.-'rted. 

Wood that every Ablishnist in the 
Nortti bed seen that site, and wuz jjos 
sessed uv a soul to appreshate it. Then 
weod they vote differently. 

1'etuoleum V. Nashy, P. M., 

(wicli is Postmaster.) 

Hard en Lowry 

The following iccident of the cam* 
paigu in Indiana is good decidedly : 

The Goshen (Ind.) I'h/i'js, says thai 
Lowry, tiie bread and butter candidate 
lor Congress in that district during the 
discussion at that place between him 
M jor Wiliiams, had Uiuch pity and 
lamentation lor the 'poor soldier,' and 
.singling out Lieutenatit Deaidoff, whom 
he recognized in the audience, a^d whoso 
neck had been pierced bv a rebel bul 
let, held him up to tlie audience as a 
defeated and n)uch abused soldier, the 
Lieutenant having been an nnsuccess- 
ble, oz a rule to pay the Cue, he bed ^^^^ candidate for" an office before th« 
kindly bid cm in. Uuion Convention. I)<:in off could 

He lied picked up here and there all ^^^^^^^ ^ ^^r^^^ ^^^^^.^ ^ ^t^^-^j^ Conven 
of his old servants, ceptin those whidi ^-^^^ ^^^^^ j,^ ^^^j^ ,^q^ ^.^^^ the praises 
bed bin killed in the army, and the ^^ ^ho Copperhead Lowry. So he 
few misguided ones wich lied made ^j.^^^ ^^ ^ ^..^..^^ ..^^j hatided it to Major 

ipry ciipp 
^yi,ij_',io! for a time he i-hel be spar- 
ed,' and 1 borrowed his mule taid rode 

toRtop and so wc lelt him there. We ; ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^.^ ^^^ ^ ^^^^.^^^^ ^^ ^^ ^,^^^. 

are. one humlred and thnly luUes Ironi : ^j^.i.^.j ,, 

Henton in :» south west direction, and ; ^^j|j^L4o,0 JU Ab.dition I 

^ D. JoN-K^ A W. B. WAMCKR'i 

New Harness & Saddle Shoi?. 

Wc-.v.allrarp-!ct fully tho citl/ens o. 
Ibe lU'io E irtli Vallev. thai wc have opcncu a 
lar^e llarne..:. a-.d Saddle Shop, on Front Street. 
uned,n,rn.,rthof too Clil'lon House-, whero we 
will keep constantly on hand, every stylo ot 
ijarnc3.>^o.- and sadiUs. which wj will sell eheap- 

cr tha-i tho cheapest. Oive'r,,^^^ ;. ,, ,.,,„ 
.JO ,f .TOM'-? A ». AliUbK. 

Mankato, Mian., July 2;i I IbCJ. 

}.Iinnesota ^^Jutinil Insurance Co. 
Mankato, IJinnesota- 

IiLO'ircs ag; lo.s by 

Frc and Li^^lUniiig, and DoaLli 
of Stock. 

this is the only part of the route 
has ai'.y f-cenery wostliy of n >tice. On 
thii ro;:d i.s a canon lhrou-!i which you 
pass, which has a graded road thr* u.-h 
it seven miks in length, hero you have 
to pay your toll Theie is a small : 
mountain stream running throu-h it^ . 

Injeany— *2^.000 AMi>hm ! 
i\-nnsylv:.ny-20,000 .\bli:shiu I 
L)wa- 80,0'JO Abli.shiu ! 
Ablisutn I Wat a dieery w^jste uv 
Ab''i^hin I Nil a sin-le o-a.-is uv Dim- 

thcir way North, and that mornin the 
plantation was to be reconstructed up- 
(-n the old palriarkle system. Mrs Dec 
kin Poaram wuz marshellin fjur uv the 
likeliest wenches I ever saw, in the 

Williams to read to the audience, *I 
W'Ould rather vote for tho rebel who 
shot me in the neck, than for Bob Low 
ry.-' This sharp response to the Judj; 

, es' hypocracy ^brought down the 
kitchen ; his eon Tom was chuckin a j i^Quse." 
yaller g:d under the chin, wich bed biu , ^ ;; . ^, - -.p^ ^f 

lorn i .i.o ,,heu aLoui cisiueon years j Conspiracy agamst .ae Life of 

bolbri\ and wich, owin to a unforturate ; 

rc-seitiblance to the deekin, liad cau.'cd 
a uiipbasantnis between him and his 
wifo, wich ended in the loss uv the 
moatuv hair and the sollin uv the 
girls to Noo Oilcans. Ihe 

.S. FIXCII, Pre idn.t. J. A. Wf.^WELL Soc 
0. U. PITClIEli, Tr-asurer. 



J. A. Kr.N.xKKV, 1 

Ch.v.-'. 11. l)i TTS. J (Icncral Aj;enf 


Attorneys it Counselors at Law. 


VJt! attend promptly and fnUhfuily to all businersln- 

nsted to their caro- 
llave for saloat all times, l.ago qnantities of 
Winneba-o Tra-st Layd.-;, and other valuable 
farming lands. 

. A. Wtl,LARi>. - - 21yl ■ - . 


Hon. Chn.v .^ehefTer, .<t. I'anl. lion. T.. O. TIam 
lin, St. Cbiit I. 11 ".1. A. (;haiii!- r;;*. 
llon.ti. K. « olo, rarifriir.f. Jloti. II. A. Siibclia 
New I.'hn. Jl"n. M. Donahue Hendersojj. A, 
C. Dunn, Ks.j., Vinaeba-o City. Sargent^ 
Franklin & Keye.««, ^Vi^ona. 2ltao 



Fro.1t 3lreet, near the Lc /ee. 

M T. U. VLOWiiiR. Proprietor. 

•General S(a?e Otoe- for all PolnU . . the State. Go»d 
Stabling with attentive 0*U«:«-«. l!)yl 

Frco to Evcrybcdy! 

The (iuideto Health <fc Beauty, 

."Jast Piibli^^hcd. 

It teaches how to remov* Tan. Ficoklcs, Pitn- 
plcs, Hloteht :?, Moth Patehef". Sallownes;:, Krui» 
tiojis and all itnjiuritiL.* id' the skin; bow t" on 
amel tho iJnin, leiving it wiiito j«iid ele ir as ala- 
baster; how to produ'.-e the fullest devel )pment 
of the female form (as prncti?od by the Freneh.) 
ean.-'ir'g tlie bu»!t to gi'-w roui.d aii'l tull.and it 
the form baa botn lo»t by padding, or nia 
ternity, rc.-toring it to nioro than it.-^ original 
rull!K"i».«. finnnoiin and Itcauty, It teac'jtshow to 
reilucc in size the hands and foot ; prodnoecorp j 
leney or the rover.-e : rLinove .«upjrllii hair; 
euro Corn.s, llunioiw, Warts and Moles; renew 
yonr age ; euro Dninkennes.^, C«ta;rh, Dyspej) 

ocrisy anywhere- nary Aryat on wich ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^j^^^. ^^.^.^^ ^^^.^^^ 

our uik kin rc-.-l in safety, but a:l round j . ^ throu-di iheir 

which you have to cro.s t^centi/ s<ven ^^^ ^^,^^ ^^^,^^^ ^^,^^^ ^,^. Ablidnnism rear ^^"* ''"' ^ ' "''"' ' '" 

times, on account of the cau.n being .^^ ^,^^ .^. ^^^^^.^ ,^^,^^,^ ^,_^^^^,y 
too narrow to admit of both the road ^ , ,^ .^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^ ^^,^,,^ ,,^,^ ^^^^ 

and the creek. The u hs of the can.n , ^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^, ; r. .i.csin that 
are vevy perpendicular ami mo..t ot ^^.^ shicne Ui^ihneSs' tvip wood secure 
the wtty of solid stone, and are from , ^^^ ^^^^^^^ a,,,ti:cts to make the next 
one to two thi)usand feet hiuh. 1 here . ^.^,^^,.^^^ ^.^j;.^ ^^^^^ cousckently make 
jire one or two ornamental Duints which | ^^^ ^-^^^^^.^^ ^^^. admission, they bed been 

are good patterns for any architect. L. ^^^.^^.^^ arrangements fur rcstorin things 
the bottom you hear the babbling of ^^^ ^^^^^^ normal condishun, ez they wur 
the pure, cold, mountdn water, mingled ^ j^^^j. ^^.^ ^^^^ ^^.,^^, 

with tl>e voice."* ol htindreds of ntiture s 
sou'jsters. Many (lower:, nnd berries 

grow there .and every thing is green \^^_^ ^^ ,",,cctin bed bin held on the sub 

in th( 

In fact, two wci'ks before, in vio>v of 
lleex|ectod succiss uv the Dcmocra- j 

and lu.vuriant. 'ihe ^tre;lUl aflords you 
plenty of mountain tr^ut smd as you 
set and eat, (he birds eing you a merry 
song and cveryibing is g.ay, you can 

i jcet. Some wuz lor sit once seczin tho 

! nijif'ers whete>er they could be found 

and puttin em at work, but the con- 

' servative.s overruled this. Tiny held 

Attorney <fe Counsellor at Law. 
NoTAiiY Pi r.i.ic, 

hardiy ro.iiizo the many antl gre.:tthinj:s i ti^^t slavery bed bin abolished, trnd that 
nature has done to make the weary j ^ ought not to le restored ; in fact, 
traveler happy as be passes through . ^|j.,{ ^^^ j^^.^ j,, ^,^(,,] f:dtb,2it cood not be 
this gnat work of nalare in the monn • reestablished. Dcekia Po-rani an- 
tains. \V!ii!o passing ihrou.^b we met | „.,j^„^.(.a ^ j.jan. The town auth>aitics 

your ii;;v , vmvj .^i ■•■.ikv.....v.....-, ^..i....... t^j^y^i- iil'l 1'1'tloT' 

",ia. Nervous Debiliiy. Ae. how to faciuato and | ji wagou lo.uU'U Wit. J golu wnicii uaa g]^^„j,\ p.,j;g ^ ordinance for the proper 
.r, in the love and utfoition of any ptFson you | . ,. .,^,,. ♦,...^ 1,ni,.li'.>d not'iids which i • ni • 

a,.,y ehoose, together with other u.^k, 1 and Va u 1 OU tWeUt) tW O liUUdlca pol.lUIS, \>nKn j^ovcmmcnt UV tho mggeiB. 1 lie T 

:.bie information No yoiuig La.iy „r (jentlc- I „,j,y sceai big to you but WO bavc got ; ^^^^j ,^j^j ^.j^.,^ dcm iudcd it For in- 


Attoiuey and Counsellor at Law 

^^f Will attend to proiissional business 
hroughout tho State. 
Winnobago City, Minn. 

a cicek four miles below town. I ^a" j to do^way with the pernicious wotk 

Q'-orsofllDanks indorse the (ireular. Sent frco | .-.i '.y y^y a COri'CCt idea of the 1 .iW i.^' j „.,t, T4,,it.oii no man 

with .samples. Address the American Stencil | ".irdlj ^1^^ ^"" ^' ^" . ■ uv thTtrccdmcns WUienU, no man 

Tool works, Springfiidd, Vermont^ towD RS I am not very wcIl acquaiutc'i | ^^^^ ^^..^^^ ^^.^^^ ^^^^ ^^j^ married by a 

Jli^riiKje ^ufcdibacy. with it yet, of its good morals I can , ^^^.^j^p,^ ^^^, ^^^^ Dnreau or by any one 

paces. There bed bin some trouble ia 
uittni cm rcconstnictod, it bem deemed 
necessary to take tho conseet out uv 
em, wich they wuz ad a dt,in. Ez I rode 
up tho old lady bed ju-t knocked one 
uv em down with ^^ fire shovel, and wuz 
d:incin a Highland fling onto her pros-, 
tratc body. Almira, the oldest gal, hod 
her fingers in the wool uy her gal, and 
loihcr one wuz a thumpin hcru to re- 
dose her to I'.er proper level, and the 
Deekin hissclf wuz a dcelin with one 
ongralcful wretch who objected to be- 
iu put lo work 0f» them terms, not real- 
izin that the Ikireau wuz gone. Ez the 
Deekin bed a rc\olver he yielded the 
pint. J.)c- ken wuz doin ez neatly ez I 
ever sa«, cot'siderin he hod bin out uv 
practice for four years. He had him 
tied up to a tree and wuz a wollopm uv 
him gorjus. While he wtts convinsin 
him with his whip ihat there wuz troath 
in the i=ki 'pter, and that ham wuz recly 
■A servant unto his brethcrin, 1 exclaiu) 
cd 'Stop !' and immediately whispered 
the appailin news in his left car. (tother 
one bed bin chawed off in a misunder- 
standiu at Dascom's the previous Sun- 
day nite after services.) iN ever shall 1 



The Berlin correspondent of the Lon 
dou Timos, under date of" October 8tb, 

says • 

We all remember thos^ days of anx- 
iety in the beginning of Jul}', when the 
Eisiperor Napoleon, having been ap- 
pealed to by a defeated Kaisi^r, hesita* 
ted as to the course ho should pursue. 
We all felt it a L-reat reliof when, de- 
terniinirg ^k^x neiit ality, he pronnted 
the speeds restorati.m of peace, instead 
ot plunging Europe into prok.nged war 
as he was reipxested. His motives have 
since been candidl\ (Xplained by luni- 
self, and their wisdom and sagacity 
univer.^aily a{>preciated. I do not ap- 
prehend it will prejudice his Majesty 
in the opinion of the world v»hcn I s.ay 
that, in addition to tiie more puMic and 
political reason"* which actuated liim 
on that memorable occasion, he was in- 
t^uer.ccd by a pi^'ce of pnvate lin^ 
hi'^hlv inl?res*ifid: intcii-gftjce commu- 
nicated to him alout that time. 

Oo the 0th ot July the Grand Duke 
of S ISO Weimar was in a position to ad 
vise Napoleon IIF, < d il e evi-tence of 
an Ita'ian conspiracy, con-istinii of a 
nuniLer of ynung men who had sworn 
to take his life were the recovery of 
Venice prevented by his interference 
The investigations imniodiately set on 
foot by tliC sccivt poiico of i'tance con 
firmed the statement vo unteerf d by 
the Weimar p>te5»ta1e. iMy informant 
snpposes, but it is noi certain, tiiat lite 
latter doriv«'d hi.-* kn^wlcdi-'e from per- 
sons oT higtt trust at this court," 

Scene iu a H.>tcl : Stranger, Have 

you a g">"d, stnmg porter about th6 

bouse? Clerk (eagerly), Yee, we hav* 

the strongest one ir. the place. Stiani_'- 

er. Is he inteiruxent? Cb^rk, Oh, \i^ 


o^c^jt the lock of woe on that om-nent or. Is he intelli^zent ? /l-'^^ Oh ye 
Lii^iv ,. ^Mi- 1- ' sn*. Q'n-o iuteH5i:e:it for a potter, \^ 

.'hristian-s face, ihe whip fell fivm his , ^,^^-^^^» Strauger, more. I 
nerveless hand aod with tecrs slreamin yo^ considerl.itn f» arle.-s, tliat ia, bold 
down his cheeks, up little streaks ^, ,„ragoou8 ? Clerk. As t^* thfit m«'ter, 
of dirt in the most lu-.irtrendin m.ann'^r j j j^,-,,;7v- }io is ; b<- would not be afraid 
he caspcfl in a husky voice to tlie wife j „f ^j.^ d.^yil hitn>iolf. f^tranger, Now^ 


mdlcs Lard Oil, Kerosene Oil, and Mafhin^ 
Qil ^t RicnAnnso.N' 

LANSS.— All kinds of Blanks for gjilc n 

this OiDC%, 

Man-iiuje ami L'aUhacy, wuu .. >-, -- -- » chapUn uv ilie l^ureau oi o^ .u.j uu. ^^^ ...^ i,„7j.„t„, 'Cut him down Miran Mr Clerk if v -ur p:^rter is inteili.j^ivt 

AN BEsay of Warning and lostruc t say nothing as 1 have yet to see inem, I ^^^,^^^^^^j ^p ^,j^,j^,Q^,(,^ on the same j , the North's gone aboli.shin and the ;„oiioh to find room 117, feaHess 

ta ain!-^° wbieirTrc^nfut^oiy- r,^o:;;a.o';'i:e"d ': althougii I think there are some here, I ,^^„^^^ ^„j j^iso no f^ither or molh- 1 il_o. ,,i^ocrs will be free anyliow," euough to enter, and strong enough lo 

lal Powcr.s. with sure means of relief. Sent free ^^^ liko all Other mining tOWnS it IS , - ^;/^l py 

of CuarK.', in sealed letter cnvolopos. Address. ^., , • , .r^nibicrs, loaferS. and RportS- CF and CllllU. DlCU e^ 

violated these t and the old patriarch swooned away at 


cret mv trunk away from tiie bed bug8» 
r would like to have him biiug it dowtt* 



HiBi. |k.i.A«k>M.^ 

I - 1 - 

I I I >■ 




:5;f" James 15. WnkolicUnias 8ever;"nc allude occasionally to Fillinoro 


s out ta'kin«r lor, or rather ' county bes'ulo3. Lastly, again, Good- 
niiiiiii.-t, liim. Two of tiase are nanuil nigl.t. Me. 

a' runners 

A Woman's Fight With Indi- 

Tlie Irllowing is from Tebema (rali- 

resj.e.livelyOiiMUiebanker, ana IM- [r^^lJcnjeiiiber that Jamis fl Wakcp<"ni:U 0!>.-"^rue,". "L. IlesMi-k, wlio 

runs a pMek train between Ucd IJlnft" 
and Iliiylurk of Trinity, gives the p{.r- 
ticul^ns of a tlavinj^ exploit of a lady. — 
Mrs. Sarah Dunnelson, formerly a resi- 
ident of Kcd Jiluft* is livin}]: hi a log 

scy-thc-School-SnperinteMdent-Draft- ft^,|,i ^^\^\\^i •„, tlic lawt Legislature, dune 

i.Sneak. The way tn< y work for i,ijj l,est to defeat the Southern Minno 

. their m slur is somclliii'g like this •— jg^^^ ,„ obtaining: a Land Grant to aid 

('hild gets up und tells his audience ■,^i^.jj{,|;„g t;,^,;!. i^y.jj :,ito Faribault 

(when he chances to have one) that in .j„^| .•S];,riip. coinilies, because IJluc 

I8()0(«n'>'e than a year before the home , j,^,,.^^ ^v^^^ ^^.^^ ^^^^ uiinicd as a point. 

' ste;.d law passed ( ougrcss) (j. K. Clcvo , ijemenib r it farnieis, and vote solid 

land voted lor a hill taxing honiestcails ; j^jrainst a delegate wlio would 

I and goes toloeknig for ihe law to p'*^^^' , ratlier you would haul your wheat to 

y ' jj^ Yle looks, but iJf it ife a lie of course , Q^vatonna firrever rtnd ever, unless for- 

WINNEBAGO C ITV, MINN. ' i,e cannot find it. While Child looks : gp^^j,^ ^,,^jy p^.^,.^,, ^^■^^. -^ „^.^^^^. ^ j^^j,,^ 

:i__^ =:.--._-„ — - Iforthelaw, IVlHcy g«'ls up and enter- ! y^,^^ ,,|„j ^|^,^^.„^ g„j|\.^ p,,,^„ ^^^^ ^^.j,^ 

NOVEMBER 7, 1866. ' tains the :iu<lience by saying that (5. K j j,.,,^.^. t ^j^^^,^^ q„ ^^.pi, j.^,^^. jj,,jj^| ^^^^ Lhouse, and was intercepted by two In 

_ . J (U.yeh.nd iliil vote for tie law mention ; ^^.jj^.,.^. j^^j^l^.^^ ^.^^j^ j^^j^ ^.^,1^^. jijj^ '^|j,^. ,p„.,:„ Thr.wing ll-.em from her, a 

U S Laml t'llicp. Winneln^o Ciiy. Mii>r., Oct. 
;;Oth, ISfiC). To .losoph SHnipicll: Mrs Bclin 
dy Mcnill has this dty ttppiied tor tho north 
cuet (juaiter ^t•ctlJn cighlucn towiibhip onebuu- 
dred .nod one north, raniid twenty six west, it ne- 
inp the land you filed on. Von are hereby noti- 
fied to be ard aj-pcar at this oScta on Satiirduy 
the HrsL day of Deeeuibcr Ib6t5, at one o'clock p. 
m. U,r the j.urpose of giving tuc whole matter a 
fpir niid impartial in vcsti;rHfion. 
A Ji Jiulli", Kegister, 11 W llolley, Receiver. 

U S liHn.i Office. Winntbiigo City, 1/inn.. Oct. DO 

1866. To .Johti H Cain : Mr Cyrus H Ears- 

, , -I . , , ,11 , ley has this day anplicu n>r tlic ?out!j half. -outb 

house on the trail Wltll her children nnd | ^est quarter eighteen and north half north west 

her father. A few d:>ys a?0 her father ' n'-^rtor. section nineteen town.ship one hundred 

•' ^ j iiiui one north, r:iii;;o twenty six u"Ci«t, it bomg 

went (;Ut hinitinLT stock r.ntl Mrs. Don- ' tiie 1: nd you fil.,il .m, Y..u are hereby nt.tiflea 

to he and appciir at tiii* otSce on Thiji?day, tiio 

(T. ^ hand OJfim, 

Winnebago Citj Mlun., Oct 12 IJ^CI. 

To Joseph Sarapsel : 

Mr Harvey J Noyes has tbin day applied for 
the north east quarter of Bection 18, township 101 
north, range 26 we»t, it being the land yon filed 
on. YoK are hereby notified to be and ( ppear at 
thi.^ off CO on Friday, the 28th day of MoTember 
ISfifi, at 1 o'clock p M. for the purpose of giving 
the whole matter u fair and impartial invcttig«. 
tioD, A H BulMn, Register, 

11 W Hoilcy, Receiver, 

20u Sheep for Said* 

The gubscriber will eell at auction or otherwise, 
on Thursday, Nov .I.*t, at his farm three miles 
West of Winnebago City tWO hn&dred sheep 
iu lots to suit purchaser*. ' 


clson was looking 

short distance from the house. Sud- 
denly five Lidians made iheh* appear- 
ance. Mr.-. DoiK'ldson started for the 


ET.iih>r edin L^CO, hut that Mr. NVa^^eSt'ld | ^.^,„,,,. (i^,„jj ,^,,iek!y. llailroad is 

For Auditor <.f 


For C Tcrk of i)m' Supreme Totirt, 

gi'KuwooD no; (in. 
Representative in Congress, 1st Pist. 

VltUAM wixnoM. 

For Sta e Senator, 

A. C. DCNN, 
For Representative 
Maj. n. S. BAILEY. 

VOTED FOR a law in 1865 foi TAX : ^^.,,.^^ ^,.^, ^^..^^^. .„, j ^^^^ ,^,.„ ,:.^„ -, 
INtl noionly tlic Ilome.<teads, but the 

thu'd caught her by the shoulder. She ttato that a mutakcwas niii.le 0: the a'.»ar(hng 
, 1 1 i , -1 , . .of prtuiiiMiis on tiic b(;>t Farin:n- JMill. John 

knocked Inni down, and reaching the jMcKinncy .;t C.nthrie was aw.Trdcl t'.e 2nd pre 

hous'j in safety, baricd the door. Tho '"'"'»• «i;ci. he should have had (he first, in.- 

^ ' uiill was by far the best exliil>i:ed, and the Judg- 

il. >S. hand Off.ce. 

Winnebago City. Minn. Oct. 3lh, 18*6: 

To Henry A. Gear: 

Mr. Abraham Protsiuan has this day a'jpHe^ 

for the South west (/tJartet of north east quarter, 

ei.ction twecty-fo'lV townt-hip one hundred and 

fi'e north, range t'-<iity nine west, it being tb0 

'Ihe unduisi^ncd, .ludges of Class M. at the j iui,d you filed on. Yoii are hcrel)y nAfTlieJ I'o T^ 

hite County fa r held in this plac.-, wi.-ihcs to and appear a*; thi« office wn Siiturday the third 

d;'.y uf ^'ovenlbcr. lSf)6, at one o'clock P. M.,fo» 
the purpose <>f giving the inaUer a fair and im- 

after her poultry a thirtieth day of Nov. ISfiC. at one o'clock p. m., 

for the purpoi-e of giving tlje Vihole matter a tair 
and irnj arlial investigation. 
A 11 liuliis, Uegibtcr. II W llolley, Receiver. 


; , ,, 1I„, .Kv,.. i :-^=^ Cnpt. r. 15. Davy of r.lue Karth I - ,. .•" .^ mill nas by far the best exh,b.:ed, and the Ji 

Wi)J^)i'Ol'nn('ii fa therecn. How UO }<)U ! ■ ^' i j ; Iiulian.-' r.Steu one or more nfies r»ii (he es e.vprc.«s regret that the mistake wa^ made. 

I ... ^ , . , ,,' t «; 11 (..r.««ro "^ ^'itv, publicly announced ih.'it Jaiues t . , i n i ♦ .i , .J-sCHAYS. 
Mike ti.ts kntivc >> akeiield, larmers ." j ,".',,,., . , j windov.', levelled at the, wjio ap 

15. Wakefield will, if elected to the 


' fie demands your su])port, when he is "* " "'^'-'"-'^* ""•' " y^^'^" ^^ ••- j j,,.^,,.^^.],^.^ them, took down lur father's 

1 , • 1 • n I 1 Mate l>enate, inuke a law to compel .^ , . i .i r r.i t t ~ 

; at the s-auie time doing all lie c:«n \*y , . '.,. ', i rilie and returned the tire of the Indi- tt « t- j ^.^' 

I. ,S. Land Ojice. 

turcs or clunks ot wlnncbairo City, Minn. Oct. 17tb, 1SG6. 

attempting to cock To l>:ntholomew Kennedy : 

on found that tlte ^^' ^'''""'^ ""^'^^ ^-"^ '"^^ '^"^' applied for the 

; at the s-atne time doing all lie c:«n hy > , ',,. ,•,,,• ' I'llie and returned th 

' . 1 . II . • • \-<w \r;iiithc Southern .dinne.«ota to buih. their I . , . 

! vote and talk to mjuro lOL. >\ulj ^ _ ans through the aj)er 

I ♦ r I- o f'.., »^., ^„... ^rf ' ^*^!i<^i to 15 ue ii:irth L\\\\ even il it i , , ., 

you vote tor him? C an }ou support , ...^ ^ ' , . tne loir iiouse. On ! 

siu-h -i in-m ' I should co'.t ¥l(.'0,'K»D niore tliau it , ' ., .. , 

isntii.i uMii . I .. .. .. . „ licr u'xi Mrs. Poncls 


County Ticket 

Those who are in favor of a 
Il'iil lb)ad being built into Farib.iuli i 
county sunswheie at the very eai-lie>t j 
d.ay possible, slnuild vote jor Andrew ; 
C. l>unn for Senator, and Maj II. S. I5;d- \ 


wouli two niiies N 'I'th of Illue Kartli 
lluw do you like that, people of 
Prescolt and Verona . 'in;! White Wal- 
nut liakc and llarber? Are these ycur 
scntimvnts '! 1 f thev nre vote for J. I>. 
Wakefii'ld. If not. Vote for AnJrcw C 

For Register of Deeds, 

Francis Lent. 

For County Auditor, 

F. W. ead'y. 

For County Surveyor, 

J. R. Sisson, 

For County Attorney, 

Audrew C. Dunn, 

lf0z Coart Corami^sioder, 

Keiibin Wait. 

For Coroner, 

"William A Way. 

ley for Reprcsenfative. i he.-e gentle- : ■ - , c- , .. ., 

•^ ..... .J » 'Dunn, who ism favor of letting the 

men, unlike their opnonents. do not go I ,.,,,. 

' , . . ! Conipany buud their ro;id where thev 

around the eontry proiuismir e\ cry man ; ' • , •, 

I can bui.d it tlie cheapest and «juicUcst. 

partial iMvcTtigatior., 

A. J[ nULLIS. Register. 
1«. W. HOLLEY, Receiver. 






has on hand the largefl and best selected stoc? 

i who will vote i'or them, a depot on his 
farm. It takes dema<^'ogucs of the j 
J. I>. Wakefield ])a'tern to do that. ! 

To Irishmen. 

west half siiuMi last tjuar'er. and ea«t half south I ... „ i i i 

thumb of her right IrUlk had been shot ^ve^t M"art.r rcciion thirty Township one hun-lofliardwa'e. Stov-g and Agricultural linple^ 

, T 1- 1 1. 1 . dred -i.d. lie North, nan-e t-.vcntv f^cvon it being menfs in the M'-une-sota valley. My stock o. 

awnv by an Indl:lil bullet, but using the bind you filed on. Yon are "heicl.v notified i Agrieullural Impleraents is very large and cont- L'ft hand, .he ^-uon h.:.d the pleas- ♦"' ''•^ «"'^' "'-'I'^r -"^ ^*''^ "^''' «" ,^V*V-o'>^ ''/' ^ r'^-''-*--^"'^'-*'"^ ^'<"'^* kll«>ring »aelHDcs: 

' ' teenth day of >..v. ISfiG at one o'clock F M, fi.r j ^^ ^ i, , 1 

lire of knowing thtit her would-be nnir the pnrjn.-c ofg vin^- iiie matter r* fair and im- ; oo rSilCKeyt? tf. 

1 1 1 *"* X 1 1 .? •! parual iineetigaiion. 1 ^A T TJ l\fflrinv'«l • 

dcrers had ret.eated, whether with '■ a. IT. lU'LLIs. Kegi.tor. I ou .i. n. iuam«> s, 

wliole hide.-* or not she could not tell.! K.w.llOl.Ll-Y Receiver. I Self it Hand Rakes,- ^ 

M.iscle, cour.ige and self possession " ' ~ " i ^ -'■' ^H t>} j^ 

won a victory- one against five, and U, S. Land G^h-e. \ Excelsior Droppers, ^ ^ 

and Cauo^ia Cliier, 

that one r* woman. We the 

U, S. Land Office. 

Winnebago Cily, Oct. 19, 1S(56. 

mi -11 . .1 I ,:oi«. ...... /%n Heino^'ratK; impudence f.evcr went 

They v'lll go to the Legislature on i , ' 

•^ , , 1,1 n • 4i . . ' h'tilher Im;i!i in a>King IrishnuMi to sup- 

tlie contrary, pledged to do all 111 tlieir . i •• ",• ,• . i 

■•"■t iiio jidministratuni il Andrew 

I low well .Andrew Johnson 

power to facilitate the building of the | '" 

The} represent j 


State to e.xhihitan inj'tancc in Indian To Chester K. Miller : |0 Sweepstakes Tbresliers, 

figliting wlierein a woman hasncquittcd , -^[ Kcnjamin ha., this d.y applied I (3 J. .1 Case's Thresliers, 

» -^ i for the half .^outh wes^t <iuarlcr, .-ection tvvcn- 

lier.-"ei'f more creditably." ty four toHn»hip one hnndrod and five north. 

' r.ingc eighteen wc.«t, it boing the land you tiled 

f R T.and Ofiico Winnebagr. Cjfy Junn. Oct., ""; ^ou arc hereby notilicd to be and appear at 

Koad, not obstruct it ,. - , ,, , .. . , 

' . . *r.. iv' lias cnlilled hunseit to the aht»cin>n and 

tho wheat-growing interest ofthcl)is-| .. , , • . r .' i 

..."-,. , . conlidenee nj IrsJinien, is set tuitn bv 

triet, while their opponents rejiresent | ,. , ., t, • i ' 

.... . nM .. . ..f,. .nru Ji t>'>^»ve oi the Urecn I>'le ;ii a letter 
the town site iDteiest. 1 here are \cry , » 

, -i^- . • . • . ♦ 1 :.. i to the >,cw lork 7/'.'6<//<c', liom which 
few men in the District inicrested in j ,,,,,. 

, ., , „.,„.,; we take tlie i«»lIowini:; : 

town lots, while there ar.i a great many j . ,.r,.. - , . ., 

. I • i4 • • « ..,„..iw.» i n the winter ot 1S1<)- <, during tlio 
men interested in obtaining a market i ♦ » 

l,..r r.l.t, 1>M. To .);•.,»>•.-< IJov.l: Mr JJottel thi. ofi.ce on Monday the mnetecuh day of ^o^. 
Tb.;..M.>^..n ha. this dav :.ppihd for tin- -.ntb l'^<'''' »' ^^'^ " ^''•^•K '^ '\- ^'"^ i'"'. l'»n-='= ."^ J-?^' 
..nnrier of m-liou IS 'rownship 10L> north, range '«'« «'"*^' '«"^'^'" " *"'^ "J"-,, '"'V-.'i'i'i "p ^.'"•-"^"^" 
!,';» V. ctjit being the l.-iid you bled on. \'(uaro , n v/.uo^LEV Ufxiver 

hereby iioti ed to be and api)ear ar tbisi < flirc on I 
Tuesday the -1 day of DeciinU r l^tiGat 1 -.,'cio(-k 
p !•). for I lie j>ni-j>o*c of giving tlic wliole matter | 
'a f.iir a'ld inij-.-irMal Juvc-^tigation. I 

A II IWiUic lU•gi^t.•r. « W Uulley, Hcccivcr. ] 

7\ S. Land OJjlce. 

— I . Winn-bago City, Oct. Isih., 18C6. 

U .S Land Winnebago Gity. ^i'inn. Oc»o .^^ SamUel Curlis : 

To A.-jron .S Tott : Jlr J-h 

I ,. ., , . . « . i' . , Inri'l.-t. 1m)«'>. lo .-v.-iron .> i Ust : Mr J«iin 

prt Vi.lenee (d the potato lot ami con.-e ,;i;,,,,.,re i.,,s ,hiM d.:y applied for the ea3t hdf Mr Michall WeMcn has this day applici fnr 

r .. , » 'I 1 I' W L- i'l .' 1 flu> rv I' ' j «i».li;iore lias mi:; n.:y arpueu lor iiic ea>-i uiui Jiicuau »» emcn uas uiis uay appjjci un- 

. lor wne:it. lliejlin. \\ akClK.U L"« ^^'Jj Lpient himine iu Ireland, the prcpoS'lPJU „f„orth >vc.-t .,uartcr jnd .«oioh uest quarar of the east halt ?.>ut!i wci-t <iuar:ti and v,•e^t Iialf 

G Veliat^r Threshers, 

Massellon ^lacliitieG,. 
G Buffalo Sulkey l^ ' fs, 
I o5 Revolving, liurse rakes, 

and all the smaller implements in 9* k 
j My stock of Builders llardwai has bren .«c- 
! Icted widi care, and is very large. Builders 

will always find a full supply of 

Xails, Class, Sasli, 

Doors, Blind, 

Locks, Latches. ttc. <kc. 

Ttices Exceedin \ for 





and who was nominated for the State 

Senate by the Homestead Convention, 

has just been exposed in his damnable 

hypocracy by his opponent, Andrew C. 


There was, it seems, a law passed last 

'winter Taxing Homesteads, and 

James B. Wakelield VOTKD FOR 
THE LAW ! The lying knave ought 
to have been present in a meeting of 
Uomestead settlers on Saturday last, in 
Prescott, and licard the indignation 
expressed when his record was br<'Uc;ht 
to light. The anathemas were loud 
and deep, aj^ainst a candidate who could 
thus under FALSE PliEIENSES, 
beek to obtain the voles of tho Home 
stead settlers. 

Piiss round the news, boys, amo.i 
the Homestead settlers that James 15. 
Wakefield voted only last winter, to 
TAX HOMESTEAD claims'. How 
are you, Mr. Homestead candidate ? 

2^* The JSoufh ^\'tsf says : "A reg 

will be to tlieir future ])ro?pects, to sus- 
tain the narrow-minded policy oi J. 1> 

and moved to lay the Bill on the ta 

» • 

When tho vote was tnken, Andrew 

Wakefield. What is wantetl in this Johnson voted to lay it on the Table I 

District, is a Hail, wo can have ^ i» !T'tt- of AndVew Johns.,,,, the 

' ^ . , ... , , , .Aiiiencan ncoi>le did .<»cnu several ^l<lp■ 

J. 15. Wakefield and his town lots at any ,,,^.j, „. J,, \,„a ib.„r t<, I, 

^'"^^'' .>»ir, well VcuKinber how Capt CI irke, 

of the \'ictor, was feted ami feasted iu 
Dublin as the commander of the vessel 
dispatched on tiiis errand of mercy — 

2^^ Remember tliat J. B. Wake- 
field says we will liave NO railroarl un 
less it goes to f>lue Earth City. Farm- 
ers look to your own interests and vole tlx-y forget the realities ot the past in 

airainst this No Kailroad man. 

Xnd let mo ask my countrvmon : can 

ular convcntioD of the people liaving 
placed Mr. Wakefield on tlie track, the 
paine hounds are pursuing him with re- 
lentless fury." 

How do you like that, you delegates 
of the Homestead Convention ? Yon 
placed Mr. Wakefield on the track, 
and now his organ calls you a pack of 
hounds. These Homestead men that 

^r^^Good morning, Mc, of the 
Chaitiuld Ihniocrat. Ulad to .'^ce yen. 
As to those very week «iuerics of yours. 
First, as to our ''verdancy,' we do not 
rely on no!ley,^Iiller, Sherwood or the 
Southern Minnesota Kail Uoad for that; 
our verdancy is all ri<j;ht, and so is An- 
drew C. Dunn. We believe that men 
on your Kepublican County ticket will 
receive lOtO nntjority, and not one of 
them will go less than 800. Second, 
as to our true Kepub.ican tickets in 
our own County, or rather uistrict, it is 
all right. Mr. Dunn will heat ''Old 
M\tke up in do I>!ue Earth City or no 
body's /'c/(7. by about ICOO m.ijority./— 
.\s for Mr. A IJouwell, Escp, well he is 
dead. lie iound a very small cropher 
j hole, and into it he went, and V.'.ike- 
! field is looking for another. He will 

the hypocricy of th.e pie.-ent? 'i here 
may be many among 'llieiu who may 
reniemhcr tho r.ppalling scenes of the i 
famine year; many wili go lo the bal- 
lot-bo,\ on election day, whoso parents 
occupr pauper graves in the old land, 
and I would :isk them before daring, in 
the fiice op Mich rcineinbrances, to de- 
posit a vote for Andrew Ji)hnsoii's sn]>- 
po^-teiv, to reenll Andrew J< hnson's 
vote rjrainst their relatives and friciub". 

^ M.m 

J^;f" George IJ. Kingsley, tlie lead- 
er of the lU'jiiocracy in Faribault coun 
ty, is on the s-tumj) advocating the 
election of Janus ii. Wakefield, not, ns 

Ilavo noAv 


ready a large and 


BK A r T V.-A»9^ 
hurn Golden. Fla:* 

.ij and Silken CT'KLS 

pro'luce^l bv tlic use 

if Prof. De BiiK* X's 


V ELX. One api>1ica 
tion warranted to cuil the 
most straight and stub born hair fif either sex in- 
to wavy ringlets or heavy ma?>ive curls. Has 
Ijeen u.<sd h; the fashionables of I'aris ami Lon- 
<l'»n, with the most gratifying results. Does no 
injury to the hair. Price by mail, sealep an«l 
j)o^tpai-'l, ?f. Descriptive circulars sent free. 
A.ldre-5 BKIU^EH. .SIIUTTS & CO.. ' 'Tr-.fst.-. 
X.I. 2c: Rix-er.-t., Troy N. V. Sole agents twr 
the I'liltcJ Stale*. 

of Fall antl Winter Goods, oftiie ciioicest rityles and best quality 
to be found in the market. Cuninrisinir 

Mr. Klnpsley says, because Wakefield j 1||- -, ? g . ^g, .^ ^. . 

is a Democrat, but because he will, if ^^^^^^ lU^}^ ^Ali 

.. .„ . ^ , , . .find it next Tuesday morning. As to 

nominated Mr. Wakefield are pnrsaing ^,^ ^^ ^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ j,^^^^^j ,^. „ 

him with relentless fury r.ot as a pack ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^,^ ^^^..^ ^,_^^^^ ^,^. ^^,,^,^ 

of hounds, but as a>en-^iblc cliiss ot men. ^., n i. „. 

. ' , , , . to that, you get us. \\ e iion't know 

Thev have learned that they put in nom i , ■' ... ^ ,, 

^ . -, 1 , ,- ' whiit you arc driving at. bo we con- 

ination not a homestead man, but a lie j •' ^ 

- , , , I cluue that voii are st-ll dealing vour 
iu«' cheat, a man Wiio piofussed to be 

their friend, when only last winter he 
\oied tor ^ biU to TAX iheir IJoine- 
stead*. Those men will pursue him to 
Ihe end, and he will be th<e worst beat 
man »hat ever runr for office in this 

Skinning an A&s! 

If von want to know huw that kinJ I 

iob is dot 

\\<^ a Tr-iscot man, 

person alities and low slang, and as you 
were brought up to that kind of diet 
we excuse you, with the only advice 
that you jj;et a new pen, and a fresh 
bottle of ink mid tht-n try, juid see if it 
is pos.-ible I'v'" you to furnish one de 
cent nrtiele. As for tlie ''I'nion Dem- 
ocrat" that M'ns to heat Dunn first, he 

! is not yet b u'n. Why, Mc, the Dom 
o; a loO is uoiic, a:'K a iroscoi man, ; ♦ • • .i- « .i » 

who WMM preset at the meeting on j ocrais are SO weak in this county that 

S»*(urdhy ni-.'iit last Kor. tba 8<ike of they'are all going our party, they have 

b .evity. we will merely state that An- ^^^i c.alied a Convention, or even a Can 

drcwC l;uiin<riJ the- skinning, while ^^^. j,^ Q^.^ Seuatoiial District. The 

one Pels«'v s'eod IS the ^<.vv. It waathe ., . ,, . ., 

unanimons opinion of the meeting that Ji*^'"^^^^^''^'^ '"'^'^ ^'«^" they arc the 

both sides Mistaioed their respective worst beat set of men you ever did see 

parts well. Come again Pelsey I John lames of Prescott started the is- 

3^"'Hie lih7e Eart.i City, James *»"c, that he might be nominated for 

B NVaketield policy, is the smash tho I Register of Deeds. His own town 

engine that is headed ?o«- Faribault Ug^„red on him,'' and he oouldirt find 
county, unless it goes straigljt over hills' ^ » i *i * r • i • » j 

and through swamps to HIne Earth ^"'^"^ ^"^"^' ^'»^^ fncnd nominated 
Citv, but tliat is not the iwhcy of the | him at the town caucus, for a delegate 
fanners. They say, let the engine snort' to the County Convention, but pooi- 
ill Faribdult county AN V W II ERE, ' j^ii,, couldn't"find another friend to .sec 
rather than not at alJ and so says ^,^^^ . ^^ ^^ .^ ^^ 

Andrew C. Dunn- V ot»- tor liun then, i ' » 

and thus hurry np our chaoc.s ioT ai<^'«8l'>e whole "Homestead party.'-- 

n^l Uoad. 

elected, compel the Southern Minnc.«jf. 
ta liail Hoad company to build ti:cir 
road to HlucEartli City orelseSTOr 
the Will the Democrats of the 
Noithend of the county help Ivmgsly 
elect a Blue Earth City Kepublican for 
the purpose of defrauding Faribault 
county out of her prospects lor a Rail 
Uoad 'i Verily we think not I 

1^^^ The r>lue Earth City organ says 
that capitalists at the East own i)rop- 
erty around Winnebago City, and also 
the Root River Railroad, and that these 
capitalists are determined to build the 
road to Winnebago City. Our amiable 
cotemporary np the river for once 
.seems to have siiuck a vein of truth. 
We thank him for this acknowledge- 
ment, that capitalists .-ire determined to 
make Wiuncbogo City a Uail RoaJ 

The oflicers ai)pointed by Gen. Howard 
to investigate the facts of the riots near 
Raltimore by which a Methodist camp 
meeting was broken up and several 
negroes killed and others maltreat 
ed, made his report. In the summing 
up he says: "From a careful reading of 
the whole testimony, it is imbossiplo to 
resist the conclusion tliat the riot was 
premeditated, awd that the object of the 
riot was — first, an attack upon thecolo 
red |>eople, and second, a deliberate at 
tempt to break up tiie camp meeting of 
the Methodist Episcopal Church on ac 
count ot the alleged anti elavery senti 

.Lusllj, wc can S-ht our own battle*, ments of the ministers and members 

rilllE rE.ST OF THK MO:STnLiE.s— 
I THK LADY'S FllIEND— devoted toF-' SH- 

lON and LITER.\Tl*RE. -Beautiful Steel En- 
graTings. SPI.KXDID l>orB£G->IZE COL- 
0RE9FA5tt-I0X I'lATE-i. The Latest Pat- 
Urns of DFCJsep. Cloaks. Bonnets. Tmt>roidcry, 
J Ac Ilniiselud I Receipts. Mufio, Ac. WJIEKL- 
1 EU WILSONS Si wing Machines giveP a? Pre- 
mium!--. Send Ij cents fir a samjde ropy to 
DEACON A PETERSON, 31* VValnnt Street,^ 

GliOvlsfEEX iCO, 
j40P adwaj*-: - - New York; 

'i lie attention of the Piu«ri<' iiTxA tTie irj-.dfe \t invUe«l to 
• lUr new scale of 7 OCTAVK ROSEWOOU PIAX(»' 
r(»r.TKS, which for volume and purity of tone are unri- 
VJtl'ed by any liiihcrtj cffcredin thi? market. Th<ycoi» 
ijiiu hII the modem improvements, French Grand .\ction.> 
j lliirp Pedal, lion Frame, Overstrung Bas!>, etc., and each _ 
\ instiuaunt beinjf made under the personal supi-rvision or 
i Mr. J. n. Gruversteen who has had a practical experi- 
ence of over o.'i year? in their manyfa'^ur, is faTly war 
' ranted in every particular. 

JThc " Grovestcen Piano Fortes " re- 
ceived the A warn of Merit' o\H?r all 
others at the celebrated 

World's Fair, 

•re wer» exhibited Instrttments from the best makers 

.ondon, Paris, Germany, Philadelphia. Baltimore , 

: Boston, and New York ; and also at the American Insli 

! tute for five successive years, the gold and silver medals 

I from both of which can l>e seeii at our ware-room. 

j By the introduction of improvements we mske a still- 
\ more perfect Piano Forte, and by manufacturing largely 
M-«k . "Bb '■"■'l!£)T<i V ' with a stnctly casa system, are enabled to offer these in- 

Hoots and gfioes, lloods & ^Mawis, p™;"^:!:;;iv^^^^^^^^^ 

Descriptive circulars sent Free. olmS- 

Striped and 

Empress Clotiis! 
iroelie Poplins! 

riaids aud Alpaccas ; Common and all A^'ool Delaines ; Prints 

and Sheetings ; Balmorals and 

Silver Braided 8prifiig Skirts li-Lc 

.Merino under garments, Flannels, Gloves, Fine Hosiery 

Liadles.eloakhig^ Gents cloths^ 

Table Linnen, Towling, Trimmings, and a variety of Worsted 
and Fancy articles. Also constantly on hand 

€ It O € K E M Y , 

And a- complete stock of Number One 


Our Agent In Boston is constantly watching tlie market for 
OS, aud we are thus enabled to give our patrons tlie advantages 
by offering the best goods at rea«)nable rates. 
AVinnebago City, October 20, 18G6. 

Winship & Goodwin. 

U. S. Jjand Office. 

Winnebago City, Minn. Oct. 5th 1SC6: 

To Hiram S. Benedict : 

Mr. Cyremns S. Conrtright, Las tb's day ip-- 
plied for the north west quarter s*JCtion ten Town* 
ship one hundred and two corth, range twenty' 
four west, it being the land yoa fried on-. You« 
are hereby notified to be and appear at this office 
on Friday, the ninth day of Noreaiber, 1805"; aC? 
two o'clock P. M., for the purpose of giving tho^ 
matter a fair and impartial investigation. 

. A. H. BULLIS,Kcgikter, 
H W HOLLEY, ReccivcF. 

U. S. Land Office^ 

Wipoftbago City Minn.. tH?t S, ISftft 

To Aloiizo Tftpiiik : 

Mr. B D bpmpie itM ttmi <«»/ wpfiAnQ iv* h)i 
south half of the noin)> west qaHrrnr of pect'on Sy 
aod the oortb half of the nonh weft quarter of 
section 8, township 102{north« r»»ge J7 wcht. — 
Ton are hereby notified to b* Kod appear at this 
oflBce on Monday, the 4tb day o*" IVov»<mbcr JR66, 
at 1 o'clock p. M.. Tor the purpose of giving th« 
whole matter » fair and impartial Inveptigatiou 

A. fl. BuIHf, Register, 

B. W. llolley, Kceeirer. 

want Whiskers or Moastachte ? Oui G»#^ 
eian Compound will foroe them to ^ow ou th« 
smothest face or chin, or hair on bald beads, ifr 
Six Weeks. Price. $1.00. Sent by mail any" 
where, cloaelv eealed, on the receipt of price-- - 
Address, WARNER k CO., Bo* I W. Brooklja^ 
New York. 

va f ^ I ■■ - ^ ^^TT 


,i » 1. J M 1^,. ■ ■■ ■! «.»■!■ I I • 






Winnebago City, ^^ov. T, lS6i). 

C. J. FAliLEY, 

OFMCK AT Tin: R«l<i STOIlt:. 

Calls l>y dny or niglit pronii>tly attenacil to. 
M'innfVii^'o Tity, Anff 13, l>("ii>. 

Wfi luirdlj ever eat lurkey, but if 
we ever like it, it is about Ibis time of 
year. \Vc do iK.t want to insinuate 
anythiiiir. but it any one Rbould lake 
tliid as a hint, wly— it is about Tliauks 


mvin<:' tune. 

The Fenian Excitement, 

Xow York, October 20. -The Her- 
ald's Toroilto spccijl says : The nnli 
tary authorities have orilors to increase 
the guard at tl»e jail where the Fenians 
are confined. '1 he threats made by the 

■ ■ ■- ' ~ j fiMiians ol Xew York will compel the 

Thanksgiving Proclamation. Crown authorities to deal toward.^ the 
In observance of the time honored prisoners much more severely than 
custom I hereby proclaim TiirSDAY they otherwise would 

the -iOth of November as a day, through 

The prisoners confined here are all 

out the State, of Thanksgiving to Al- 1 without a chanj^e of clothing. The 

m '^hty God. 

Amcricau Consul has supplied a few of 

rs — J • - 

it becomes us as a people who be- them out or his own pocket with new 
iJeve in the Divine rrovidence, <:ratc- un.ler clo'liinjy, 

fully to acknowled-c the countless bles | Efiorts are beini; made by fhe riigl-.t 
pings we receive, and humbly to suppli ; Rev. r>i>hop Yanch, of this city, to <;ct 
cate the continuance of Clod's rood- ; the lU'V J McMahon reprieved, 
iiess toward us. | A Cabiiiet meeting is called for, to 

^« O -ive thanks unto the Lord for lie! meet at Ottawa on the thiriyeth instant 
I? good; for his mercy endureth fer- ^q consider w bat policy the government 


ISolJli^o!l SSIlters 

-I Jlt:aUh>f Toil I,'. Gentle >Sfhnulcufy 
an if C'fufjuaitd Mor?iinf/ Appttizcr. 

Vrcjiiroil in \\\\q 


J-'jte ff'tiii •irniii Oil) Wilb Fiowei*, 
liuda aii'l liiirka of tbe liighcdt 

Medical Virtue. ^ 

Ky tncreaiJin}; tho npi>ctltc, n^sistinp; dipc!»tion, 
ri'.^ulatiiijr llic l>ow«ils, ami jrivin.a: tone to tlic pys 
tiin, tliey iinjiarl slrt-njjih and viyor to tho body, 
nnd clii-c-rrulni'?s to tht mind. 

jr-*>* If voul* ilniLTiri'^ts "F tradosiuiin bii? mU 
got TIIESf: lUTTKH?. have biin .«ei..l for lliom 

"i."0« llemtuil'i r llic iiiiiik-, and lake no otlier. 

For sale by «lrnggi.««ts and (imoor.* evt-rynberc 
C. H. SWAIN. Proprietor. 

31 (sonth Wates St., Chii-ago. 

At Wliolcvalc in Ft. Paul, l.y 





Enow Thy Dcetmy. 


M.;(ia:nf> K. F. Tlioniton, the prpat nr.<,li?,]j A>frr!l«- 
pbt, Clairvoyant and l's3C'ioin*'t.ician, who ha* as- 
tonlsliodthe sc'entiflc classes of the Old World, has n 
located lisrsclf at Uudson, N. V. Madame Thornt 
pos*csiS such wonderful i>owersof second Figlit, t.a to 
F A I 11 13 A N K S SCALES! enable her to impart kr-owledge of the greatest impor- 
tance to tiit single or iflarried of elthdr sex. While in 
n nri V^ fi. VfT i a state of trance, she delineates the very features of the 

{^ X 1 j;.CJLLJl-t« ! person you are to marry, and by the aid of an instru- 


Mew Drug Store 

▲ t 


l\\ the buiidinj aJjoinins tbo Land OlSc^i 



U. S. Land Opcey 

Winnebago City Minn., Sept. 26. ISCC. 

TolhomiisK llamilton: 

Mr. V A Swcn«?5 ^^^ ''•'»' <^»y arpHciI for 
tlio .*outh half rortli w— •' (piartcr andnortli balf 
south we.-'t (iu.irter of Boction 14, towiisbip 
1(12 north, runpc 'M 've.^t, it b»-in;» the land j<'u 
filed on. Yon art: hcr(l)V notified to he and ap- 
pear at thi>- oirito «.n tjafurday, the 27th day ol 
October l-St'.t). at 2 o*. lock i-. m., for t'le 

) ^V«.3V«* jw» ■■-^ -— •>•«-•■ ^i f 1»t>\A »JJ t.4*^ UKJ \Jt call All^Hlt K«- 

„ ., mcnt of Intense power, known as the Psychomotrope, T \ l ^ /\ T "T^ V I) F '[~^'\f' 

^"" ^ I guarantees to produce a life-like picture ofth« future I I ) |> ( ' P iA ]li_iXJ j(. I 

husband or wife of the applicant, together with date of "^ ' 

marriapro, position in life, leadinj; traits of character, 
4c. Tliis is no humijus, as thous-ands uf testiraoni:tI.-i 
can assert, fche will send, when de!<ired, a certified 


i The IJe;<t of tho Monthlic; devoted to Fash- 

ionand Pnrc Literature. $2.i»0aycar ; two cop" 

ics $ I. i::j;ht (and one gratis) $1G. W 11 KKLKU : certificate, or written guarantee, thatthe picture is what 

A WILSON'^! Si:WrX(J MADIUNES given as it purports to ««. Ily enclosing a small lock of hair, end 

i> • f 1 1 - ^ c » » ' "tiitinif ulace of hirth. aire, disposition and complexion 

Prcinmin?. i^end Ij cents for a .sample eopy to -t'«""KP''ti-- "'""'", »k"^. i 

-...I A...ii...l..r. KA .^.svita «n.l cttimnorl pnvplnne addressee 

Take? plcitfenro in annnuR*;inp: that bisSRUQ 

kiiTOA&i is now ojien a*".d Etotked 

«i .ill u I'ul u«£<jrtiiieut of 

DEACON k I'ETEUSON, 31'J Walnut St., Phil 

and enclofilnf; 60 cents and stamped envelope addressed 
to y<iur:?elf, y.iU will receive the picture and desire* in- 
formation !>y return mull. All communications sacred- 
' j ly confidential. Address, In confidence, Madame E. F. 

A new lot of Warrant 1/ Tkeds just; TUORS'TCN, p. O. Dox22:i, Hudson N. V 

printed aiwl for sale at this ofTice. A\- 
so all kiiuls of tfusticc's Jibtnl-.-i. 

. Drugs &. Cliemicals, 

Piit'jut 2JedIcines, 

Choice Pc'ifiipaei y. 

Fancy Toilet Soap 

Bay Kiini, 
ria-ti Unadulterated Liquors 




*'Let the redeemed of the Lord say 

I should lake in re;.ai'd to carryinir into ' P'>..e of giving the « hole matter a fair and impur 

A. II. Bnllis, Register, 
11. W. llolUy, Receiver. 

IT I .1 1 , 1 ♦....,, .1, . elfeet the exeeution of the I'Vnum pris 
8o, whom He hath rodeemed trom tiie , '- -, , , i 

r.:\nd of the enemy ; and and ualhir.'d ; onors sentenced to be han-ed. 
them ottt of the lands, from the Eist . The meeting of Parliament has leon , ^^MO fl3''i^tf;.^i.Tl''^^:^ "orirnl-e 
and from the \Ve>t, irom the >orlh tinJ ppgfpQ,^^^,,! \yy t],p (Governor General ncce'.-ary. The Presidents, Cashiers and Trcas 

' . . _r - u...i^i. . ...1.,.^.^ tt... .lif,..; 111*. Xptif free 

fioai t]»e South* 

f . uL .;;!.losr °;;!:,, 'iils \Z^1\ \ it ,, ru.>-.or.,l .l.,t ,l,c auvcmmont i„„, w„As, .,.r,..f.M, v..„„o,a. 4.y, 

works tolhe children of men I For Ho ' Intend-! to patrol tho frontier until vS 1 -j-hc Mason & Hamlin Cabinet Orgrans 
.atisHoth the lon^ins soul, an,l fillcll, ; „., j,,, exocnfu.n. j [-,'/ ■J;,^;^^'" ^It'^^Zt'o '"S "nrrv 

llie hunujrv s 111 witli ucoodness. j rpj^^ Herald's Wa-h:n"tMi snec-ial ' ONE (iOLD or SILVER meadaUs or other first 

"\lld let them s:\eritice tiie sa''ritijeS ^ , » •, ,/ , /' ■ awardoa ihcm. Illo^tnted Catalogucg 

«r Tl,.inL- Mrivin.' 'itul dcL-liro Ills work !^:iy» • ^'i-'n<-*«'J^l Averil, < onsnl dencr- f,^,, Addre-s.Kasoii «. Hamlin, P^.^o.., o 
"'thnj'idl^"'' jalof Canitb,hnsjM^^^Nl^^^•^,KHS.Ne.V«r.. 

Leaving for a day our uniul avccr- : been ia the City several days, :^n'l :ifter j C, S. Laiuf Oflicc, 

tions let us render unto God nn oiTt-r. i an interview with the I're.Hi.ient has | vrinel.a-o Citj^ Minn., Sp M, iSf.tJ. 

in^' of Thanks.'-.viiV^ anl ria'se. j left Washington to assume the perform ' T.> Ilendiick lIeeso;i : 

"•-> *"•"">•» a> , . , I .,..,,. >f : • ' OrvilVP.CViUl.l. hi^ ihif da.v a.^plied for the sou!]. 

<ilvpn under mv haiul an<i se:»l ot the anee of h:t3 oliicial duties, .^jaltord m i ,.,i„ ,,„j„.L.ror«.ctioa four t^.«n^h<i. onehun.ired »nij 

**',,-' . C'» 1> ' .!-,i . . o • i ' two rorth ran','.- thirty we^f It 1. In;; the hmd you fil.-d 

— '^^^ Mate at >t, i »'>', tU'S (jjinada are heconung of grs'.vc impurt- „„ ^ „u:, re i.v.. »<> ■.u.tifi.d to w and appear iu 

T C; ' twiMltV uinih daV ofOe-' ,. .1 -1 •c^\ n- ... office on Friday th. iw.nty-sixth day of Cctohenc'di- 

Ji. &. r lHtni\ nmui ua> Ui W^ , ^^^^^ ^^^j .^^ ^^ ^j^^ ^^.,..,^ ^j ^y^^ President , „.,.„ ,,„ndrcd and ,Kty .ir. a: .• ..V-l.-ek l". M., l' 

) lohtT- 111 tllf Vear Ol our; ' ^ ...... 1 ii,rM.iiri.,i^.>fuiviiii:tl.e whole m.-xitf-m tMinaid impa 

F (R 

I N 

Medical Pnirosi:** 

A email quantity of CLoicfi 

Tobacco and C ig ae3 
School Books and Stationery* 

Attention is called to the following list of Pa* 

tent Medicines, among many otheri 

found at tbe Drug Store t 

Ayer's — Ague Cure, 

Cherry Pectoral, 
Ve<retable Pills* 

M MJa. 'Ss^' ^^ a.^ tegjv 


1 tOUOr, m tlK- Vear Ol out ; ' ■ c \ 1^ 1 ti,ci.utp.>>e of Kivingtl.e whole m.-xltf-m tor und impar 

Lord one thottsand t-i^hi hmi-lrod an<l that the Representative ol the (.overn- ,,,nnv.ti,ation. v n. ^^^^^^^ 

sixty six. and ot the in-h-pcndoncc of mont should he there at the tamest' 
the 'the Unitod Slates «)f Amoriea the piacticalde perio.l. 

A meoiini' of the Fiiiian Cireles at 

Where they aic opening a S])lendi'J assortment, consisting of rieh and com 

mon Dress Goods, buch a.s 



ninety fir-t. Wii.MAM It. Marshai 

'• T-. : — j iii<rlit re."«olvcd to aveiic;e the dcatit ot 

2^* Vo'c s, if y(»u v.ant a rail road ^ ^\^^, convicted renian.«; in C'ai:ad:i, sho'J 
in Faribault con ty vote lor Andrew ' j],^.y '^^. ^.^ccuteJ, nnd darctl the Cana- 
C. Dunn I dians to put ihcir threats into execution. 

' r;.'i. ;,. tL«' There is <;reatej:eitemenL among the 

A Request-^'^u- Inends ''•'/^Ci.v,,|,,^,^^,;eernin-.i,ereefnt sentence 
several towis oC the county, and of tho ^j. ,1, ..nth of the Fenians in Canada, 
tii-tric*, will confir a favor npi^n us ifvrUo Jioht^rts' Circle held a muss c n^ 
tlu-y will send US a report of the c^ec- ': vent ..n t„.iti^ht to devise proper action 
lion a. soon as th. votes arc counted. : O" >^^«^M0^^-_ 
Ecervbodv wv.nts to know the news, : {-'TTf'.^oiriro. Winn ••..;. -o ci:v. M1.m.. 0-t :'.o 

- - ■ *• '" "*• - icn 

IIC'I «ll«t .-IM^ r^i-., ui i.iii. -/-v-i-'v-* • . .--., - — 

-^ 4>f Kivine til** whole n»,•\lt^■:Ml t:»ir utm! ini|iar- ^--^ ^ ^ '^^ * IHTi^ F • ' .^ 

i,ation.^ j^,jn..,^^^^ ClotSi, Merinos^ Fopiins^ 

BfLiJAiiD ROOM. Aga^acas^ aSi Wool Delaiii^^ ¥ei- 

vetN ,SiIk^9 ^liawls^ CJioakisjg, and 

Ladies tJlotli. 

J ayne' s— Alterative^ 


Grafenbergs Catholicon, 

AVinchester's IlypophosphiteS 
of Lime and Soda, 

D/rJ MQ.n u :d & ee. pros Clifton Iloufe, 

Mu'^Ivato, Minnesota. 

Onr la'oh'S rrc n^^T n:pl aro of tho best make 
Good cijjnra and li-pj- r^ at the bar. VJ^i 


Practical AVatch-^Make.i, 
A y D 


Mankato, - - - Minu. 

^DtALEli IN 

J-* •»-■,' "■^'■•,' - iv o ij;io'< vyi II' <-.■••'""••..■ ^ •■.' ' - - 

1 .1 ; 1 ♦ ,f..i, t/» tt'i it iq ' ISfi') To W II Post: Mr, 'I'iioinn.'* »\\x- 

throu'dt this paper, we therefore re- [Vl^/nlu-.i^ vo lown^iu-. one hnn,^^^^^^^^ .'I .-.hei v.aic 

.*., , ,, .,, . i„. rpMt Ui; nt the ' north. rr;n};e iv.onty Bvc wcft, it Kin- tne hmd Hepairini: neatly c.\L«cutcd and warranted. 

^piest that tiie i el 'A Os l»e SC.U us ai li.C ^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^ ^^ ^o,, a.e horel.y noiiilvd m be and ' 

carlie?t i.-.^JsibFe moment. ! Appear at thin . thco. «n S:.t.ud»y the I*'; J»y «» 

' . l>et I >ti6 at 1 oVK-k p.m.. for the 

Thc tJee.^t .Iress u'o..ds in the COUU- ; poso ot Rivin,' the who:.. niHtter a far and i.apar 
AHO'-'^*^' '"•.•- p /-, 1 I tinl invc-iti;::ition, A 11 Lulh>' Ke^'.xtor, li \s 

ty can be found al \Viiiship tV Good- ii„t;ey. Kc^-eivcr. 

^Vln «. 

Z'^T Fannvr^, ii V"-i want the n\ll 

Winii'-bajn Ci:y, Oct. Z^, l?t)0. 

r. .y. Land (fjffr^. 
AVinnebago City, Minn, GA .Id, lbC6. 

To Andrew 0.( liaj/iM : 

^Jr. .John Johnson hnd this day a'^pllcd .',.r the 
•iouth wfjit o-.snrtcr .«o;.th ea>t (pnirter cast halt 
>ouiIi east .I'liarii-r iliirty oncand south west quar 
ter i 'iiih west.iuartcr.-ection thirty two town 

Priiit.'^, checks, Stripes, Sheetin£:s, and Denims. Flannels, 
cloths, Wool Blankets, Heavy cloths for hard service. 

Hready made elotliliig^ QeiUs fur- 
nishing goods, Gloves and Mitts, Hats «fc Ga[)s, Boots & Shoes. 

Grfoceiies, Etc. Etc. 

All of which have beat bought at low fi«^ures, and will be sold rcasoDahle. 

Remember the sign, COTTRELL ct DEARBOX, 

McCabe's new buildlsig. 


2^5- i\j,.„i.^r^, ,, y..-l want IMO '''' rp^^ j-.^^^^^^ (1 H.^nUy. .Inp one hundred and four north, range thirty 

r.)ud to Stop where it U, nml do not ; ^ ' \ ( j./..^^ j,;, ,;,i, j.„ ,pf,,i,.i for : Jve jyc.t. it bcji,g ;|\« ^'^'j^^^;" ' '^^^^^^^^ 2^ officVoa 

.ant it tocome to Faribault county, | U. nor., .e....^ 

vote lor J. 1). WakelieM. j u W ^ i- 1--1 y<>" «'' '^ V-,. uro hereby no. o'ch-.k AM. ior the P"n-- -1 ,u .ng the matter 

- - - - ' lir.ed 0. be and ..pi-^r «. tl.i.s ofU-e on ! a l:ur and .au-art..:! •'. veMl.a ..n 

Five Hundred dollars Invos- u.t..;.y. ...... u^^ hj^i^n^^^^ 

Wi:iu«»1'aj:o City, Minn. Cctobcr K«, 1S66; 

To William L Thurston : 

Jilr, Ptobcrt licndorfon has this day aj-jdi 

■IHK ^ ■U.mMLJttLJW. ,'J P P-.-.IL.,f-UJ>WJU ! JteA< ga 

••- IT 1 J, m., tortho puri'osoof ^'ivip;,'tho wholoinatttr 

T,cd in HomCSterul LanUS. i„iairand ii:.:.artial investl-alitin. 
Mr. Waketieia s;,ys l.e ,. a tVioiul V) ' A. UJiaHis Ue^^-^__ IM^ 

the Ilome.-'tead settler-s yet al the Ta.x 1 

^ale of l^O.j lie told a homestead set- 


The most offecl'iai knotrn retnedy for the cure cf 
Bronichitis, Dyspepsia, and Consumption. 

IlalVs Balsam for the Lungs. 

YLYii. AVinslow' Soothing Syrup. 

Morse's Medicines. 

Elixor Peruvian Bark, Mustang 
Liniment, Gargling Oil, 
and Condition Pow- 
ders for horses* 

Extracts & Essence' of all kinds. 

Orders promptly attended to 

and Prescriptions carefully 



Winnebago City, June 4, 186«. tfn33 


Better o])port unity is now offered to any 



t:.xo.^. Why did Mr. Wakefield tell ^ 

the settler this ? He wanted to rrtfj/tt \ 

en them into paymir their liixcs. When 1 

Wakefield told the Homestead Con-' _^^.^^ ^.^^ ^^^ FSTATE AGENTS, 

vcntiou that he had nlwyys been an ad j " ^ 

vocate ol their 4-ii,'hts, it is a wohder! ^^.^,^ oppoitite '' Union House'' Blue 

the lit) did not choke him. He told : J-Jnyth City, Minnesota. ,;,,„„„ cenire, 

the Homestead men thlit he was their | ^^..^^ ^^^^ ^ ^.^.^^.^^j UnnUin- and Heal Estate ShclbyviUe, 
friend, yet in the sprinj? of 18G5 he ^u.-lncis, pay Taxes for noail-eidcnts, make 
tried to pcaru them into paying their ^ Colleft:ou«,&c.,^&c., 
taxes by telling them he haJ ?^500 inves 
ted in their lands, when he did not have 

R cent; and then later, while in ti.e 

Lcgislnturo last winter, we find that he 

vored FOR a bill to TAX their Home- 
steads. IIoiHestcad men can you have 

ttiiy faith in such a man? If he has 

\ied t. you twice, will he not do it aijaii'? 
He will, therefore vote hmi uown 1 
ZW PvM^einber that Andrew C. 

I)unn says let us have <i rail road some 
Nvherc in the count v. Vote for him. 

tiai iuvcstiijalion. 

A.H.r.VhLTS, Register. 
II. W. IIOLLKV, Ucccivtr. 


Woman, or child, wishing to purchase anything in the hue of Fancy Dress 
Goods, French and English Me.inos, Alpaccas, Scotch Ph.ids, Delains, Woolens 

Notice is hereby Riven that 1 •vill .nako a de- 
livery of tirape Vinc.^ and Slirnbbcrj , -r^wn in 
ray Nnrserv. and fully acclimat-id, at the foUow- 

':;^tnil October 16, Flannels, Striped Poplins, 15almoral Skirts, Ladies Cloaks, Cloak Cloths, Do- 


Every youn^lady and gentlemen in the United 
.^tptas can hear something very much to their ad 
vantage by return mail (free of charge.) by ad- 
dressing the undcrs^ignKd. ThoFo haviog fears 
of being humbufrged will oblige will oblige by 
not noticing this card. All others will please ad^ 
dress their obedient servant, 

S31 Broadway, New York. 


A gentleman who suffered for years prra ^Tcr^ 
vouE Debility. Premature Decay, and all the ef- 
fects of vouthful indiscretion, will, for the sake 
orpuflFcring humanity, send free to all who need 
It, the recipe and directions for making ttie sim- 
ple remedy by which he was cured : sufPererS 
wishing to profit by the advertiser'* experience, 

CHii do DO by addressing ^^^„..r 

»^o. 13 Chambers st., New Yorkw 

" IS, 
" 2:1, 

« o ( 

- - S. T>. CIirLD. 



11. D. BALDWIN, 
Blut i:ar» City, May 7. 


J E W E IL E B , 

Has, nnd will keep constantly on band, for sale : 

Jewelry and Silverware, Ciiy, 

Thid stock wll conM?t of r,.npe Vines Cur- 
ran t.^ G<.o5eberr.c8 and home tiowering shrubs, 
nil of wiiich ^nay be safely transplanted this 
fall. Prices sali.-'factorv. , . , , 

All wb.o want tbe above numcd artu-lcs can be 
supplied at the times and places named. 


Mankalo Njrscry. 

mestics, priuts, shawls, hoop Skirts, Shirts-, dra^vovF, wrnppcrs, Hosiery, Xotions 
Xo. 1 ^V^oolen Blankets, Boots, Shoes, Hats, and Caps, and Fur goods of every 

description, than has ever before been 



l^robate (.oart Notice, 

ni<;TRICT COrUT, FarinauU County— Slate of >nn- 
ne«ota. Sixth Judicial l)i.irict.-[U. S. llc.cnue .tamp 

SVR.VII .VNliRKV.S, >jt!unrt! fi andhk^s. ] 

The folate of Mianesoli*. 

To Richard An.lrews :— Yf»« »r^ Ji«rre»»f pwniiuon.u 
and retiuired to answer the complaint in tins a<;"?ni 
which hHH ^•■•'n fil.Ml in the ofHc? <.f the Clerk of thU 
couitat Rloe Karth City and to Ble your «n*wer to t^e 
Mi.l compluint in the om.e of the cUrk of th.s court at 
Blue Ki.ilh CItv aforesai.l within thirty days after the 

Al?o, Warehousc^rucks,Letta 

Presses. Ac. 
172 Lake Street, Chicago. 
^^j. Be careful to buy o nlytbe genuine. 3-^y 

In Faribault County. * Higli prices are now 

Ihc champion Rail Koad Candidate. 
\Vc knew that before, and so do the j 
voters of the district. Still we are! 

r. B DAVY, 

votors ot tne aisinci. ouii wu arc, ^, . . ^^ i _x 

very glad that .1,0 papcv l,a, here- 1 Anctiou & Commission Merchant 

toforc supported Mr. Wakefield's "No 
llailroad policy" has, though at the 
eleventh honr, thrown him and his poli- 
t;y overboard, and is now in for Mr. 
I)unn, the champion Kailroad man. 

Corner of South and Yalucls jtrect?, 
iilue Earth City,- * - ' Minnesota. 

CASH paid for HIDES <fc SKIXS. 

And tlie new mode of fu.ling-lat.) decUne 


\ Dry Goods will warrant general satisfaction to porsons coming t. 

'. \ t Keepn constantly on hand a good assortfficnt of 

C^* The person who borrowed ray •^**^p'' '=«"'''»'»"J^ " "» « 

licck yoke, whiffle trees and square from 
loy barn and forgot to returu them' 


Rkferbsces. — lion. J. B. WakefieM, Hill &■ 

W ill oblige me by returning the same , Dujfm, lUue Earth ; I^-aac Marks. J. F. Meagh- 
immediate'y. ^ ^r. Mankato ; Munger Bro.. St. PauL 

J.S.Latimer. • j«r,« 4, i8r,6. s^m? 

TTavinz ma'^'^ unnie chart <.;.■«• Cf«ncfimin>r the 
hu-incM tra..saction. oi ihe'WlnucbaffoCity 
Mills •' we wish to announce to tbe public that 
„c "o now prepared to do all kinds of y-ork in 
our line of busint??, for ready p»y. Log>t. wood, 
wheat, or even Money taken in payment for 
work Our terms for .awing ate: One half, or 
«r per thousand. Flour, Bran, and snorts con 
A-ntly on hand, and for Bale cheap. 

Lumber §25.00 per Thousand. 

Winncbac'* City, JJarch 'rth. 1866. 


To lay in their winter's supply, 

o City 



er -toil-"^ 
'ing PB*-^ 
'for wWeh they are'* 
/in every iii«t*nce. They"* 
are cordially recommended to 
_^ /»11 Ladies who. from aickneee or' 
© /other oaoaes. are unable to nndergo' 
theperilBolaecouchment. Thie remedy «• 

'diamond DROPSI 

JTot an Abortive, but simply a 


^and ia not in the leaat injn- 
^rloos to tbe moat delicatey 
^conatitutions. Xveryy 
, Bottle Warranted.^ 


Ii A P T 



j-r Send Bed Stamp for Olrenlar. or ^85 TW «* 

Be^'oVi MONBOB * CO.. ^^'^L^^- 

! PO Drawer 6661. ChloaffO. lUlnoU ; Offloe 165 Sottth 

if tliey will only call at ^^^S^,;vT,Si.^Sa^^^:^r^Si 

.^ - . ,MITH*DWTBB.««dH.800VIlX,aBAtoC6*i 

Moultoii «fc Deiiaou's.' »~r«— «w.» 



» ■ ■■■ ^ 


I ' ■ . - . — 





; 4 


! «• 


H I 

Blue Kaitb City Advertisements^ Choice First Class Insurance 

A-rainit Loss l.y FIRE, hy tLo 


Goods well bouglit, aie half sold. 



Of Uartturil, Cnn. hiporporateil X819. Char- 
ter I'urpclual. 

DR. VVIJirTfKH is regularly I -I Q/*/* THE LADY'S nUEND— 
«-<lu-nloil an.noi;il:iu:itciy (laul- I lOul). luo ljc>.t of the I^ioiuLlies— devoted 

Tho JRl^s A Iji?iiraucc Coinimr.y would call tbt 
ntttiition of llie ]»ublic to the Ibllowing facta: 

A lieavy casli capital, with As- 


C A T A I^ M II S 

setts amcmnting 

GREAT BAllG AlNSi^ 8,401,988.56 


I>ilY 4.«Oi^PS 




Yil^'IvEl: NOTIONS, 




at ir.joos 




H:i!i triin.-nctcd bu/mc-s ^-.lo.- ..-fully r'""fy-n'"^" 

! vtars. aiu\ i-Dnfinms to i.r.>;rn*.<« «:« Hoaitli. 

WeallU and Mtnlily. II1.3 i-uid «n ajr-n'-alc 

loss of $ir>,r 24,080 58 

The .T-'TNA i< ors-ni.roil on a Nafi" Basi-", 

witli rVliiil'lo i'^>f«l «';rw«it^» ''"'I ociipyci 

an fuviitlle rcini.^tion. tiiuul 

lo all tlio cuiirc,:iiiciv;» 

it un<loitalu-5, 

worlliv Ihc 


Founding its clniiii:* t) f.iror .-md patrcnago 
t > Merit Alotie. 
Affording nn«Mnal"d fuoiU'ioH and ijoenrity for 
lii.-', ar. 1 r.niUiii;^ i 

Etc. Tho FIRST of Fire Lisurancej 

Companies. 1 

And iiisuro.? nt rnt«.s i"< Vil' a' llic rt. ks i\«- I 
fuiMcd iH-raiit lur ?i.lvoucy uiiJ fair profit. I 

Losses I]<prital)ly A(\ini>t(Ml and! 

Apji'lt'ations Solici'^^'l, aiil Policies ] 
Is.^tiod ]>v 

why cufTcr vilh tliia 

Dancirerous vt Loathsome Disease 

Hiitter & Cheese 

wbon it 


and rnllrcly 

Eradicated fioni the System 

by the ubo of 


Catarria rerssedy 

.C: A T A v. R II 

will fiirtly rci^ult in 

id, and has cxpcrifnoo in all 

loiius of diseaso, a hnowlodf^c 

' ■♦&,/] 'I'"'" i'-i'li'pcn.sibio in the Ireat- 

"•"Syr/ inoiit of the VBDcrul ditcc^o in 

nil i'-! varied and coujpiicalcd 

"^'c jC> I'lrus, and has (V»r years made 

tlio tnatihcnt of private uifca.'rCsl>isbutinc!-8 and 

1 Flnly. lv\]K'ricnc.e. the bri.t of ttuchi-rs, has cn- 

' ablcd hiiu t;» i«<:rfi.ot rinicdics at cnce puai.-i-nt, 

I Friff, j>i-'rtnajici:t, and in most sa&ts can Lc used 

without hjndnipc to bi:sintES. 

Paiticu!»ratt';nlion;;ivcn to old rtandinpr case?, 
' jiudi u« wcrt! ccncidercd incnrulde. SyphiHi.«, in 
, all forms; Uonorrha-n, (--luit, Stricturef, Orciiitos 
Dialotos, IJIaddcrnnd Trinnrv Disease?. Albo, 
! tho'1'ts of solitary liahit*. both ruinous to b(.dy 
and mind, ni.d which produces sonic of <ho fol- 
lowing cEci-f 6: Dlotcbcs Bodily Wtakne.-". Con- 
slil.alion, Avcr.-^i<.n and L'Beasint.-s in rcmalc 
I .Soriuty, i;i;ujaulincrd, Dr( ad of I'ulure Even*?, 
linnlly a coniplLte pri'«(r:Uion of thr vital po/? 
or.«. hifsof uicoiory. iini;ingiu (he carp, can be 
fuliy rts'torod to health. 

All Uttfru, wi'h >tanip.-», answered. 
I'r, \V. ».- ihcpnldi.-iicr ola ntnv work, entitl- 
ed "Nip the Evil in the i'.ud," wliich will he sent 
10 Jill on ro'cipi of 10 cents to pr'-piiy po.-lngo. 
Consultation fiec ehar^ics moderate, and 
curc' 'jnariintevd. 

Dr.Wliiitior Oiiri's the very ^orftkind ofrnp- 
iurr in a U'w wcc!^. 

I'o.-t Otlive T5ox 2-'.'l. OCTiceand Cons-ultafion 
rtooins IGi South eiarU street, (h.caio. Yoa 
can see the Doctor every dny from i) a. m. to 5 i*. m 

lo LITERATURE and FASHION. $2.50 a 
year. We-ivc WliEELEU & WILSON'S cele- 
brated $05 Sewing Machines on tno following 

terms: — 

Twenty copies and the Sewing Machinee. $70. 

Ih-rty copies " '• " " ?85. 

Forty copies " " " " ^10« 

Send 15 cents for a sample coiy to DEACON 
ic PETERSON, 319 Walnut Street. Philadelphia 


Talie plea-sure in infornnng the people ofWinne 
bago City and surroumlin.!^ oonniry, that the^ 
have on hand a lariiU slock of assorted Li<iUoi8 
con^istii'g in ))art of 

Old Bourbon Whiskey, 

Fall «fe Winter 


II. r. ClIRlSTEITSEN <fe Bno«., 
Mankal<» Jlinn., 

Calls the gpcciiil atteutlou of the citizens ot Fari- 
bault and Mnrlin counties to their cxtea 
Eivc erock of new 


embrae ugei^ery variety of 




•Just received, a new and com- 
]»lete assortment of 

Blackb'.i-ry Bi'aiwly,] j,^,,^.^^^^ Groceries, Crockery. 
Okl Froncli Biaudy, Port V.lne, j j J^ ^ ^^ ,^ j;^^ gj^^^.^ 

Old Santa Cruz Runx, 

Eleven oY'Iock Bitters, 
Red Jacket Bitters, 

Swain's Bourhon Bitters, 

Cherry Brand}", Holland Gin, 

wanted at all time? at the market price. 

never was. Never can, 
Never will be 

R. E. ABBOTT, Agtr.t at 

Winnebag-o City, Kinn 

Vnliss checked in its intdplent stages. 




ts til > r>;.|\ I'hv^: -iMll, ;'.s n Jjiii:;' 

IT :;ev]::u fails. 


ant I 

Give me a:i early call, and see 
for yourselves. 

A. B. B ALCO:>L j 

Blue Earth City, May 1 i, 1SC6. 




Blue Earth City 



Have opened a Drug store at Blue Earth City, 
and offer for s.ale at lowest prices 


ii<«v» ia fhiosji'* Ihiit i»n t>e pntireJy 

rHfoil vji'ii. «;r» T ' 'irM. a!;i) not nutft-i 

lliHl lioi riMi' d!.-i-itr« to rfiuain ii. your 

«;. »|ii:i.'li-l' "»•■■;!! r vm::- :'.trr:il!'l lif.'lv. 

l.o.--ili"' tir.^t; :r lir|'i.iiif»sm»,| 

ri;ti;ri' | ro.j • 11. lo^^m .t!.. 

I'lUVATi; M.-i. \-l .-■ U1I.5 NK'<VOi;i< 

liKnilirV I'iJ ft'ly lor tlK« p;t!«t 

twtiii'- riir;>. : .nl i- Ili'ivrof*- ihi; prr- 

p •!! viio:!i .'.Ii iitlll'-tc.l .-.!i..uil conHuit. 

So one cvtr h.-nr-l "f « p'thit "f W- i. 't rar.sJ 

jia..' lie li.i> t.ei-u i'. ttu< ''•»• »•'» r.T".:»:i"ii ha« 

vomi' ri ill >u\ 111' rUv r-»iM-.-<, liU j.iii.iit;- aul th'.« 

HI- it;.- jI^-.iM!i. I.-lli »i.t>- an 1 :>!.n.a'l, us I:riii- t.i>- 

most .-Lillcl .i'f« iall'jt loT-. mill a thi.roMjli ui.isler ot 

«!1 s.?xiiiit ili-:-;-.;.i-«. Il' lii! oil.,ir<t nil, <!.i."; (:.i.ii.iir 

pivc l.i'ii :l r.-ll. It 1h "uIv a oomTU..!! -oomr-u.-e wi.h 

tiiin to i-i;re such «••l^w. liis roonis :t; • p .p.n-it.- f-T 

l.i.rt". u'ui j;"nt>ri' !«. iiivl t'liP :ni.<t c •Ki})!«.ti- in ttu'ctly. 

YotN.i MK.N.T\nK t' \)ri;:.:— •otfT t:.«t^ 

lev Uof' l-t M'ii;!i of !:. tint- to li." \, -tt' .'-tit ol lU.w 

•a».s >!iu-icl I'V 11 K.iiut h.t'.if. wlr:. Il ni ii^ l'<".»i I<..,lj 

« , ,, nj<!inin.l.u'iftitUi.;tbtnnfoitun..tcii>1iM'liiil lor.itl.. r 

3n30yl ; uu-ino^ji ..r srKu-tv. Tli--»:i'1 < 'V«> l ofth -m- f;«r!y liiii-ii% 

or til • <Xiv~.H of Hi"T >'.ir.«, !•< t:> wimU-h tnid di-liili' 

tale 111.- oo:istitii'ii II. li. -U' y III" :.!i;. r-icJ nn-l niciitiO 

powi;rs, (li!ni::i.-li nuii piifi olU- thu niilr.rul f'.v:.-!,:?*, and 

i-xlwust tli"^:tul cii-TgkH of Li.nnl. •<■>'.•. Xi-r J.i.i'^'-j 

of litVar.' laurrMl. the o^ijvct ot niarri.iutc frHBtrafa, j 

Buil cxistt-nte il- IfivniUrt-il a tonn of uin :fu>iiiK in.wry | 

mi.l n-crrt. Fuch piTS'i:-!. t<j.'n"^!ly lli-se c.nlnn- ' 

p'.itiii" III ■.'•ri.ijio. toli'.iil.l lo. I' :••> I'm-.v in ii: lUiui; iiioac- 

aiale uppliratioa, ns I>r. 15., t-y >'''* "^'^ tn:itai..iit, U, 

eiinl.lcil to mM'.Tti a Pi'fi'iy nii<l i-.-rniani-nt rnre. 

Cousnltiitioui frio and cxiuli.l.'iitial. Oitio-. No. Ii9 | 

'oath Clark Street, zij'i"^v-\ .MiUirof. Iri'.l a l.i.>'.l: Irorn i 

tlio Post OiJkt'. P-At Otli' .' H'X li4, Cbiciiso, lil. ' 

Oiflc" hour-* fic:ii '• A.M to H V M. 

Sou<l for hid "tiuiJo to lltalili,'' puVus'ucd muutlilv, 

free of rharji-. 

N. B.— Ladios, srnil for a descriptiT" cir.-ular of Pe». 
Virie Reiui'Jio, the bt-t prorcntive '>f coucejilioa 
'•own- Sect to any adJrosb fVec of ch" r,!;c. 

Cnro warrar.ttd if Dlicctioiis arc Followed. 

Sii);;le l>('tlles will last .1 .^JoNili. 

Cold in The Ilcj.d 

Rclcavcd in a Fe.v Mini' Us. 

Bad I^reatii 

has now opcneil at Iti.s rooius in 

Vv^ I X X E V, AGO C I T Y 

One of tl'.cbcst selected, varied and most cxtcn- 
sivoas^ortiocnl of Oo(\'lrf in tljeir liao 

Ever iinpoi'ted into Faribault 

Which they are .^nHinfrto the I'oDple of tho Blue 
Earth Valioy cheaper lli-ii) Mankuto cr ai.y other 
In the 


Their fiiciliticK for supplyin-g the wants of the 
pooplcof thi.* iin:ncngci r. ;(ion arc on a scjIc to 
wtirrant the fu!i'.:?t satisf'ac'.ion. 

?\\' ofiVr to the '.ritize.i? yf Farihau'.t and Mar- 
in Couiitlcs the flnest stock of 

Lager BecT, Wahoo Bitters, 
ic O N S U M P T 10 n'GMOCEMIE^ ! ! Ilostette.r's Bitters, Alcohol. 

Also an endlo.^s S"pi ly ol choice 

Cigars, Fresh Pine x\p}jles. 
Fresh Peaches Cove Oysters, 
Fresh Blackberries, Sai'diens 
Raspbei'ries, Fresh Lobsters, 
Strawbeii'ies, and 

Fref^lii Oy.^teF8 ! 

All kinds of Fancy Candies, 
also the very best of Fiue-cut 

Tobacco, etc. etc. 

Second door South of Abbott -^^ 
Welch's, Give us a call, 
tf E. BURSIE. 

and a iarg« assortment oi* 

Nolioiif^ & Toys! 

Th'-ir entire stock was seWc'ed witV- 

great care and fitn special reference to the "a ite 

of J^IiKT.c.''-. ianf. 

The favorable circunistanct-;* uiim-r 

which their purchsiFCS were made, cnnblcs then* 
lo .ecll at Very Low Friccs. .indthepub 
lie may be a.=s^ured tiiat th'»- rancr no cir'cum- 
stanco?. will be undcr.-old. 

Tiicy ask tlie public lo 4'Xrttnin'' 
their goods brf'^re buying c'ccwl.crc 

GASH Paid for WlihAT! 

Mankato, N<.v. 2Ut, loCo. ubin? 











C;iU.«-ed by oirenr-i\c sccrotioui! 




Weak l>\e3 

Caused by Catarrhal cctiohs 


Patent Medicines, 

Paints, Oils, 


putty, <fec., ifec. 


an i 


Th« very best Vote, Letter, and Cap Paptr kept 
constantly on band. 

NOTIONS of all kinds. 

a good variety, and cheap. 

Call and See Us. 

t-^ense of 




or d» 


'itio ^u-iici n-'-of. liAVini^ tM-<iu »«^..l•.x^l to hra!il) 
in a »»■»• .f«v-kx iiy ♦ "ei^- .■<i»';j»Ip r»-i;iv,-<}y, uiur 
hi>viii;r soJter'-u \ft >««/'tr»ii y^T" "ith .i fevcrr 
luwc ati'.vii.tii, .«>.«il th-;i fiii-rtd di»-«-ar«r., tl'iisunip- 
tioi!— i-! -iiiAiouK u» iTiake kiiowji »•• Lis fellow 
si'trcr<i>= f'i<! !«'Oa(!.'< 

To Jill wn<> »l<"sire it, ho wi'.i ^^ na >t «• >py of the 
jitHecriiition nscd (tree of charge). wiMi the itirtr- 
tions f,>r ] rc| iiriiig and nsinjj the «<ame, which 
they vill a sure curc for <'o!i?umi-lion. .Asth- 
ma. l.ronclut;,-», ('-..uglif, eidd.-', a'i<i nil Throat 
and Lur." Aftc'-iionK. Thcoiilv oljcct of tlic ii 1- 
vcrtisor. in sending he Prcf^criptior. ji< to benefit 
the afliicted, and ?pread informiition which he 
conceives In Im invalual"'*'. anil lie hope.-; evcjy 
.■"iiirorer will try iii-* rctuc-'y. a.-i- it will cost them 
nothing, and uj-iy prove a ble.-'siiig. 

Partie." wi.^hi..'; the Prescription, frek, b}- re- 
turn mail, will plcMsc iuMrcrs 

\Viiliam»bur£;h, Kin^y Co., K. Y. 


when caused by Catiiirhal diGicultics. 
cured by this remedy. 

I ' .< eu. 

All are 


.\ro ir.orc frequently than otbrrwi^o caused I'j 

a tlii.-h, f^liir.y mac'.««, ful'ing from ilio 

bead, especially duiing the J-ight, 

and rcsuhing (rom Catarih, 

and arc curH l-v 




-•- ,e- -,-- 


X o Ax S , 


Blue Earth City, May 29, 1S66. 3; 

Foundry & Ma 



ko* iij 




Office opposite *' Union ILntse '* Ulue 

£Jarth C'dy^ Minnesota. 

Will do a General Banking and Real EstaJ< 
Business, pay Taxes for non rtsidtnte, make 
rollect.on.'i, Ac.. <tc., 
U.D.BALDWIN, .1 - - ?. 1>. CUILD. 

Blut. Ear* City, May 7, Cf). SOyl 


J E W E L E II 5 

Hns, and will ke»;p constantly on hand, for sale : 

Jewelry and TilTer ware, 

Tiie ?.I:inkato Foundry and shop is 
now in ojiera^ion, and \vu arc prcpiTid to 


The symptoH!' of Catarrh are at fir^t very 
Kliglit • Per.-' in.- iind they have a cold, that I hoy 
ha\o frtquifsit atiack.-s, and arc more sensitive tt> 
the chaui^is of tc npcraturc In this eciidition 
the no.<!e may bo diy, or a slight di>char;ro thin 
and auiid, afierwar-ls thick aud uUhei-lve, uiiiy 


A.-5 the, becomes chronie. the discharges 
arc incroa.-'.d i)i nu-intity and changed in (juaiiiy. 
they arc now il»i< k and heavy, and are hawked 
or coughed otr The scc.ctionc ere oiT^jiisivc, caus 
of every dc.-<cr!p;ion. Ptcatn cn-inc", Thrc-'hing j 5,,^ ,; hadbre.ith: the voice thich and na^•al : the 
.Mai-iuat.-. Render", Firming linplctucnts, kn. j uy^s are weak ; the ^v•nse tf smdl is le.-so;;i(l or 

AVc al.-;> mal-e ali kiuils of iron and hra>> els'!- ; (icstroyed ; d«afuc.--8 frequently takes place 
ing-. Labbitt metal always on hand. Orders 

solicited and promptly attended to. . . , . . . r 

J n ' Another common and important svmptora or 

Old Iron, Brass ana OOppCfjCatarrhis, thut thcper..oni.s.d;li-odtoc!e:u-hi.i 

I throat in liic mo; t. ing of a t-lick or s-in-y uiucon? 

i ivliich has fali'ii froui the h«ad during liie ui>;hl. 
\V!»cn this tiikts j)I;i(e the p(r!;oi> ui;iy he oure 
ihal his disea-sc is on its way to the lui^gs, and 
should bisc DO liuie in arrciilng it 


Fresh Meat, 




THIi DF..-:t 


^ c 







Empire Shuttle ScWingr Macliines tii]'cvi»r to ail otLer.s for 

Family and Maniifactin-ing PiirposG.=. 

Contain all the la !est iipprovemcnts ; anc f-pce 
dy : noiseless; durable : and easy to worK. 

Illustrated Circulars free. Agents waiitcd.— 
Liberal disc-jant :.Ho\ved. No oousignmcnt? 
miide. Add res?, 

;j;v1 EMPini; ?. :.^'. CO., UroaJway X. Y. 




iV u »-" J- X J-4-X.t D , ! 


1886 i 

Pure Winc: 

*3f *' 

ij 'V ■-L'i ^-i i^^ ^-^ 9 



wanted, for which the highest price will be paid 
v3n7yl C W. HALNEY, k Co, 

Vegetable Sicilian 


Everbroupht tothl? market. 

AliO a oomj)lote assorlment of 



consult their own interests 

'rom our VARIED and EXTENSIVE AS- 
We have the 

Facilities and Determination 

sell Goods as cho.ip as any hourc West cf the 

Pay Cash fo;' Wheat, Oats,Corn. 
Pork, IIide.>, Bult.T and I'ggs. 

Winnebago City, Minn. 

ajid Brandies for 
Medicinal Puipo^es, 

GEORGE E. NELhuN Pateiit Mcdicliics, fe% &r 

w:5l:c.s to say to the pc^pic of Winnebago City. 1 

and the neighboring towns, that he has the iarg- Letter, Cai) and K Cte Panct*?, 

est stock of , -^ r* ' 

Pencils, Superior Ink, 

and other artlCJ^.'^ kept by Druggi.-ts general.'"" 



ever brought in^o this town. Consi-.^^'ng in part of 

New Englad Hum. 

Bourbon Diltcr;*, 

Flantaiion liittcrs, 



liourfioa Avhiskey, 
Wahoo Titters. 
iio.-tctlcrs Litteiy 

Front S'.iepf, 

M a 11 k a t o, . . . . M 1 n v,^ s o I 


i' o kjj>s coiiirntW oa liiad tho l>2 



♦ «♦ 

The above are but few of (ho mwny CalarrhsT 
.-yin|ilom.-'. Wiitc to «iur Laboratory to.-? our 
p r.nphlcl dc.« fully a!l symptom.s : it will 
ba .sent FllL 1^ to an}' a'Uirc.-s. Also directions 
where to procure die luedicino 

An! wil' nttend ^tr. mptly to :!l1 h'mds of Repair- 
ing of < J lock.--. V.'.ktflo-K. aod .Icw-lry, and guar- 
antee |.erlect saiis'^ctiou to uH who patronize 

blm. Porrni nnposite Ui.ion Holcl. 
iJlno r:»r'.h Pitv. .'dav 17. l8f-6. 

3 (HI 

• p. B. DAVY, 

Au/tion & Commission Merchant 

C rnor of South and Vn'.uei? streets, 

Jjlue Larth City, - - - Mitjuesota 
CASH paia for HIDES .^c SKINS. 

Kccp.i ccrn*tintly on band a good iisforttrcnt 0! 

RrFKi'KN-f Es.— lion. J. B. Wakefjcld, Tlill .* 
Du<iu. lilne Earth : Isaac Marks. J. F. Mcagb 
•1, Mankuio; Manner liros., St. Paul. 

As the name indicates, not only renet^ts 
tlio growth of tlie hair when thin and falling 
cfT, buV positively renews tlic color io/is 
original >^'Jo when it is turning gJJ^ or 
white, whe^^r caused by discase.^^icf or 
i)ld age. 

It will ccrtaiu^ do what is cJ^mcd for it, 
a fact io which ^indrcda, spy thousands, 
who have used it.V'o reaify and willing to 
testify. V/hcre one T^t^^ i% fairly u.scd, in 
Ruy community, it8J|^oputation "spreads 
like wild fire," a^r i\thc best 
ment and recora^cnd.aV'^ ^® desire. In 
the Eastern St^, wbcreVie "KENEWEU" 
originated, ^10 young la\ca use it as a 
hair dres4^ ; it is foun\on the toilet 
tables o<^ung men, (also at\icir barbers), 
while^^lder men and women Vbo desire a 
JtenJber and Restorative for theiVcrey locks 

an/a bald beads will not bo w^^out this j |^..^ ^^ |J^ SFELYF tt CO 
jjrt-iiclo, which gives in every insiu\5e» cn- 

We arc receiving letters from an pnrfs of t!ie 
I'nion, and also nunuroas tc.«iimonials from 
tho.-e vsing it, bearing ihc evidence of its infaiii 
bio merits. 

'^rg^ This rcmcijy contains no mineral or poi- 
sonous in;;re(liciils. hut i.*- jtn) arcd from vc^eta- 
hle e.\travls exclusively : lliereiore it i.- pcid '-tly 
hanaicss, even to the uio.s: ie:.Mler and delicate 
child 'tSL^^ 

Cull for Sfcclcy's Catarrh Ijcrrtcdy. and 

liilvc no otlitr. Ji n it .-ojij liy «!ni';gi.-!- m your 
viciniiy. llicy will order i' for you Price i;J,()0 
per but lie. 

^Tj. All p'-rsons snffering with any afTection 
of tho Head. Ihroiil or I^nngs shoniil write at 
once for our jiimphlct Inlly dc-icrlliintf all cyuip- 
tonis pertaining to the abovu dise.i.<;es. 

It v.iM be S'.rnt free to any addaesj. 


tire Betisfjiction. "^^ 


Don't Iflt any druf;;;ist or doaler ur>;e upon jtm • 
difftrfnt arti'-Io, ju ttiere is no jirepwrjition in ilnj woilJ 
liko tliis. Beware of any arliclt) purjiortiii); to bo the 

Try IIAT.L'3 II.Mrv REN'KWER according to Direc- 
tioii.H, ,irul V"U ui'il nso no filler. 

If not Hol.l at «in»!rpi.its in your town, o triil liottle 
will Ixj sent you toy cxpresj, U|>on rfCf ii< «jf one di liar 
by inuJl. ihiM Hiving yon an oppoituuitj at once <•! 
I«r"iiii2«t8 excMltiTit tiualities. 

Or-leiS foj trtal boltlu uiiuit b« nfftfraam'rt »■■ 

€. A. COOK, iTiiratnt. 

aenf Ajj«nt for Northw»sT»rn States, 
r. r. TT.nTX k CO„ frorriiturn, Nn«nn.i. N. II. 
Sold nt T\ nOLKSALE. in t nlr.ipo, liv FT'LLER, rl^•C^ 
6MIT1I, SMnrt A DWVErc, J. H. KKED t 00. 

cn.AS. 0. F.Mnn, dietzsch, blijcki * co., u 

Frvmr.. Xf V. HARRI.<» k 00, post a BADE^Cr,*a4 
19 drug^.it* luid dialers goaarallj. 


'FuKiJi'OKr, iLLL-^orn, 

S.ild nv all wnoii-.aio huo leian 


GENLr.AL .*«JtMS. 

•Jolin D Park Cincinnati. t>l.i<i ; Futlcr. Finch 
it Full.T. Chicagi III; I5ur?-liain VanschaucU 
ehK-.ijoIil; I)eina'< Ibirncs t Co N<'W Yojk : I) 
Ransom & Co, IhifTa!') New Voik; F.irrand She 
ley <!fc Co Detroit .Mich; wcoh.-' <t Potter Uo.^ton 
Mns-s ; Frcn h Kichaids & Co Philadclphiii, Pa ; 
H !•: Sellers k t'o Pittsburgh Pa ; Collins Jiro's, 
St Loui^ Wo ; Diirne.-'. ward A C •, New Orleans : 
h A RobiOMin *Cj, Louisville, Ky : iji'.;iey k 
bro. Meuiphis Tciin ; P L Dcpuy P.iclnnonil Va; 
Tboiopsou & Block Baltimore J^d . Dexter & 
Nclleger Albany N Y ; strong & Arm'strong. 
Cleveland O ; Win .Jobneton Detr.iit Mich f wil- 
■<>n Pttter* ik Co Loui«vilIe Ky, %.'>D5lyl 

Tf £X 




f^ »»>v. 



If you 'sant to buy good nice fresh 


e •\' r> r * T> ^ ^jiix 

I>iiuil>'>ii ^Vlli.•■l;^y, fr>im a comtiiiiiition of over 
tvii'iity tlidVrciit l;inJs of rootK, Imrks uiiil liytl'-i. 
v'.iii il net in iii'rfcrt conc<-rt one witli tlic oilier. iu<r 
[111 ("I from tlic ori.;!nal formula fjivcn liy tno j; rent 
•Ii;,-; r«i' I .1.1' kef. to Dr. Ch:ipin. win. uscil tlu-ai siic- 
rcs liilly ill lii-i [.rjctlce f>r many years, arid by liiir 
n-'v >;i:iu-il Ml fjr^t ri p.^jniUiri*- in tiin tip;ili:iHnf aiil 
cciT of |>y-|ji'ii»iii. I.iver (HiiijiInMit. (''in^tiintion. Sick 
a'nl Ncrri'-.ii' llca'luclio. Fever ami A 'n^, nn I all <lis- 
*i-p>i »;i«iti;; fro.ii t-.ri.iil liver nn-l irii'ijrcstion. I'cr- 
».v.i sntr-iin^' from nitlicr of tli<>»o Icithsonie 
will (i!;ii a riiio by the n-6 of these I5ittcr-i, wliieti «ie 
|iiTfi',-il.v jinrc. -111. 1 fio" from all tli-i.-c <t;'ii"-« niid poi- 
sons n,-n:ill;i' put u;- in Kiidi prcpanition-!. ami puliiicii 
ift' on ,ia UTisii'^iiecl iiifT pnlilic. A :;in;.'lt' lr:nl vill coii- 
rincf tho l«rNt skcpticsil tl-.iit in the I'.rD .I.^tKLT 
tlii'iL* is a virtut) that no other ii: Iters luisscss, 

Tlicy Htrnnsthen and inviR-xato the sy.^tem 

'I'lit-y i»'0 U!H'i|iillied f -r ;;on>'r:il debility. 

"I'licy :irf :i caiu f )r I'yS'^!^'^. 

Tiicy frive a pxid and healihy appetite. 

They :wsi^t 4"ii.;e-li.>ti. 

'J li'»y purify tlio liri-tth ind aciility of the utomarh. 

T'm'v euro 'uiiinhovv :ind rhfd"r.i M.'i bu.s. 

Tii.\v ar.! an antidote t.) rli:in;;c of water and diet. 

'J' arc the bfst stiamlant in exist curt*. 

Tlicy :11c a prcvciitivo of Fcrcr and Ague. 

Tln-y ri-lievi) Constipation. 

They care Ncrvoiis lleailnclie. 

'I'hoy nrc jK-rfectly pure and pidat.ible. 

Tlic ccnninc RED JArKETPTTTEIf .tun on\y fW 
In <i;iivri ti itllc.i: iievcr liy tlit- t:.ili;in. <j>inrt or pint. 

Soe tlitit 111.- pri'.ate Govemi-eat staii;pis unbruHon 
oyer eie-'ii coik. 

P. 1.1 l>y all drn?3i»t8 and dealers thronghout tt\e 

Call for R«l .Tflcket. ami t«ko nn other. 

Ctrvuiarri to tho trade suppliod on npi.licatloa. 


n and »t? !lliriII«.\X ATESIE, 


Peaches, Llackbcrries. Pia.^pborries or any kinds 
of CANLD FllUlXS, this is the place to get them 


For Improving and P.cft^ltlfylngf^.e Complexion. 

Tlie luos'f vhltiible and perf«ot |»iejii(i"i.fion in 

Ufc. for j;;\ iiig the skin a f-.auTiJul pearl l-.kc 
tint, thai isonlv found in yGUfb. It quickly re 
niovci- 'ian. FrcLkies. PimpI"!!" Blr»«-I:es. Moth 
I'atclie-. ti:ii!ow;K.=.-'. Eruj>tior..x and all ini]'Uri- 
tics of the !<Kin, kiioily ue:ilir-.'; tli»*:-anio. leaving 
the i-l:in «v;iiTo ai.d'l'«ras plaliahM-r. Its UhO 
c-iii not be dct'-cle'l lo* the fiufe«'t CTUtiny, and 
being a veget;«bie prcparalioi i.; pttfectly 1. arm- 
ies.*. It is (ke o:Jy arlhle of the kind u.-ed by 
the French, nnd i< eon^i(^c'ed by ti'i i'arsian as 
ind.^ncnsible to a perfect t< ii<.>t. I'j.ward.s of 
.TO.IlCd bottles >*or.o .sold during ibfli past Year, a 
suiueioit gaarrantcc of its oGeacy. Prii-e only 
75 cent.-', sent Itv mail, em receipt of )».n ord. r. by 

liKRGlik. JrUUTTS A CO., Chemists. 
v.3n2?iu*; ?rio River St.. "-Toy, a\ Y- 


Of CANDIES, both plain and fan- 
cy, he has them in endless quantities. 

Antl e)f NUTS iVom every clioic, ho 

keeps a lurge .'upply con^ranti}- d' hand. 

A tJKNTLKMAN cnrcrt ot Nervous Debilit) 
i.'icoiiipctency. Pr..Dtatu.'e hvay if»id Youthful 
Error, .-iciuated bya.iesirc lobenefi' others will 
be happy to lu'-rii.'^li to ail who neo<^ it. (free of 
charire), the »-<ceipt and di"- -tion" for Uir.king 
he simple r.-siie<ly used -i* this <!a«ie. Those 
wi.-li'i;: to pr.ifit by bis experience, and pot^sess 
a Valuable Ueu'cdy, will »-eceive the same, by 
return mail, (larefullv seaied), by a-idTessing 

nSlm.3 <jO XassAM ro**t, New York. 

D'i'nt forget the place. Kcxt dov SOUTH ol 

Don't forget the name 

Geo. E, Nefeoii. 

Winnebaco City, Nov. 15, 1865. n."?tf 

TACH ES forced to 
grow upon the smooth 
est fnce in from ethre 
to five weeks, bv using 
iliaiie, tho most won- 

'Irful discovery in mo dcrn science acting upon 
tho. Beard and I'air in an abnost miraculous 
manner. It has been used by the elite of Piiris 
an.l London with the raost flattering succes.s, 
Names of nl! porchasers will be re/jistercd and if 
entire satisfaction is not {:iven in every inst.ance 
t'o, money will be cheerlully lefunded. Price 
b; mnil, scaled and postpaid, $1. Descriptive 
circuliirs and testimonials mailed free. Address 
BERGER, SnCTTS A CO., Chemists, No. S25 Hirer 
Sireet, Troy, N. V ~ ■ . _. ._ 

Manhood : How lost, how re-^ 

^ l^ . , .^ 

tlu.'^t nublislied, a new ctti-^ 

tion o Dr. Culverweil's Ceiehrate't 
Essay on the radical cure (without- 
medieiiie) of Si^oruiiitorrhoea, or seminal Weak-' 
neps. Involuntary seminal Losses, Impotcncy,-- 
Mental and Physi.-al Incapacity, Impediments to* 
Miirriage. etc : j;I.-o CouMimption, F[)l^cp^y. and- 
Fits, induced by self indulgence or sexual extra*" 

;^?' Price, in a scaled envelope, only 6 ecnts.-» 

The celebrated author in this adjclrable essajip 

clearly demonstrates, from a thirty year«' suo 

ce.^siui pracil.-e. thai f Ue alnjuung; »,ji)?cquences 

c! aUutua ».«HjF pm e*t\i^»t\j v«r»«* wirfaout tbiy 

tioi* «•« (,ri. mrw — ^u>.t«<«^ »».. .« -.--*.- ••• «•»»« ** 
«»ncf< Biiupiri, i-i^ttfiu, *<•* "» ! *• "■■»»»■», ♦•» w.iwur* »<f 


'•eiy .M'l'^rwi. «««• f-» 


• tou o.^yba. xitu* cuf te»i*»««,'* 
and TRdicaiiw. 

B?i^Tb\s l<ecrtir» ««(»«.».••• p» i«* f* fc»n«»" ^t 
every yontjj Mtd ocery iw«n ;»♦ tIk tao'l. 

Sen*, nod""" Real, »»« a v'A'V wcvclope, (p any 
any a.tdrer s, pust paid, o.'^ ro^Hrt of six ccu*a, 
or iivojioiit, 8ranipj<. .AddmBsf*'* publifberr 
127 BOWBRV. ivavr York. 

Post Office Boz 4586 

A fresh supply of Quit Claim De^ds 
and Mortgage Blanks, for sab at tbia 

Sole agent* for the United SUOee. Offioe. 








.»-»-*^. - 





■ « 1 ■ ■ 


_. — , 1. • — 


VOL. 4. 


N 0. 4, 

JAS. L CHRISTIE Editor & Pioprietor. 



Terms— $1.50— InvariaUy in Advance 


OQico on Muia Street next door North of the 
WinneV.n;,'o Cily Hotel. 

lEll.M.S 01^ SLUSCiilPTIOX. 

Ono copy one year - - - $1.50 

Tor aa> term le.^s (uan o u*'>ths. 5 ccots a wccU 


N'<>. in. I 1 "'l I 2 !«t| j 4 dq I |*rol. | \ eol. | 1 e<il 

2,'»iv 7. 

C% ~ tv P All' ..'> .\ IV ' -« i-v 

\ wjok I l.!il>^ 1..JIII 2.50 f .^00 

1 mn'tii I 2,'»iv 7.00 

•5 xr'ki I .l.ilt .'! S.iX) lo.di) 

:i lu'tiis I o.'in «.oo:iL\n:)j i:..oo 

fi lu'rlu 1 !<.0i) Il.lV) Ifi.iiii! 2(».on 

\ v«.ir. . 10.00' U.f.ii 20, luj' 2j,00 





;;.".. 00 


Corner of Iloliey JL Main Street.". Winnebago Ci'y 

D. S. LAW Proprietor. 

Stage:! leave tbis lIou?c for :il! r.)i:5;.«. 

There ia also n good livery c()n.jcclcd will" tl>n 
n..ii*c. 'ji-inirt (J 

U. S. Lan.l Onice. Wlru.^husn Oitv Minn., Nove.nbvr V '^^ V"''/^""'" V '.""'^'•=r° ^''7 n''"' 'p ",^- r ' 

Min:,c.oiii l..s !!,!< ,).,>• r.^pli..! f..r fl...- i-.rf!. ' N;"' ^rn M'^>KS"ta Iti.UroMl tomrsny Imstli.. ^--y at - 

e:».t,,«art.., .>fi<,ni.... live T-wnVM,. 101 i,..,iI.r;ii.Ke V4 I J'l^'<Uur ll...- norf, i^rcsl (quarter of bee i..n ft;rn 

w.-sr.l:i„m^.tl.e Una ^.-u til. .1 <..i. V-i, «re ».iiol.y i """P '""• t.'iii.Ircl hu.I o,..-. imtikc twnly.n.c . 

Ten lines or .o.-is m.ike one squiv.c-. 

^ .A>lvort^<OIuel>t^ ii;>f mnkel fo. .. pppcified time 
will beeotuinucil. ^iml elr\r;^eii fi-f :icoiirdinj;ly. 

Vo:irly advortisars will be bob: striiTly to ad- 

*cft omcnts pciiainin-; to tholr businer? All 

)tbor notices will bo ebi».{<od .it tbe regular rates 

Excess of advcrtidarasntsinsvued will be eluirg- 

d pro'vrtion.'xieiy to the number of siiu:irc3 bi'.r- 

(gained for. 

I^ccral a(l\titl.*om?nfs in..ertcdat the tbo ex- 

Tbe nndorsirnod talrs Jhii mctbod of inrorin- 
in;: ibo |teoj>ie <•! \Viu;»iba^;o Cif.v mid vjoiiiity, 
ib-itlie liai jii!'t tipenfd a new Lurnejf^ .^bop in 

\y 1^ JS h l> AGO (>1 1 1 , : A. II Bull sUtiiUt,!. 

I liotififil f> ! — nji'] a|'|> ar III rfi'icc «<n Motnlav l»ie 
tmili ,iny of r, ci^'!i!ifu luindrffl niiil ^:^t.v six 
ut ir.ii^d'cloc'ic !i. r.)., for f hv |iur|io e <A };iviiig tbe Mtiuie 

' niarter a full nnd '.iniiarlial lini-ii^jitii.ti. 

j A. II. Luilis Kogi^ur, H. W. Ilolky noecivcr. 

IT. ?. T.rn.I oni -f, M'l.'^'o C.ty Minn, Xov.miiIkt 

Revciith . i^hltf-ii l-.uiiilrv.) and fL\l.v-Vix. To riM.ij;i- W. 

Iln.v:', — Trie soiitlieiii ,'«ii'.i:e«<.»a r.iilioatl roiini.iriy lias 

' tliij flay ai>;t;icil f.>rili»- somli wt>f c|U.;it(i ofnuiili ne<t 

thfliiml .vol TiUmI on. Vou uie hirtb iioHliPil 10 he 
' Jiiid a|i|)'.ar at tliiii olVice < n Monfl-iy the '.nili ila.v ^lll>l• 
' cvoilnr citflitLcn l.undrtd and si.xty si.ic t nine o'cl'ick 
I a. in., fortlie j.uri'ose of ;;ivinjj llie vrh'jlc inalur a ! 
I linil inipirtiiil irvciitiicallou. 
A. II. ItulIU lU^Mer, 

U S Land iiilii-.: ui mt ba;^o city niinn nuv .Hib by iiolitiiMj to U* :;i.(| mmx ;n :»l In s of' 

».. .i- 1>..I..... II •!•.. ..1. .. 'IM.. . . _ :1.- 1 _.. - II 1 1.1 I T^ 

nt;c' o'l U C'(UUS(l:iv Ibe i- <;.!V ol j>»vC, 
18GG. ai 9 o'clock a tn, fc»r tl-.e purpose 
of ui vine: tIu' whole mattir :i t-sii" •'•J'-l 
iinj'.irti;.! invc'bli<:siUon. 
a h Lulli-, rt'g, ii \v liolIey, rcc. 

ISCti To Ko'-cit H 'Jiiyb r — Tbt v m r.-.ilr* ad co 
bas ibis day apjdied f"r tiiO s e qv <,f ^< c; {,', t"-.v!i 
101 ran.'e i;C ii bejnjj dic land yon fiic-il i.n Y')u 
are lie.-iby r.olife<) K* be aod appi nr af ibis f.fti.ra i 
on \v«;cl icsdriy tn( l?tb day of Dec l.'C.'i at niuo 
o'clock a 0. I'.r tbu jinrpcsc of piyi!),u; tlio woole , 
i matter a fair and impartial ii.vcstijration j 

!I. TV. Ilolby Rccclyer. j u h buKis re;;ist. r Ii w bolicy rcctiver \ 

I r. P. l.nn.l onicsAViiinKinpoCiiy Minn , Vf.v. neren I \ T.' ?> Lnnd Ofiu'P U llincb.icro ( Uy 

I ti/liin,n an.l ^i.^ty-s^x. T.. Lewis C»ias..—T»»e \ \^ g j^aj,,] Office Winnebago city minn nov Rtb ' MJuu XoV 8. T ) Ainl 'i't-ibiT'^on Tlie 
' .'J.-u'lurn Mii.msot;, Uiiilioail Comi.i.ny ila.v ap- , ^g^^^ ,j,^^ .A/.ariali Strolton^Tbe » m railroad eo 

II. W. »«.ili-v Kcciiver 

an 1 iauow prepared to do nllkind!»of work in 
bis line. Ntw lutrness made to order, and all 
ki>ids of repairin;; done o;i ?iiort n<ili'-e. Sbop 
i;p stair:*, ne.\i doorscUiU of Kicbarddon Jt Uey- 
nolda' Urocerv. 


V. p. I.anil OfTic.: Wjnnrbniro Cily Minn., Novcmlior 
p»>»-nili, I i«f)itecn lurnlriil ami siyiy six. 'i'.i J.,|in 
Y>>u"i;r. — Tli^ ii»u:li<.rii .Mini rco'a Itiiilr. mTi c<>ni|>:ii'« liiis 

r. S. LaiulOtTice W'ipnthr.-io Cit.v Minn., Xor. Fovcn 

t'i;.'l.(f<ii liuiiilreil i!n<ls>xty-i-ix. To Frechii'.-i (j Marrin 

I — Tlie hou!l:> 111 iuiiiiit->'0(a ltiii!r<>uil c< niiiaii> lu.* Ihii) 

I liny «»i)|(lii<l for till- souili «f»t ouaiU-r t:f n.<-iiuii iiiiie- 

; li'fH, t'»»Uisl.!(> o!ie liuoilreil liliil 'wj. ran/e (woiity-Hiir 

it \,>-\\\\.' llif lainl .\ on fd •<! nn. Vnii «re iK-rvl^y notifit'l 

(];iv of I JCfCJnJH'i' 

\\A\ (lay aij lii .1 t. r the iif:ii:Ii w.M iin;.rlcr or :MC!i..n : ,„ \,^ ;i,i,i .,,,j,ear :it this . (Dcl' tn M ii.iay ilie 1..MI1 <)ay 

stvfn t«.wii-li:p.)nebii:i«Iri-.l :,ii li.iie, l!ar;ve twi 11 of Deceii.l) r ti;:!,tien l.tin-lied ami six'v-.MX. at n'ne 

ty-'inr n-f.^l. it linir^ ili- l.<ii.: you (•li.l <.n. Yon are „\| a. in., for the- ^ur•ll■^^e of giving the fttiole matter 

lur.l... notlfud 10 l,i-iiti.( hpper.r at l! is iiV..-,- 011 .M.,11- | afalr ami lin;.artialinve«itijjation 

Winnebago City, Ma \ 2.). KSC.G. 



Blue Eaith c.ty, 

' (lay ttie ti-ntli day of D< cviolKr I'^rl li-en lnin<!riil and 
; sixfy-six, «t nine o' a. in , fir the pur])n>'- of niv- 
I 10/ till- wh'.l<' ja.ttlir a Lnpirtiul )iivisti{.Mtii>ii. 
I A. H. Lalli* Ktisistvr, II. U' llollvy Kcceivi-r. 

I r. S. band Ofiie? ^■Innelin;:^ City Minn., Novcmlier 
j ^oVfi;Mi cijfhti't !i lnini'r»d and six'y-six. To .FaniiH 
I L'lVftt,— Vli*- i-ouflicrii MintH'.-i t.i r.^lri'i d|aiiy lias 

A. II. Uuiliri lU-Ki>ttr, 

T!ii< linvit'g been repaired and newly fitr- 

, , , ' ii'sbed tbrougbout, is no\¥ open lor tiie ree'piio:! 

ponso of the attorney ordt-ring tliem, and not do- ^^^ •TM^fX-.. 

.lyiblo for le^.al pr-ieeedingf, but ma.«t be p.;id • The rroprlet •!• rc.«p.:s f.iily »(dicits life pr.ti'.ti- 

%U dolivcrvof the amdavit. .nso of tbe traveling ;-ubli.-, and i.-j ('etermincd 

, , tb:it none sliaM go uway di.ssalisbcd wuo may tu 

.Votiois in^oitcdm tfco co.amn. dou- vor bim witii 1. eall. 

tllo rates J.VS. L. Clllll-TIE i 47y <;. .s. cONVKn^n. Pi-.j-n.-ror. 

t'ii.< d:,y r.|>;.!:. .1 for llio no'tli wt»f .,iairiir of s,o:ion i ,,,t,^. ^j^.j jipcu-ai iliis (01.-^ on Monday the Until day of 
tiiiit.fch*.!iip one l.uilr..! an-i on.- nortii, ra. jro I l> liuudrcdandsiMy-six, alnint; oclocic 
tw.nty-tiVv.- w.-t. 1' lK:o,'tli.- yuidvon lili.l on. Y< 11 ; i,. i.i., for t'.ii; purpose of giviiiij ilic w.iolc maitcr a fair 
«re livreoy nofitltd to 1„- end ap;.. ar at oti:co r n ' and nnpiitial ioveMi;;;.liuii. 

Mon Ii y till- tfiiili di.y ol DttcniiK-r (i^rlte'ii liii dri-d 
and si\fy-si\ ut i iiu- "ci. cl; a. ni , fcr liie j.a-pw'e ol 
j;ivl'i;.'flK' wlioi.. iiiattor a.'ai:- an I i.i p .Hia! itn .-siiM'ion 
A. Ii.11a!li4i;i,:is:ci-, II W. »«o!l.y ltt.-ciivc.-. 

this ofTiee on we hicsdry tbe 12tb day of Dec at 9 
u'elovii a Til lor tbe purpose ofjjiving ll.e \>hole 
II. W ftolieyRe.-elver. , matter a and iuipartial investigation, 

I u b buliis re''itter b w bolky receiver 

r. 8. Land Offcs W;»»s!po Ciiy Minn., Nov. seven j _^ 

tl.dit-on l.uniited and fixiy-MX. To Varnom Welis J.-, j ., ^ t „., ,1 nir^- ^i.-., .1 .„^ .\i- t^^inVi nnv <;t1i 
-The .S.u,Iu-rn Minrt^oia lUilroad Cmipany ha« tliii L b .-an 1 winneli.:go^c-.ty m.nh no, stii 

d.iyupplie.i for r!,fsuut!i east quarter of wtclioti twenty- , IT-GG lo (hares Notncgcr— 1 ne s m rai;ioi,.| c„ 
Jivc, to-.MiJ^liip one hundred anU uvo. rau^'e I v:«.iity-four ' has this daj' spjdicd lor the s « qr of^ce Vi towa 
it hiin^,' iht landyow I;lfd on. Vou are Hereby no! iMfd^ j ,j | r„n.j.y Jo it !>citig tbo land yon liled on You 

' ' arc berebv notified I', be 1 •- .r i? utliee 

; on wedrc-.^day the 12!b day of l>oo l«ifio la n:no 
I oMock a m lor the pi'.ips«e jf givinj,- liie whole 
j matter a fair and iinp.irtial in . lion 

a b buiIis le-i.-ter 1> w Lolfey receiver 

U S Land Offcc wmneba-o eity mmn nov 8th ^^^ j-,^ ,j^,. ,„j,.posc <>\' ^r\\\Mt iho wli di- 
ISCO To Silas T IJeebe— The .- n> railroad c<;!u ' , .' • - . , ." . 

p.iny b.o,,- this day appl ed lor :i.e i wqio.'' se- n.:.1UT:i Kllf Mini mp.irtlMl lin cw.i;:: .1 

U towii 101 ran-e 20 ir b(.>i;i- (be land yju tiled A II HuHi.- Ivv;.^. \\ \\ • ioiicy lit.'C 

on You are lursdiy niiified to be ind a])pear at ^ 

anil iiii; 

A. Il.lJu'lis Keglstor, 

II. \V. Iloliey Receiver. 

Editor k Proprietor. 

I' S Lan.l Ofiice, Winneb .go City, Minn., Nov 
7, |M*.''>. T.J I'.icdiard I'.iiiic. — j t;u .■^(Utlieiii Jlin 
iU-:!-.ta llailroail tomiiiiiy ; a.s this dny .npplied 

Business Directory. 


NO. 27. 

Fr::l /...>d .\cci:?TEi> .m.\.«on9. 

A I'be r-'iiular CoHimunir.Ttions of tbiS 
"^^T ^'"''^>' ''* ''*■■'*' ^" Tuesday encning, on or 
'"-wK before the fnll mo;>n. 


8. S Wn,T?FV. \\\ M. P. !♦. IVin. .T. P. 

G K. MOCbl'U.N, S. W. .10. I, UK I! t. Secretary. 

TllOS. I5l-.\lll..l. W". T. W. JKNN'i:-?. Trt-.o. 

OK.J. A, Wiait, .<. D. S. laCUAltDsON, Tvlir. 

(>LOi3E llOTKL, 

j Wilton, V/ascca Conn^y. Kiuacc#ta, 

I J. M GRAY. Prop 

j Tcxms Rcason-iblo. — Teauj.-tcrs c\«ir rii,bt 

I One do 111- and .1 ball'. 

j ( ^-ta^^c otUec. Good staUing, and rcason- 
wLdc cb:ir-es. 47voyl 

I'. S. I.rii'd ORic% M'ir.ueha.Tii C;ty Minn., Novcn her 
Ffveiiih tL'Iite.n l.t 11 lre«l an i six:y->ix, To Iawis 

l>:il>-!:i;' — Tht; >'->i;!hern Mini.'-soia cui. nun l.aii 1 • i 1 1 " ., ... «^»,. 

fhi..J„y app.ied t-r to..- sout:. ea>t .iUarier of ..eltiou ! <•"« "'""I'cd 1 I.d one t.OlfIn r.-Iigo twenty 
threi t. viiiUf.. ode i.u.nlr-.: a-id one noiiii, ranp- twet- '»»■•■-'♦" ''^''''g tl;el:iiu( yon Iskd on i ou aic 
ly-five «e.^', ir ^v.w^ .he land .v. u ikd on. Vou are | noiitiid to \ui and appear at tlii.* <illicc on .Mon- 
ii- rel'V iiotil"!..d to he and appear i,t this ( iTic? o-i .M"ii- ,l;,v iho teiith day oj Dceetii'ter, LSCti. al D o'ebuk 

\' S Land 0:uce winMe'i.'i.i^o city mint' nov S'h 

18G6 To William P llin-:— Thcs in co 

lor the north east quarter Kcction seven t..wii>l!ip ; has il.i< day appl cd foi the s c qr ot Pec .31 town 

' 101 ran.ce 20. it being lie la'ui you liled on \ ou 
are hereby notitied to t.e and appear at this »>fTice 
on Wednesday the i2il; d.iv ol J^ec U^'irt tt nins 

U b Land < ifiice 'v\ ini;fba'j<» City 
*\!iun Nov- 8 18G0. I'o t'a.«siu.s .M |{ n 
sett, 'll.e s !ii r;Hlr<»:\ 1 c«'U<j»:iny has 
this liny nppln*] t>f tli«' 11 \v qt s«f -•> 
tiiwri 102 i:ni^«^ 25. it l>'ittir I Ik* l.-iiid 
Vo't Cli:"*! (»n Y«>tl ;i»c lidfltv M«>tifii*a 
to ! (' :\ik1 T!pp(^•i^• :.t tins oUicc 011 ! no 
tiny tin.' Dill liny < f Doc. 18Gi> at niiM* 
o'cl'ck :i 111. ("f \Vi\ pjii-jxjsi' ol iiiiriir 
llie \Tli(;!(^ tiialttT \\ \-A\x :\\\<\ intpaitial 
iiivcstiLCatioii a \\ buliis vegisicr, li \v 
holley I'.'cc'iver. 

day the ti loll (l;;y -f DseetuOcr tht'ittin !;uii.Jr<-d and 
sixt.v-six at ti 11 •iVSjfk a. in., r>r ili.- pnrp. .-e of }:i\ir)); 
tilt: vvlioh- iii.-iitt :-{( i>ir and imparl til inv >tit:;4iion. 

I A. II. iiullis 1:0^;.: er, 

II. W, lloll-y Receiver, i \ " l-'nliis, lUgi-te-, 

llALLcL^ CO., 

BilliaKl rjooin an I kSaloon. : '^•«- "'■«'■".- i-.k-uimi youfiied.n. ^ 

r. S. I.nnd (»mie Wirinebnffo r\\y Miun., NovmOur ] \ ^ Land Ordcc, Winnebago City, Minn., Nov 
8evr::the;-;;tiinliui<.!rcda!.«i ^;m.\-;x. To .ioMpIiS. ; 7, iff'.t'.. To David C.ilbeit.— Tbe ."southern Min- 

l-I r!- 7e n?r'lhL".i!!o;"''"^^^^ ' ''^'"'^i lJ=»ilr"nd has tb- •'- 

•laj appie.: lor lite snutli ea.-t ijii irlor of si o :oii inii.- of ■ ' 

U 5 Land Office Wiiincbnijo CItv 
Nov 8 1800. To Basel O Don .1<1. 1 he 

o'clock a ni T r iliC pnrpo.-e <d ;:ivir.g tbo wbol^ ^ \w railroad eomj):iMy I'as i!m< d:iy :'J> 

am. for tbe p-irporfc of giving tbe whole ma'.ter ', maitera fair and ii.rparti:.! in v. - i...iit.n. iijic'd lor llu* S \V or oJ sec 11 tOUll lUl 

a D ouili; r"gi?ter I; w ho! icy receiver ' o/» •. i • * .i i i .. mi 

°_ rantro 20, ii biiiit; tlie laud \<»;! fiitd 

U. S.Land OSice, Winne>^.-o City. Minn . Nov. j on. Yotl .-irc l^eivby notiHi'u tc bc an«l 

7fl;, iscc. ... Peie: ^•.>.'on: ] he *-ou;lier.i appear at thi.-? oiSyo on wcdntsday the 

.-. tanesola Pail Koad Coinpsny ha., tlii.-- day ap- - - — - -•■ . . 

ied for the % r.tli west .(uarti r sicciion 

a fair and inip:irii:il iavcsli-uli-m 

II w ijo'lcy, Picceivcr. 



...... ..,.,. .^.. i-.i i.i<r si'iiiii e;i.-i MO II . or Ol M e :oii iinn' oi i ,. , .in- ,i . . r, ,,,1 .... » ' , . 

( tov/..*;,ip on.- hu.hiied and one iiortli. rati?.- ittcii!v-five I •'•'■''''-' ^■•'•''- '*■■''''''''"''' ''■•'**'' fl"''-'^*'^i" '' ''"^'. "^'^ j township one l.:i!.drcu and f.vo nortb. »n»ge 

on ;irf 


Wiltoii, ?IU)nesota. 

Tbe l)0«t of Liipiois and Ciuars at tbcbir. — 
.\li kind> of IJiOer.t a'ld Camlies coiista:i;!y on 
baud. Al.-o freab oysters in ibeir !«ea»oii. 17m-''. 

I M)titft.l to he :ir.d I . :ci!r at f nU . tlloc on .Moudav lie 
I tenth day of lu-ceii.i cr ii>:'ite. 1. 1 uiidred and .<ixi.v-six, 
! at liir.e o"cl.->ek a. m..f .« ihcpupo,- of pving tlie wiiole 
I iii-iUt-r a f.iirand iii:p.:riiid in\ l: ti/.iMoi.. 
t A. U. liu'lis Kegi..^ier, ||. l|. II jUey Receiver. 

heiehy I ball nirili vvc.^t quarier fection 10 towiisliip 101 

loci; 'W U 

C„. \»t'v— A. C. nrNX, 
Jud,';.— .\M<»:- I' Ki:-ToN, 
C.roner— W.>I. A. W.'.Y. 
CjnilCoui.--A. PRilSl'ON 

?h»riff--C. K. ClI.M'F.f,. 
lrL.Vr-U. H. .IO!IN>O.S 
Ile,'i->t-r--\. l!:)NNVKId., 
Auditor— W. F. C.\i>V, 

— Di-itrict C lurl f tlii^ Di:>tilct meets at Blue F.arlliCity 
n the Od Mou lay in .May. 

. S. Xi IX \ »» ^J • J 15jX«. 

'Winnebago City Di-trlct. 

\ M. 


Iviiincbapo City. - • 

The undor.»i;;.>ed would ro^^pcclfidly inlorm tbo 

]ieople of \Viii:iil>ag<' City ai.d '.i.inity i' be 

h 1.-^ :i.g:iin opened liis ollii-o in lhi> jdacc. ai.d \f^ 

' prepared to attend on nil wl.o may require liir 

III. .«' iir; in City Salo..n btiibiing. 



!'. b, L-.nd Office Winnchaff) City Minn., 

jfvir.ili, niii.te.-n hniii!a'-d aad ."-xiy six. To Ciia'les- 

(i:»i;i.» — "llio soiitotn: r.iiniH-sw'a lair'-cid coiiipaiiy has 

j tli'.s d iv appM''<l for tii.- noish east quitter ol ceelioii 

fif.e. ii t>:wn.>-li!p" hundred ::nd one north, ninp' twi-n 

! tv-five «»sf, it l)i-it!v' the land y..u fih Ion. Youareliere 

i iiy nottlivd to \ni ai;'> :'ppe!.r al toi> c;f:ii-e on .Minda.v lli«.' 

1 tetith d.iy I f iJec -inher » i.:!itetn hundrtil and fi:;!.\ ->ix. 

I at iii;i.- o c'ock a. m. for the pu')>(<tie of .•.-iving the whole 

j maUer a t.iir and iiopait'al iiiVt>-li^- I'i'o. 

\. H. i;uiii.- K-;i:i,ier, 11. W. llulley Receiver. 

ia!i;:e 2.'.. it being the landyou liled ot!. Youaro 
i.cicly n.'iified lo be and appear at thi'i otTice on 

t«cnty-four we.-r. it being t'le land yiiii tileit on. 
You aro hereby mdtfied l<. be anda[.pear at tbi.- 
office on Moiidiv. I'oe tttih da> of I'ecciuber. 

12tl: day of I>cc 1806 at niue o'clock 
a m , for the purpose of jjjiving the who'o 
matter a fair and impartial iuvcrtti;rs«'iuu 
a h buliis register, li w hollcy receiver 

.Mojulay »be Ulib day of Doeembe'-, '•'^or.. at 9 , 1^.(5,5 „, „i„e o'clock A. M, for foe jinip-so of 

o'docl- a 111. for Ibc purpose of ;;iving the whole , ^,ivi,,<_' tbe whol; uiaiti r a l.iir au-l impariial ii.- 

mattcr a fair .rod impartial inv«-.-iigilion. | ve«ti"ati .n. ^ 

A 11 Uull; , lleg'ulci-, u w Iloliey, Receiver, j a. li? Uuilis, Register, 11. VV. II..!Icy, F.r civcr 


Wi;in-;bairo City, 

?-3^0 lice li^urs from > A. M.ti.l4l 
Winn ibago City, Minn.,' 3ct. -'-J; Isj*. 

II. i:»;,'i->iei-. 
\\. IIOM.KY, Ktceiver. 

A. M.ti:i4P. .M. 

J. S. P 1: n R Y, 

T A I I^ O 

NVinnelxigo City ]Minncsota, 

May bc found In Fcnews' ^'I^^f ^"1,^,°?- 
positc Cotticri & Errrboa s New Store. 

.aal';iu:e-. tod. a'l "o,!; intrusted to 
him. in tbe late i New York ra.bions, or to aiir 

Most kinds of coMnXry produce wanted f.r wo.k 
Cuiti'^g dooci.n *bort uoliec, ubrt warranted t- 
fit if piopeily made up. 

V. ^. band 0m?e Winneb iijo CPy >linn.. !-:nvriiib'« 
aid. OlVice ni. .«'i!r>in Ciiv .Si;|o..:i btiil-iing. ; ?'-VLnlli ei-.-htivn huniitd and :5.N'.\-ix. To Tiou^'las j A II Piillis, Register, 

I'lv.-ripti .1^ VaicUilIy io,„Vonnd,.d. I'cr.-on.' ! I''.""*;-;:'""'.-' Vr'*"".'! •^*'="';*"'--'-^'''-'''V' '''■"'■''""•' '';'- 
. ,. ' ■' ' , .,, 1 tl M day ;ip;»!iet for Cie South t.i-t «{•.:•! ter of scctioji 1.. 

ui.^'.ingto coi,..u,t me upon any disea-^e. either 1 t. wnshlp . i.e :.nndrLd a::.: on..- tMrin. i;,n.-e tweniy-fiv.- 
j>riv:ite '.f of long .'latidi!'^. wilipca.-'e call 01. . ivvn:, i' i.t.-ijif; Uie hia ! .^ ufih-d.p. Y- u ar..- In rei.y no 

U S Land i)^^c, ^Vinnebago City. Miiin., N -n-. | U .S 
7, ISO ■». To John \\ in iler.— '1 he i:outbern Min 1 N -v. 7 
nesota i;.ri!ro;fl compa'iy bas this day jipjdied | er 1 .M 

fortlie south we.-t quarter stction 17towusbip 101 j ap.^'ied lor the noith ui'-t qrai er .-ecMon th r- twenty live, it bcin» the land you fiicd «.n tt n towns-bip < ne Imndred ami one north, range 
V<iii are lureby notille I lo bc ami appear at this iw • iy five v.e. t, it bcir.g I.-e i; nd you filed «•• . 
oOice Oil .Monday tbe 'Jtb <Iay <d' December ISOt), , \ .n ;4ie iicre'iv notified to be an<! fl .pear at l! is 

at I* o'elo. K a m, O'r the imrjiosc of giving the 1 ' 'f Mo>;.; y, tbo te I'o d-y iJo.-eoi'- r, 

I wiudc oiit;. r a lair and imj.artial invcst'gation. i J&C6. at nine c'xloek a. m.. for the purpose of giv 

I u R lai.d office winncbntjo city minn 

nov 8 180G. 'Jo D.-i'iid \V Solliday, the 

; s in rail«o;id comp.iny ha« this day ap- 

II w iiolb-y, Ueeeiver. ! m 

I' S Land Off. •«■, Winncb.-vgo City. Minn., Nov • 
7. isr.O. To W'illiiui Wallace —The Souifiem 

(.1806. T Jamea H. Ui s;el — I he .^on hi »^ • i • 1 1 1 ^i 1 

inn.:so!a Rail toad c mp-i y h-A< ihis^i, y range 2b, It hcing tlicjaiul you li!c«l on 

You are heiebv notiSed to be and ap 
iiear at tliis offioi? on Wednesd;iy the 
12th dny ot Dec 18G0, .".t 9 o'cUh k a 
m, ''>r the j)urposc ol ;^ giving the wiiiile 
m:it!or a luir and iir.j.uriial itivosti'.^iiti()n 
a h buliis register, h \v hollcy receiver 

mo t'aturdav:' «>f eai-!i wceU, a» '. shall give tbe«e \ tifie.1 1.. l 


» this. ftL'.'on Moii.'.iy li.e 1' 111 .Mi"i!e*oti" Itaiiroad lias this day applied Ux the 
nice i.Vlo-:; a. lo. . f..r th- par- I nortb tas-t quarter section 21 township 101 tango 

ys e.\ -Ituiwdv to th:s br.tncli o! tli.MT-'e.-vi:,!. i ''-.y.f l).c.....'..r . ., ,,• . - . , ,., , 

• ' \\ \ LOCK V.' 00 D. ; I'0»" cieivi'ig '1 « ;vl..,le matJir a iair ami liupartlai m- | 2j. it hein'.r tbu land you h!e I on 

l.>. iSf.'i. 4. .mo : ^_ 

You arc here 

.iolemittcr a fairaud impartial iaves- 
ti alio:.. 
A U Unllis. R-.iftcr, 

II W IMlcy, Receiver. 

U S Land (>ii;.;e, Wimobago City, Minn., Xov. 
7. ISOG. Ti. .j .Iiu Siminons. — The Southern Miu 
iiesota l.'ailroad compahv has this d • 

US Laud Office, Winneba.o Citv, 
Minn, Xuv 8, 1800 To .rd Hu.k 

V.'briebago Cif.v. Au_'. 


, ., . . .. , • . ,*^ ' ne»% the s 111 r r co has this d..v applied 

-,,'";'!: „ .. ,r . • .. ., ., , l.v noiiiicd to be a.i.l apmarat tbiswfiiccon .Mon for the west half north cast quarler and eafthili 1 ,.,, , ,,,„.„ llil .... ..^« 

II. Uu...,. R.Y"i!er. ,__ U V . Uoiley Pccelvsr. j ^,;^^. „^^,„.„ ,,^,^. ,„• r,eU,„,.er, IStiC, at 'J o'clock n,„,l, ,vest quarter scctioa elev.u township o. c \ ^''^ l'\^' P^^ M' ^f^ II toW 11 lUl I a..g6 

U. .«». omre \^'«»»Ki Clt/ Minn. N-.,ce.nhir !"'■'• f"" ^''*-' l""'!'""'' "'".-'^'''o ^"^^ whdt matter hundred and onu north. rin.;c l\t e 'v 'iv u si. 2b, it LcinL' the laHU yoa flh'd on. lu 



M inufn'turcr and Dciler In 

of every variety, 
(hit Mouldin-s Kept On llan<l 

ST."*. M.VNKATO MINN. 2bl 

Vernon Ccn.n . illue V.-jrlii Counly 

\. 1). .M.\SON - - - 

I W'.uM rcsp-cM'ully cai! the a'tention of the 
raveling ,,ablic to the fan that I can n<.w give 
hem a.-i .;•». I a"- ■iii.>datio:i'« -x* atiy House in 
ac nine IJarth Valley. ii-"d tjti.l les eooueetcJ 
J tbe II .use, A. D. M.v-^o.s. 

Dealers in 



'cveiith .vu'l.tet.i und >iviy->»\. To iv-iliai.i II. ! a taif ar.d impartial investigation. 
.Mliincsola, 1 FI.-hei--'lh.; 8(.ut...rn >liii>u.« -ta" K-..ilroid C.i-ni.any ' \ ,1 Ijullis, Regi-stur, U W llollcy, Reciivcr 

i b»* Ih-s (lay .-ippiitd f.r '.'.e »on li t-:4.-! iiUaile. of Kecli-in | 

I firprietnr, j tSmte.-n loivinl.ipoiu- l.iin.lre.l ;(i!.l ..iie n-jitli, r!;ii:;e I 

iwcnty-lixe Wisi. it • cii ii the iir.i vou filed on. Y" ■ • '■ 

Land Ofiice. W.nneha-o City, Minn.. Kov 

{ it leing the land you tiled on. Yoa are hereby j j^rc htrebv IPitificrl to bo and appear at 
; no:iued to!mofficeon Al..nday j ^^ ,,3ice Ot. wcdnesdav, .1..- 12th dav 

the tenth day ot December, l.^oO, at nine o clock m^.,. .n ..'i x- 1 

I a. m., for th.j purpo.-^c of giving the whol. !u ot Dcc. l.^bO, :n li O cloCK Vi m, tor IhC 

ar.- h.-icby tiotifud to l;» :iud appear .-.1. lied ofii;.; on 

.^tb. IcOO. To uoraue D Dunn. — '1 he Southern'ay ;he t-.-i:tli <l-y ..fO.-e -.n.-r .i-ht;vi I •.-.o.'.reu ! M iiinesola Raili oad ( ipaity bas this (.'ay ap- 

Hiid .,:.\t.v.«:r, nl iin-.- ..Vh ek a. in., fjr th- purp..*- of | ,,ij,..i j-,,^ xVm >v.\\\\\ half so.ith ea.-t iiiiarier .«c'tii.n 

givinijthe "hi.le laat'iT.-. t.ia a..d i iipiiliaJ i:ive-ti;:ition 1 '. . .. . . .. .: .. 1 - 

A. II. i;.i.l'.:>i:e,:'.s\-r, H. \\. Molky I 

a lair and impariial iuv.sti;;ation. 

A il Daliis, K..gister. 11 W Holley, Receiver. 

U S Land Oltice, Winnebago City, Minn., Nov 
l.M'.f). To Joiiti Urockmun. — I'he S.^ulbern 

San J norlli half norlh ea-^t quartc. fection 17 

. , Iown^bi^) 102 range 2J. i' being itic land you iiled ^ 

r. S Land Cfii-e M'in'icba-o C\*^- Mhin . N.ivrinbcr 1 0:1. You a'e hereby notitied :•• I.l; atid appear at 1 ^•illUt^ota Railroad compa y has this day j^ip 
•cveirli ti.ditceii hu'.'lrc.i am! >h:fy\ix. T.> .\. Wai.-.-- th: «d'fi« c «.» TI ur-day ibell»b.lay ofl'ceem-^. — The southern Miooes. ?a raiiri.:id cjoipany ha.« ! j.j.^ 1 SC.G at 'J o'clock a m, for tlif ]»urpos.5 of giv- 
th.s.l.iyai.pli.dforthe u..-t balfof north .,u :rter : .,.,, ,,.„ ^^^^^,^ matter a lair and impartial inve.sii 

ptiipo-e of -ivin" the whole m;.ttt*r a 

lair and impiitial investigation 

A li LinlUs Keg H W llolley, Ilec. 

' plied for the south we^l quar . .: lif'.een 

ow .-hip one hundred and one north, range tweu 

an.l nortb half ol somh wevi qoarli-r of vcctioii rinVrown ' 'o^'"'-' 

*Iiip one hiniiiieij and ooe lanpe I. .-el ty-fiv. it hein}.'tbe , gation 
j Iwiii y.iu filed on. Y.-u ar- bin by notified t.i b< iinii .\ H lUilil'. Register, 
I nppe.iraf loi-< (.(Tico ..n .^loo.lay Jl •• tenth day i>ri)occ!.i i 

b.Tei;;!i;ecri hut. liled atoNiMy six :it nine '.•(-lock a. ni, ] ~ 

, for ihe purpo«.'-- ..f>;ivin;,' !!:e whole I'-.atter a fair jiiid iiu- 1 \7 SLndOHt'O. Winnpbiigi Citv. ?»tlnn, Nov 

u s lanrl > ffico. winneha'io City, Mian 
nov 8. 1860 To J.uksC Thoi»;:is, the 
s in railroad co hasthis d.iy aj pljid'ial itiVe*ti-.';-.1i.M. 
A. II. ISuliiii, 

II. W. llollcy Receiver. 

f. 3, Land era-.? n'innebJTffo C'ty Mian.. NovemJicr 
•C-^^^Panicnlar aitcnlion paid to .Mu-^ie Or-lcrs spvi nih ei..-Iit.-n huiMhe.I an<l ^'xry .-Ix- "'o » hrixian 

Moiri- -The i''oui'.»i(i .Miiiii.yota Ui'li'oa.l Coitip.u.y 

i R. ISiift. T. S.iaiuol S Pii... — i'li.; Soutiorn 
I .Miiine.-'d.i r.:iilroa I CiUUpany bas ibis applied 

lor the sooib west (juarter scciion \\\ township 
i I'.i" raJ\gc 'I'l. it being tt-e land you liled on. Yom 

•ire lie.-ibv noiilied to be aii-l appear at tins oflico 

ly five west, it being the laii-l y u tiled on. You 

are hereby not iik-d to be and a,) .jai ,it iiii.-> «.li. c 
II rr no'ley, Receiver 1 on M<.n li.y, the tenth day of »-.-eembcr IS.fifi, ai ; for the S hf ne (jr ne qr lie see 15 and 

I,,.-.: o'eK.. h a. m.. for the nnr .^.- o! giviog the j ^^^, ,^^^. . j,^.^. 14 ^^^^.„ j^i r,i„.re 20 

•I'.'.K' <n' ter a fair aijd impart i.iv«<M^ati..n. t ». "i ^v i A*" . 

11 w llol y. Relvivcr lit heing tne Ir.nd you tiled <.ti. 1 oU 
' are herebv notified lo be and appear at 

^' '1H, ;■, \T' ". ^•!.?.'"-'''''?^ ■\,^''*'' I this office'on VVuln.-sdav the 1^ ,iav «.t 
7 ISOC. To J'.hn Hams,— flic 'oiuheru Mmne i^/v^ .n • i T <• 

^ota H...lroad company has this duy applied for l>fC. ISOO, at o clock a HI, l(j 

A II Ruilis, Rcgi.-'ter. 


1 D. JoXK< (t W. B. •< 

J»few Harness & Saddle Shop. 

^Vewo.iM r.-«"m-t fully infortr. the c'.litcns of Rluc Earth VaUcy. that we have opened a 
1 ir-c Harness a?id Sa-ldle Shop, on Front Street. 
oncMoryrfionVi of tbo Cliftou llou.e. wlier.- wc- 
\vi!l keep constantly on hand, every ('t.vle of 
iKrrnesses an.l sa. Idles, which wo will sell eUcap- 
frr thai the cheapest. (Jive us a call. 

.,0 tf .lONKS &*VALlxLR. 

Mank.ito, Mian., July 2:5a ISfiJ. 

I It heii;^' the la!. I Voii 11:. il ..;i. .\,ir iirj hereby notified 
to be Hinl np.i."ir at t . ofli.-c on Mondiiy lln- t«?iith day 
of l)eC"tnb^-i' ei^ihteeii hutidre.i «nl »i\i.v-.-i7.. lit niii" 
o*c;>c'% a. in , f-r lb. ioj.po;o i.f >:iviii!»ihe whole lu it 
trr « fair anil iL-piitisI l.ivvdli^a'i.!). 
A. 11. Uahii Keyiw. rf II. W. Ilclley Receiver. 

o'.lock :i m.lor il.c purpose o: j;iving .-he wh-.Ie 

mailer a lair atid imp mi al inv(-.siti;;:'.ti)n 

A n IJullis. R-.gis»er, 11 W iioUey, Receiver, 

.. - . i. "\ ' 4. 1 I T' ' Im* I'-i.-i day aj.,.'.:;-.! f.r the-.;udi ea,t .jiniter of ie.tion ; on Tne-ilav the 1 lib d.iy of Docem! er, l>'.<o. n* | 

AllUllCSOta ^»llUU:il lllSUraiUV; V^U. , j.rven to-.njxhlpoitehi.ii.Iredaiid ..tierans-lwenty-liv. " ...:,. 

I tt be'ci? the i:i!. I Voll 11', il i.'i V.IH • 

Hankato, Minnesota- 

Insures ^•g.l^^l^t lois by 

Frc aiul I jglitning, and Death 
of Stock. 

S. riNCII. President. J. A. Wt>WELL So • 
0. U. PITCHER, Treasurer. 

.). A. KlNNI-.l'V, 1 

CU.VS. 11. Rttrs. ( (Jcncral Agents. 

the ni'rtb wcb .,'....i...r section tifreeii low;>sbip pupp'S-J ot giving the wbxile m.llter a 
ot.ehuiidre s.nd one U'>i!h, range twenty live ' ^-.j-,. j^„,] iuiparlial iuVCfiti-alii^li, 
we-it.itiiei -.'the 'and you filed Oi . lou arc 
hereby neii icil to be a<ld appearat this ofiiec on 

a h buliis, reg. 

h w hollcy, rec. 

U. S. I.-in>lf)ric^ rity MWin.. Nov. .sc-,.p 
«.li;li'eeo bundre.l anl j'.xty six. T.> l:aith?|oiiK-.r llal 

Attorneys it Counselors .at Law. 


"Pill aftcii J pro;nptly and fjiitliruily to all busiuefsln- 
Hive fur sib^at all times, Uigc quautilies (d 
Winnebago Trust Lands, and other 
fanning bin. Is. 
. A. IfVlbLARI*. - - 21.41 - • . 


Hon. Cha.i. .'•idicCer, St. Paul. Hon. K. (I. Ham 
lin, St. C'lond. Hon. A. Oliaiober.-'. Owatoima. 
Hcn.d. K. Cole, l-'.iribanlt. Hon. H. A.Subclii 
.New rim. Hon. M. Donahue Jlenderson. A. 
C. Dunn, Ksq., Vinnebago Cily. Sargcni 
Franklin k Kcyes, Wiiona. 21m;! 

S. I.*^!'.!). To S I'phcn Iver« >n 

liJi-. Ibis day applied f >r iiie n w qr n c qr and c 

!,f nrt br ati'l lov .p nw qr see 1 towti 101 range 

tdn- The >outl.t;n '.Jinn* -ctH Railro:..! tor.ipanj has 20 it being th'i land you filed on. You arc hero 

this fffic 

Monday the tenth day of Deccuibor nine 
o'.Iovk a m.t'or the purpose of giving the whole 
. ^_ . ry-. m:„., v-io- maitera fa r .iid lui: ar i.u iiivo.-iigation 

i: S Land OfS-c ^V.nneba,go C.|y.^^yj"J- [j^; a H Rulli.^, \W: \<:v, Ii W HolTey. Receiver. 

U S Land OfTic-, Winnebago City Minn.. Nov. , , 

To Charles Carrol.-The Southern Min ; l"*' *^.^^ q' ^^^ 

7, lSt)G 

u s land office, winiifbairo cllv tiiiim 
nov 8, 1800. To* P J<.n"iS, the 
s m railroad h ts thi< day appli«'4] fur 
lo town 1'.>1 rii't'i' !^(>. 

..,,.,,,, , . . . ,• o; nesota Railroad compa.iv has this day applied ' it hcing the land yoU filed On. YoU 

:!:v):^;:;:;i:':;.;;.t.!;:v:d':;.;ni;r ^ i:;^/i;;S'v't',eT'"'i .^'Sc^mb^Sn^ ^^-^^^ ^7^" r^7 -inar.iA- section .hiuee,. i...... ^,e hereby n<.t.fied to be n.d appear at 

'«'H'!-r .'-« :..;. id.d .mt v.... a.e hereby no.i.ied ^^ ' "^ ' ; . ; ,; '. i', ,- e . f .dTi. ' .he whole ^J"»^ ""^- »'"'r'"''^ T\ ""i""" V d'^n ''y I;". I'e this officc OH Wednesday the 12 day of 

to be ,in« appear -t till ;' on .M.Hiilav ihr twiih .'..iv oii'i.i a in I'T ( ii> -pm |'.< • i- > r. ~ five It !»Jing the Ian.] you filed <.n. louaie tci'c* <k *» . i j- 

' "* ■■ " Tiby noliiif-d tM beand apperat this ofriceon I DeceuibtU- ihbt), at U O dock a III, lor 

onday the lentn day oi December IbOO. at nine ; |J^q purpo.^^C of givilli; lllC whole matter 



ln-.-i stir-ation. 

Free to Ererj'body! 

The Guide to Health ct Beatity, j ^- " ^^^^^^i^ 

..liiit PublishciU 

efh. c.-iab-r eiphtecn hundred and mx-y-ix at nine n' malt' r a fairan-l imjiartial inv.'>t!gation^ 

ch ck a. 111.. f..r lac piii-p.b!.- of pviiif die whole lauUer | A 11 nuU:^. Register, h w holley. Receiver 

a lair an.l i iip.irlial in VL'<ti(;aii<.ii i 

A. II. rui:i.-( Uipi.«icr, II. V,'. Il.dley Receiver. } 

— 1 IT S Land Ofiic*? wini.ebaio cjtv minn Nov S 

r. S. Lund Ofr.- Win .eba-.Ci!.v Mian.. V-'v .•=<?vci. ' ,,.,.,, .j.„ williani II Laii 'er.— The s m .ailroad 
eiirhteeo Inni'l..-.! ai,.l Kix \ -ix I. I'.irv v\ illi iiiiv — '- , . . , . . i; i i- > ,. . o .t . .- ..t 

TlieS.uih.rsMi.nesoliltiiilro.-!dC..nip.invl:a8lhi*day , company iIih da., applic-l l..r t"-"< « y it 
npiilie.l for llic IK nil we-t p-j,iit' r >r.iee'ion tweiiiy one «cc I town 101 range 20, it being the land ^ou 
o«n»hip on-hnnd.^e'1 and one rati};" tweiityrivt', it be- li|.j.l on You are hereby notiJied lo 'oe jii il ap 
inj: the Ian. I y.-a hied on. Y.^.u are tiertby ii-.tified t<i l.e j„.j^^ .,, ,1,;^ ..fiicc on wcllicsday the 12lh day of 



Monday the lentn dav oi Oectmber if^uo. ai nine , w^q puTpo.'^C Ot gl 

o'clock'am, fortbepurp...^.cof giiiug the ^bele j .^ ^.^. j. ^^^^^ impartial inVCSti-atioU. 

h w heiUey, rcc. 

maitera fair and impartiil invcsligaiion. 

A li Rullii. Register. » W iiolley, Receiver. .1 h bullis, rcg, 

ion n»iiip on- >iiii"i-e'i aiiii one i.iiif;" i " eiii.> -in e, ii ..e- Hpj.l oil 1 OU are iieicy iM.ii.ieu .»■ o.- >•■ .^« " 
\x\f. the Ihd.I y.-a hie'l oil. Y-u are hereby notified to 1.^ '^ .,, ,i,i^ ..q-^.j. „„ wcllicsday the 12lh day ' 

*n.l ..ppcae nt ,1.1- oflice ..n M .titay the Mn'.b da.v of lie \,- .,„,.^.r ..,;(; ^^ (j ..Vlock a m. for rhc pnrpo 

celiilicr, eishleen > Xfy-MX. lit Tli:e o Cb < k a III., for Ibe »'eiim..i. • . ' ' . 

purno-eofpivini'thc whiie iimti.ra f <ir and inipaiiiul , .-f ;:iving the whole mailer a lair and imp.tiu 

H. W. Hollcy Receiver. 

V. S. bandOIIlc' WJnncb.<?o City Minn., Nov. Keren 
tlpbr-en hundred ar.d «ixiv-six. To Uider-on V..c.or — 
The S'.iUbirn Minncita Kailroad coin|.iny ha. Ibis dny 


a h bulli.- regi.^ter b w b.dlcy receiver 


Proat wUreet, near the Lc<ee. 




M T, C. yLOWER. l^'opr 

General StaRO Oific-for nil Point.-.; •'b-' State Good 
StablinL' with aHentive Osile--. I Jyl 

It teacbcs b.)w.<o remove Tan. Frpcklt?. Pini- ■ ^ ,,^.,, f.,^ th,. m„:i, ,,,.1 ,,uarieror M-ciion nifeteen, 
^Mi, Rbdcbcs, Moth J'atches, Sallowncs:, Kini» ,, ,,n.i,ip one hundred and on.-, rancc I'.veuty-rnc. it be 

Inpthelainl youfde.! .m. Y-oi Hri- In reby n.'tlfitd t.i !.« 
and aj;.:.- ir at thi.' . Ibce . n Monday the leu b day of l)e 
(.-cnihtr .'i/bteeM huinlr.-il ai d -iM.. -»:x nt nine o chuk 


Attornev cfe Counselloi* at Law. 


and Conveyancer, Winnebago Cily, Minrcsota. 
Office on .MAIN STREEl, first doDr coulh.o*" U 

, Land Ofiice. 
.(• ^ _ «roUoeTioiis «n!»«t.i auu taxt» pi»i(t. iSu- 

o«>.s oiitrnsieU r..nii «'ar** will rw'-eiv.. (Hoii>.p 


lions and .ill impurities of the tkiii ; how to en 
amel the sMn. tciving il white and de ir .is a!a 
baster; bow i'> prodinv the tiiUei't dcvel-pinenl 
of ibofi-malo lorni (as ir.-nttM«M| by the Fren(!i.) 
causing the biwt t«» grow r.-nnd an' full.«ii(l il 
the lorai bas been lost by padding, laei.ig, or wa 
terniiy, ri'-toring it lo noire tliaii its orig'nal 
lullncss. firmno-' and beauty. It t.-ae'icshow to 
reduce in size the li.uids and feet ; produce corpj I 
leiuy ortlie reverse; remove 5!iiiei llti:;HS hair: I 
,ure Corns. IJi'iii-iii , Warr.^ and Moles: renew 
vour age ; eiirc^ Driinkcnties*. eat:i;Tb. l>y-:prp 
-i.i. Xervoii.- Debili y. Ac. b()W lo lai inate an I 
gain the love ini.l atleciion of any j.t.-sot. jou 
tnav choose, tog-jthcr with ether n.«efi i and va ii 
ible inrormati'.n. No ycing Lady or (ientle 
man should fail to send their addre-v." lo *be nn- 
brsigned nd rccive by pniirn mail a coi'y of 
rli's Vi'.luable work in sealed envelope free of 
•barge. /*d<lre-^i», 

JjEU'JiiR, cllL rrs A CO., chemists. 

Z^'% Uiver.St: . Trey, X. \- 

II S Land Office rinncbago City minn Nov 8, 
: 1 ^rl(; T.I William Culler-- fisa s m railroad eo., 

!if.s Ibis d.iy a|)i>!ied for the s e qr of sec 11 t.w 
I lO'l beiii;;the an.l yon filed on You ; 
' arc beied.v iK.tifitd to be and ap|.ear at this office j 

on wcdn. s.iay the 12lli day o? Dee at 9 o'eiock a 
i III (or the pnip .-e of v,ivin;; the whole m-atter a ! 

US Land Officc, WinnclLigo City, Miun,, Nor. 

8 ;8C . 1-. >...i.-n, Murr.iy i o : .-..a. n 
inn -..'a <■ mpany h-i.< ihis .iay p- 
plied f r iIk: si uiii w< - quart rs-iutii wcm i;. 
ter cectio • iw.-i.ty .-x-vc' town hip one »"i d 

and two north, rill..;'- iienly five wept, it being 
the land yoa fi ed. Yen are hereby iiotifi.-d to bc 
and iippcar It ibis offi.-oiKi TiiesLiv the eleventh , •/. ^ 1 3 

day of Dc.-re .10. r: imo : t nine o'clock a m. for ! are hereby notified to bcand appear 

11 s land office winnebago citv, iniiiii 
nov 8, 1800. To Wiiliaiu P Haines, 
the 8 in railroad h:\s this day applied the s\v qr wc 27 town 101 range 20, 
it bcinir the laiol vnu fiiod on. V-u 

the I'ur .Its •■>" :.ivio 
and impar ia v. > 

ma r a 


! A li Du.lis, ;..'gi-»cr. 

II W n il'ey, Receiver 

this officii on \^ edjiesday the 1- '..ay ol 
De... 18CG at 9 o'clock a ui, iov the pur 
pose ofgiviiiir the whoU^ matter a fair 

IT S Land Office winnebago citv minn nov Sth j and imp:trtial investig.atloil. 



a. ic... for til" no i» — -f ' uglliL' whole nuitter u fair 

and iiopariial invetrtiealbn. 1 . , . • 1 • .■,:., 

A. H. 1 ailib KegKei. H. W, lloiley Receiver, fair and impariial mve-Migati-m 

I a u bullis regi.^tcr ^ b * L.illey receiver 

r. S. Lntd ClTio- Wlnntbaco Ci'v 'M'm.. .N-v. Feven I 

cizbtee?) l.undri'.l and !»iMv-?iix, To .lord'-n Chrintian — _ . .. , ' 

TlieSoiehein Minn jota Railroad c.-nipmy hasthis day \ V. S Lind Cfiec »innebag» city mmn >ov o | 
iippiie.I fir the nortb ci:..! (|uaii-r c' >^c ioii niiHt.ii, 1 j ,si;r, To (Jeorgc V.dil- The « m rniiroail coii.ji.v 
towti-bip oie htini'rt I nn>l ■ u-, ranjrelWcnt.v-fivc. il be- ^,^ j^.j^ j||:^ ,j,,.. ,. .,,,ii^^.,l {..r the s w i\x n W .jT and 
irg the I ind .vou file^l on. You herel.y n<>tiricd to ne • - , . ,,,. ^^.^. ,^ ,„^^,„ ,„i 

a:id a: i.eiir at lli-» (.aicc on M.m.lay tbe lentil .lay of De I *- '" " " C *•'.• " , ., , ,. 

ecir.ber ei^jhtven hundred aial ^ixiy-.ix. at nine o-cU..-k range 20. it being -.'u- Innd y.u hied on \..u r.rc 
II. III., for th. purpose (.fpivii'Klh; whole lUiitter h fair | hereby ii/.tified lo be au'.l aipear at this oQice on 
Kid liipHrii.d lorcsii-atlou. , we.liic-'dii v 'he I2tii dav of Dec at <» o'clock a in 

A ». WV.tis R-gi.ter, H. W. Holley Receiver. 1 ^ ^ ^^^^ j,,,-,,., ^ „, ^.j,.,,,^, ,.„y „i,,,i^; ,j,;,tter a fair 

I , .jj,j iitipariial invcsti-ation 

I r. S. Lind«Tm.-c Wiu-.eb.'.ifo Ciiy >iinn.. N.>v. seven, [ ^ j^ \,^\\xi regi.ter h w holley receiver 

I .l-htcenhiindr.-d :'.ndsix1y>ix. Ic Jainis Rius — The | 
Soiiihern Miniusola R i;!roa.l Conolany nis this dHy ap- 

U SLan I OiTi.c winncbag') cify minn nov .Sth 

the land vou tiled on. Vou ar.- her. by : ..titud t.. be j l.<^6ft T.. Kiias M Ret nett The 8 in railroad co. 

Ibis office on Mon.b.y ll.e tenlb day of Dc- ^ l^.s jhis dayapplie'I t.>r the S w qrol .-cc l.» loun 

plied forth. s<oi'h c«-t quot. r «^f section seventeen town 
»!iit( one hunilred an.l one. riui;;e twenty fiv, it heinK 

l!^€l To .Tames U" hitc— T"..e s m railroad compa 
ny 1: IS this day applied for tlu* n \r qr ol sec 27 
U^wn 10' ri'.nge 20, it being the '.and you tiled on 
vou ar-j bfieby notig« d to be and appear at this 
ofi"ice"n wedi.'csday the 12tn day of Dec 1860 at 
9 o' a m for H e parposc of giving .he whole 
inaUer a fair andiimpariial investigation. 

a b buliis legisttr b w h'diey receiver 

y S Land Office winnebago cily minn v.v Stli 
1«00 To Pvard Turner— Tbo s m railroad has 
this day applie-l for'llie s w qr of section 29 town 
lit I rarme oO. it being the land you filed .m l ou 
ar.- hi-rcoy notified to be and appear at this office 
on the 5>2th day of Dec 1S06 at nine 
o'clock a m for the purpose of gi\;^ing the whole 
uistter a lair atid impar ial investipaiTon 

a h bullis r.gister h w holley receiver 
— ■ •• 

TT S L'lnd Office winnebayco cify nov 8tb 

a h bullis, rcg, 

h w holfey, rec. 

r.ov 8 

n s 1; nd office, winnebago citv. wiinn 
1800. To \Vi!la:d .'\ .Masson, the 
s m railroad lias this div applied for 
the sw qr sec 17 town lOl iKii^e 20, 
it beioL: I'le i;.n<l you fi'td on. Vou :ire 
hereby not "fiid to be and appt ar at 
this "fiicc on WednvKdiy the i2d;y ot 
Dec 1800, at o'c! ick w m, f..r the pur- 
pose of^i the wiioh; Hialcr-a f.tir 
and impartial inveslij:atioii. 
a h buUir, reg, h w liolley, rec. 


Attoi uey and Counsellor at Law 

^gf Will attend to profassional business 
broughout tho .*tate. 
Wiunebago City, Minn. 


.andlcs, Lard Oil, Kerosene Oil, and Marhin< 
Qll ^t RicnAnn.ios' 

LAMES.- -AH kindii df Klauks fur sale r 
tbis Office. 

1"\ AAA A YEAR made by any one with 
eSA I /l/W .Stem il Tools No experience 
: lecesury. The Pre-idcnts, (Ja^•lJicrs. an'l Trcas- 
I'-ers of :l Ratiks indorse the « irciibir. Sent free 
With camples. A.ldrcss the American Stencil 
To.d w, rks, Springfield, VcrninnC 

AN Essay of WarniDgr az^d Insticc 
tioa to Toui>g' Wen. Also. Discsaes 
ind abuses which premuluroly Pi ojitrate the vi 
ial Powers, with sure means of relief. Sent free 
>f (Tharge. in sealed letter envelopes. Address, 
l*r. J. SKILLAN HOUGUTON, lloward Asso 

-iation, P'aila-ielphia, Ps 

v3D21yl A H BuHis, Register, n w HoUej, Receiver, i 

n s hnd officio wii>nebnirf> ^ity, ininB 
nov ><, 1800. To Thomas Mnrphy. the 
s m railroiid cf> has this d.iy applied 
for ne or sec .^^ tovrn It^l ranf**' 26. it 
being the land you filed on. Too aro 
hereby notitied Lo be tifd jippe.-xr .it this 
officc on Wedncsd.fy t!ie VZ da> of 
Dccend)er 1S06 ut ^> o'clock % m, foi 
the purp •j'e o'' giving the whole matter 
a fair and iuipartial iuvestiga'ion. 
a b buliis, reg, b w hoUey, rea 



I ■ *■ . 




I i 


TllL 110Mi':STEAL) 

U d L.-ml Oiiico winfjcb-jjo citj ininn nov J);h 
ISCii To ^jiiiii!.-! V Ji^juK— J.ic.l. 1, H.>li..n(l I-jih 
tlii." l:iy appli'U f.r tl'u ii c qr of fic I'O town iHl 
rHtt;;fi :';; It L,ir;; tliu l.iiniy..ji li:o i nn Y..ii jiro 

Moi-.lny fli« lentil .Iiiy of J^io 1S';« ra 2 oV'jck 
p III liji h.;« ulyivit!4j ttiw whwk' uuittLT u 
toil ai'(i '.Mii'.utiul iuvvstiiTiiti-in. 

a U ' uUis ivyihU-r h w balky recoircr 

I8t;i> it) J.imcs l» \Viin:..r— Mitcli,.! I'Milinn'. J.ns 

r...! i-iinj:.- o.\ ir Inin;? tl.o Imul \ou (p.-il cij Y(».: 
j ia-'.< l)crc\v iicM.ncU t» Lo muJ ji|;>'»-iir .-.t ..ttU-e 
on Siitur^liv t!io 

T' .« Ii inrl Oiri<'e wiiiiii<1>«<»o rUy inirsn rov 8Hj 
^'(>r» 'J o 0I« Jol.nson — tlic >> m railroail h:i.s thin 
il:iy i-ri'licU t<'r tlio a w qrs c qr niid s o (jr .s w 
qr reel's aiul w »,i n oqr mo^;; ii.\vn 1()L' nin^'c 
2a. ir lui'i.Ttljo l;in(l,vi;ii l\K\ <•» You urt: uordiv 
notijivd t.i 1,0 i.rd ii].p»5:ii- ill I'dis clJiooon 'J'u»-?.Iay 
«I»«;t.'[cv( i.iU ly oiX>f. m-xt at y a in Uio pur- 
l>"sc of^-ivin;,' t»o wLok Ui;.it..i al.aiMid ijni.ur 
liul iiivt..»it'iili;>a. 

all luiii.- rp;;i3(cr , h \v l.n'Uy rcci-ivcr 

CS r,!i?rl O.^'Ire wlnpt li ijro ti»v minn ii'iv 8lli 
I8»',b • 'I'o K.lwin Ui.'iu'li' — tlio k tn inilr.-;ui lis'S 
tliia day .'ipplivd for iho n lif n i" i\r :uj«l ii lil k w 
;(«• 0;; IT. t' »\ :i li:- 'a'ljf l?.i. it V<:;i.:; tin; laudyyii 

U H l.iTld 

nov 8 Ii 

nd oflicc, winnpb!ii;o ei'y iitinn " "^ land «>IVico witmoha-io cify tuMm 
.Stii). 'J'o Wm I' I', "'^v 8 1805. 'J'o Andrew More, tWs 

" s 111 |^liin..^d col<:is Ints d;:v nj)] lied 

m railro'ul co lia.s iliis dny applied lor 
thfc sw qr u\v qr w lif sw qr and sv qr 
sw qr Kcc 11 town lOl rftn;_^c 28 it ho. 
iTii; the ifuid y<,u fiUul on 

I ., , - ,. ''■^'' ''-^i Ot 1) 1) K^'i'i at It'll 1 iJJrd ou Yon ur*- hereby tiniiriod r., «»« aiH nTn>'nr 

o .l.,eU u lu lor t.-c pur,i„Ho »f «,vinj; iUr» whHo t ;,t offifr or, Tu -.^hiy Iho olovc-tiH " " 

umlLer j i ir urid imp rtiiil u«vv. fi.^tition, 

tlay of Dec 

. , nt '.I u'cl.icl; n m for tlia puiposc of ).m\ uij^'ilii.' luut 

li \v iio.ify it<.ij»-cr ttc ft J.iii' Jii.d iu4i;iiiinl iuvi>'ti;;iiti(iii 


U>v iUi' nw qr si'c 27 town lUl 'r.inire 
2;, il l.ciiP^r il,(. Inrul yon (iicd on Yon 
avc l.ercby I'otiticd to he niid appear 
at this otiico .,n 1 l.m-s.liiy ilio i:i (f ,y oC 
l)ot;en»bt'r next at 1) o'clock a m, lor 
i!»o i)iirpose orgiviiigiliG matter a fair 

A n I!ui:!s regirttor, IF W irolley rtcoiver 

nov S Hr^"^ t" f ""^•'>:V;';,^^^>' "^5^", " s land olTcc winneb:-o city n.inn, j 
nov 8 180.>. i o Jan.o. W Conk- L tl.. ' nov 8 1800. "o O.'iver .iaekson, .he fl 

f7:.A' hnoMi Office. 
Winnebago Citr M>uD., Oct. »! I8«fl. 

f plj Sanipsel ; 

Mr Harvey J Noyes has tbld rfa^ applied for 
wie north oast quarter of section 18, townsbvp 101 
n.rth. range 26 west, it being tbo Und yon filed 

a II bnliis, rug- h w liolloy rcc 

V .S L.iul OUioo fiiincliajio i-jiv i,i5„,j nov 10. 
ISOt) lo t li.irlfb- W Foslui— J^ar. rson iorw h.itf 

»\ li>.\ l^lJ».i\.UV.7 V J i 1 , .Wl^>.\. ^ lan-o Jo. li Lcui- il.o lar.d y,>n lil- d < n You arc 

htroi y Jii'iili'-d to Ic ard ap'pmr jit thi" oirn-o on 

NOVEMBEIi 14. 18G3. 

J. Z. 



vMir hiemls will i>li?aso excuse 
U8 tor t'nr!»ishipi^ no n aduiL; n\atter t'nr 
a few wcjkd We want w raiiruail, ;ind j tio. !:..)». ;.iy .r i)Vo noxt at on* ,.viock ;" 

Mtm.i.iy ilm ijih j^^y „| \^.^. ^^.^t „t i] 


a 11 \>\\\\i-i riiilsUr li w liolloy ivftivcr 

s in oo li^s tjiis 
t'"r die n lit'se qr ;Mid 

ly applied ni railroad co hns this d;iv applic'd Tor 
so qr s.i qi- and {),.« sw r.r s; o lo l.ovvn I'/l raii're 28, it 

o il H u 11 lu Jiir llio ]iiir{>v-*o of pii.iiiK tiio wLolo Ttcxlay t 
tuauer :i f 'ir .".ml iii; i;i\< sti.- ili^Mi. I ^^ ... •■,,r »i, 

li buiiis ruguttii- li rv- !. dlcy rc:eircr ' ji 

U ? I.:u (1 «»roe, WinncliaAo I ity. Minr., 0«f. 
I'l.uiil Vcrf-:i!:: Air.-, liwimiy 

US Lun.lOfTice v.iintitha.':;rti'itv uiinn nov Pt!i 
18.\} To 0;iv,r li V Larey— tin. f iti ri.j:r;)a<l l.n^ 

?itiriit!o ol' (»i'.r s!':i'.'e 

iiirsii TIh' 
he di.'De in 

liave ffivon every 

to the 15 31 W 11 Co., lor :, 

work ut tlio ciijnpaiiy will 

aboutfivo weeks, and then wo will trv 

and .aako up lor Io-t^i .imo 

B^U 1 i>ti electi(»n Tetnriis from tl)o 
Kastern States report well. ^I'luiosieta 
ffivcs iibmii O.OUO llejiublican nunoritv 
W'e have not space lor Oiinnient, o.i ror 

:'t tl.. l.'Oo. i 

iSIcii'i;. lius il .y upj i 'd lor \.\.:- xf hf s w «|r 

* <• ^ s\.'\ n II n «• <\T ji:'!' i; I'M, II iri ri;n;rc l;t», , . , 

il Uiii;^ iliuiaiul y u fl;id en Yfii mv lior.'l'y no ''<»* ''».V "M>lii-'d lor tli nt-qrolM-.' I t.'-.ui \^2 

t 11 d !.. bo ami ai)|:iar at this < ft" tr f o >Mfu»du> ' ''••"P'' "0, it l«ting tin li:uil you l-Ied on Y..n are 

lioift.y n.'iifiod to l.c :.i!d i«i.jK:.ratil;is ofl-.^.i; en 
TucsJtiy tho clovi'iuh day of D.c n.-Kl at one 




„,,,,. . . ; u s land ofFicc winnebn^o city minn 


lia? on hand tlic laigen and best selected slot^* 
of Ilardtva»t;. Stores and Agricultural Imple- 
ments in the Miiinei'ata vj{lk-y, AJy ptocii of 
AKiicullnral liiiidc/noots- U very larpo and com^ 
pictc, eonii..tiii2 rl tiie h lk.>win'g aadiiaeii : 

hx) Buckeye'^s. 

(30 J. II. Manny's^ 

p!l.|n>i of^;i". 5 >^- tilt v.lioli 

j liMpiU i'.*.i ii:visl!;ritti n. 
j u b luUisi ri';ri*if r 

ni f.T 
ui Itr a fair ^.nd 

h V. li^iliy rocvivcr 

o'cloi'k p !i 


(' S Land Otiii'i- »rii;|.tl.::;:(n ity uiiuM nov f^rh 
iLMiC lo Wiilijuii Ii ii i utkloy— 1 iic ri n iMii 

bfytirp'^^j or<;Iviii<; tlic wbole 
liura liirand iinj-ariial ir.viv li^raiioii 
a h Iniliia rtgis'ler li w imiley 


V ?> T.r.nd OfTi;n ivinnoi a..»o cify Kiiri r.ov 8t? 
iv'^tltJ To .J. dm .J Kns^inaud— tbe ti in ji»;iroai 

rouu ...:d JbM iMiy «i i.iu-d f.r tliu k u .[r s w q.- „f j l^tKJ To .J.diii .J Kns>inaud-tLe t; in ia;iroad 
i-.:c I., UMvti 1(1' rii.;;,, 21. ai:(! t- l.f i. c .jr ,...d * I'as Mppli.-d for tlic k x.- JS loun 

1*12 ran;,-e oO, it UIu^,' flielandyou liltd on Yoii 


(|r of n o iir of m-c l". toivn 1; ;} laii^.t 

bting iljolai.d vt.n liitd on \.,\ 

\ :ue 111- re! 

I. II 

irci.v nu" 

arc lunby iioiTi-d fo be and appear ;*! thij 

tilKil lo bo and api-'-ar ut tlii.* oiTi.c on I'uctJ.iy '»• Tuesday loo eleventh day ..:l>ee n.\t at on*- 
\.w tltveiih day Ol L>.tr ne.xi at U oVlo.-k a in for ! o"«docU j. in f.r tiic purpose of givin" Iho matter 
1. 10 oiirpo=.e .d Kivin.ur the wh jle usatler a fair and i i»fi«ir oiid ii!vcifli"ali<)n " 

impa' iiivejiiyuiion 

.1 h biillis r(>:i.-icr 

!lcy receiver 


fi II returns, lut bi-loV we jrive jasr a 

W figures to show how ti^e liung I- ; Ua.sibi- day applied for tl.u s bf n <• 


Johnson cienouncoil t>}' 

OClOBKR 2oiii 

West Virginia 

A 11 L'r.llii rtgi.sttr 11 W llolIoy roceivcr 

TT • f 7^- '^ i *^V ^ T,r?nd OfT'eo winneba;^o ei!y minn nov Sih 

l, b Jjun I OlI.-c v. iimel.a^.* oily inlnn n< \ Cili ' "^•''«' i " .I.smes H ilcynold:'— the « in railroad 

!>!>, To .J fTLr-oii Ji FiLki 1— 'J l;c s ~j railroad 1 h"9 llii» day applied for tlios o iir ofsiec ;;.; t'ov.D 

. .ii; u. snuw .lov. ti:e u.w.g !•' j Ua.s il.i.- day appliod for tl.e s bf n «• qr and n b( | » 2 .Hi.}:0 ::(). it bni,„Mue b.nd v. u filed on Yon 

in;*. Cono-ress is sustained and nan ? ^ , "''*>! ■^' '""" '*'^ '*""''''' '^ " '•^'"S th.- ! "« fi<^«-'>.v noii:i..d t<. bea:..! apv.c:.r at this olTiec 

= ' I •^'*" *=''•'''"". ^"U "''C l.aridn nofiti^d i„ |,e ; "" Tiu.-day ti.c cb vmib day ol l)e(rnir..T ne.\t 

lUssOn denounc^id by the p00l>!e: '^'"^ ai-p-^-r .'it this rdliro on r iu>.li:\ ;l,c elLVcnth 1 "' ""^' •■''•'•el. p uj lor t!;o purpoi-o of j;ivins the 

a h Lulli- 

\\ s lar.d 

i"a:t h w holley ree. 

21 h bullis rcor. 

w holley rec 

ofiieo winneL.'itro fify minn 
nov 8 ISGO. ToTlu,nias\\ \\\ 

vi .s land oUVe winnebajro city initin 
nov 8 18GG. To Oic Sfarkloon, tiie s 

6 Velrator Threshers, 

^Ia.s.sellon Macliines,- 
G Buffalo Sulkey L " 



lay ol i-te iic.\i ni 'J o\lork a in t'r Ibe porpi-nc ' '"»tlti a fair ond impnrtlnl invr.-li'..a \u\\ 

of ffiviiig 'in wl.olc ii.allcr ul.iira:ol i A 11 ru'lis reghtcr IMV IklUy rccivcr 


> 'Jill 


Illinois . . . 



Kew York .....' 


Kansas . 


u b bullis rcgi.slir 

b XT I 

.01 '.'v 10 I ,\.'r 

rs band O'fileo winntbj;;o oily niinnr.ovStb 
'■'• To A 11 DasbiM Jr— tha f iu raiir.-ad b.i{. 

!.<»!•.( J 

r S Lird Oflficf! wiiinvbn^o ritv n.i:in nov .Stli ''''S'^^.^' nil'lied forthcf e (jr toc l.i lowiitblp 102 
" AOA I \^''" ^" ^*''»''M' '^ H-bl— The p m railroad has» I i"''"-*-' •^"' '* '^^''-''^ '' « 'and you libd on You arc 
Ui>,n\IU I Ibis d.,y uppiied !or ihf.j lif s w li;- .^r.j;. 18 nn.l n "«''"' ''.v i:o» died lo bcuiid appear at tbi.^oMk-o on 

la:r inve-liLialicn. 
a h bullis. res, 

» '^p-j b w liolU.y reo 

u R laud oft'ieo wi;niebni;o city minn 
nov 8 180(;. To Oil Chiis:i;in.son, the "<^^v 

........ .,-. .....^^^ 


I' 5 r.Tiid CiTice winncbat:o city minn nov f t'l 
JSf.C To J);;vi.l T.'^ob.-.boi.l- 

hf e oqr i-ci; a town K'-' ran;.-.- :;t., it b-iiM' ',\^ lard 
you fib. Ion You .-.e 1 -rtby nriiikd to bo and 

X'^,,, T^,.-...,' r i\t\i\ I .'^''*', .'" ^'•■•^■"' r.'^'-b.-.boj.i-.TbL' s li! 1 .irierraf this oliiro on Tu^sdiry llio dcvoMh dav 

l>t;\V dei^ty 0,UUU j H-is H.r^ r.y applied for Ibow lili.- w qr ticc20 A i xl at o>.coVIo.k p m for tlo purpose of 

x^oaua 1,... . hind you niod on Yo.i are 1 cr.-l y notilled to bo i A II Eu!li» rtii Ur IMV IkJlcy rcceirrr 

fcl— — — — ii'i , II I 11^ "''"1 uppe.irnt tbi.-; o(T>ce nn Tne^';.!y tl.ueljvcntb I 

h b^ullid re.ijr. i, y^ i,^]]^.^ ^.^^^ 

" f ^'V/.'l ^^'^'^'^ 'A-innebaiso city minn 
., , , , -- V 8 18(;'5. To IlMiiy Ivera;.D, tJie s 

; ni railio.-iu eo has tins dny applied '" i'Jiib-<'ii^l co bus iliis d.-iy npiiHed for 
or the .se qr 8cc 21 town lUl rar.^^e 28 t^'c o Id' se rjr sec 4 an! a- hfsw qr c:eo 
il being tlie land yoh aied on. You are '^ town 1|»1 hwjrQ 28, it beini,' the laiu'l 
hereby iiotlfioi) to be and .ij.pear at, ihi.s 3''-'*' fi-'cd on. You an- hereby notified 
ofiiee on 'Minrsday the ]3 tlay of Dee. to he an.] tippear.!! tiiis (fTice on 'Ihrns 
next .af \) o'clot-k a in, for the purpose ^^y t'>« 13 d;iy of Decei-iber next at 9 
ol"-ivin^ the matter a fair inveslii;a- ^>'i*nH-k :i ni, lur the j i?rp>-e of 'nvinir 

the ni.itter a (air inve.-^tii'ition. 
I h bulU.s reg, h w holley rec. \ '■ 1> h-xWis rcg, h w h(,lley rcc. 

I:t.).l ' 

, , Lritcbes, 

Prices Exceedin 


All pers'ins dosirin;? to purebase Ucnp 
Tbrc.-Iier.s, would do well to givt, »ne a cii 
piir-basinfr. as my stock is very ]arpe and 1 wiij 
'.Van-ant all niaci.incs to give satihiaction, and 
my prices and icriiis o>>unot fail f« suit. 
3tv3yi JOHN F. 



Il Dt'fortj 



i ''il.v <■( L'lc !'v.\f at '.» oVloL'lv a ni I .r tlie jmrposo I ^' S liar.d > [[y. j wir.i;eb:!go cily i.)ii;n nov .''•tl! 
minn nov 10, ! < I'^ivin.; (be atLoIc uiattcr a f.iir and impartial ' ' ^''C T.) (Mivcr.! ^tcvea.'-oii— TLo >> ui r.iihoud 

A fVesb of Quit Claim Deeds 
.•Mid I,Iort'j'!Q(i Blanks, for sale tl this 

I.:.* Ibij Jay a; plied lor the w Lf n w or ?ee ten k 

\. li bolloy receiver j c bf r eqr koc » town 102 najg.' .il), ii' bein;: tiie 

' lai.dyou filed (Ml You jue benl.y i.iiliiiivj lo be 

U S Lund Office wi::ncUaro city 

1^6G To ISarrel T Asii^ortli — Jame.s W Youn;j i«isivebti^atii>n 

has tluH day applied for tlie s c qr s w qr and n 1 u b bullis rff;i.stcr 

hf s w qr and s w orn w or of sco "I ll'-l raiii^'e i 

2Sit beinjj tbe land jiou filo-i on Yr)n are bereoy j f -^ T.niidCfTico '.Tinnebj.jjo oily inii.n nov ^\.\\ I ii:«'l api-car.".! t::M oiiicc on Tu'v^day the eleventh 

notitio.l to be and appear a tbi>- .d'bc on .^.ifnr- ; ^^tl'"' 'i'o t'j.!...jitM 1' i:jinii:.d.s--'i be s ui railroad | "^'O' "' Urcn-xt at one sVIcck piu for liio puinyse 

day the loth d:.y of Decemb-.-r t.'^OO at 1 1 oVloek j b-is this da. applied f..r the n o qr of see 21 town ! «■'' o'''vir? tb- malNr a inv.rt'pni.n 

» in for Ibe purpose of f»ivin;r tbe vrholy m.itlor a ■ t*'- ran.u'c -0. it beii.^ tbe Irnd y.-u fi:<«;l on You I ^ ^^ "«"'» r 'b''^f<-r. H V/lkPcj rcc.iver. 

fair and impartial iovc.-ti^Htion. are bereby iniir>-.d to l»o jtn-l api.<ar aX. ihi»- ' 

H U bullis ra-ister b w bolU-y receiver <>n To. .-.lay tbe eleventh y\A\ . f JA-e nt.xt'at ! V S;! Olfi^c U'"^ city siiinn nav :<i\ 

TT G T 1 Affi • T ~ • .. , " *'"''^ '^ "\ ''"■ ''"-' l"'n>-''" "t Kivin- tbo whole ; lS«rt To Ucor^ro W Kmeiii.rn— tbo s r.i r.uin-ad 

US Land Office wmneba-o city n inn nov rtb 1 luatter a faij an.l iinp.rtial inve..ti,T!.ib.n | ba^- tbi;: liy rppHcd f.r tbo w bf =* o qr and c bf j. 

a !i bid'i.s i\'ir. 

h w huiity rcc. 

m- tne inalfer a fair investigation. 

a II bullis re-, 1, w h bey rec. 

a b bnlii.s re;iij.ter b w b./ilev rejciver 

u s laud office wiiuiebago city minn, 
nov 8 IbGG. To Ch;.rles O Cavptuter. 
tfic s m railroad co has this d .y .•ipi)l!cd 
for the sw qr .sec l.'» town 102 range ot) 
it being the luid yi»u filed on. Yon ;iro 
hereby notified to l>o and .-it tl.i.s 
£»tfieo on Tuesday, tlie 11 day id' l>cccni 

hereby notiftod to bo nnd appear si tbi?* <,., 
Tuesday tlio eleventh dny of Doc ne.\t at *.l ..'.olck 
w 111 fer tbo pai po-oj f RiviiiK tbo wbolo matter a 
tail' iiiul iiuparlial investigation. 

a n buUi.-i rosisler b w bollov rece 

V? 1. 

Y.'U arc hereby ootitfud t<» bo and aopcarat tbi - 
V ...I'll ^-1 . "ffifP "" Tucbday the el ventb d 1,-oiiKc n. \tat 

ber next at 1 o clock p in, tor the pur- ; y oVi.)ck a .. c .. 

' va Orn^c '.Tlnneb.i,.^o cily rafnn nov F.b 

To Win. II l-'c^'^r — liio s m ic.ilroad b ■>• 

•^^"■"j ibis" d:iYni]<;itd*or tbe n w qr <d fi;4' i;t tov.n 102 

' ran-.-;;i). ii I , irgtbe buid you Obd .-n "ion !,ro 

: berot.y luififi.d f.. be •ti:.5 ajjcur at t.ilkoon 

U S Land OiTico r.-it.neb.i-o rifv mit.:, nov .''ih ! '•'',": "'l''^ ^\ ck-ventu day ol L>.-.- next at on.- 
l^Ci; T<- (]co.-e W Ui.-bard>^on--t|.c s |.'i rai' "'.■'"'""'' '3'" '''""J "'"''•'' «^''"- ^''° '^'^^'^''-T 
i.r.l 1 as tbis yUy ;ipp;i.,| ,.r tbe . e qr rcc lil '' •^'"' '"'a^Z/S'I' H t t II V T , 
t.wn 102 ran-e Ha. it b. in - vlio land vou filod ..r. ! liul.:, i.xMor. II \, itoiky receiver. 

I' S I.rnd Ofiiee winneba;;') city minn iiov Stu 
l^-'Ci!; To Cluubs S Klii.s--'h'j s ,a r.iilroad iias 

po.«?e of giving the miittera f^ir invest! 

Vbbjr?:^ "^;Tr''''b'w;fr'''" • Ni^-"^"--" '^-^^^-o ^i.., it^cm;, .bo iv^ 

„ I u .»> iLccucr y,,t, LLd ov. i.uiaro hereby notilbd to bu at* 

I. ."^ Lhu.! Oflicc. Wii.i.,ba-.! rfty, T.inn.. Oct. :0 
l.^GO. To .Jobi h earn : Mr Cvrrs II Kar:-- 
i'-y i.a.i tbi.«-dav a] ;.ii..ii fr-.r tbe foinh b:ilf..t,uth 
Rest q:(art*-ri::-bP'.-.r-.iej n-,r;b half j...ilb wcbf 
'.narbr. ?fctio,i i.dnetLi'U towl..^b;J.• one hundred 
•■!!l one ii...rtb.T:!.;;e ir.-enty .'■is r.-egt. it boin;,' 
.t.' 1: ii.i y..u fllod on, Y<.u are bi;rc-bv notilic i 
t • ii' .lou' .ippojir a: liii* oCi-jc ..u Ti>ar\<l IV. ;b; 
llilltlelh d^yof?:ov. ISCt. :,! .,,;^ <,V!o(k'p m 
r r liu. pv.rposc of -ivi:.:; the '.vb.dc mutter a fair 
.;'.nd i!!i} ar;ial inve^;;gtfi(.n. 
A Ii liuliis, Ke-jL-ttr. H 

Hrlk>y. Rcctivtr; 


^- $^ (T\a 


V V 

hereby notified to be and appc r at this 
office ou 'J iiesday tiie 11 day of Deiein- 
ber next at 1 o'clock p in, for the pur- 
pose of giving the matter a fair investi- 


A II Dullls register, II W Iljllfy rtcclv«r. 

II s land office winncbago city minn 
nov 8 1800. To JJyron M Cutcheon, 
tbe 8 m railroad co Im.s this d.iv ;ip]>lied 
for the nw qr sec .*J town V)2 raiiue oO 

it bcino; tjie lacd you filed on. Y'ou are | Is-re' j notiliod to be and appear at tbi.s ollicc on 
hereby notified to be and annear at ihs.s I ^'"'^'•^ "i-'y >l'o l2tli day of Do.-, ucx: «t !>o'eloek 
M -r ^1 »i 11-1 (• 1^ ' '^ '" 'Of *''<^ PurpiKc o{ ''iviri'x tbo whole mailer a 

Ofhce on 1 Ues.lay the 1 1 day of Dt'CCm fair and impartial invcHti-rati ,n. 

..,,_.., I lu'fday tbo eleventh d.!y of L>ee next at ono 

.c..** n.^:, wiunt.'..a;;o oitp minn nor Sth ! o'clock p m lor the purnu.-o of Kiviu' tbo u:i.tcr 
l.Soo Jo u il.i on J t:iue\e — the s ni railroad .1 fair inv. .■.•;i:.'alioii. 
has tbbs ('ay applied for tbo a qr Sl-c 21 town A II Uullia rcgl.-tcr. II V>' Ilollcy rtccirer. 

I lal ran;:.: 2(5, ir bein^ the land you liled on You 

are hereby notific.l to l.o an<l apj.ear at Ibis olfiee I ^' .S Land OfU'o winnebr;jo city mien nov Sili 

on * tlio twelfib day of Dec ne;a at 9 j l^<'t5 To Alexander Oobkr— the s in railroad bus 

j o'clock a in for tlio p;-.r,..ih-o of giviuij tha wbolo j t'''* '.J'y njplicd lor I'lc n c qr teetion V.b K.wn 

j mutter a lair and impirtial invtsii;;atioTi 1 lOl n:i:.!;o ;;l,it b« injr tbo land you filed on You 

u b bullis rofj'ister b w Lollcy receiver ' •'>'^ bcr;by notitied to be and api ear /it tui3 cfii c 

j on Tu.'.s.l.-y Jie eleventh day ol Den ne.vt at 

I T' s^ land rffico Winnebago cify minn vo\ Sth | o»c o'eb^iU p m for »bc purpose of /jiving the mat 
I lSCr> To John Ton':in — the s ui railroad ';a.s iln-t '-r a fair if vei-ii^ratioii. 

j\ II Ilullid register. II v.- beilcy receiver. 





<hy applied for the 9 c qr of sec 27 tov.n 101 
•anc- '^C>, it bein.irtbc land you (ilcd on You arc 

Have now 

of F;ul and Winter .Goo,]., oflj.e choicest, .styles and best .i«..,]ify 
to be tomul in the market. CaiDrisin- ^ ^ 



^inncbai.'o City. .Minn. c;c:. iTtb, ItCC. 

To Il.rtholeinew Kenned v : 

Hr Ciark Hewitt ba.v ibts day* .-ppiied for too 
^vc.-t half s-uh . ast quar'er. and ( half Jouth 
wet qn.'irter section thirty Towi,<hip oic hun- 
dred ^.nd ore Nor'b, rantro twenty seven it bci.Tj;. 
t:;e landyou iikd on, Toa arc Leud.y r;.:li!i,.l' 
to be and .ippear .-.t i]d< offi...« on Fiidav the .six- 
te.jnlh day oi .\,iv. IsCd at one o'clock']* M, f.r 
the purpose oi f; ving the matter u fair and im- 
partial investi^aiion. 

A. n. nrr.Li;-., ^vc5i^tcr. 

n. w. liOLLEY Receiver. 





ber next at 1 o'clock p m, for the pur 

po.-e of giving; the matter a fair invcs- 

H II Bullis register, II W Holley receiver. 


day apj.'.ied f.riiio .i w (ir < f kco tl town 102 

ranpc25, it beii-t tbe latid you (iledon Yi.u arj 

u !« land office winnebaj>o city, n.inn i In"''?' ""'•'"''•V" ''V"!,'^ •'1'P''''J: "' tbipoffiec on 

«,.,. Q ivr.i; T. v.. 1 .. M r. .1 i ^"''•^'•'•y tbcclevcnth day ofpccno.M at nine 

nov 8 iNOo. lo Audrns .M Gee. the S (,'ebu-k am lonbc purpose, of {.ivin- the wbolo 

m railroad CO has thi-S day applied for matter a fair and i:,»parliur.nveyti;;a'tiii». 

I' S Offico tviiintbago c'ty minn nov Sth 

2i; To Daniel J Drayn — the h m railr..aa has 

this day applied for ibo n w qr .-cc 2J town 101 

rar.K'o I'.i* it Ininjc the land you filed on Yju aro 

ii XV Lollcy receiver f^.**'"*-''')' >i":i-id to bear.d appear at tbisoliiec on 

I Tiie.-d.iy tiij ekvonlb d.iy of Dec next at ..nco'. 

r s bind offi-'c vriiincbn;;o cily minn nov .Sib I clock p ui-'^or thec purpose of givinj; tbo matter a 
l.SOi) To Will, lla-n— t!ie s m ba-J Ibi^ ' ^^'" i^vcstii-ation 

A U Uullis register. II W IloUcy receiver. 




L\ K Land Ojlfice. 

winneba/^o City, Oct. 10, 1SC6. 

To Chester lb .Miller: 

.Mr Benjamin Vnn,'han br.s tins day .-spplkd 
for t'lc e.i.vt ha'f .'•outh t-.e.<t qino-;...-, .<.ection twen- 
ty four f<»wn>bip one bun<;iod and fiven.^rth. 
r.mgc ci/bteen west, it boin;^ the !an<l yon liled 
on, You are b. ivby uoti.'itd U) be and upp* ar at 
thi.s ofncc .,-u :\i jiid;,y ibe nineteenth d.iy of Nov. 
iJdiO, at leu o c.i-'k A M, fur tbe purpose of giv 
ir a::d imrarfial ii:ve^ti;:a lion 
. -'..II. iULUS. Hipi*ter. 
il. HMIOI.I.LV. Ufc~civ«, 

ing the maUer >» r-* 



w e 


riaids and 

ab bullis reiriitcr 

Alpacoas ; Common and all Wool Dela 
.lud SLeetings; J:Jalmorals and 




the n hf nw qr and sw qr nw qr .and 
nw qr sw qr sec 7 town 101 range 28, 
it being the Itind you filed on. Yon 
are hereby notified to be and finjiear tit 
this ofl.ce on Thursday the Vi day of 
Deceniber next at 1) o'tdock a m, for 
ihc purpose of giving the matter a fair 

A II Bullis rcgi.-'ter, II W IIo!l"y, receiver. 

11 R Innd ofTi.'c. vvitiii-'b.igo city minn 
nov 8 18()(». To .laeob Langes, the s 
ni railroad co lus this day applied for 
the so qr ?eo o to'vn i'H range 28. it 
hoinix the latid vou file.) on. Y'uu are 
liereby notified to bt nnd appear at this 
olVieo on 'llinr^day tiie l.'J day of De- 
cember next at 'J o'clock a in, f.-r the 
p irposc of giving the nutter a fair in- 

A H Bu'.lia rci^ijfcr, ft W I!oJ>y rectJvcr. 

a b bullis register 

T' S Land Of.icc winncbago city minn nov Stb 

l^C^Ci To fbnrl .< »; Trtal— tbo » m railroad lia? 

fbi? diiy .ippliod for Ibe n c qr m.c i town 102 

r.inge 30, it being tlie land you filed on You are 

b w bollcv r-ceivcr I li*"'*-""^ "'dified o be and appear at this ollicc on 

W "»''cj>cr ; Tue.'^biy tbe eleventh day of Dec next at one o- 

tK^ « !T 


raniieii fepiisjg ^kii'tsg 

Uk land office winncbn^o cify minn nov 8fb 
ISfiG To .Janu;.-. 11 I'.ie- — the s in railroad ha.** 
llu.H day applied f<,T tbe n w <|r of .-^ee town 102 
ranpc 2,'), it bciiit' tbo land yo.i fi'ed on Y'ou 
hereby noiillcc to ap]>oarnt tl;i.s oITiteon Tnoird-iy 
tbo eleventh day of D.-c next nt <) o'rioek n in 
for tbo purpose of gi\iii^ the while matfjr a fair 
and iniii.irtial invo.-ti;fali«;:i. 

a h b.illis register L w bolioy ractivcr 

U i lond offico Winnebago city minn nov Stb 
ISfiG lo Anthony Ku.iho Jr— Uio a mr.ilroad 
ba.s tills day applied for tbo s e qr of .'^tc 13 j..-,tu 
102 r:inijc2.-'. it boinjr the bnid you IJled on You 
are iKireby notilitd t.) be nnd appear at tiilp olTieo 
on Tue.-<day tlioelovcnlb day of Dee next at nine 
rkliek a m for the purpose (faivini; the wholv 
in.'ittcra fid.' and imparlial i;ive;rti;,Mli(pn. 

a b bullis r.^gi.stcr b w liollcy receiver 

U sT.ard ofTco winncbacco c'Jyininn nov Sth 
ISGfi To Harris S D.irbour — The s in railroad 
has this day applij 1 for the « bf .■^ c qr sec o« and 
n hf n qr sec '.'A town li'2 r.-inj^o 2 J il b ing tbe 
bind you (ilcil en You are b«;rchy notific.l to b; 
i.nd »[»ne:vr at tiii.^ ofTi'-o on Tuesday the cicventb 
.lay of Dec next at 'J o'clock a lu for tbo purp.ije 

II. 8 land "fTIre winnebn-'jro citv minn 
nov 8 I8d0. To Jaob tioor'»f the ^ I "^ S'^'n.^t'no wbolo luatleru lair and impartial 

n, ra.hoaJ „. 1,»» ,l,i., .l.y „,;j:i;'e<l („, '""'"^^^l^^ „,,„„ ^ , ^^,. „^^,^.^^ 

the 8w qr ne qr .and lot 1 sec and lot 

ii sec 5 town lUl r.ii;gft 28, it bein^- ^' s Land ofni^winncba."!^ -ity minn nov sth 

tiie land yon filed on. Y >xx tiro heref/v i'^'"''^ '^v f r'"° ?""':•"''"— ^"l"" i-di y has this 

•n ^ . \ 1 " ^1 licit f»^ day applied for tbo n e qr II cor of sec "1 tow.i 

notified to be and appear at tj„s office j ioi ra»;,c being tbi you ckdou y 
Oft Thurs bay the lo <lay of December 
next, at 9 o'clock a ni. for tlie purpose 
of giving tbe matter a invcHtigatioD 

A H HulUi r«ji#*f, H W HoU-y, r»*-«iver. j li u «.iaU t w hoUrj receiver 


clock p m for t!:c imiposo of giving tbo maUcra 
fair invesiigafivui 

A II Lullis rcj;l!.fer. II W Holley receiver. 

V .S Land OiTico winncbago cily minn nov Sib 
l.Sn:) To Tboma.s- Ma'.bcw.-— tbe s m raiIro;:d lias 
tbi? day applied for li:e .s w qr sco .'i township 102 
range :; being the land you filed on Vou are 
hereby notified to bo and appear at on 
Tue.-:tiiy the eleventh dny «.f Djc next at one o'- 
clo«:k p m for ibcpurpute of gfvingtbo matter a 
fair invcsli;r»lion. 

A II It'ollis rcgiPttr. H W Holley receiver. 

V S b-and Office v.-innobago city minn nov 8fb 
ISfiC To^ylvc.-ter 11 Norton— tbo s m railroad 
has IbiB .lay applied for the n w qr n w qr t^ec -1 
and obf n o qr tee 5 to.rn ICl rango 28, it being 
the Ignd you filed on You aro borei.y notil-c.l to 
bo andappcar alibi.: office ouTbnr.-^dav tbo thir- 
teenth .lay M Dec next at \i o'clock a mVor tbo pur 
poso of givip;; the matter a fair investic:ation 

A 11 DallU regiifer II W Holley receiver. 

us Land Ofdco winnebago City minn nov Stb 
ISl.G To Alfrcl .''^tilw-tho.'. m railroad bns this 
day .-tpphed f.u tbe.s wqrof scci town lltl ran-'e 
2S, it being tbo land you fikd on Y'ou are bei^- 
by notilicd t • be and appear at thisoffu-eon tiiur.". 
d:iy ihc i;Jtb flay of December nextnt 9 o'clock a 
m f.)r tbciiurposcof giving the matter a fa.*^rin- 

A II Bullis register. 11 W Holley i eceiver. 

U S Land Ofdc^ winnebago city minn nov Sth 
IStitT 'iO j'vlwiti W >Vav— 'bo s m railroad has 
tbi.-' fJay aj'plicd f< r then bfn wqrandtbfnw 
qrof »ec2 town Idl nngo 2S, it i.eing the lan<l 




b w holley receiv«T \ 

J^ferino under garment.'^, Flannels, Gloves, Fine I-Io.dery 

Bootg asnl sSioes^ Moods & sliawls, 
Ladies i-ioakiog^ ^eiiU clc^tlis. 

rul)k>, Linnen Towling, Trimmings, and a variety of Vror^tcd 
and J'aucy articles. Also constantly on Land 





a complete stock of dumber One 

O K O C E III E S . 

Otir Agent in Boston is constantly watching the m.irket for 
ns, and we are tluis enabled to give our patrons the advantages 
by offering the best goods at reasonable rates. 
AVinnebago City, October 20, 18GG, 


ah bu.iid r«gist«r 

£ ^^ ^m^KM\J\^ f?.ill»' er, Mankato; Mung 

v. S. Land Oj^ice. 

"Winnebago City, f'-,t. IStb., 1866. 
To Sanniel Curtis ; 

Sir Micbaii V.'dden this day applied for 
tbo e.nsthaU 5 .:r.h WcFt quarici and west half 
b-'.utb ea^t quarter section twenty Fix to»rn«bii> 
one hundred and otic north, ran^-c twenfy-s-veii 
west. It being the land you filed on. You aro 
hereby notified i:, be and appe.-.r at tbi.^ office on 
Friday the twenty eighth day of Nov. 1S.3'J, nt 
one o clock P.M. for the purpo?o of giving tbo a fair and impartial inve.-tig.-.tion. 
A. ir.LTlLLL-^. Regi.vter, 
n. \S. nOLLEY, lleceiver. 

TJ. S. Land Office 

Winn'-br.go City. Oct. bO. 1866. 

To Jacuu Q. Hanky; 

Mr JloJice A. Brown hab thi< day applied for 
the north west c-uartcr fcction ton township ono 
bunured end one iioitb, range thirty two Mest, 
It being tbo land you filed, You aro bereijy no- 
tified to be ar>.l appear at this ..{Ti.'c on Tuesday 
the twenty s.ncnth dav of Nov ISGC, at I o'clock 
p m., lur tbo purpose of.givi.>g the whole matter 
a lair and iinjiartial investigation. 
— i i Bolii s, llegisfer, H W llolley, Kecoivcv 

BI LLI ARD~K06'm^ 

»AN iMaU B M & CO. FROS. 

Opposite Clifton House, 

Ma^^kato, Minnesota; 

Our tables are rn^w and »rc of the best iRtike; 
Good cigars and Ibjuors at tbe bw. ^Vyl 

p. 8. dayy!^ ' 

Auction -feCoDitmsiNioD Mor^-hant. 

Corner of Soatb ralucit! Streets, 
Slue Earth City, - - . Minnesota. 

CASE! paid for HIDES «fc SKIXS. 

Keeps constantly on b.and a good aseortirent of 


^s.— Hon. J. B. Wakefield, Hill k 
li^aac .Marks. J. F. llcagb- 
gor Bros., SL Paul. 

^ Jun« 4, I86t:. 


. » ■ ■ I ■ ■ 








Tllh llOMK^STEAL) 

U ri L.'iiil OiHco wiiitiob-jjo vUj minn nov 0;U 
I'iCo To i^iinn!.| r .lojio— Jaci.lj L H"li'.ntl l-.xn 
tlii.' Iny<U f.^r tl'o ji cqr of ftc i!0 tttwii l(tl 
rniip;** :'o it bi ii.^; t}m l.nnl von li.v ^ un \t.ii arc 
i.«.r«.t)y i.oiiliou t'» i)o u'lU I'.^iji-iii ul llii-* kHj'C ou 
MoimImv flu toiitl, ,I,iy of Dca l>Crt ftt 2 «V»ock 
p r»i :d» Lu j*mi)r,.vc< uT givinj; iU« whult- uwtt«.r. u 
Uii- Hiitl ".niiMrtial 

a U ' udis ivuistiir b \v Uullcy rocoircr 

Iti<;6 it) J.jmcH i'— .Vlitrliui I'l.oLar.: li«^ 

TT J hind Offi«!e wi»HK''>ng.» city tninn rov 8th 
^C'C* 'ii> 0!(j Jol.nion— the >i m railromJ has iliix 
diiy Lrplicl fur tl.o a w iirs v qr and H o «ir h w 
qr FCC-2.S aiiJ w ht n e qr b(.i.' .'i:; town 101» raiiRc 
2i), it beiii.-?tlio limdjui; tiki .n Vou me bunt.v 
notiihrd fu Lc ,,ril iij.^.e.u- at tbis ofTi.MM.n 'J'u.-Piiay 
•iHS e!ovc!.ih il.i y of t>in iiujct At 'J n m far tJio |>iir- tto wLok UiM!..i a l..ii:iiia imi-ur- 
(iul uivt>ti£ali!»ii. 

ah tuil^^ rr^istcr ,h w l.oMty retfjvcr 

U S r.:nrl 0?"rc wiTimh ijr'> ci?v nnim n'>v 8th 
,,..,,. „., ..^ .... ., , , t..c-l\ town |8t;&- 'iDJi.Uviii D.x.iioi*-- tLe Kin railr.;:i<l U:>a 

ii- tnin.. o... I l>^:„]ui,d you n .-.l ,1, Y.m ibia Jay mphIk.I f.,r tho « l.f i. t-.,r»i!.l n h( k w 

qr -*>:!l'Z, ti »\ :! H'l* ra-ifi- L\». it >•, ".i.:_- (Iji; Kunlyoii 


iJiis»*uy if,.pu,.i( j,,r iiJt.H 1: 1' anil 3 ut 

aro ht.Tc'>y iioiiltL't.: ;o bo :<iid ajiij-m- :n ibis uffwe 

.'II Satur.liy tlio Mh -Jiy o. U-b K^.'JO at ton liJeduc Yi.u «r,. brret.T liutifio.! r., i,., aiH app-nr 
o .b,.-li a ill li>e puinioHO «f «iri..«<: iho whnio I ;,t thi- .^ITi^c• ...i in v<.iay lb., oIi^vct.H day Jt Ucc a .••.ir arul iii.ij: rtial u.v^.- t;.^:.tioii, | „, '.» ,.\ l-.d: a m for tb2 paq/osc of ^Mvi.,g iht- liial 

** '^ >vt>>iur h w iior.ty ucii»-cr j tcr a l.iiijind iuH»aHial invcKriyaib.u 

IT o r 1 iwi- ,"' "' ] a h bit. lid rt;:i!iivr h w holli>v rootiviT 
\ S L.ui.l Oilwc fiuncbuKoi-iiv minn nov 10. | '^ ^ rvcc.ur 

Suo lo (.lMr:c« W K>iiJer--J ^JT rs.-n iVrry h..» | T' S T and Offir-c v inn b^p.o lity mini, „ov Sth 

« s l.ind cfiu'c, wii)nob:i'40 ci*j niinr> 
nov 8 ISOO. 'J'o \Vm. P F' Ci.iumiii^rM, 
111" s 11) i-ailmnd arhns ihh day ripj lied 
l(.r llif iiw qi- 8i'c 27 town- lOl lani^e 
27, ii l.oiii^r llu- Inrid yon (iled on Yon 

uvo l.ercby i-otifio-l to bo and iW]H-i\r '^'^' ''"^ ''""^ ^^'^ ^'^'J on, Y 
:it lliis otiico mi I lnns^lay iho 13 <t y of ^>'''"^'kv nolifled to be and appear 

Decenibor next ntl) o'clock a m, for 
i!»e juirposc oirriviug the matter a lair 

u s landolVico witumbauo city minn 
nov 8 186(3. To Andrew More, ihus 
m railrond co liaa this day applied tor 
thfc s\v qr nw qr w hf sw qr and so qr 
sw qr Kec 11 town 101 rftii''e 28 it be 

on a 

fK.^ ha^Kf. q^^ 

Winnebago Citf Mrnn., Oct. II IMe. 
lo Joseph Sainpsel : 

Mr Harvey J Noyes has ttfn i»f applied for 
(*\o north east qoartcr of eoction 18, townybip 101 
n^rth. range 26 west, it being tbo land jon filed 
'- are hereby notified to be and appear at 
on Friday, the 28tb dar of MoreiBbAi* 

on. YoH 
tiiij oitce 

invcs.'iir:ili in. 

A II lJui:is register, H W Ilollcy receiver- 

«J s land oiVico. winneba^o civ minn 
nov 8 18G3. To James W Curdc 1. tl.c 

H m railroad co lias this day 

otl'ice on Thuf.sday the 1,3 day of Dec ; j!"'^^' f ,' •*''=^"<='' ^ ^ for the porpose of giving 
next at 1) o'chck a m, for iho purpose of tio"n " "'''"'^' '^'''iVr' impartial invc.«iig.. 

givin<( the UKittcr a f .ir investigation 

a h bnlii 

s, rug- 

)i w hollny rcc. 

u s luud ofTcc winneb :go city minn, 
nov 8 i88<3. "o Oliver .Jackson, the s 

NOVEMBEI^ 14. 18G8. 

J. L 


- Editor 

Jr^"" *>ur nitMub will ploas«ecxcn-(- 
us lor fnndsl»ii'L< no ria<l:niij nwilter fur 

U S I.nid «»riMs'» * ^y. .Minr.. Cit 
iu I'. .Kill Vcrr:ii: 

J* l>«»Ji«^ r«gi.sicr h w hoU y receiver 

;>»tb. l.'CC. to I'.-ui.l Vcrrjll: J>.lrh "liliudy | bas ibis il.y upi id lur iKj ». hf 3 iv .jr ( , J^.° *':»r.d OfTi*© v.iiiii,ib.i_.^rt .-itv minn nov Pth 

* •' }< .»'•) n It n «• '{r f-r j; t)\.u KI ran;rc itt, ',^.'" '" ^^^i^'T H P raroy— tlic c in rnilniad bar. 

ii b<iii;C the iuiid y u l^d en Y<ii mv bo.rvbv n«i '*'''* ''"•^' "M'''-'' '^"' ih lll•q^o^^c<• I ti'\iu lt'2 

_ , ,. . t fl <J t.. bo mm npjcar at this « ff rr 0.1 )«atuiida\ ! {"""P^" "^•''''•-'"'J'^" '*!»'l .voa filed on Y<.ti art- 

a tew WCJKd W e want a railruad, Jind j tb.- l^.h.Say if Dvo next at en*; oVIorlt u m l.'r ! j'Oieby ii..iiutd lo l;c and ni'jHuratibis ..ff.ce on 

vv of ,.iM«ni,M. »•'' l"'''"-^* "f«''''i< 'he v.b.,:,i.,a. lira fair ^ndi'^.'^t^'^'"-^ tho rlcvoiuh day of !),e n.xt ut oiio 
J I .11 in. It- ii» wui hit.u 1 , „„j„iH'.i! iuvLSliLMti n. I o'tdoi'k p lu fur ho ytir|."!-x> ofyiviiij^ the whole 

inalUru impartial iiivtvli^raiioii 

a h Lullia n.gis'cr h w btjiiey receiver 



3, Register, 
^ WH«Hey, Receiver, 


the pni'pose of giving ihu matter a fair 


a I) btillis renijtfei-, Ii «• hoiu-y receiver. 



ha? on band the large?t and best selected ftot»k* 
of Dardwa'e. Sforf-a and Agricaltaral Jmplc- 
monts in the M:iine«ota Vfitley. Sty jtock of 
Agricullnral luiplcfnon's h very larfo and com^ 
plttc, consisting pf tii« ^.lk>wing taachiaeb : 

t llli]>lll t'AI lUVtSi!; 

liave givon «. 

to tl>e S 31 \l 11 Co., lor :i tiitjo Tin j u h Lullid rtgia-r h w hcilcy iccviTcr 

w*)rk of the coiniany \\'A\ be done in 

about five weeks, and tht-n wo will try 

and .aaku up lor \oM .imo. 

1^, T'he electicni ?<t!jrt!8 from tlie 
Kasterii States rijiort well. 3lMiiiei;<ita 
gives ab(>ni 9.00U Jlt'sublican m.tjority 
W'e liavc not space for Ctinnjent, o.i ror 
fi II returns, but btdoV we pvo jast a 
few figures to show how the thing is lVa;s"!.is^hiy a^'piiL'a't^.r lu sVr^ 

{' S Land Ofiicf vinnobairo tity Diiun novKrh 
I3I.C l.> William ii ii i uikloy— The li ni rjil 
road li-.i thin u'ay uj jdierl 1, r fhuB \> ^r « « m of 
s<;c I;. OM*n li'2 .ii.g.) 2j, ai.d t l.f i. c cjr >*...i « 
w <|r td n o iir of «»•« l.'. (own l!2 lan^o 2 i, it 
Ixing v«.u li;<d «.n V-.ti are hereby i<o- 




• V.^ '•*'°'^ Offiio winiic' «j»o city oiin r.ov 8ih 
SOG To .lohii ,J Kus.^::iaiid--tLu t; m railroad 
aB lhi«day ap| lii-d for the b v .jrofnec i'i K'avii 
«'2 ian;,-o uU, u btlug the land you tiled on Voii 

.. - - , "'■<' ''"•'•''.v noiTi'Ml to bfaiidn|.i)e:irat thijofuoe 
iDicii to bo and oii,.oar iit this olTi.o o-.i TuctrJ.iy i •"» Tuesday iho eleventh day ..:l»cc n.xt at one 
tl.c tltvt'iih day ci L<.c ncx; at <) o\lo.-k a tii for ! ""'doeli p m Ut thc|.iirpuse of giviii" iho matter 
Ibo onrpose .d Koin.ur the wk jle uisller a bur and i -^ fi«»r oik; iinn:irtinl ii:vc«li"ali,,n ° 
impavtial iiivojiigaiii.n j .\ il Cnllii regisJtr" II W l.'oltey rcce'vcr 

a h l):iilia r^'^idor 

a h builis reiv, h yy holley, rcc. 

55 Buckeye^s» 

(50 J. II. MaiiDy's^ 
ir & Hand Hakes, 

20 Kirby^ 

bein;. t!ie (he land you lilul m^ "Xon nyJh^^i^hy'u^g^^i;;:^^ appeal^" Excelsior Droppei-S, 

are hein,y notdu-d lo he a.uj nj.pear this oflfice on Tl.ur.sclny tho li day of ^^^<^ Cailgia Chier, 

atth.scfl.ccon J hnrsday th,,. i.'J day of December next atO o'Jiock a in. loi- the ^ t^WCepstakes TLreshers, 

b w h.dlcy reciivcr 

• r •=: T.and OfT'co winnebago city minn rov Sth 

-.F ^ _^i*"'' Off;>e winnel-a^jo eily !iiinnn(\ f th ' '^''^ To .lames II Iteynobl?— the s m railroad 

\?CCi To.T (Ttr.oii J{ ImlUi i— '1 Le s -a railroad i '"'^ ^^J"' '^"X -'Pi'''*-''! furthcs o qr ofsee :;;; tonn 

la.s ibis day a). plied fur Ibe & hf n c qr nuu n bf I ''2 ii^.-c ;jO, it Mug the land you filed on You 

goin;?. Congl^SS is SUStamed, and pap I J'y^ij V'' ''''' ^-^ b'"n H12 r-n-o 2J it being th.- ! '««,Jj".-'\v noiilb^d tobi'a:.daj.r.e:.r at this offiec 

Johnson dcnounctid by the people: 
oCionER 2oiii 

AVest Virginia 

HuTm.'^' '"'.^\^^. ^ '>f'-^k atn, for purposo cd^^ivit,g the matter a fair in 
llie pu.puse 01 «,Mvnig the m;itter a fcir Ye«ti-ation. 


a h Ln'.lis, re*'. 

b w hulley rec. 

:i h bullis 

I'cg, h w holley rcc. 

n s lar.d oQice 

e winneL.igo city minn, 
'o Tlionias :v' Whetstcne, 

u 8 land office winneb;t?:o city minn 
liov 8 1800. To 0!e 8tarkle.<on, tiie g 

() J. .1 Case's Thresliers,^ 
6 Velrator Threshers, 

jMassellon Macliines,- 
6 Buffalo Sulkey L ' os, 

35 Kevolviug, horse i'akes, 


on filed on V..u arc b(.reb\ m-tilbd to be! *'" TiK.sdiiy ibc clivmih d.ny oi DeicnibiT ne.M 
and Hj^i-ear at this .dli;o on t lur^U-.y ;b,, elLVciith i "' ""^' '•'i-"'i> j' ui lor t!.<i piirpoyo of giving the 
ilay ul i.ce next ai [) o*. dork a 10 f-V the porpone ! '"aUtr u fjir niid irapnrtin! invc.-tiLa i"n 
of gtviijg -hi whole matter ub-tirund A U tu'lbregijttr IMV llollwy rccdver 

m »*^» 





New York .....'.. 


Xvans jrS .......... 

New Jersey 

•i/i C \ HClil • •• • 


u h bullis register 

h w Lol!.>y rcftivcr 

r S Laid OtTiCh winncba-,'0 ejtv miuu nov 8tb 

r - i\'-\f\ ; . •^'", ^" i'loilip A hi.dd— The k m railroad bus 
. Ut),U\>U I tbi.H d. y ipplicl /or !hf o hf s \t br f.-r 18 nn.J n 
h: i> n qr fc.- ly town IftJ range 2,^, it bein- thi 

IT S Land O'fiico winncb>go city minnrovStb 
ISCi; To A II l>asbiM Jr— tha b m railroad hdt. 
thi.sday ajplied further e qr fo.;l;i townJiip 102 
ran,(,'e ;jO, it being il;o land you lllid «.n Yoitarc 
hcni.y i;otiiio<l lo bcusid aj-{)ear at tLi.-»oftieo on 
To flay tlie iIc\C!ith disy of iice iiist ai one 

hzn brcD se- 
re Builderf 

a h bullis, repr, Ij w holl 

li w holley rcc. 

• • •■ 

u 8 land oi^'ico wintu bago city miim " ^ 1:""^ ofVico winneba^^o city miiin 
nov S 180(1. To Oil Ch)is:i:m«on, the "^'V 8 18(;'J. To l]',my lyers.o, the s 
« m radroad co has this day ajiplicd "' livilroad co has tltis day ain)!ied for 
for the sc qr sec 21 town ItJl range 28 t'>G c hf se qr sec 4 and -v Ijf sw qr see 
i) being the land vou tiled on. You are ^ town 101 Tange 28, it being the hmd 
h.'reby notified to be and .ip.pear at this 3''''' fiJ^'d on. You aiv hereby notified 
oliico on 'Ihnrsday the 13 day of Dec. ^'* ^ (^ •'^'i'^ nppeami this cilice on 'ihrns 
next .at 1> o'clock a m, for the purpose '^-'W ^'k-' 13 d.-iy of DeecMiiber next at 9 
of -iving the waiter a fair mvesiiga- f>'i*I^>fk a nt, for the pitrn.>c of 'nvin'*- 

. . 5,000 

U S Land OtBcc winncWaro city minn nov 10. 
1»66 To barrel T Asiworlli — Jame.^ W Young 
has thin day applied for tlic 8 c qr s w <|r and u 
hf s w e,r and s w or n w qr of sc<i 'M Ui4 range 
2*tit being the land you filed on You are hereby 
notitied to be .md appear a thi:? ofiicc on Satur- 
day the loth d:<y of Deeeuiber I8CI) .it II oVloeit 
a m for the purpose ofgiving the wholo m.ittor a 
fair and impartial invcj-tigation. 

A h buUia register h w hoHcy receiver 

U S Land Offieo wiunebago city n inn nov 7th 
1866 To John llassing — .lacob Liadcr has tbif- 
day applied f..r tb« n w qr s w qr of .<ec 12 to-rn 
l\i3 range 2ti, it being the land \'>u tiled on You 

tins Ibi.^ .'r.y nppiied for the w hf b w qr »<ce20 A I of at o>;« oVIo.k p ,n fortio purpos 

o hf s eqr se>- ]J town liUl range 2j. it I<eing ti.-j : -iviut t-^ M»llir r. fair invi.-^^ iga:ioii 

land you filed on Yoa are Icr-.l y notilled to bo i A II Eallis rcfci br 11 W UotJcy receiver 

i and ajq.iJir tit this office on Tucsolay the eleventh I 

! day t.t Dec next at i» oVlock a m l.r the purpose j t' S L.-xr.d > fCca winnebjigo city mien nor 8ih 
I ;f giving the »LoIc matter a fair and impartial ' ^^C To (Mivcr .J ^tcveo.'-oii — The b m r.iiiroud 
^nvebiiguiion | b:^ tbij lay a; plied lor the w hf n w qr see ten 4 

u h ballis rc-;:istrr L li holley receiver ; c hf r eqr hoc y town 102 rj^nge .')0, it* being the h< 

landyou filed on Yea arc l:ertb3' i.olii'oj to bo 
anil appear at tl:>rf o:T,cc on Tuvi^day tlie eleventh 

a h bullis reg, 

Ii w holioy rec 

the m. liter a /air inve.-^tigalion. 

li h builis rcg, 'h w holley rcc. 

U j^ Land CfTlec winnebngo eily minn nov 8th 
ISM To t'a!*.<iii,^ 1» i:jiniir.d.s--T!:c3 m railroa.l 

day ot Dccii'-xt at oucfVIccl* pm for the puipuse 

has lliis da. applied f-.r the n qr of see 21 town I ^i g'virg thf ma.'rer a fiiir iuv.rt!pi 

K'l' range 20. it being the Irnd you filed on You 
nro hereby niiir'';d to be and ajqear ;it ili;.-? off-fo 
on Ti;, <day tlsc eleventh d;iy (ll)vi' next at nine 

■ on 

A 11 IJulKs r^fa-isttr. II V,' Iklicy receiver. 
IT 5? Lan;! Olfioi' winnibngo city minn navSih 

o eb.erj a ni tor the of giving tlic whole ' ISfiC. To (ieorgo W KnieiKon— iho s m rftiiroad 
matter n fair and impartial in vc^ii;>inion hii^ thij lay i-jq^iod for Iho w bf 8 o qr and e hf .«. 

► a b bul!i>- register h w holley receiver) w qr !>e.-2l» town Ii<2 raa. .; .-'.O, it btin-' ibobuid 

a h bulii.s r^-g. 

ii»^ t"et:;atferafair inve^fi;:atu)n 
1. wh.iley rcc. I a h buIHs rcg, h w h..ll 

ey roe. 

are hereby noiifio-l lo be an'! npp.v.r at fhi. ofii.'e ! ,oE^ •r''",'?, ^^i'-c^'""*^''"!!^ city minn nov Sih 
on Saturday the Sth davof Dec LSCrtnt ten oclook .,• , ^" ^,'Tr ^"."I'cr-t."? s m railroad hai 

tins (lay appiird for tlie n w qr fccf 21 t<.wu 1(.'2 
rango 2.'>, ii b.-ing the land you fiU-d on You arc 

a m for the purpose of giving the whok matti'r a 
fair and impartiai trial. 

a b bullis register h w holley reeciTcr 

u s hand office winuebago city minn, 
nov 8 18GG. To Charles O Carpenter, 
ttie s m railroad co has this d ly .applied 
for the sw qr sec lo town 102 ran^eoO 
it being the luod you filed on. Ytui tiro 
hereby notified to be and appear tit thi.s 
office on Tuesday, the 11 day of Deccm 
bcr next at 1 o'clock p in, for the pur- 
pose of giving the mailer a fair invcsli- 

A n BuUls rejliter, U W Il..!ky receiver. 

hereby notified to be nnd appear si this on 
Tuesday tlie eleventh dny of Doe next at {) o'eolek 
a m fer the purpo.-io 3 f giving tho whole matter a 
fair ar.d impartial investigation. 

a n buiiis register h w holley receiver 

3 ou lilod on Y'ou ale hcrvl.y ii(.;iCf.l to be and up 
I'oar at thi.s offlee on 'i'uisday the leiiiii day of Dec 
next at one o'clock J) m for the purpose of giving 
ihu matter a fair in\ est5g?.iii>n 

Ail L\iiVi3 rej.::.<Ur. 11 W Holley accclvcr 

U S Innd Office wir.ntb.igo eily minn nov 8.h 
ISt.f) To Wm. 11 re.>\r~l!ius m lai'road li's 
this' d ir nj p;ied !<ir the u w qr «'f gi;e 2t town 102 
rang." ;;tl, it being the lan«l you fllid on Yt.u arn 
heivby notified to be •ii;d apjiear at ibis oHkoon 

6^c. <fec. 

Prices Ezceedin for 


AM persons desiring to purchase llcHp Sand 
Threshers, would d'> well to givt. »nc a call ocfonj 
pnr.'jbasing, as my slock is very large and 1 w?«l 
Warrant all maciiines io give satiHi'nction, and 
my piir-es and terms eniiuot fail f" suit. 

^US}t JOHN F. 


A fVosh supply of Quit Claim Deeds 
:>nd Mortj'uji: Blanks, for sale tt this 

rMllH r,F,.fT OF Tlir: MONTHLIES— 
I THE LADY'S FRIEND— devoted toF.* SH- 
ION end LITER AT L-RE. neaulifa! Pteel En- 
•trii.s of Dr*>.-?p.-, €*!oaic?, Donncts, Embroidrry, 
.Vc. Hon.-rd-.d I Kce. i(,«.«. Jlnsie, do. WHEKL- 
i-Hl WJLSON'.S Sewing Idaebints gives at; Pre- 
m.iiT.-. Sonl IJ. ee!;ts f .r a .-ample e- -v ta 

\\ jiinnt blrcct. 

r S Land OiTieo Tvinnebago citv minn nov 8lh ! ^."^'''-'^ ^\ eleventh day ot D... next at on.-, 
1^6(5 Tr George W Hiejiardpon-the s in rail ' " '.' " ■ '' "' ^"'' ■ I"""! ^»« ^^ g»vii.g iho matter 
i.vd has thi.s day aj.pHe,! for the . e qr rcc ill'* ""'' ''''vn'jTX"; H-t r 11 v ir n 
tcwn 1 (.2 range 25. it !., ing u.e land you filod o:-. ! '^ " ^"^^^ ''^^'■^'^' " ^' "^"^"-^ "*''""*''•• 

ov Sth 
r.iilroad iias 

w s land oflieo winneb.ago c'ty minn 
nov S ?8'iG. To Marquis IJenson. the 
s m railroad CO has thi.-* day applied for 
the sw qr sw qr 2 and s hf se (p* and nw 
qr se qr sec 3 town 102 range 30, it ho 
ing the land you filed on. You are 
hereby notified to be and appc r at this 
office ou Tuesday the 11 thiy td" Decein 

ber next at 1 o'clock p m, for the pur- w!? "'" ''''T- "-^''u '^'^ for tho « eqr sec 21 to«n 
^^„, , • ,, '. i- ■ • ' . 1"' rant'c 2(5, It being the land vou filed on You 

pose of giving the mailer a lair lUVestl- are hereby notified to be and appear at thU off.eo 

on Wednesday tho twelfth day of Dec ne:ct at 9 

\ ou a.c hereby ... ,tK-d to bo and appear at th,. j V SLrnd Ofilec uinnebago citv minrt n 
ofr.ceon Tuesday heel venthdi.yof Doc ncxtat' 190^ q.., (^^,.^.,,,3 ^ pj ,,4.,. .':,,,. «;., r ""o 
iloeloekamtorthe purpose of!e|tbi« nntdied for the w hf ^ c r an 1 c M' s ^ 
matter a f^^iir .-.nd impastuU .nvc.tigati.n qr^ecJltown I02rango :J0 it being tho and 

a h bullis regi^ h w holiey receiver | 3'..., liLd or. You are hereby- not,fi..f to b„ t\ 
»i » ' «•• -I . . * I aiq>eiir at tbis tfiii c on Tuc.-<.lav the eleventh d-iv 

l.rn T? W-^r ' ""^'^^'^''^^^y ^'-^^. "->; f ^1' of Dec n .«xt ..t OMC oV'.oek p nff-r .1';, u o.! cT 
1^6C T., llane~the . mrai.roul ha.. ! .i,i;, , ju ,„,,,,r a fair iovcti^atW.:, ^ ^ 
thus dry app.nd lor the s w qr .c-c 23 town 102 : " '' A 11 Huilus rctditer. II W Holley receiver. 

range 2.), n being tho land you filed ou Youa:c j 1 recuvc. 

boieby notifi.d to bo and appear nt this cITicc on I v Q r«n,l rcr^r. ~;...,.i» 

Tuesday tho ebnc-nth day of Dec next at rine is.l. ^Tvit Vr^ rt^^V'^ °"" •• '""^ f '' 

oVb.ek a m for tb„ pHrp,,,!, .,f ^^iving the «Lo!o ' ,1 ^ i-'l'^V^pagrani-thc « m raiJ.o.d ha 

matter.* fair and iinpnrtiul invcsiigation 

a h ballij'.T h w holley receiver 

U s land offi.'P winne'.j^ro 
ISOii To Wiliinn 

y a-qilKL lor the b w ijr sec 2j town 101 

' range ;ii. ii luinjj tbo bind you f.led ».n You are 

, hereby n'.tilied lo b.^ nod appear at ibis oilicc on 

I Tuesday tl.o eleven ih day of Dee uext at I'uo 
..»..t....i »•..„. I,. . - /. . . 

Wf 1 


Have now 





L .■« L>,n.! Ofiicc. Wii n.bag.j Citv, Linn.. Oct. :0 
iiCG. To Johr h Orthi : Mr Cvrus H Ear"^- 
Icy i;as tbisday ai- iivii tnr the ?ont!i half south 
west q:tarter-e;gbtei.:y-,Bu norTh half i.orlb west 
finurtiT. section nineteen towl•.^b•;. one bandred 
Ml., onenortli. j.ii,.'e trvoniy .vi.-; r.ctt. it boing 
'le 1: no you fiiod on, V*,u are horebv notific i 
£■• o' anW appear at lbi« oBice ou Ti'arV 1 iv. ;hj 
tiiiitieth d;,yof>:ov. ISi',^. «t one oVb;( k"p ui' 
f.r the purpose of^:ivi:,;r the -.vb-de matter a 
..'.nd imjariial investigttion. 
A H DuJfis, Ite-u-ttr. II v.- HcRcy, Rcctiver. 

U. S. Zand (^jjice 

VMnncbajjo City. .Minn, f.'et. ITth, 1&C6. 

To llirtholemew Kennedy: 

Mr Clark Hewitt ha.<5 ti;ts day* r.pplied for the 
we.-t b.alf s- uh . ast .juar'er. and ca.<{ half south 
wet qn.yter section thirty Township one hun- 
dred '.nd one Nor'h, ranjre twenfv seven it bci.ig- 
t::e landyou fiiod (Wi, You arc heicbv r.oli!:.,l* 
to be and appear at (hi* ..fSce on Fiidav tbo t-ix- 
feenih day oi Nov. IsCC. jU (>,.c o'clock'? .M. f.r 
tiie pariiose of g ving the matter u fair and im- 
partial inveRtigaiii./i. 

A. H. Rl'LLL^., Regi.^tcr. 
n.w. HOLLEY Receiver. 

nneb.go oilp minn n.y Sth o'clock p m for the purpose of giving ibo ma:er ' of Fall and Winter GoOfk offTw. 
J bhie\e— the b ni railroa 1 .1 lair iuv;.sti;.-arion. ""v* ' * iiiei. 1 A-'OOiDs, Of iiio 


A II Uiillis register. 

II W Ilolley receiver. 

A II Dullis register, 

u s land ofTico wiiincba^o city minn 
nov 8 1:^06. To IJyron M Cutcheon, 

the 8 m railroad co luis this day .-ipplicd 
f«jr tho nw qr sec 3 town 102 ran-io 30 
it being the iat^d you filetl on. You are 
liereby notified to be and appear at thi.s 
ottice on Tuesday tho 1 1 d.iy of Decern 
ber ne.\t at 1 o'clock p in, for the pur- 
pose of giving the matter a fair invcs- 

TT ,S Land Ofli''o wlnnebrgo city mir,n nov Sth 

l.*5ti6 To Alexander Cobkr — the ?m railro.-ul has 

II W Holley rtcclver. i 'j'clock a in for tbc i.:;r|.o.vo of giving tho whole j thi* day ajplicd l..r the n c qr hce'.ion V>b town 

matter a lair and imjMrtial invtstigation i HH range .'iljt being ilio land you filed on You 

:i h bullis regi.ster h w holley receiver j '^ro hereby notified to bo and apj ear nt this ofii c 

j on Tuesd.-y ihe eleventh day ol DretmbiT next at 

^' ^..'■'"'V^^^''"''"''"''''''""'^ ^i'.V minn nov Sth ; otic o'clock p m for »hc purposu of givii'.g the mat 

ll'l^^Y'"'''.-' ?""' «|'o!«est -stylos and bostqu.^lify 
to be found Ul the niaiket. Ccuipvisin- ^ 

ISCG To John Tt.n'iin — tho s in railroad ';as (bis 

ter u fair in ve.i-ti;:ation. 

A II Bullid rcKister. 

II w bciley receiver. 


H H Bullis register, II W Holley receiver. 

day apjdied for the 9 c qr of sec 27 town 101 
range 26, it being the hmd you filed on You ore 
hvreby nolibcd to bo and appear at thi.s ofiice on 
ivedncMb-.y tho 12fh day of Dcv nex: at Ho'eioek 
a 111 for the purpose o{ giving tho whole matter a 

fair and impartial inveHtigation. „ , 

ah bullis register L w Lollcy receiver f^y*-'''3' ""iigid to be and jijtjtcar at tliis oltiee on 

I Tuesday tliu elevonih day of Dec next at unco'. 

r s land '.fTi<'c winneb.n^^o city minn nov ."^ih i ^"'"^'^ p m .'or thee purpose of giving tho mattcra 
ISCG To U'm. Ham— tho s m railroa.l ha^ Ibis ) '•**" »" 

A U liuUis register. II W lloUcy receiver. 

U S Offieo Winnebago c'tj' minn nov Sth 

2t'(lG To Daniel J Drayn — the s m railr-ad has 

tbis day a'jplicd for the n w qr .«ce 2J town 101 

I rar.go .'il,' it hi ing the landyou filed on You are 

riauls .iiiJ 


SHpress Cloths ! 

iiid Uroel^e PcdIIijs ! 

day applied f .r tiio a w qrof sec H town 102 

range 25, it beia<c tl:c land you filed on You arj t- e , , ^-. 

u « land offieo cii.v,, j s,;'ii,^;ir;;;';::i;;'rr"^:?;ra^:r 1 4\ xn!,-.'?.rr.:V-^:,,^'^\:r;:n "r. z 

lo Audrtis 31 Uee. the S o'clock am for the purpo>.'o of pivin'^ the whole ? applied for the n c qr .-co 3 town 102 

matter a fair and impartial inveyti^^rtion. I f'""'' ^^' '';"'',"S H'c laud you filed on You are I 

a h huUi3 register b w holley receiver I ™ "P' "*'f' "'^^' '" •^^' ""^ "ppt^'T at this oincc on I 

Alpaccas;^ Common and all Wool Delt 

J^almorals and 

lO-.S • 

aines: Prints 


nov 8 18GG. 

m railroad co has this day applied for 
the n hf nw qr and sw qr nw qr and 
nw qr sw qr sec 7 town 101 range 28, 
it being the land you fiied on. Yon 
are hereby notified to bo and anpear tit 
this ofl.ce oil Thursday the 13 day of 
December next at 9 oVdoek a m, lor 
ihe purpose of giving the matter a fair 

A II Dullis register, 11 Vf IIo!l"y, receiver. 

\\ s Innd ofr'ico. wiiiM'.'bago city minn 
nov 8 18()G. To .Tac >b Langes, tho s 
n\ railroad co lus this d;iy applied for 
the so qr see 5 ton'ii 10 1 range 28. it 
being the lawd you filed on. Yon arc 
litMeby notifiiid to be tuitl appear tit this 
olVicp on 'Ihnrsdny liie 13 d:iy of De- 
cember ne.xt atO o'clock a m, for the 
J' n-pose of giving the matter a fair in- 

A H Bu'.lia rcsjUter, H W l!ol!ey receiver. 

Spsisjg Skirts ! 

n. »bind •■fFiie winnobnrro citv minn 
nov 8 18GG. To Jaob Georgp', tho s 
111 railroad en has this day applied for 
tho sw qr no qr and lot 1 sec G and hit 
3 sec 5 town lOl r.iugo 28, it being 
tho land you filed on. You tiro hereby 
notified to be and appear at this office 
Ofi Thursday the 13 tlay of December 
next, at 9 (»'clock a ni. for the purpose 
of givincT the matter a f.«ir invoHtigatioD 

A H BqIU* rejUKr, , H W iioU«y, r*^«Iv«r. 

1' s land office winnchago city minn nov Sth 
1SC6 To Jaine.s 11 Ric> — tho 8 m railroad has 
ihis day upidlcd ft.T the n w qr of jiee town 102 
range 2.'), it beini" tho land yoi fi'ed on 
hereby notificc to np]>oarnt thi.s oCitcon Tiictdny 
tho eleventh day of Dec next at 9 o'clock a m 
for tho j.uTpose of giving tiie while matter a lAir 
and inip.(rtial invoctigaliua. 

a h b.illis regi=.ter L vr bolloy receiver 

IT 9 loud offieo Winnebago tity minn nov Sth 
ISfid lo Anthony Uu.iho Jr— tlio h m riilroad 
has this day applied for the i e qr of sec 13 p.wn 
102 range 2o. it boing the land you filed on Y<iu 
are hureby notified t) bo nnd appear at tbifj oiTjeo 
on Tuesday tiioelovenlh day of Dec next at nine 
r'eloekam for the purj>0f0 of giving tho whol'j 
inattira faiv and imparlial investigation. 

a b buUid rogbstcr h w holioy receiver 

U sTiand oiT-oo winnebago cWyminn nov Sth 
ISOfl To Harris S ll.irbonr — 1 he s m railroad 
has tbis day applij I for the r hf s c qr sec 09 and 
II hf n e qr sec 'CI town ll'2 range 2 j it b dug the 
bind you filcil <>u You arc hereby notified to be; 
and appear at this offi'v on 'Tuesday the eleventh 
day of Dec next at o'eioek a m for tbo j.iirpoje 
of giving tho whola mutter a lair and impartial 

a h bullis regirtcr h w holley receiver 

U s Land offieo winnchago lity minn nov Sth 
lSr.6 To Addio Tallman— John Edriy has this 
day applied for tho n e qr n c qr of sec 21 tow.i 
lot range being the bind yon filed on You 

j Tuesday the eleventh day of Dec next at one o'- 
clock ;» m for tec purposo of giving tho mailer a 
fair investigation 

A II Lullis rcfclMer. 11 W Holley receiver. 

I' :? Land OiTico winnchago ciiy minn nov Slh 
ISfi:} To Thomas Ma'.hcw.s— the s m railroad lias 
this day applied for the s w (jr seo :j ta»vnKhip 1 02 
range ."50. it being the land yon filed oti Vou are 
hereby notified to bo and appear at this office on 
Tuct;uny fhoclevtnth day of Dec next at one o'- 
eioek p m for (bo purpose of gsving tho matter a 
fair investigation. 

A II Bullis rcg!st«r. H Vf Rolley receiver. 

r S L.and Office winnebago city minn nov Sth 
ISf.C T.> Sylvester II Norton- tbo s m railroad 
has thii day applied for tho n w qr n w qr sec 4 
and ohf n c qr tee 5 to.fn ICl range 28, it being 
the Ignd you fiied on You nro heret.y notified to 
bo and appear al thiaoffico ou Thur.-^day tho thir- 
teenth day 1,1 Dec next at 9 o'clock a m for tbo pur 
poso of giving tlie matter a fair investigation 

A II Bullis register II W Holley receiver. 

L^S Land Offieo winnebago City minn nov Sth 
15()G 1 o Alfred i^tiloe- the s m railroad hns tbis 
<lay .applied fu thes w qr of sec 6 town 101 ran"e 
2S, it being the landyou filed on You are here- 
by notified t ) be nnd appear at this office on tiuirc 
d.iy the ICtb day of December nextnt 9 o'eioek a 
m for the purpose of giving the matter a fafrin- 

aud SLeetin 


i^[erino under garments, Flannels, Gloves, Fine Hosiery 

Hoots asid sJsoes, Moods & sliawls, 
ilies cloaking, €r«iits cloths, 

rable Linnea TowHng, Trimmings, .-.nd a rarietv of Wor<itcd 
and J'ancy articles. Also constantly on Lane? 

€ ROCKE R ¥. 

U, >S'l Land Gjfice. 

winnebago Oily, Oct, 19, 1S66, 

To Che.<terlt. .Miller: 

.Mr Benjamin Vanghan This day .-.ppliea 
for the e.K-t fia'f ."outh west quart-?.-, section twen- 
ty four township one hun*;red and five north,, 
r.ingc eighteen west, it being the land you filed 
on, "i ou are lureby ootifitd to be and appear at 
thi.s office i.u M-jiiday the nii:et.«cn:h d.iy of Nov, 
l.'-bO, al tvif o e.iek A AI. fur ihe purpose of giv- 
ing the matter » r-^ir ar.d imrartial investi-aiion 
/.. II. lULi.IS. Rrpi?ter, 
H. HMlO bbLV. Ut-Jeiver, 

P. S. Land Oj^-ce. 

Winnf^bago City, P-,t. IStb., 1S66. 

To Samuel Curtis : 

:kirMichall Wclden Las this dar applied for 
tho east halt 5:in;h Weft quanei and west half 
south east quarter section twenty six town<=hii> 
one hundred an<l one north, range twentys^veu 
west. It being the land you filed on. You are 
hereby notified to bo an<l appear at this office on 
i^riday the twenty eighth OH V of Nov. ISG^ at 
one o'clock P AI, for the pur'po?o ofcivine -the 

giving -the 


a complete stock of Kumber 



aro hereby notified to bo and appear at this offict 
on Mou.lay the 17th day of Deieinbor next at i 
o'clock a mtor the purposo of giving tbo whole 
matter a lair and I'tcjiariial invesiigaiion 

A u 'uiillm fogi..rff b whoU:y receiver 

A II Bullis register. H W Holley i cceiver. 

U S Land Offlc winnebago city minn nov Sth 
ISGtr To Edwin W Way— :he s m railroad ha< 
this ftay applied fi r (be n hf n w qr and e hf n w 
qrof sec 2 town 101 range 23, it t.eing the laud 
CO [ you filed on You aro hereby notified to bo and 
appear ot this office on Tlinr-day the l.lfh day of 
Dec nex tat 9 o'clock am for the purposeof giving j 
the mHtt^^ra fair inve<tigitioii 

■ h* r«gUt«r b w holley recHvw , 

Our Agent in Bo.ston is con.ytantly watching tLe market for 
ns, and we are thus enabled to give our patrons the advantages 
by offering the best goods at reasonable rates. 
Winuebago City, October 20, 1866. 

Wiiiship & Goodwin. 

t whole a fair and impartial investigation. 
A. H.BULLr?:. RegiMer, 
n. W. HOLLEY, Keceiver. 

Z^. S. Land Office 

Winn«^bRgo City, Oct. bO. 186C. 

To Jaeuu C. rianky; 

Mr .MoJice A. Drown hab IhJs day applied for 
the north west q-j.artcr section ten township one 
hundred r.nd one iioith, range ihirty two Mest, 
it^being the land yon filed. You aro hereby no-- 
tided to be .-ind appear at this <.fliee on Tuesday 
the twenty seventh davof Nov 1S6G, at 1 o'clock 
p nu, for the purpose of^iving the whole matter 
a lair and imjiartial investiiration. 
A^Dullia, llcgister, II AV Holley, Recoivcv 



Opposite Clifton House, 

Ma^^kat/), Minnesota:. 

Onr tables are rrow and arc of the best tiiftke; 
Good cigars and liquors at the btHT. 41»yl 

xluctioD ^CoDiiniBMioD Mpr^hant. 

Corner of Soiwh nnd Valucie streets, 

filue Earth City, - - . Mionesota. 
CASEI paid for HIDES & SKINS. 

Keeps constantly on hand a good weortirent of 

Rp^BRpisrcES.— Hon. J. B. Wakefield, Hill h 
-Duetin, Blue Earth ; I^aac Marks. J. F. ileagb- 
er, Mankato; Mungor Bros., St. Paul. 
j Jun% 4, 186G. 

" ' "" 1 1 



.1 • -'"■ 




w~ W ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 



« ■■ »» n 



rjirsiciAyAND ,subgeox 

OFt!'l€I£ ATVttL: DRC« SrOttE. 

Culls by dnjr or night promptly atlcmlcd to. 
Winnebago City, Aug. 10, Is'ofl. 

113 Innd office \viiuiil);irfo citv ininn 
nov 8 18()G. To Jo oj-h lIocUcnlKi!!, 
MrCharlos E (iooilell li:i.s thisdnvap 
plied for ibc ne qr soc 28 town 'lUi 
raiii^o 29, it boir.<r tlio \wu\ you liled on 
You are luMcby tiotillod to be ani aj. 
pear at tlii"^ office on Tucsdnv the JS 
xlay of Doceinbcr next forth J }-urposc 
of giviiiLr the inatlor a fair investjf^atioii 
a \\ balli5, re^' h w hod v? rcc. 

u s land ofTh^c, winnel):i£:o citv rninn 
nov S 18»i'3. To John C liraitiaVd, the 
8 m railroad lins tliis »lay apjilit d for 
the ne qr sec 17 town lOl ran!j;o 2G, at 
o'clock a in. for the purpose of^'ivii.*; 
Iho whole matter a fuir anvi iiDparti:!] 
« h biiUis, reg, h w liolley, rcc. 

u s hind olSco winncbac'o citv, minn 

nov 8 IbOu. To John J' Lcpst y, the 8 
Ml raih o.'d CO Ims il.i.^ day applied for 
the 110 K\v 80C 29 town 102 ranijo 25, it 
beinp^the hind yon tiled on. You are 
hereby uoi;ilo<l to be and npi>t'ar at 
this otrice on 'Jiie.Wny the 11 day of 
Ul'C l.'OG, wi y o'rioek a in, for the pin- 
p.).<;o of i^ivinu- the whole Uiattcr a fan- 
and injpartiul investigation. 
.1 h bullis, reg, h w hullev, rec. 

u s land o.Tiee, >\innebairo cily minn 
"ovS ISao. To Oti.^ WJe.vKf. the 
sni railroad has this dr.y applied for 
^^y^^- NO (jr sec 15 town lOI raiK'o 20 it 
>^''ng the land yon filed on. Von arc 
lH'rcl)y nutiii,-,] to he and n»pear at 
this ofrico on Wednes lay the 12 day (,f 
December ne.xt at 9 i.'elock a in, /or'tho 
purpose o^^jving iho matter a fair in 

A. II. liulllji, Hcjlstcr, II w I!o:!.y Hocdver. 

hereby notified to be and appear nt'{hi.<? 
office on Thun^dav tlie 18 day (f Decern 
ber next at 9 o'clock am, fJr the i)nr. 
popeof.:iviii.<r the matter a fair inves- 


a h biillis rcg, h w lioIIey, rcc 

T S r.nnl «!mn,>winnobatronilv minn nov Sfu 
1M>6 To Jchii Su-wart— The a "m ,.;il,->..,tl ),:w 
Jiis.hiy nj)p]iod nrtlionc, (ji of .m-coi.o town 101 
J-ftM.'C 27. It Ikm»,'^ tl:o la'ul y.ii flicl ..n V..u are 
i«oreby notine.l (o bo and api.oar nt llii? office on 
I the l:!ili ,lny of I>. ,/ ,.c.xt at a oVIork a 
111 f<>rilui,uii.o«ooffiivingiLo mallfr afuir i:.- 


nh !'u!iu.s r< ;:N:r.r 1, n- IioHr v locciver 



l^ A I II IJ A N K S S C A L E S : 

X jiX. O / i. 


u s land ofliee winnela^'o citv, minn 
n .V S ISCO. To Charles IJell. the s n, 
railroad c.> ha^ this day aj.|,!ied for ll.e 

n s land office winnoba-o city, ndnn I ''* '*' "''r'^^'' ¥''''' <i'***^''' ~-' ''^^^•" ^-01 
:iov 8 181)0. J o Ardair ^inr- !■> the « i v"- ' ^^; "'^ ^>''"« ^^'^ ^'^'"^ v.n filed on 
m railroad co ha«< this rlav a'..::;..! A.,- T "" '"■^\'-.^'>"^'''y ^^^^'^^'^ to bo .nnd ap- 
the se qr sec 19 toun I'Ji ra'n-e 2G it I T''' "I- A !'''' '*" Tuc-day tlie liih 

l)ein- the land v n tiled on. \on .'tre i , ''n * ^^^''^''^ber ne.xt ;,t 1 oVloek p in. 
^lerebv notified t . bo :.nd -...w..... nf .1.;. V'!' ''.'^ l'"n'*'-^'* <^' ^'vin- llic matter a 

T)ix, SWAIN'S 

.•I Jf.tUh;/ Tonic. Gaitle Sihnnhnt, 
and Vitct^uatcd Mormnj JjyjKihc/\ 

rr.-vnvcd in iJipo 



'-rui-: LADY'S iun:xD— 

AThoDctof tiia AI..ntli!ios devoted to Fjsh- 
ion:,...lPurcLilcrati:ro. S-'.-'^Ok yoar ; t^o co,.- 
ic." ?4. E:^ht (aiul one fiiuJisj $16. ^Vin:^: LEU 
.t WILSOWS .Si:\VlX(i M VD:Ilvi:^ given as 
1'rcn.iiu.... fc-cnd 15 ccM.ts for a 6a:ni,!c1-c.ry to 
DRACON 4 l>J:TEKi=OX,;il'J WainutSt., Pbil- 

^lereby notified t • be and ijpear atthi.« 
office on Wednesd ly the 12 day of Doc 
18GC. at 9 o'ehtck u m. t>ir the pni-pose 
of «;iving the whole matter und impar- 
tial investigation. 
« h bnllis, re-, h w holley, rcc. 

rair invc.«ti','!i(]OM. 

A 11 llullis rtglctcr. 

liio U-mn (ir.iiii Oi), VVitli Flowers, 
liudfi aad 55.ukf ot'll.c Ili^htJt 

A iH'w lot of Wan-cuih/ DcnU iii'; 

■|pnnt<Ml and fn- sale ut ths ofnec. ,11 

so all kiud.s lA' Jusfirc',^- HIiuLa 

Know Thy Destiny. 

?ra.lanc E. F. TUornton, (he English AVlrolS- 
g«:it,Clairvo.vai.tan,ll'.sychamn.ician, wiio Im« as- 
toiiLshc-dthe scitntiHc classes of the 01<« WoriJ, has n 
locited herself at Hudson, N. V., Thornt 
posse,c8 Buch v.onderful powe.-s of second eii;?.t, i.h to 
c'i..hle her to k..owkdgc of iho greatest Sm^or- 
tance to th . si ur\^ or aiarried of eit her 8e.T. While In 
astafe of trance, s!.. delineates tho very feature, of the 
person you ar« lo marry, and by rt.e aid of an instru- 
n.cnt of wtense „ov.e>.. kno^. as t'.e P.ycho.notropc, 
guaranteeMo produce a lifo-lIK-e picture ofthe future 
, busband or w.fe ofthe arpllcar.t, together with date of 
. murrl.;:.. p.vli.n in life, l.a.lh.g trails of chHmcter, 
&c. Thbis no humbug, as UiouHauUa of testimonials 
can assert. «?Jic uill send, when desired, a certified 
cei-ti.'-cit", or written guarantee, thaJthe picture is wliat 
it porjorls to he. i;y eiiciosinga Fmall iock, rri'; 
stytliig place of hirth, aje, di3i)osi:ion and complex! )n, 
and er:c!o^ill;r.')0 cents and stamped envelope addressed 
to ycurself, yr.u w;Il receive the p'cturc and desired in- 
formation hy return Di:iil. All compiunications Si-.cred- 
ly coiill.k'ntial. A d.lress, In confidence, Madaiuc E. F. 
TIIOUNTO.V. P. 0. Box 223, Hudson N. Y. 


Mew Drug Siore 

A t 


la ihc biiilcliog adjoining tb« Land OlS««k 

n V.' lIoMcy, receiver. 

U S l.ilul tdliee winnebano city nnnn 

nov 8, ISUi] to Jaecd> Alien, iho s m 

n.ilroatl this day applied fortiie n e 

qr sec 29 U.'l r;,„ge -8, it bein^' the 

c ».uMf..;.u'ociivm:nn '''^r.^ •''!"' '^'^^'J "" you ato hn-ohy'iotiG 

ro.iohn W Jon/.s, the Hi;';' '".^^ and .appear at this ..fiiee on 

.. : \ '^ I tlmr.sdiv ho 1 fl.-iv r.f T> ,« .,«..f -... o 

ll aland office witmebauo citv minn. 

Moditul VirJ-.u-. 
P.v J!:»rc.i?in;r iLo r.fiptti.'o. n'ii.'lIo;» difro: lion, 
ro-uluii;!;: the boucls, juid jxivin;,' tone to liio fyi* 
ttiii, tlioy jnip.-.rt Klnn;r.h and vigor to the body, 
niid cbccniiincfS tollio laind. 

^'f* If your (iru?pi.s(s or fraJesnian has not 

£ornn:.<L lilTTEU.-^. b.ivu bin> ^^nd for thetn 

^>ii- Kciuutibir Ibc i.:iuif-. and t:i: o no oiI,ir. 

Fcr sal.T by driT-i:i>fs an.! (Jioecr.^ cvcrywiicro 

C. 11. .SWAIIV. Pn-priotor. 

•I 1 south y>'atcs St., CLlcago. 
At V»'IioI{.8aIc in .^t. Paul, bv 


V 8 18GG. To John \S Jon/.s, the « i \^ '"i^^ a«Hl 'tppoar at this ..fiiee o„ 
railroad ha. this d .y .ppbe,] f >r lie ! 'l^'^t^' '^"/^ '}''^' ^^ ^^^ "^'^^ ""'' ^ 
' qr see ^S town lOfranie 2o, it be- * V^"^:^ '" ^V.^''? »^"'i>o^o of giving 
rxhclaudv.u ii!o 1 on v... .' ^^'° "'''^•^.^•': 'r.^.'^'- "»vcst g.ali.n. 

BEXZ l^ CO. 


110 V 8 18GG. 

i"iig xhc laud y< tt file 1 on. Yon are 
lioreby notidid I • be aiid at tlii... 

*»lficG on Wcduesdav t!iO 12 ilay of i)ec TT «5 ln.,,l ,<«^ • i 
i*4Kii ^f o ^' • ' i- .1 "^ 'i'VL u & land omce u:nncbac:o ci!v m nn 
l%b, at o coo. a m. f r th. paipose „c,v 8, 1803 t'> Charles IJ. ovn tl o s 
of giving the wh .:. nnrier a la.r and \ „, ,ailroad has this d rr^dV 'for he 
'"•^■"'"' '--'^^^^-n.^ ^^^^^^^ ^^ ;n wqrseo29to,vn loi iJilge 2^; itt ' 


fakes j-dcitsuro in announcing that LisCRUQ 

&7C2«E! is now open ar.d clocked 

with a f'jll ussof tment of 

Oi'ugs & Clieiuicaljs, 

^ . Patent Medicinee, 

Choice rerfuinerv. 

Fancy Toilet Soap 
Ba}^ Hum, 

Pure Unadulterated Liquoia 


a !» bniiis rcg h » h'.iiey rcc 

Prr.clical Vv'atcli-:\iabe.r, 

A X D « 

J V. IV E L I'J a 

1'::aLE.».1 IX 

a 1, bull,,, r.,^, ^ ''"•''^■'•^'J-'-'<'l;'S>i:c:!.nJyn„<i;c.lon-7„Vn7..i;c;;:\Vra,-Iu^^^ 

land offi..e «i„^.-.... H.y n,i,„. ; liiJ'olfril^^/^lt^T'f:.:' ^ij^i,;^ I J!!^-™"^ ~' -■■ "'-.a. ' ' 


u s 

Medical Pueposes* 

A small quantity of Choice 

Tobacco and Cigaes 
Scbool Books and Stationerr. 

Attention is called to tl;e following list -jf Pa- 
tent Mcdieine?, aniont: njatiy <.tbfr» 
founu at tbc Drugstore: 




-•Ague Cure^ 
Clmrry Pectoral, 
Vegetable Pills, 

nov 8 1800. To Kh S Hind., the 8 m j i.vxl at oVoid; a ni for Ihc'pmTose ! 
railroad has ih:s d:^.y .tpphc 1 for the « fgivin- ll e matter a fair inve.sti«-ation ' ^^K5^ 

n-.v qr sec o.j town l'>l r.^^o 2f) it be- 
ing the land yon filed on. Yon are 
hereby notifiet! to be ar.d ap)>e:ir at 
this office fMi VVed'ies.l.iv the 12 day 
oi' Dec, lS6u, at o'clock a m for tlie 

Ji ii buliis re^ 

h v: bailey rcc. ! x} 


Where they arc opening a spleudU assoitincnt, consisting of rich and cci. 

r S land oflice Aviiuicbi^o citv nov 8 
18G0 ^ to Z.ieh Keel the s ui railroad 
was this <;ay aj plied for thes v.- qr sec 

T urpose of irivinir the whf.le lualtcr a i -^ ^^^y^> ^^^ raij£;e 28, it being tlie land 
fair and imj.-ariiai inve.s:lu'."i(ion. y<->'i ^i'^'-l on, you are hendjy notified 

a h builis, i\':, I. \v lioliey, rec. ^'^ ^^^ '""'^ apj)car at this oi.'Ico on tl;t:r.s 

TT Q To r~A'" '• i • • !''*'>' ^^'^ ^"^^^ day <d" Dec next at nine 

.. J s l^?r T 'V''*'"' 'rf ^•»7"''='^'j'>\l ck a m for ihe purpost. of givin-^ 
1...V 8 ISOb. I o r eu:.s Allen the s ,n tlie niatler a fair iuvclti'atinn. " 

rail road ha., t.ns day .pphcd lor th. s .. l, b.-nig ,. -j, ,, i^^;j 

t; qr section -JJ, tow'i lo» norlh, r.Mnre ' « u » Ko.j.jy jt.. 



..o "^^^^'o 

men Dress Good.^, buch as 



2u west: it l.ei; _- tbe 1 .lul liii-d on. ynu 
nre hereby notile I to be ;ind aj)pear at 
this office CM v,c 'n '-•. ih;; 12 d .y of dec 
18(30 at 9 oel i •!< a in f i- the jmrp ..^e of 
givimjT iIk' woole m I'tc r a and iin 
partial inve.-^tiiintion. 
h w hollev le-^eiv er. 

a h bull is resr 

V S Laii'I idrice winncbaLjo city niinii 
liov S 180''. To .1 hn lln;pe, the a m 
radro.'id Ir.s t'lis d;\y jtppiie f r the n e 
t{r of see o'>. iovv;i l.jl, rang '26 

U o 1 .nd ^ilieo winncbago city minn 
nov 3, iSOl) The s m railVoad this day I 
apj.lied for the r. w or sec So 101 
r.inge 2.^, it bein.:,' (lie laiMl yon filed on j 
\i>\\ are herebp i.otifiod to be .ind appe j 
ar at this office on tl.ii>day tiie l.'ith ' 
day of l>ec m'.\t at aelot-k a m f.r | 
tha i>nrpo o of giving tlie whole matter; 
a lair invcsli^'t.tion, i 

a h bnllin leg. li \v l.-iky rec ' 

: i • i 

— - — ■ — , 

1 S land t/fil -0 wiiaieb .^o city minn ' 






wost. It bei.i: the land you li ed on. you „ov 8, 18tiG lo Wiliiam Thoar. s'on, the 
are hereby ho'dn-d to be and .vppcar at ! s n. railroad has this d.^y .-qplie'd for the 
this office on w.'dns the 12 d -y of dec j „ c qr secSli town 10rra:>"c28 it be- 
ic.xt, at 8 oehhdc a m for the pnrpose | i„c u.e hind you tiled on v,>n are hen- 


PAINTS, 01L55, 


Empress €l©tlj, Merluog, F„^,„._ 
Ala|K5Cfi§9 ali Wool ©cilaliigj'Vel 
ve ,S1 ,.-^5 ^Iiawlsj Cloaldog, imcl 

Priat^, Wiccks, Ktiipos, Slieetiii^s, and Denims. Flannels 
cloths, AVool iilankets, IIe.avv cloth, for h.a.d service ' 

Ms'eady made clolliissig. C^ep^s fuv^ 

nishmg goods, Gloves .ind IMitts, ILUs .. Caps. B... ts * SIuh- 

liri'oceFies, Mtc, 

'of giving tiie whol" tna'tcr a flip .-ind 
impirtial inv<'-ii-atioi!. a h b illis icgr 
li w holley receiver. 

U S Land olnce at winnobairn city ininn 
nov 8 188:;. To H S Wr^ud, tlie'a m r 

'»y ii'.lifred lo be and r.j.jjcar :it thi.s of- i -^^ ^* •* -'-^-i-l X AUJ-i >.i '5. 

fice on ihmvday the i-Jtli d.y of Dec ' I>nro U^'-.oa ...,1 n ^' ^ 
next at 1) o'clock am for the pnrprsc of ^^^ ^^ ^""^ "^^'^ Lranaicsf.r 
givini; the matter a fair invesitignlion 
a h builis rog. h w holiey sec. 

All of which have be.n bought at iJw figures, Tin J wiin,e sold reasonable 

Renieniber the sign, COTTIIELL .fc DEAKBON, 

McCabe^s new milhlmg. 



road has this .lay apr.licd for the n w j y o ,.,„ i , «• ^ ... , •. • • 

qr SCO 21. town I'/l north, range 20 .. \ ^ '='' l^ * / "Vf S'"' ^' "'",'" 

* •. 1 • .111 r- -x '^ .nov {?, looO to James II u Lsrier ihe t ^+4 --< « •- 

Avcst: u ,1,.. i:,nd v.. fi.-.-d on v.., , ' .' ^^'^I.^j J.|>^^^ i i^etler, kjO.^ r.nd I>iote Papers, 

Pencils, Supcrioi' Ink, 

hereby notified f J be an 1 npi.ear'at tlds ='"'^*''^'^^^'-'«'^-^ k«^I't by Cr«,-f,;.ts scncrall 
office on thnrsday llie l:Jth day of Dec PHY.^JTANS' Pr.L'SCRTPTlOX.^ "^kWr^ 
lux^ at o'clock a m for the 
of giving the matter a fair hearing. 

Avcst: it bcini;- the iaiut vo Iji-.mI on. you ' i i , , • ^ 

nreoereby n^t.'ied to I.;, and appear at ! ', '^^ ';^^1-''<1 . Jli^nis day applied tor | 

thi.s office on wedns. the 12 dav of dec ''V ^' ^ 'i^'^^ '"^ ^own ul rany^e 2;l it 

next at 9 ocb ek a n., for the pnVpo.e of ' ^''''"" ''"^ ^-''"'^ ^''''' ^'^"'^ ^" ^'*^" ^"''-' 

giving' the \vo!c matrer a fair an<l ii.ipar 

lia! investigation, a h buliis, register 

\\ w holi'cv r»ce vcr. 

U S Lnnd office at tviiiiieba::o citv niinn 

nov 8 18('» ;• T . Ja^ S J^tiatton iJie s m 

lailroid h.Ms ihi.-; <iay :ipjtli' d for the n e 

'i[X of see 21 town lOl nortl:, range Wht 

it being the I iid yon filtMl (ji. you are 

a h bu^lu^j re;r. h w holley rcv*. 

^ii_mvi ' »"mjB: 

-a vL'^.yj i 



ri'LLY cojiPot>:i>«r 

Front K»rcc«, 

TI S land ofiice winneba-o city minn l Jla Jt k a t O, . . . ."M i -. >• ►. ». ,• t . 

nov s, JM)j to llieidoie ?d U lag;:, 
the s m railroad ins ihls div aniilied i' <y ^. 


Petter (►j->portunity is now offered to any 

Jayxe's— Alterative, 


" Bermifuge, 

" Liniment, 

Grafenberjrs Cat holicon, 
*• ^ Pills. 

WincLesters Hypophospbites 
of Lime and Soda, 

The most eScctual knotrn remedy for tne cure of 
Bromcbitis, Dyspcjisia, and Consumption. 

IlalFs Piilsam for the Lunirs, 

I*.rrs. AViiislow' Soothing Syrujx 

Morse's Medicines. 

Klixor Peruvian Bark, Mustang 
Liniment, Gargling Oil, 
and Condition Pow- 
ders for horses. 

Extracts 6c Essence' of all kinds. 

Orders promptly attended to 

and Prescriptions carefully 



Winnebago City, June 4, ISGO. tfn38 


Every young lady andgentieraen in tbe United 
Sti'tas can hear ."omctbing very much to their ad 
vantaj;e by return mail (free of char-re.) by ad- 
dressing tbe uiidc r.signtd. Those having fears 
of being bninbiiggcd will ollige will oblige by 
not toticingtbis card. All others tv ill [doase ad- 
dress iLuir obeuicut servant, 

TUGS. r. cHAPMA^^ 

S3J Broadway, New York 

1 I i- 1 . 1 1 ' * 1- the n hi n e qr .'^cc o4 ct 8 lit se (p- sec •«-- __ ^ «.^^ 

Iicrcby notilit d to l>e .-nd anpoir at this .>- ,, „ „ i,.i *.., v- :* i • .i i i ' BVc-kii J9i^ Jkl&T t a 

a: 1 1 .1 1-, 1 (1 2< loun II 1 ra»i;;e 2>j, It being thi* and I ■; J-iS I ^Z^ WW 1 '6 n i^s r 

oftice on WfdiKsd y the 1:: <liv ol «lee. I .. „ <;i i ^.. , .. i , '^ .... , ; -"• •*■■* '^^Jfc' vw liMB^t^L 

^ .nil I .1 • :.! y(»n filed on you aro her bv not: icd 

next at I) ocio'k 1 m for Ihi^ purpose ot 1 , 1 ,. .,,,1 „.,,.... .,..1 • ,>• - ., 

... , .. , ■ «' . ■ to he {ii;(f a ) pear at this olnce on ihurs ! 

jrivmg th." wol'.' mattei a ta;r d; i..,. «i.,. ^'^^^\ a .,. ,ri» . . • i 

:,•"..• , , r * , (lav tlie J.;lli (fay of Jhc next at mik' ^ 

lial luvc'^igalion. a 1» hmiis rei^r i •. i ,, ». „ ,,. <• „ ,i.« .. .• • • 

= 1 1 II o clocrt. a in for the purpose of fzivmg 

^ ____Z.[^!i!' liic whole matter a fair mvesrig'ition " 

U SjLan 1 oifie.. at mnui a h bidii.s reg. h w holiey rec. 

nov 8 IS'Uj !•> A'clii' alil J llonirlit the , i'- « k.. i cc\ TT.- i ~^7 • 

., , , 1 • 1 ^- 1 i- L* "^ burl ofhco winneb igo city mmn 

s m rai!ro.';d has .his d,.y app led forj,,^,^. ^^ ,^,3,3 ,y^^ Vv'iUiam^lI Mar.d.a!!, 
the s w qr <d sec 23 town J.jl nert h , ^,,^. ^ „, ,.^,5,,^^^^,^ ^^.^ ^^ ,^, ,j,.^^ ^^^^ ^j^J 
range 2i west: it bom..' the l.jnd you fild , ^ ^, . ^^.^ ..^ j,^^^.,, jorrange 2S, it be- 
on. you arc h.-rcby n(,t, led to be and | • \^^^ j^^„,| ^.^^,^ jj,^^^ ^,, -^, ^^,.; j^^.,.^^ 
aps.aravthis ohi.-e on the 12 d..y ot | ^: ,,,,,ip,..,^ ^^;,,^. ^^^.^^ ;,. ^^^ . 

^ec next at 9 oe oek am for the pur , ,-,., ^^ Uu.rsdav the 1 'itli day of Dec 
po^e of giving the whole mattc^r a lair „^.^^ ^^ „i„^ ^^.^.,;^^^. ^ ,,^ j.,^. n,/ , , 


'I 1D> 


h' th line of Fanty Dress 

•& impartial invcsti^^ation, ah bullisre;]; 

h w liolIey recr. 

n s land ofllco, winncbafio city mini 
liov 8 1800. To Samuel \ Iian<raii, the 
^ m railnvid co has this day applied 
'lor the c hf s\v (p* sec 20 and n hf iiw 
«qr sec 21) town lO'i range 25, it boiui; 
tire land yon filed on. ITou are hereby 
qiotified t ) be ar.d aj)pear at this office 
i)n Tuesday the 11 day of Dec 18G!), at 
'9 o'clock a m, for the purpose of giv- 
ing the whole matter a fu r and impar- 
tial investigation. 
a b builis, reg, h w holley, rcc 

U S Land Office winnobago city minn nov 8th 
5800 To Uc11b1.11 A Cropman— the s in railroad 
lias thid day apjilicd for ttie n .■ qr n w or ecc 20 
and n lif s r« qr nnd so qr s w qr ecc 2?t town KU 
range 27, it b-ing llio land you fileil on You arc 
hereby notified to bn and appear at this ofiieo on 
tbnrsdny the i;5 day of l>ee iif.\t at 9 o'clock a 411 
for thcpurpoao of givin',^ the inatttra fairinvesti- 
ion. « t' liullis reg. h w holley rec. 



ITS Land Ofiieo winncbago city minn nov _ 
I860 ToJainvs Wo<dlery — the s in railrond has 
this day nppli..'d for the w hfs w qr of scc7 town 
101 range 27. itbt ing tho lan<l you filed on Vou 
are hereby notified to bo nnd ajjpcar at lbisof.icc 
on the i;'«b d«y of Dec next at D o'clock 
-ft m for the purpose of giving the matter a fair 


a b bulHi reglirter. h wholl'y r'ce'.Tcr, 

of glyiiiL' the matter a fair investigation 
a h biilhi.. reg- h w holley rec. 

V S land oilicc winiieb 'go city minn 
nov 8", l>^u!) t ) (ieorge P V/ood, tli;' 
s m railroad this day ajip'ied for the s 
w qr SCO 27 town lUl ran.ue 28, it beini: 
the land you -filed on you hereby 
notified to be and appear litthis ofiic'e 
on thnrsday the loth day of l)cc next 
at 9 o'cli-ck a m for the jmrpose of giv 
ing the matter a fair invcsti.L'ntion. 

a h bnliis reg. h w holley rec. 

IT S land office winncbago city minn 
nov 8, 18G1i To \Vm C iridell, the s 
in railaoad has this day aj)i)ried for the 
c hfow qrtt w hf n e qr i-ec 21 town 
lOl range 28, it being the land you filed 
«)n you are hci(d)y notified to be and 
appear nl this < Ifice on thusday the lo 
d ly of Dec next ai 8 e'clock a m for 
the jmrpoic of giving the matter a fair 

a h builis reg. h w iioUey rec. 

n s land office winnebago city minn 
nov 8 18C3. fo Tatrlck Carr, the s m 
railroad co has this day applied for tlie 
se qr sec 15 town 101 ran^e 28, it be- 
ing the land you filed on. Ycu are 

11. P. CirRisTE:^:sEN Sz Bt:o*j., 
Mankato, Minn., 

Calls the ppccinl atteiitlou of tho citizen!* of Furi 

bault and Martin ccanties to their cxtca 

sivc stock of new 


CDobrsc iijjercfj variety of 


Clothing, Uroceiies, Crockery 
Ila^s it aps, Ladies Shoeo, 

and a iargo ns.oorlmeni or 

Thoir entire stock wan sciected^wi 
great care and t "tn .special rc'lcroncc to the raits 
of -Minnc.'otian?. 

The favorable circumstanees unaer 

which their purcha.sea wcro made, enables the»»» 
to fell at Very Lowr Friccs, and the pub 
lie m-iy be assured tbat th^r i:::ncr no circum- 
stances, will be undersold. 

They ask the public to exarain'^ 

their goods bef to baying e!scwLcre. 

(;ASII Paid for AVHEAT! 


Mankato, Nov. 21st, ISCj. nOmr 

Warranty Deeds, Cliattie 3fongigcs 
&o., &c., t\c. for sale at this office. 

Vv'oman, or child, wisldng to i)urchasc any'^di; 

Goods, French and Kngiidi;s, Alpaccas, Scotcli Plaids, Delains, VVooIcns 

Flannels, Striped Poplins, Balmoral Skirts, Ladies Cloaks, C • ik (;.<),< Do- 

mestics, prints, shawls, Iioop Skirts, Shirt>', drawer.s, wrappei-s, Plosicry, Xotions 
N'o. 1 'Woolen Blankets, Boots, Shoes, JIats, and Cap--, and Fur goods of every 

description, than has ever before been 


I A pentJoman who suffered for years fjom Ner^ 
vons D<bility. Prcmnture Decay, and all tbe ef> 
fects of yontliful iiiuiscreti >n, will, for tbc sake 
olsuficiing bupianit.T, send fret to all who need 
It, therccij»o and directions f<.f making toe sim- 
s.Ig romeily by wbieli, he was cured; sufferers 
rit-bing to profit by the advertiser'.s experience, 
■vju do jjo bj- addressing 

-*o. 1.3 Cb:unl.<rs i 

t., Ntw York 


Li Faribault Count v. 


prices are novr 

And the new mode of trading — latt; decline 

Dry Goods Avill warrant general satisfaction to persons coming to 


To lay in their winter's supply, if they will only call at 

Moiiltoii db Deiidoii^s. 

4! a g e 8 

Also, Warehouse Trucks. Lcttc 

172 Lake Street. Chicago, 
^i^. Be careful to buy only the genuine. Zl^y 




^ine FHS- 


''for which they sre^ 


''in every instanca. Thejr^ 

•re cordially recommended to 

''aU Liadies who. from Bicknecs or 

'other causes, ore unable to anderso 

''the perils of acooachment. This remedy ta^ 


Not an Abortive, but aimply 

^and is not in the IcMt inju-y 
. riotis to tbe most delicaiOj 



^Bo'.ile Warranted. 


I. A S T 



tO* Snnd Bed Stamp for Ciroular. br $2.2S fbr 1 

fiemedy, to C. B. MONKOB St CO , General A^ei 

P. O. Drawer csai, Chicago. Illinois; OOico ISA S«ratk 
Clark Street. For sale at Wholesale in Oh)c*80 bf 
0UITH ic DWYEB. *nd H. SCX^XULi •ai.for^tk 



h i 

I t 



11 B >M »^a % ^» f. j mf*^ 

iJI 1 m 



Bluc'Enrtb City Advertisements J Ciioic© First Class Insurance 

r-; --. ■ =^~ =^^' - I Against Loss l»y FIRE, by tli* 



Goods well bought, aie half sold. 

A. B. BAI.€0>l 

Of Uartford, Cnn. liicorporntfJ 1819. 
tur i'uipctunl. 



Tbc JF.12^.\ Iiunruncc Conjjviny >tou1J call (Lo 
utJcrlion of ihft public to the ftjli'jwirg fatts : 

A heavy cash capital, with As- 
setts amount iiur to 

GKEATBArvGAINSii 3,401,988,56 



lliij tTni)$;ictc(l bnsincao sa<;c:?;sfiilly Forty -nine 

year?, awl continues to progress io Hi.ii!'>'. 

j Wcaitb iiiid Vitality, llud iiaiiJ an uficrt-^iutt 

lossof Sir),724JJSO r)8 

5 'i TUo -ETNA is org-nizcd on a Xnlinnnl IJasis, 
with rfU;;bIc L jcal Oijont-*. "uU «>oin.yc» 


HATS tfe CAPw^, 

yaMvEE notions, 

Etc., Etc., Etc. 

at prices tbat 





$2.»0 a 

nby suffer vilh tbis 

DR. Will TTIEK iaregolarly -J 0(\f* TH 
educated ami lejjitimHtlly quul- j lOUU« Ihc l.o»l of ibc >i<jrilil:t;!«- 
iiiod, and has cxpcricitce iu all ; ^q LlTEUATUKE and FASHION. 

loriii* ot disease, a hnoWlcdeO ' _, -„ it-wrr'T r.i> . iutt crwvri^. 1 

■luiie indi.pcnslble in tbc treat- I y^^"^' ^^^Si^o WUEELEU & WlLSON'h celfe- 

ii'cnt «f tbtt vuncral disease in i brated $26 Sewing Mucbincs on toe followiog 

all its v.iricil ;in,l i-omplicatcd ! tcnns: 

forujH, uikI has for years made I i .i c • <> « • ^..n 

' lu.iue I 'I'^giity copies an.] tl.e Sewing Macbincg. $70. 

Tb-rty copies " ' " " 5o5. 
tt u u tt ft] 00 


Btitter & Cheese 

an cuviablo rt|nifaMon. equal 

to all the ciuergaucica 

it undiTtakc?, 

Korthj ibo 


Founding its ehiims to f.ivor and patroD.Tjjo 
to Merit Aloue. 

AITordiriy unccjualed fa-ilitios niid security ffir 
Iiisur.rici', a:i.l rniikiii-jf 

The FIRST of Fire lasuiaiice 

And insi!ros at rates n« liberal as the ri.'-ks as- 
sumed peruiit for sfdvcney and fair profit. 

Losses EtpiitaMy Adjusted and 

Apiilioations SolieitiHl, and Pulick.s 
l.ssiU'J by 

R. r. ABBOTT, A-ont .It 

Wiuneba5:o City, Biinu 

DanLrerous & Loatlisomo Di-tiease 


nhcn it 


and entirely 

Eradicated fiom tjje 

by the I'so o' 


Catarrh remedy 

the trvaitacnt of private (Ufcase." bif biit-lncys and 

1 ftuly. Kxiicrimif. be b(.«-t of teacberM. has en- 

' abicfl biiu to pi:rfi(t nuudics at otuc piitiicitnl, 

yafc, periii.nnert, aiid in uios-t sasci* can be used 

without liiTuhanc to bu.einegf. 

Particular attention }rivcn to obi standi iRcase.', 
FUfh us were conaidcred incurable, i^ypbillis. in 
all t'orins; (lonorrha'a, (Icet, Strii-tnrc?, Orcbifen 
I> iibcl<j<, IMaddcr ard Vrinarv Jjiscatic:?. Also, 
thocnocts off:<>rnary habit*, both ruitidu.-* to body 
and uiind, aid wbitdi produces f:oiao of '.bo fol- 
lowiii'^c ll■cl•t^: lilotcbe-:, I'od ly Weaknc:?!', 0<»n- 
Hlipali'Jii, Avcr.-ion and Uiic.i.>-ine.-s in Feu.iilo 
Su( i"ty, I'unianliness, Un-ad of Future Mvents, 
ftnally a eoii'.pbte |)r" sira'.ioii of I'.io vital |to^ 
cr.«. 'os.x rtf n.eiijory, iin;;ii)gin (bccais, can l»c 
fully n-storcd to be:illb. 

AM IcitiTfi, wi'b t^laniim, answered. 

Dr. \V. is tbc puldiiiier of a new work, entitl- 

System ^'' "Nip the livli in the jJud," wi;ich will be sent 

•^ I o fill on re«oipt of 1(» eoutf to pre-pay po.«la;;e. 

eon.''ultatioii fiee. Charges oioderatc, and 
cure ;'d. 

Itr.Wbiitier cures tbe very worst kind of rup- 
ture in a few week''. 

I'ost Onice IW.x 22'J\. Office and Corsultafion 
ItoDum K)| .^(ii:t!i Clark street (•i.ea.o. You 
can scelbo Poclor evcrv djiv froui 'J A. M. to 5 I'.M 

Foitycopi*"? " 

Send ]5 cents for a sninplccoiy to DEACON 
k Plt;TEllSON,:ni) Ualuut Street. Pbiladeij.bia 

U S T.and Office, Wioneba^o Citr, Mijin. 0«t M 
ISO. ToWUPatt: Mr. Thoma* Mollea 
bMs tbi^ itpptied for the »outh wMt quarter aee* 
tioQ thirty tvo toimibip one handnd and three 
north, range twenty-five ^est, it being tho land 
you filed on. Ton sie berel^ ootifled to be and 
appear at tbis office on Saturday the Ut day of 
Dfcceml>cr 1 S66 at 1 o'clock p, no., for tho pur- 
pose oi giving the whole matter a fair and impRf 
tial rnvestisalion, A 11 liuiHs Ilcgistcr, U W 
liolley. Rc'civer. 


.Just received, a new and com- 
plete assortment of 

wanted at all times at tbo market price. 

i never was, Never can, 


Never will be 


Give me a:i early call, and see 
for yourselves. 


Blue Earth City, May 14, 1SC6. .•5n:'.(iyl 





Blue Earth City 



Have opened a Druj; store at Blue Eiirtb City, 
and offer for sale at lowest [Tices 



Patent Medicines, 
Putty, tfec.y ttc. 

Paints, Oils, 


i3 UXX 



XJ KJ <-» JLV 


The very bc't Vole, Letter, and Cap Paper kept 
constantly on band. 

NOTIONS of all kind.s. 

a good variety, and cheap. 

Call ^^:^'D Si:e Us- 

|y ili'« only l*!iy>ici.*iii, ••tsi a S|Tiia':<t 

Si'iW ia C^if^;-! Ili;it ;;UI \--i ••lltir«!y 
txH''r« I'll. II. i;.>T • IMV. ai.'! iH't-iiflVi 
t;iut !.<^i rii.i.- .i;>«'.«-i- !.« r<-:iM:ii u. your 
•;,f lr!ii,'l-.<t1 '.triu;; vof.r !'..i;f iitii! !«Mly, 
l.i-si.!o.s lll•^tl.■'l^!,■ ;>■ Ui b.lI.i•:I^•^s8Hll 
liiiiii-.' II • .-J •■,;.> . ; i;.'. . Ill- 1::|* u'..i'\f 
l';:l VA IK l'ISK.\<KS :,)..l .\h'.v<»is 
lilillirrV lii< l..| till- li^utt 
Vtt'i .f^ •^i.A l\Mii;;. .MMTK. mill i^ lii. Mt. fi' lilt- ii«T- 
->'W\ ^ll.^ •- ,„,, \vi.,.m Mil allij. », .1 ,i,,,„!.j ,-..;,miI: 
No ono ov«T liciiT'I "f ii pali« lit 'it liJH ? l.i-iri;; luicil 
(iiK'p lio liHS ix'i'i) ill tiiix lily. ills i 'p<:t;t;i<>ii !:..« 
T.'iul.i'fji ill III! tin- city ; ■i|i<T>, bis |iitti.iils uiitl tli,- 
III, u.'mI ]>!iifi>si'.ii. t'.'lli li •!■'• a:.1 !ilir<>-i'l. ii> l.i'iiu Hi'* 
nunt "l.illi'il .-(iii'.iiilisf li«-i-i-. ail. I a tlsoicin'.rli iii.i-<«'r <'l 
«ll ncxiial tli^.iiM.s, ir •.!'. ..i!. ,•.■•< lai>, i -iit .iihji.iir 
■i\\'' li;ia a <':ill. l! !■> ii:i!y u rntnin" n ■«;iMirrriii'<- wiiti 
iiiiij I ) CUM' si.( h i-asv-i. I'i* ii'.'MH !ir>' 7>fji lof 
l;u?:v« ail. I ;,i-iiilriiion. a:i ! Ii;«* iii"-it i -imi-Ii !.• ir ih'.-.-ity. 
V.iN'i Mi.s-, Tvia: I'tKTU ti.\;i Noii- .-;.— n-t r l'.i,:.«- 
i»>\y Jf». •!••.< ii'M li "1 I'i-' till!" til lb" ti'fiit'.K'iil "I !tii>i't< 
jaxi-^ niiisiil liy ;i ••.•crft Imlii'. •»liifli ni n^i li'itti timly 
inii tniiiil. iiiiliit.iii; lli-- mil. i tiiimti' i:: ii» uliial I ii- ••ith' r 
irtisiiii-'.-s .irsi.tii'ty. Til* -ii'l <n'M t .it t'j*-.-- <-«ily b.iiiiti, 

or tb.", i'Xfc>r« I'f I ilKT yal*, i"< to WfaUfll hlnl li- bill- 
tail' till- i-.'ii-tilit'i II. ii>ti'iy tin" i>li> -i it .-iii'J irutit.-.! 
piiWiTK, iliiiii:!i--li iiuii iTfvfMi t!if iiati-.iti t. .'iiii-.r-i. auj 

exliauni till- »ital fii'i;:ie.< i.f jaulib J; Hie i)!i is:ii-oj 

of litV :iri' r.i.trr"'!. 1li»* nIi'-Tf of aiiirin;!* fi list rat r it, 
kinl (.•.\i>ti IK o ii^i'lf •iii'l'r' 'J .1 tfiiii i.fiiii.".i.-iu;; iiii.«"iy 
(iiiil n'i;r''t. .'tii. b inr*.tn, o^pi-riilly tliini! inntoin- 
platiii^ iii.irri:u:i-, nliuiilil |ii!.<' no tiiiu- in lii.iUlii-^' iiiiiiu- 
diati.' Hpiilitt.ttii'ii, :ui l»r. 1!, l.v bi» ii«v.- (ii-ataKiit, :» 
eanl'K-il to iiKiin- a «|><'ci!y ami iii-i iii.nii-tii i-ari-. 

C<iii*«iltafi«.ii.> fn-c liU'l ciJiiliili-iitiul. Olli.". N'n. 173 
Soutli Clark .^tn-i-t, t'j'i>^r..f .Miinr"c. half a lilnck IVi'iii 
till- Font Olfiif. r*t Olb' .• ItiiX la4, Chicago, 111. 
Office lu'iir* fn.m 9 .\.M ;■> ^ IV M. 

Seuil tnr his "(JiiiJc to lit-iillb," pubUsbcd nmiitLlv, 
friv of rhaij;-. 

N. U — I.ailii-r'. SfnJ for a descrljitiy of P«» 
%rie KeiuiHiie, tlie bi'>t pn-vciitivo jf coiicvjitioi 
'aown- Sent to iiuy aiMri'S-i l"rc« of c!i- r^rc. 

C A T A 11 K II 

will surely result in 

CONS u M p T I o NiCwMOC'EIlIES ! ! 

Uijle?s checked in its incipient itages. 


! Cure warranted if Diicetions are Followed. 

SiDiilc Dfjlllcs will hist :i .^J()NJII. 

C(ad in The 


Piclcavcd in a Few Minute?. 

Bad Breath 

Cautcd by offensive fccrctiou^ 

Richardson it Rkvnold.s. 
liMS now 0|)cncHl at lii.** r.ooins in 

W 1 N N J: Ii A G () C I T Y 

One of tbcbcst scb'cted, varied a^id most exten- 
sive usioituienl of OooJs in tbeir liiie 

Ever imported into Faiibault 

Wb.ich tbey are scHinj^to the Peojilc of tbc Blue 
Eiirtb Valley ehcupcr than Maukuloor any other 
In the 

VISION di:partment, 

Tbeir facilities for supjdying the watits of the 
people of tbis iintnenyc vi'iii.ti arc ou a ijcjIc to 
warrant the fullcr't ..'atis'laciiiin. 

V'o offer to Ibu <:itizens of I'ariiiault and Mar- 
in Cou itie^ the finest stock of 


Take plcafurc in infornnn;: the people of Winne 
baj^o City and i^urroundin;^ country, that tbe\ 
ba\e on iiaiid a lar^e ifiuck of assorted Li(|ii>;i8 
eon.-i.'tiny in part of 

Old Bourbon Whiskey, 

Blackberry Brandy, 
Old French Brandy, Port \\'ine. 
Old Santa Cruz Rum, 

Eleven o'clock Bitters, 
Red Jacket Bitters, 

Swain's Bourbon Bitters, 

Cherry Brandy, Holland Gin, 
Lager Beer, V\'ahoo Bitters, 

llostettei-'s Bitter; 


Co AAA A TEAR ma le by any one with 
VrV,UUv S15 — 8ten( il tools. No experience 
nece?^ary. J be Pre.'^idi ut.«, Cas-hicr.', and Trcaa 
xirm of:; Barks *ndortothe circular. Sent free 
wi b .e.-tmpKfi. Addrcf.-! the Auierican Stencil 
Tool Work.". Springfi- Id, Vermont. 42yl 

The reason & Hamlin Cabinet Organs 

flirty ' iCoietit ^tyle»;. adtpled to facred and see-* 
nlar inn>i<-. for S^O to JCOO each. FIFTY 
ONE GOLD or SILVER nuadal?, or .-tWer first 
preniiuHis awanb-'l tbeni. Iili!<tr itcd <'atalogue» 
free Addre.-.*. Mason *t Hamlin, Pjsto-f, 6" 

U S Land Office WiTinebaj;'> Ci»y Minn. Oeto 
bor .^l.-t, l.^TiG. To James Boyd; Mr IJottel 
Tboiopgiin has thi.n day applied for the -oiitli east 
quarter of fection 18 Township H'2 •^ortb. laiigo 
2o We-t, ii bcitig tbc li^nd you filed on. Y<.«n?« 
benby noti ed to be and afij)et:r at tlii» < (nee on 
Tiicstbiy the 4 day of Dccfinbcr ISt^fiaf 1 o'clock 
p 5'!. tor tbc jatrpo.*;- of {jivino; tiie whole matter 
a fjir and iin}.:ir?tal inve.*li;:ation. 
A II Bullis llcfri.-tor. H \V llidlev. BeeciCci'^ 

^Groeeriies ai 


Weak Eves 

Cauiicd bf Catarrhal cct!Oii:> 


Blue Earth City, May 29, 1S60. li 





Office opposite " Union House " JUut 
£urth City^ Minnesota. 

S'W do a ii^-i<cr,ii JJ:iiiklii<>; and Iteai 
BnsioLtir, pay Ta.xu tor noif re»idcnti., iiiai 
Ciiilti-l.tu..-. A>'.. Ac , 

II. 1». r.ALDU IX. .. - _ s. 1\ CIIIL! 

Citv. Myv ; 

Blue K.'.r' 




J E W E L- E II , 

Has, and will keep coustaatly on hand, for sale : 


Jewelry and Silverware, 

And wit' atteml |iroinptl_r to all kind< of Repair- 
iii^ of tJliioks, W;il<die5, and. .lewjUy, atid guar- 
antee rerfiet 8aii.->faeli in to hM whu patronizi 
him. Ritiiin opp'».«ite lJui(!n Hotel. JOvl 

Eluu Kaftb Ciiy,Miy 17, 186d» 

TO Cni^'iUiilP J IVES. 

I'ho s*'<Avci i>A<>r. Ui«»iiit» •w^.i, 1 «-.'<• ■•>'«,<i to liraltb 
in 4 lew ^.vkH i>y .* "eijr Mn:plr rn.uetiy, alier 
haviKc fiT.ui-f-a for r.j«rt:rai jtfrt virh a ye^t-r*- 

luntf »»ti"<...i , ^.Mithsi nifud 'lp>..;a»u, ll'fi'unip. 

tioi! — IS ii<iAioii< ii> tnaktf i^iiMW»i !•• :iia felb-w 
SufTerfr.< fO<' i»..'rtO'<. 

T<i 111' wni» desire it, t!o will ^..-iiiii.. «• .py i>| the 
;ir»;eeription uriCi\ (free of cbar;:ej. «mMi tbc diree- 
ti'-ns lor piffMiriiig and n«inj; tlio same, wbicb 
tlicy will tin'! a sure cure for t'on.-'ninjiii'.n. A.«tb- 
uii;. J>roncbi»i.«, Cougb-'. Cnld?. aiol ii.'l Tbro.Tt 
and Lunp .•MVcction.'". The oiih ol>ie<-t otibc nd- 
verti.-cr in sendtn;j lie I're><riplior. i." tn bcnelit 
the ntMietcd, and t-pread infornialion which be 
conceives to b'" invaluable, and be hopes evcjy 
?ufl"erer will try bi-i retiRily. as it will cust tbetn 
nolbinir. and may prove a bles.-io;;. 

Parties wi»bi..j; the I'rexcription, FitEE, by re- 
turn uiail, wiir |>k' address 

Bkv. ei»\vaui> a. m'tlson". ■ 

Wiliianiiburiib, Kinij.-* Co., N. Y. 

ehifiie ^hop* 

Tho IM.'.oKato Foundry and Mnc-liine s-hop is 
now in operati<in, ami we arc jireparcd to 


Sense of Smell 


en or le* lo^tru. 



icn caujcd by Catarrhal diniiultics. 
cured by Ibis rctutdy. 

All are 


Arc ir.orc fnqiciitly ti!;ui otlrrwif-a caused by 

a tbiik, .-limy nnii-du-, tai'iny fimu tbo 

bead, e.«pi'ci ally dusin^ tbc id^bt, 

and reisulfini; fruiu Catarrh, 

and ajTO cured bv 

Litjuid Catarrh Remedy. 


Fresli Meat, 




Also an s"ppiy of choice 

Cigars, Fresh Pine Apples. 
I Fresh Peaches Cove Oysters, 
I Fresh Blackberries, Sardieus 

Ra^jpberries, Fresh Lol>sters, 
Strawbeiiies, and 

Fresh Oysters ! 

All kinds of Fancy Candies 
also the very best of Fine-cut | 

Tobacco, etc. etc. 

Second door South of Abbott tt 
Welch' Ii. Give us a call, 
tf E. BURSIE, 

U S liUtid Cilliee, V innebai^o (Jity. Mirm. Oc»o 
btr3l.<f, ISnO. To Aaron's Pn.-t : Mr J^bn 
(Jillinoic has this day arplicd for the east hnlf 
of north wet (juarfer and f^outh wc.-t «;nii}ter of 
I orth west tjiiarter. of CJ2, an<J t<iuth east quarter 
of north ciis-t fjtiartt-r of .section ?,l, town.^bip 103 
north, P'ttge 25 we>^t, it beinj: the land you filerf' 
on. You arc hereby notified to be and a|)peiir 
at tbi.s office on Saturday the fin^x. day of iJectni 
ber lSr.6. at 2 o'ciocK p m, for tbepur]io«e of ;»iv 
iiij tbc wh(ib> ii;::ffcr a fair and inve^ti 
Ration. A U Bu!!i>; Het' II W llcUey llc- 

U. S. Land Ujfice^ 

\Viiinftf.a;:o Ciry Mi:«». , *n'i S, I5t)0 
To x\l{>Il7.0 Tjiullti 

.V] r. l; J> rMiritfTin. ••>•<• Kno •*•»«♦ ap»i<>^M »••'■ •'.) 
south half of llu'iioi'rn yn-)i o<i»iii»- of sect 'on .%, 
and the north half ««* fh«» iio'r^ n«»»" onarfor <<♦ 
f-cetion S. fotTiislnp mJi north. r.»!>tre '/T wn^:.— 
Y<Mi ari' hereby iiii:itj»>d to if »<i«« niJocrtr xf ifiis 
otiice «>!! .Mioiiiay. ibc tt!! dny ''* V"«'.r:ui'er l^'if*,. 
at I (i'c!<'( k 1'. M.. .i,r tbn por(;v>>c ft I'lviiij; tl;«»- 
wtiolc uiatter u lair und iinpartial Uive-^fi^ratici* 
A. il. lUibii^ PiCL-i-tci, 
U. \V . lldJlcy, llceeivcr. 


7 in?Krv:.« ! WHIfKKR ! !— Pe y-« 
want '•Vlii>!;ers or M<iu.-t:i<-bcp .' Om (li.. 
ciaii will force tbem to prow on thw 
sinotbes! face ..r ebiii. or on bald be;iiis. ia 

Six Week.-. Price. ?1.0«. Sent by 



where, e'o-cly rca'ed. on the recc'in of jircc - 
Ad.lrcs.-. WAllNEU t CO , Box i;ib. Bro<.kiyi. 
N'cv. Yoi k. 









i 45:'' 


Now York 

-•» •^- "^ - — 

%3 JL A-i A X vj :\x i_^ , 

The symptoms of Catarrh are nt ^rst very 
.-li;;bt Pcr.-onu find tbey bav«; .i eoM, that ibey 
ba. e Irc(|iieiit attui-ks. .;n.l are niure sensitive to 
tile cbai'ire.s ol' le iiperatiire In this cmdiiion 
the n.'.»e may bo dry, or a sli;:bt ili.-ebar^'j thin 
and acrid, ;ifte:wari«> tbic'% u:id adbe.-ive, uiay 

As the ili.-casc btconie.< idirotiie. tbc ili.-i barj^e." 
h;c increa.-cd in (,u.nntity and ehan;;ed in ((uaiity. 
tbey are now ibiik and heavy, and are hawked 
r| ei.u/hed o!f The .-cc,ctione;!ieolfoni.ive, cans 
iiiir a bail bteatb: the vnioe tbi-k and nr-al ; tin 

< i 'L » Jl JL X.t J J i3 , 

= iiirll is Ie>.-eneil or 

of every description. Steam cnpincs, Tbrtsbing , 

.Macbin.;.'». Reaper*. F:^rmin,^' Iinplcmcnt.s .tc. \^.y^.^ .,rc weak: ibo sense of 

\Ve also inal-e all kin.L- o( iron and bra^s cast- ,jc»!i..ytd ; dialnvMS fie.iuer.lly lake.-i place 
inpr". Babbitt lactal alwny.s on harid. Orders | 
solv iied and proinpily attended to. 

I Another ciininion nnd important .-ymptoni of 
Catarrh in. ♦.bat the jier.-on is oliH.cJ to clear bi« 

Old Iron, Brass and Copper 

wat'tcd, for which tbc bi^^best jiricc will bo paid 


C. W. BARNEY, 1 Co. 

Nl.W oiiiiKu .*i^' THIN(4> 

n.iviii'^ in»«f K.iiii.* cb!iuir'-« ci-Kcernin^ the 
l>i.•.c^a iraiii*ac(io>,» (,) th#i* WinncbageCity 

Ctlills.' kvt: wish ».. iiiiit ,uitei: •■• nic (juouc thu 
uc ;ue i.ow prcpf.n-it to ib> nil )iu;a« «f work ii 
o'lrli'ic of l'ti»;iiics<..foi ready \,„y, Logw. wood', or •er. Moacy u<Keu in |ia,Muont fo 
vv'»rk. Our terms lor etiwin;; are : One half, o 
$\\ jvr Ihiiu.'and. Flour, Bran, and shorts coi 
sttttitly oil blind, nmiforsaiu cheap. 

J..uiiiber !g25.O0 per Tlioiisand. 

WioQtihiiso City, Marcii L'iih. Id0<>. 

Vegetable Sicilian 



As the nf»mc indicates, not only hexews 
the growth of tho hair when thin find falling 
off, buV positively renews the color to /iS 
original ^tade when it is turning g]^y or 
white, whci^r caused by discase,^i<Ticf or 
tfld age. 

It will ccrtaiJJ^ do what is clamed for it, 
m fact to which Xtxndreds, j(Ky thousands, 
who have used it, Vc reaJy and willing to 
testify. Where onoVt^^ia fairly used, ia 
any community, itsl^eputatioQ "spreads 
like wild fire," ai^r iVtho best advertise- 
ment and reconwiendaVtn wo desire. In 
the Eastern St^s, whereVie "RENEWEll" 
originated, Jpe young la\ca use it as a 
hair dres^ng ; it is foun\ on the toilet 
tables oOyoung men, (also atVicir barbers), 
wbile^&ldcr men and women Vho desire a 
RenMer and lieitorative for thci^n"cy locks 
Bivi bald heads will not ba w-\iout this 
arrticlc, which gives in everj instance, cn- 
tiro sctisfactlon. 

Don't let any dru^iist or de.ilcr ur)?e cpon yoa a 
(lifTcrcnt orticio, afl tliere ij no iirejiaratioii In '.be uorld 
like thia, Ikwaro of auy niticlo purportiuK to bo the 

Try HALL'S HAIU RENKWEIl according to Direc- 
tions, nn J you will n^o no ot!icr. 

If not Noiil at Oru;jKl'''' *'• >'*''"? town, a liottle 
wilt bo «ent yoii uy cxjinvM, upon receiiit of onu ilillar 
by iiDvil. tbils giving you nn opjiottuuit} a* ouct of 
MMTiiiiCU)! t>.«o»«l!ent i|ii:tlitioY. 

OcUanfiu imU ifUllu mu«t be &nQnai»<\ t* 

C. 1. COGii, imra^'a. 

0en^ k^^am far Northwi«T»rn States^ 

v.. V. VlKlA, k CO.. /urrictors. Nutiuiv N. II. 
Sold nt T» nOLiCSALli Jn trtteapa by FTLLEIl, rirtCTI 

ciiAs. o. ?MTTff, mrrrzsciT, BbocKi £ co., il 

6C0VIL, \r. p. 11 ARI113 * IXX, POST 1 LXDEaXJ, aaa 
Il dru^jgiaU tad 6miIu* g/mi»T*llf. in the inoiiiiii:^ of a vliib «ir siiiry mueoii? 
wbicb lias tali' ii Iroiii ibe In ad duriii;; tbo ni;;lit. 
U'licii ibis lakes place the pi r-;oi' may be sure 
lba{ bis di.-easu is on its way to the lui:i;s, and 
should lose no liuiC in arresting it 

Tbc above arc but fe»» of iho many Catarrhal 

syin|»toins. 'iVrife !o our Laboratoiy b>; <.ur 

p impblci dc.icribin;^ fully all !>yinpioins : it wiU 

: b.' rent FUEKtiiany address. Also directions 

where to procure ibu mediciuo 

We arc reccivin;;; letters from an parts of the 
I l.'nioii, and aNo numci«>us tcjitimoiiials from 
tlio..;e vsin;; it, bearing die evidence of its infalli 
Ide merits. 

^■£;- This rciiiciiy ciritain? no r»incral or poi- 
MMiiius iii;:rcdiciit<i. but ii pn-parMl !rom vegeta- 
ble i.Mravis ixelusively : Nicrdore il is peit«"*il3' 
liarailess. even to the uiost ietMlcr and delicate 
eliibl Ti^v 

S U 6 ASS, 

Wines &Llqwos*8 

Kvcr liri-ugbt totijis market. 

Al.-o :i cotnplt.'tc ns>oriinent of 


consult their own interests 


•ro;u our VAKIED and EXTENSIVE AS- 


Wc have Ibo 

Facilities and Determination 

Boll Goods as choap as any house West ef the 

Pay Cash foj* AVheat, Oats,Cor:2. 
Pork, Hides, Rutter and Eggs. 

Winneba;;o City, Minn. nlvo 

Eiupirc Shuttle ScVPiiss IVIachincs 

arc superior to all ot: ers for 
Family .mid 3I:iinir;u;Uinii>; Purposes. 

C -iit-ii all the la'cBt improvements; aiiefpre 
dy ; noiseless; durable: and easy tu v.-itk. 

Illustrated Circulars free. A;^en;s watited. — 
Liberal discount idlowed. No oo:iii.i;iiments 
Uiadc. ^ Address, 

.•ittyl i:.\;PIIiK S. M. CO., Broad-ay X. Y. 


wi.<bes to say toHhe people of Winr.tb.ipo City, 
and the nci^xbboring towns, that he has iLe larg- 
est etoek of 

'flic a("?niioii of il;c PrortcHUf^ t!i.- .rn.'.- i- iri\iii li to 
or.r iHW .scjiic of ; OCI AVK itO.<KV,o(iU I'lANO 
l-'OblF.-*, Trl;ii!i f»ir vi»!:iiiie :iii<! jiiirity o! toi.e iire iiori- 
\ '.iicri h\ jn.iy lii-Iicit , f ffTcrt in tli'* iii«rl;et. Itirv c<-n 
tain .lii iii<- i!;o<it-rii iiiprovtti-.' I !«, Fii ncli Giarid Attic . 
II:ii)> I\-ili:'. Inn Fr;iri»-, Overstiui j^ H.-is-s, ctc.,ai:i1 c.-.iJi 
i;i>ti nil, fill !•< ii;i iiihi'*- ui;v]>-:- tbc p-r?t jfiii si:p< r.isioii of 
>li-. J. U. Tr iverstcca ^h--i has ' ;i praitioa; < xj'crl- 
ci.ct.- of O' ♦— :>.• year> in il>*-ir tup.iiufa/-jr, is fii'.Iy wai'- 
r.iii.cJ in eveiy paitica'ar. 

The " Grovc'siotii Pi.-Jiio Fortes '' r.'*- 

cc'ivof] tlie Av nrn of 3I^rit over uW 
ctheis -a ilie celebr.itetl 

WorldV Fail- • 

]Qr*fi i Where w«>'-'' exhibited in>i-**i;ifr.ts frov, the b<-?t n2.-»kor!i 
OOw ' ""^ '""'''''■"' ^'*"'~*- G. rn'.si.y, Pi.iiachlnhia. liaiiir^f v. , 
.\.y\j\j I5„s;,,ii aa.lN.u- Vuik: r 3.1 ;il«i> jit •.? i An;« ricvn l!i-ii 
tnti- fur five yi!ceis>ivL- yea r, the jti c? ur-tl ^.'Ivi ruici'.ais 
froiii K'tb of uliii'li caL lit s^c^ at o-jr wa-'' roi'tii. 

Ity tiiei'^'roi!u,ti(jn ,i( imprnviin* n s re m-kcasti!I 
niiic ptrftct P:a:io lisr;,, rh^I Iiv ii.aiurafiirin- laipt-iy 
witli H stfictly cjis 1 f y.-iviii, ai— ei.atilcd to ' fft r ibc,-, ii:*- 
^trual-!.!s at ai.r:c-j wi^itii ril i-rcciudf :ill coinjHtitii :/. 

'15crn;s:— not Vvsn in ii/rrrut funds. 

D'-'criptivo • jr'ulsrs eent "ice olu;iV 

L I ^ fj O Ii fe . 

ever brought in.o this town. Corisir.'ing in part of 

Call for Scclcys Cat.irrh remedy, and 

lako no iitbcr. Il n it .-olu by di :i;.j;i.»i.-i in ymir 
vicinity, tbt-y uill urder i' fur you I'rice S2,L0 
per bottle. 

"i.:^ All persons snfTerinfr with any aflTcclioii 
of Ibe Hia.l. 'Ibroi.t or Liin^s sbonbl write at 
oii(..- for ourpanijiblct Inliy docribin;; all syiflj;- 
fjiiis pertaining to the above dise.-.scs. 

It will bo sent free to auy addaess.. 


Dii. I>. II. SEELVF <t CO., 

?«KKi»UKr, iLi.l.iom, • 
S.dd •>▼ all wootfiiaio niio ie:jii itrup'tsis 

GKNEUAL A«..-; il s«, 

.lolin P Park Cincinnati. (jJiii, ; r-tiiier, Finch 
A Fulhr. Cbicagi III : Burrbain Vansebaiick 
Chicago III; Demas Barnen .t Co New York ; D 
l{.in»oin 1 Co, Buffalo New York; Furrand She 
by A Co Detroit Mich; weok? A I'otler Boston 
•Muss : Fren h Uiehnrds <t Co Philadelphia. Pa ; 
li E Sellcia A Co Pittsbur-h Pa ; Collins Bio's,' 
»t L'juii Mo ; Barnes, ward A C.', New Orlean!) : 
K A llobinson aC>, Louisville, Ky ; iii;jley i 
Bro. Memphis Tenn ; P E Depuy HietiQiond Va; 
Thompson <k Block Baltunoro Md . Dexter A 
NcUeger Albany N Y; strong A Araostronj;, 
Cleveland O; Wqi Johnston Detr.jit Mfh f wd- 
i iua Fetoii A Co Loui4ville Jiy, \-2a^Xyl 

New Enrrlad liuiu. 

Bourbon Bitters, 

Plan tal ion Bitters. 




B'.-.iifon Wbiske.v. 

Walioo Bitters. 
Ilostctttrs Bitters 
Ac, Ac. 

.,^:^ r> E .\ U T Y.. 

.^^ !>.' .irn Go'Jcn. 

— An 


*J?f^ .11 and blikij CUULS 

> "-4^ produc.-?''. bv the u;-c 

^^J^if Prof. Dk Bnr.t x< 

fe^-FBESJ! ],E CU E 

^r' VEl'X. On-«, apilir 

tion warranied to cur! *hc 
most stnrfrbt aid s ubboru hair o; either rex in- 
to wavy nii/^lcfs cr hcav_. ni;:.-;sive <urls. Has 
been used bf tbe n.rl.ii.n.-."- 'is rf l^aiis and Lon- 
don, with '.be m^ist grati ying results. Does no 
injury to the hair. Price by mail, scalep and 
l>o?t|iuid, SI. Descrioti e circu! .'cnt free. 
.Address BEIJGEP-. .Sill TTS A CO., (h^-u sis, 

Xo. 2.^.5 Livtr st., iroy . 
tbe Ui.ite 1 .^iatcs. 

Y. C-'e a"er*t tvr 

"'i> kaj), oa iiin.I tbo ba-t 


If you uant to buy pood nice fresh 

lloiivlioii \\ liiskey. fioai a roiiililnation ef ov»t 
tui'iity ililViTfiit kiiiils of ro-.its lii;k< iiail lioib* 
.v!iicl< .Tt ill |)crfrTt conciTt one witti tbeothor. |n> 
|iut«l from tlio ori;:iaal f irsniila prfii I'V Inc giral 
cliief III' 1 .Tnrkct. to i)r. (;li:i|iiti. wlin us«''l tbcai mii'- 
C'.*'<-fiilIy ill lii< practice far many ycai*. and liy their 
u-H j^i-'ic'l >o a jmpiri.irit-' in tiie tieatnicnt aii'I 
euro of l).v-t'iM"'a- Liver e.tii)iiliiiiit. <.'iiTi.<tipat.on. Si'k 
aiiil Nerv.'i!'' IUm'IjicIic. Fever aivl A;riie, utnl :«ll ili^ 
Hr:ci iiri.siii;i fro:ii to-jiiil liver ami imlieestion. IVr- 
i< >Ti« siineriii;: from eitluT oftlicsc l<Kitlisoiiie iliscnses 
will fitnl a cure !iy tlie ii^c of tbc-c Itittcr.H. wbicb ore 
p.MfiTily imieaiiil fice fi"*)!!! all i!ni;:»i anil poi- 
%.>iis ii^ii lily put up in such prefiaiution-*. ami puliucii 
i!f I'll !iri uii-'U!*|ioclii!'Z imblic. A siiij;K' trial will rmi- 
rlr.r-c the ino^t skeptical tbat in tbe UKD .I.^CKKT 
there N a virtiio tbat no other liitteis po»3«js, 

Ttu'T f trenstlicn t.ii'1 invi^.^ate tbc system 

Tliev are iliiei|il.i!lcii for debility. 

Tliey luo a care fir Pyspepsi.a. 

lliey^yve a fxmul ami benltby ftppetitP. 

Tliey BN-irit (li;cc<tioii, 

Tbey purify the bieuth 'iml a<iility of tbc stomnrh. 

They cure DiaTTliiiM ami riioleri Morbus. 

Tliny nro an antidoto to chanf^e of water and diet. 

Tliey .-ire the best .«ti!iitila!it in exintenf^e. 

Tbey arc a prev»vitivo of Fever and Agn«. 

They relic\-e Cmi-'tipatini. 

They cure Xcrvoiis lleadacho. 

Tijoy arc jiesfectly pure and prilTtible. 

Tho genujnc 1:EP JACKET niTTEK^:^n only 9c\i 
in iiiiiirt b-ittles; never liy the pillon. quart or pint. 

See tbat our priv.ito Gor-rnr^ent stamp ia unbroken 
over eacti cork. 

Sill by all druggists nnd dealers throughout Ilia 

I'nII for P.ed .lacket. aixl take no other. 

Circulars to tho trade supplied on application. 


tl and 33 aflCKIGAX AYE^TIJE. 


oysters, lofjsters 

WHITE LIQUID e>;am]:l, 

For Improving' and rcaiKuyiiigff'f f;oir,plo.\ioa. 

Tbc iiiost viJuaMc, 


Peacbc.«. Blackberries. ISaspberrics or any kinds 
of CANED FllLirS.tbis is the place to ;:et iheui 


Of CA.XDIES, botli plain and f-.n 

he has tbem in endle^•• quantities. 

Alul of NUTS from ever>' clime, hn 

keeps a large supply cotivtuntiy on banti. 

Do'nt fortret the place. 

Don't forget the name 

€reo. E. 

Next doi SODTII 01 





Winnfcbaso City. Nov. 15, 1865. 


erf*;t f leparation ia 
use. for giving the f.kin •• hrti-un'^al j.ciirl like 
tint, tbat isoidv Tiun-l in vourh. It «iw:cMy t« 
moves Ian. Freckles, ^itrp**'" Blo» -hcs. Motb- 
Patches, Sallowners. EnipMons and all impari- 
ties; of the siiin, ki!;d'r bea'.ir;^ the ?ame, leavin;;. 
the skin white and clear .ip aiaba-^er. Its use 
c-in not be dc'ecr-d l-y (be ci^se^-t t-cntfiny, nnd 
being a vegelol'de pr-'para-ion io perfect'y bsrru- 
Icss. It is tbe only arlic'..^ of the kind used b^ 
Ihc French, and i« consido**d by t^>2 Parsian as 
indcJpensiblo to a icrre't teilot. /Cpwardf? of 
■■^^•^ ' '"^'•^''''^ wore sold c ••rijis tbo 'past year, sr 
suincioiit jiiiarratitce of lij *.Gicaey. Pri'-c oiily 
75 ce-jts, .'ent bv mail, on r»>celpt of ho ord* r. bV 
BEKGEP. >MJUTTS A CO.. Cbcsnist^. ' 
v.'5n2?mfi 2>S: Itive- St.. Troy, N, Y 

A UhXTLKMAN -lured of Nervous Debllit* f r-matuic Decay «'i(l Youthful 
Error, Lciuaic'i bj- a ,>esire toVw;Hefit otLers will 
be happy to l:iriii-'i to aii who oee** it. (free of 
charge), the .>jOtf--.t and di»"-iion« for makin;? 
be situple retucd'y liSe-J iti tbis raiie. Taosq 
tvi.-.Iiiugto probt by bis etperi(j«ce, and posses* 
a \ aUiable RcDitdy. will »-ecCive tbe same, bj 
return mail, ('-arefully se«,ied), by addrcsfiir^ 


50 NasrfAP ret. New York. 


TACHES forced to 
gro\? upon the smooth 
est face in from ctbrc 
to hv" weeks, by using 
iliaire, tbo most wcn- 

Manhood: "Sow lost, how re- 
Just Dubliftlied, a new edi-' 

tion o' Dr. Culverwell's Cclebrctci 
Essay on tb«- radical euro (without 
of Speriuatorrboea, or seminal Weak 
ness. Invcdniifary seminal Losse?, .Imptttencv, 
.Mental and Pliysical Tucapactfy, Impediments to- 
Marriage, etc; also Consuinptioi;, Fpileprv, amt 
Fit*, indnc'd by ecif indul;:eiic« o*- setual extrav 
1 >t<:tii:ee. 

■J^"^- i n',«3, im « v«!i(«>a ou<r<;io;n<, oniy ft eeutf,- 

'». hR cclebrmed woin-r »u rois aumlrabie es^Hy 

cl^i.riy deuM.i.btr.Mteji. f)v„n s rbirty ynsra' suo 

CK-'tolpr.^i'tioe. mm rti« ;iiMr«BiQ«. couseoncpees 

o. i«if £>»,.«,, t,,^^ r» t~%niff^\'t ««rr^ without tho 

UHti %■*•*? •>(<■'. van' 

d rful discovery in mo dern science acting upon 
the Beard and I'air io an almost rniraculou' 
manner, jt has Ix'en B!»ed by the elite of Paris 
aiiil Lon<h>n with the most flattcrinir snccess. 
Names of all perchajcrs wi'.l be registered and if 
entire satisfaction is not j^ivtn in every ingrance 
t'le money will be cbeerluUy refuniled. Price 
by mnil, sealed and postpaid. $1. Descriptive 
circulnri! and restitnonials mailed free. Addres? 
BERGER, SHUTTS * CO., Chemist?, Ko. S2.5 River 
ikreet, Troy, N. Y. SqU igents for Um Vait«d Sutef. 

■•ncx ditupif,. •'iMtcfir., «Mi< «ffe*».i«*.«y »«i >ii»e«<i« '.r 
whicV x.fijr rtttnrrm- ^- t.i%jBm* 4*i»i»t itfe «"<«4t 

tiou f"Hyba. >m»H. ^U^•* 6t0wl'r<«p)w.>*, )»riv*'j«i? 
and radinaiiv 

jJ^gr-Xbifl ),i^etrrr» «»>t».»«4 p« %m ttm ttl^qdo >| 
every yoiKn <t.<id effery ins;»i ht »-*»« sami. 

Sent, iipd— p«jai, »•• » 0(H<n wevclope, tft «tiy 
any a«tdref"<. iju.<f iinid. or« fp—wjnt of &iz rent*, 
or tW" xtosr sr«»nj,, Adnipp.* t^«» pijbIi?DefB 
CIIAS. .t! C. f<'i,VE A CO., 
127 SOWERT. JVfiiw York. 

Post Office Box 458S 

I in 11 I 


u*.M ■■■^ » iWi t- *^' 

r^» ■ i I f ^ •»<- 


■ m ■! ■ ' p 



JA3. L CHRISTIE Editor & Proprietor. 


terms— $1.5C— Invariably in Advancfe; 

VOL. 4. 



NO. 5, 

u s hud (»tVco wiimob !£:<> city niinn, | this office on Moiidny ihc 17 d:iy ol Dcm- 

novSlSiitj. To Edwin H Hudson the 
sm railroad co hns this d;iy :ii)i)rnd for 
the se qr sec 'Ji> town lf>2 range o2, it 
V)ein^ the land vo.i lilod on. You arc 
nerehy nofilicd to be and nj)pcrr al this 
office on Wednosdav ihc 10 Aav of 
!>cc. next at [) o'chock a ni, for llie pur 
l>o?:o of giving the matter a fair investi 

a h bullis recf, h \v holley, rcc. 

1800, at 1 o'clock p in. for the pnrpoPi 
of •living the \vh<do matter and iin[tar- 
lial investigation. 
a h bullis, iv>^, h w liolley, rec. 

u s land oflTiee winnebaixo city "linn 
^u.v 8 I8t)r). To ])av d'M (lillman 
Ihc s in 1 
for the 8 

o5 and se qr se (|r sec -0 town 10- 
vange 28, it being the land you tiled oj\ 
You arc liereby notifi\'d to be and np 
pear at this < fficc on Wedncsc^ay the V.) 
c'ay of December next at o'clock a ni 
for the purpose of givinij the matter 
a lair investigation. 

a h bulii.s rcg, h w hoUoy rec. 

II s land office wiiineb,n<:o city minn. 

nov 14 18()G. To Charles II Morgan the h 
j ni railroad lias this day :ii>plit d for the 
I ne qr see 2.) town 101 ranj:e *»2. it be 
j in<; \he land you filed on. Y(>u are 
' hereby notified to be and appear at i\n> 

office on Monday the 17 «lay ot Dec 

'ixty nix, III nii)o o'il«Kk r. id , for O.c ptirpos'* of k'v 
ill): ilif wIt.lAialtiT a fair and imparliJtl invthtipttion 

A. li. BiiUU ItegUt^r, 

II. W. Uolk-y Uccclv»r. 

ailroad co has this day applied ■ ^^^'''^'' "^ ^ ^'••'"<"'* 1» '". <*"" t'>^' P"»-p"se 
bf ne qr aud ne nr nc qr sec ' <^^g'vnig the whole mUter a hur and 

— impartial investigation. 

a h bullis, reg, li w holley rcc. 

n s land f)flico winnehago city minn 
nov S 1S(;G. To Robert Decker, the 8 iii 
railroad lias this day !q)plied for the 
11 w qr 80C 27 town 102 range U2 it being 
ing the land you filed on. You are 

^^ hereby notified to be and appear at 

" US land office winnebn-o city minn ' this oflice on ]Mondny the 17 day 
nov 8 180»>. To Henry W Hand, the j ^^t" ^^^'C, iSbb, at 1 o clock p m for the 
a m railroad co has this day applied for ' P^'pose of cjiving the whole matter a 

Ihc ne qr no qr sec 34 anJ nw qr nnd | <»'"' .'ind impartial investigati.m. 
Lotl sec 3 t town 102 range 32. it being i » ^ ^"-''^^ ^^^^ h w^.olley, 


u s land office, winnehago city minn 
nov 14th 18G(;. To John 1* Kcllv, the 

V. S. Land Ofl-c ^IniulniKo eity Minn., NovcitiLcr 
ftuifn-n fiKlilitn huixlrtil an<l sixty-six. To .laiins 
Slii.jiki* -Vln- koiitlu rn Miiinf.>«>»H railrriHrt comiiany bus 
ilil'« dHy iipi'litil fur elif nortli cahf inuirlcr ofsrctioV. twin 
ty (liroe t<)wiiii|il|j livui<1n<l iin<l ono north, nu-j:'; 
iliirtyllirfc we.-t, it beinic tin- laud you (ll» d on. Viu 
!:rc liiriny nulifud to lie nnd H)>)>(ur at tliis cflicc on 
.Vi-n'lH.w till- si'Vi-i.tftnlh day of IKc. tl^litein huiidrtd 
•ind t-ixiv-Hix Ht nine oVldfU a.m., for tin- |>iu|»)fe ol 
4ivinpthe wind.- nmttcr a fair and itniwrtialinvixti/a/ion 
A. II. IJullis Kegister, H. W. llollsry Receiver. 

V. S. l.anH Oftlco Winnel>a;ro dty M:un., Nuvru bcr 
fourteen el;;htien liundrtil aii.l sixty-six. To IliraTu 
Hiirk — The suuihern .Minntsuta railroad coMpuny has 
this day applied for the ."outh we.-t nUMrter of section 
one ti'V^-Diiliip ode hundred and one nonh, runjte tldrly- 
three we."', it htlni; ihe land you flo<l on. You are 
herehv notified to he and appear at tills oflice on Mon- 
day the sievenfet nth day '.f Ket-eipliteen hundred and 
sixty-six at tin o'clock a. m., for the purpf se of v\\.'utg 
the whole niafter a fair and imparl ial inve>««itration. 
.V. H. lluilia llc;|lKter, ll. W, liolley Kcetlver. 

l". S. Land (Hliee WiuiiPb^.!,'o City Mlun., N'ovcinhcr 
fourteen ei>:hlet n huu.lrcd and «<ixty-!-ix. To Chas. Ju- 
lius— The S. u'hen.«ot«iHiiroHd company this 
d»y applied for Ihe north quarter of Mclion 11 of 
t.w.iship one hundred auil one north, ran;:e thirty-three 
\ve>it, 11 l>eii>K li.e lond you filed fn. Vou arft herehy 
notifled to he and : *;)eBr at fnis oilice on .Monday the' 
xcvenlecnlh day of 'l»ic eighteen huiidrod and nix(y-six, 
at nine o'clock a. m., foi the purpose ofulvlng the whole 
matter a falrnnd iiu]iart!al luvesticii'lon. 
A. U. Uullis Uefc'lster, II. II. Ilalley Receiver. 

Aloniluy the ITlli day of'-, ISfiO, ntu e ^ 
o'eluel< p in, for the jinrpoKC of pi^inK f'C whole j 
matter a (Hlr and iinjciitial iiive.«ti<j.'-. tion. 
A ii liulli., Ue;,'iMcr, u w ni.llcy, Ucociver. j 

day of i)oee»nl>er: 18(^0, at one o'clock p in, for 
U s land office winncti.Tgo city minn nov fonrteen , jj^ of i'ivinji the whole uiattcr a fait 
18(if> To Ucorgc Heno— tht;Ftn railroiKl ha.^this i ^^^^ impartial investigation, 
day ai)l»lied for the s c fjr of s;'C 11 town 101 

II S Latid OlTuH', \Viniiei»a;;o City, Minn., Nov 
M. iJ-Ctj. To WilHim Williams —TI'.c Soulhern 
Minnesota Hailrond hun tliis <lay applied for the 
?ou»h wci-t (iiiarl.r jcction :U to«iisliip 101 ran^j 
32, it Loin): the land you filed on. You arc here 
by notified to be and appear at this oficoon Mon 
day tlie 17th day of becember, L'^OO, at I o'clock 
f. ui. for the purpo-'c of ^ivin;,' the whole matter 
a fait iif.d iiup;vrti:tl investiijation. 
A ri liuUi!', Uegibl-r, ii w nolley, Uecciver. 


r:oiK« :',:'., it bciuij the laud you filed on You are 
htreby notified to be nv.<l appear at tliis ofTice on 
ondav the teveuteenlh dav of Dec next at nino 
e'cbick'a in for the imrpose of jiivin;: the whole 
natter a fair and impartial inve?ti;rali'in. 

a h bullis register b w holley receiver 

n F land office winncbngo city minn rroi fourt<^n 
, lSf>G To Henry C'l.iy— the 6 r.i rail.-.iJid '-as 'his 
i dny apjiliid for tlic n e ((f of sec 1 lown lOl 
I lanic o3, it be!n;rthc land yon filed on You are 
I h'-.rl-.hj n'ltifi.d !•» bo and appear at thi:« oflice on 

at '.loM:>ck 

A H liuilis, Kpgi?*er. n W nollay, Receiver; 

V. L, I.andOiriceWlnn<l.a^'. City M'inn., Novend»'»r 
fourteen, eighteen hundred niid sixty nix. To V.'iii llr/.d 

well— The »oiilhei'ii ininnesota rai.road 

cofi-pany hai 


the land you filed on. Y'ou are hereby 
notified to be and at this office 
on Wednesday the ll> day of Dec^ember i ^ ^^ railroad h.s this day applied for ;.>.i-<ny applied for o.e north «-y7-X'r;i^.''!ir 

Tirvt it n V Of'k 1 in Vnr th«' i'.iin»o«f» , ,■,- ,,.; ' ' <>.» ^ «-"e township one hundred and one north, ran^;.- tinr- 

UCXC ai .» O ClOCK a I«l lOl tni pUlpOse [ ^j^^. ^^^ . ^^,^, o- i^,^„ \{\o ranire 32, at tv three west, h he-i.-mhe land you fil^on. Vouarei.ero 

of glVinStllC matter a fair investigation i i .•..l.„.V ^ ,„ ♦,.- il,.. ,,,,rrnm.^f>roivil.rr >>y notified to h« am. i^p, ear at thwoHice on Monday the 
'^ . . 1.- . , i," I A U Clock p in. tor ttU" plirjosc (>I {,M\ll.g g^^^.^.j^j^.^,^,,, ,,.,y^f j,^^. ^,j,,,,,,^.,, ^u,,jrodandsixiy ^ix, 

the whole matter a fair and imjiartial amine tor the purpose of giving the whole 


a h bulli.'*, reg, h w holley, rec. 

r S Land Oflice. Wiunebaco City. Minn . , .,, , , , . n - i ,. 

I4ih isf.o. To Th..s. Marshall— The Southern wedncMl .y the 17th day of Dc.-^ne.\ at .lo elK 
Minnesota Iluilioad co-ipany bus this Jay ap- a.m for the purp.s-o of Kivm.^ thewhoie matter 

plied for the north h cast quarter Fcfion M 
township K'l ran;;o '.''2, it beiii^rthc land you filed 
on. You a'c heruby notified to bo and aj>pear at 
th:> office on .Monday the 17ih Jay of L-ecember 
ISfiG at one o'clock p m, for the purpose of piv- 
iug the whole matter a fair and impartial invciti 
A 11 l^ul'.id. Register, n w no'ley, Receiver 

IT F Land Offiro, Winnebago City. Minn, Nov 
14, ISOi). T.) • diaries Monroe.— The feoulhcrn 
Minnesota Railroad company ha.'^ this applied 
l<.r the north wesi (juartcr section 20 township 
IDI range :V2, it being t^ie land you filed on. You 
•ire hereb) notiiied ti> be aM<l appear at this oflice 
on Monday the 17th dny of I^eceml cr, lbO<J. at 
1 o'clock p in, for the purpose ol giviiig she whole 
matter a f.iirand iinpurtbil inve:.tiijalion 
A u IJuUi:!. Re-jib^er, H W uoUey, Receiver, 


h bullis repj. 

It w hulley reo. 

u s land office winnelia'jco city minn 
nov 14 ISGt;. To Richard L Hoyd the 
H m railroad co has this d ly applied 
for the n w qr pec 33 town ]i>'2 ran!::c 
iVl it bviing the land you filed on. You j 
are hereby notififd to he and appear at ! 
this oft'ice on SYednesday the V.) dav of I 
i )eceinber next atl) o'clock am. for the i 
purjiose cf giving the matter a fair in- | 

a h bullis reg, h w liolley rcc. 

mwMer a fair and impartial luvestigation. 

A. 11. Uullis U Ki-iter, II. W. Holley Bcceiver. 

r. 8. Land OtTicc Winneh.ipo City Minn Nov. fourteen 
^- ^ , , ,,. . , . . cl):hte*'n hundred and sixty kix. To David II .^yeis 

U & hilld i.nice WinneborjO city mmn _ ihe Kouthem nunne^ota Railroad comaany has this 
«/^T 1J. WttH '1\» !>.. T Ih.'iit 'F'bp' dav applied for the 8. uth east quailcr of section nine 1 
n0> 14, IM»t» JoKoUeit |j Me.llt l no ,„,;,„1,{,, „„e hundred and oi e. ranR..- thirty-two i 
S m rallloa<l this day april led for the n lih-ii jrlheland you m-don. You areh.rehy neUfied l 
.,., » ini ^ *>vi ....ol. to he and appear at thiielVice on M-nday the seventeenth 1 

W qr siCC •).* town iUl range -^, UeSt. day of l»ec. eighteen lundied and Bixty-six. at one ^ k RuPis. Register, 
it bcill- the land you flleii on vou are o-cWk pm.,f.rll.c purpose "fKivii.« the whole matter 
"^ ^ ~ afairaiid ii!ipartiuMiive.-itigatli<ii. 

A. II. Uullis Regi.tjr, H. AV Holley Rcrciver. 

US land office winnebago city minn 
nov 14, l^^fj!) t'> Hyron C Andeison, the 
s ni railroiid h;i8 thi.s day applied Ibr the 
fi w qr see 33 town lUl raige 32, it be* 
ine the land you tiled on you are hcri' 
by notified to be ami appear at ihi.o of 

hereby notified to be ami appear at this 
btliee on Wednesday tiie l{)th day of 
Dec iKxt at !> a'eloek a m 
po-e ofgiviui^the whole i 

a h bullis reg. h ^ 

" iiiay ofl)ec'eiKhteenhuuilredands>i.\ly-six,at one o'clock 

V. 8. Lan»1 Omc„' Winneh.igo City Minn Nov. fourteen p. ui., for the pm p .8e of gi villi' the whole matter a fair 
cijriiwen hundred ai.»Jsi.\tysix. To .M.rahaiii II Ki.ty— and impartial iiiveslij-'alion. 

U S Land OKice, Winnebago City, Minn. Nov 
n. \>-i\r,. To Henry llarri.^on— The S M R R co 
ha-i this day applied for IIjc it hf s i w «jr ur.d n e 
.piaiter s w quarter section 7 town.-bip 101 :.".o,.C 
:'•! it being the land yi'U tiled on. Yoti are ijcre 
by noliiitd to be and appear at this efiice on 
Monday the 17rh day id December 18»io ut oJie 
o'cloe-rp m f(tr the pnrpyse of iriving .he v. hole 
niattrr a fair and impartial investigati(>n 

h w Lullt-y, Recoiver 

fair i.nd impartial invcfetigution. 

a h bullis- register h w holley receiver 

u slo'id office winnehago city minn n( v tourtecn 
186G To Norman li Sterol!— I'lC s m r-nlroad 
has tills day aj. plied for the n w ([rof pcc 1 Ho;vn 
lOl range S."], it bving'thc land you filed on \ on 
are h'.rcny notified t) be and at Ihisotiioo 
on Monday the seventeenth day of Dec next ntl) 
r'clock a in for the purpose of giving the whole 
inattera fai.- and impartial investi;cati;'n. 

a h bullis register b w holley receiver 

U tland office winnehago city nov fourteen 
1S66 To Samuel McKarell— The j: m railroad has 
this day applied {or the s e <{r of sec 1 town 101 
range :'>-), it being the land you filed on Y'ou .are 
hereby notified to be and sppear at this oflT'ro on 
Wednesday the Kth day of D-.^c 1.^60 at 'J .,'eloek 
a m for the purp.isc of giving the whole mutter a 
fair gud iin aitial investigution. 

a h bulli.^ register b w boUey receiver 

T' S Land Office winnobago city ir.tnn n-.v U, 
isfdi To Au.uu-tu< L>ou!ii.'on— ibcs m railroad has 
this day ujiplied for the n e qr of section 1 town 
101 range 34, it beiiig the land you filed ..n You 

T'SLand Office winncbago city minn. nov. 14 
1Fe.() To ringal Fnigleiioo^the s m riilST** »ia«( 
this day applied for the n e qr 8 w qr n hf » e qr 
Bcction 8 .and n w quarter d w qr see 9 town.ship 
101 range .32. it being the land you filed on Yoit 
arc hereby notified to be nnd appear at »hl3 bffice 
on MoHday the 17tbday of Dec ne.xt at tJneo'clo* k 
■p m for the purpose of giving the matter a fair 


a h bullis regi^ler. h wlioUey receiver: 

F S Land (jffi'-e winnehago city minn nov 14; 
1880 To Ales. W Davi^— The 8 m railroad ha* 
this day applied for the 8 hf S n qr and n e qr s w 
qr and 8 e qu.irter n w quarter «e'-tion 9 town lOl • 
range X2. it being the land you fllod on Y'ouar* 
b.-reby notified to be and apj)car at this office on 
Monday the l7ih day of Dc« next at one o'clock p 
in lor theijurpose ol giving the matter a fair in- 


a h buliuj register h w holley recei ver 

li S Land Oflfice winneoiigo city min*! hov l4j 
ISfig To Andr w Donaldson — The s m railroad 
tas this day applied for lot 2 and south west quar" 
tei of south east quarter sec 5 aud w fafalf of n e 
quarter ofsoc o2 town 101 r»Dge .32 it being the 
land you filed on You are hereby notified to be 
and appear at this office on Monday the 17?hf 
day of Lcc next at one o'clock p m for the purpose 
of giving lit whole matter a fair and impartiaV 

a h bullis register h w bolley receiver 

U S Land OPico wiin.cbugo city minn Nov 1* 
To II. race Farmaii,- 

The S<outlurn Minnesota Uailroad company has this day 

applied for the ni rth west ipinrter of section three 

fowu>li!pone hundred and one, ranjre fliiity-thr< e. it he 

I iijfrlhe land \ou fiteil on. Vou are hereliy iiotlfietl to l:e 

.\. n. llullis Keg;!.tcr, 

II. W. Holley Kecelver. 

r. P. Land Ofticc Wlnneba^fo City Mhin Not. fourteen 
elirlileeii hundred mid si Nity-»ix. To Kvan Prown— The 

U S land oilice winoebaeio city minn 
nov 14, 18G() to J«djn C Clyne. the s 
m railroad has tliis day a|>plied for the 
8 w qr .«ec lU town 101 rani^o 32, it be 
ing the land you file. I on you are liere 
by noaifiel to be and aiq)ear at thi.-? of- 
fice on Monday the ITth day of Dec 
next at 1 o'cl(»ck p m for the iiurposc 
of giving tl e matter a fair investigation 

h w holley rcc. 

I'. S. Land onic* Wlnn(b«jfo City Minn Nov. fourteen 
eli;htcen hundred and nlxty-slx. To (leorRe Wxemore— 
The fJou;liein Minnesota Kailroad company hns this day 
applied for the north east fraeVlonnl qr of section three, 
towni.-hip one hundred and one, raiijre thirty-Jhiee, It he- 
iiii; the l.ind you fileil on. Vou ;ire h"iehy notified to he 
arid ap\ii-ar nt th's r)ftiee on .Momlay the seventeenth day 
of Dec. eijrhteen I undred ami tiixty-wix. at nine o'eloik 
a. ni., for the purpo-e of giving thj whole matter a fair 
and iu.pH! tial investii;uliou. 
A. U. UuUis Uefed^ter, II. W. Holley Receiver. 


a b bulli:' regi.-tcr 

h w holley receiver 

U S L.Tr.d Office winnehago city minn dot 14^ 
ISCG io Thomas Fiynn^Thc s iS railrc:!!? baa 
this day applied for the e hf s w qr sec 14 and n 
hi u w qr sec 23 town 102 range S2, it being the 
land you filed oa You are hereby notified to be 

^ ., „ . and appear at this office on wedne«ilay the I9:h" 

are b'.^e'vjy n< tlfied 1(71,0 and apjiuar at tl is oSTice | (i;iy of Dec next at I o'clock p m for ttie purpose 
on Wednesday the 14th day oi Dec 1S((6 at nine I of giving the whole matter a fair and imparlial 
o'clock a m for the purpose of giving the whole mvcstigatioi, 

msllcr a fair and impar ial in»i.stigation a b ballus register b w holley receiver 

a b bulliu r^'gister h w holley receiver 

a h bullis reg. 

U S land oftice winncbago city nov 14 
1800 to Caleb Upsture the 8 m railroad 
w;i8 this day applied for the n w qr sec 
17 town luT range o2, it bein;j;the land 
you filed on, you are hereby notified 
to be and appear at this oflice on Mon- 
day the 17th day of Dec next at one 
o'el'ck p m for the purpose of giving 
the matter a fair iuvesligation. 

a h bullis reg. b w holley rcc. 

u s land oflice winneba^'o city, minn 
cov 14 ISOG. To Wui. Harris,*the s in 
railroad co has this day applied for the 
w hf nw qr it ne qr nw (|r sec '23 town 101 
rang>; 7, it being the land you filed on 
YotTare hereby notified to be and ap- 
pear at this office on Monday the 17lh 
day of December next at 1 o'clock p lu, 
for tlie purpose of giving the matter a 
fair invest iiTi'tion. 

A 11 BulUs register, 11 W Uollry, receiver. 

r. S. Lund Office Winnehago Clt.\ Minn Nov. fourteen 
eighteen hundred and ^lxty•»l^•. Tc (1 Leadmsn.— The 
y juiliern Minnesota KaUroad Coirnlany hn*; thin day ap. 
jilied forllie soiitli w st <iU:irtcr of section thirtyf v.! town 
fihlp one hundred and one, ran^'C tliirty-tlireeit heluK 
the land you filed on. Von are hereby notifled to he 
andai>pear pi this office on Monday the seveteenth day 
of Dec ei^h'een hundred and tlxty six at nine o'clock 
a. ni., for the Huri)'>se of nivinj the whole matter a f;ur 
and ir.. partial investi^'ation. 

A. H. Iiu.:i3 Il«»j{irfer, H. W. liolley Receiver 

p. in', for the purpo-t- of ^dviag Ihe whole mailer a fair 
and iij.pavllal invedti^'atloii. 

A. II. Uulliii Kegi^ter, II. W. Holle y Receiver. 

r. S. Land onice Wirniha?oCify Minn Vov. fourteen 
eighteen hundred and >i\ty-slx. To John ijlmn— The 
i<outhern Minnesota lUiilroud Company has l't;is day ap- 
plied f T Ihe w hf 8 e <|r north cail cpMrter 8 e qr of sec. 
!^1» and n w qr 8 w .parter of section twenty-eljrlit town 
slii'p one hun.lred ar.d one, range thirty-two. it beinff 
the land vou f.-bd od. V >n areheieliy notified to be and 
appear at this office on Menday the seventeenth day of i 
Dec elKhleen hundred and !<iMy-six at -inc o'clotk p. ni., 
for the purpo-ie of Kivi".", the whole matter a fair and lui- 
parlial inve>ti};iiti<;n. ..... , 

A. II. Uallis Uesister, II. W. liolley Kecelver. 

U S Land Office winnehago City minn Nov It 
l^Ci) To Lsaae yueena,~rhe s lu railroad Co., 
has this day applied for the s w qr of stc L"J toW: 
101 Hinge ;)!*, it being the land \<n filed <•» \ on 
are hereby notified to be and appear at this oflice 
on Mondii.> the 17tb day of Dec at one o'clock p 
m lor the { urposo of giving the whole matter a 
fair and impartial investigation. 

a b bullis regi.ner h \ bolley receiver 

U S Land Office winncb.Tgo city minn nov 14, 
186G To 'Jhcron Janes~Tbe .sin railroad coinpa 
ny has this day ajii>lied for the s c qr of sec M), 
town 10' range 32, it being the land you filed on 
you are herei>y notiged to be and appear at this 
office on Monday the Km day of Dec 1S6<; at 
y o'lock a \a for t! e jiurpose of giving ;ho whole 
matter a fair andjinipartial investigation. 

a b bullis register b w holley receiver 

T' 8L.ind office winnehago city minn nov 14 
IStJti To Moses \V Miwyer — The s ui radroad 
has tills day apjdio I for the n bf n w qr .sec 9. and 
scqrswqr Aswqr seifrscc 4 town 101 range 32 it 
being the land you filed on You are hereby notified 
to be and appear at this otriee on Iilonday the 17 
d.iy cf Djc next at 'J o'clock a ni for the purpo.-c 
of riving tiio whole matter a fair and impartial 

a b bu'.iii register h w holley receiver 

I'. S, Land Office Winncbajro City Minn., November 
f.iu.-leen ei/hleeii hundred and sixty six- To William 
John.-on— the Southern Minne>-ota Uailroad Company 
h:is l'-i» <!ay applied for the Routh ca.t quarter of jeetiou 
twentv-Ove, townone hundred and oneran;:e thirty-three 
ll being the land you filed on. .\oc are hereliy notified 
to he * appear at tliis offii-e on Moioiay lh«: seventeenth 
dav of Dec. eighteen hundred and sixty-six, at nine 
o'clock a. m., for.lh.e purpose of giving the whole m»t 
ter a fair and in^partial investigation. 
A. II. Bullis lUgisterf H. W. Holley Kecelver. 

U P Land Office Wlnnebairo City Minn Nov. fourteen 
el'hteen hundred and sixty six. To Kdmur.d Dickey 
—The couthern Minnesota Itjii'.road conijiany ha9t!d> 
day «ppli»-d for the soutli west quarter of section twenty 
live, tow»l^■hip one hundred and one, range thirly-diree 
It hidnj? the land vou tiled on. You are herehy notified 
lo he & appear ut tld'i office on Monday lb; seventeenth 
d:i> of Dec eiffhteeii hundred and Bixty-nix at nine o' 
cloclv a. ni., for toe purpose of Riving the whole luatter 
a fair and iuipaHial inveiitisailon 
A. H. L'ulll!! Rcbduter, II. W. Holley Receiver. 

V f», Land Office Winnehago City Minn Xov. fourteen 
eighteen hundicd and sixty-six. Tc James M I»armer— 

I Tla- Southers .Mii.nesoti Uailroad Company has this day 
aiiplled for the north ea>l puartcr ■>f section twenty-five 

I township one hnndred and one rant,'e Uiirty thre.-, it he- 
liiK the land yi>u fded on. Vou are hereby notified to he 
and niipeae ut ^ office on M.inday the seventcevtii day 
or I e •, eiirhtcen sixty-six. at nine o'clo<;k a. ni., for the 
purpose of giving the whole matter a fair and Impartial 

II, W. IloUcy Receiver. 

U 8 land o^tce winnehago ciiy minn nov fourteen 
Ibt'.ti To Orin A (Jbili.-on— The a m railroad co 
has this day applied foi the s e qr of sec 21 town 
101 range ;i2, it being the land you filed on You 
are hereby notified to lie and appear at this oflice 
on Monday the 17ih day of Dec loOn at one 
o'clock p m for the purpose of giving the whob 
mailer a fair and iupartial inves igalion. 

a n oullii regi.-tcr b w hoUey receiver 

U s land office winncbago city minn nov 14th, 
I SCO To Si'as N Dann.— The s m railroad co 
has thi.H day .>^pi>'icd for the n o qr of sec 2U town 
101 range h it btine; the land yon filed on You 
arc herehy notilicd to be and appear at this afficc 
on Monday the 17th day of Dec KSGft ai two 
o'clock p ni for the purpsso of giving the whole 
inalier a fair and iinpaitial investigation 

a h bullis icgister h w holley rocciver 

V S Land Ofucc winncbago city minn Nov 14 
iMltS ToNoble UroonLS- Thes m railrond cop* 
ny h.i? this <lay af.plicd f<>r the n hi u e qr & w .jr 
n e qr, and s e or n w qr of sec 7 township 101 
range 32, it being the land ye.u hied on You are ^^ ^ 

hereby notilicd to bo an.l aj pear at this office on ,.p,.,jjpV)2, it the land you filed on You are 
Monday the ll'tli day of Dec at one o'cUx k p m j ^^^j^]^y notified to be anda])pear at this oftice <.n 
for Ihe puipoe of giving the whole matter a lair j 3j„n,|,,y ,|^^. j; day of Dec next at 1 o'clock p m 
and imi>arlial invcsiigatioa 

ah bullii register b w holley receiver 

i: .S land office wii^n ba;o city minn rov fourteen 
1S66 To K/.vn 6 De m— the s m riilroad 
has tbisday a) pli-d for thee hf sc qr sec 4 and w 
hf s w qr scctfon 3 township K'l 

IT S Land Office winnehago city miniifcov 14," 
Lsf)6 To James t Norman — The s m railroad 
has this 'ay applied for then w qr n w qr sec ;iO 
and lot 3 and n w qr e w qr south west qr south 
v.est qr see 19 township 102 range 32, it b&i&s the 
land yon filed on You are herehy notified to be 
and appear at this oflice on Wednesday the I9tb 
day of Dec next at 9 o'clock a m for the purpose 
of tiviug the whole matter a fair and impartial 

a b bullis register h b bolley receiver 

V S Land Office winncbago cily minr. rov. 14 
ISCrt To Martin V B Knox The s m railroad co, 
has Ihis dny applied for the n w qr n w qr 4 lots 
no one and' two section 4 and norio east q-uirter 
of the north cast quarter of Pcciion 6 township 
lOl range 32, it being the land you filed on You 
are hereby iiiiificd to be and ap)>ear at this office 
on Monuny the 12tb day of Dec ut one o'clock p 
m for tiic purpose of giving the whole matter a 
fair and impartial investigation, 

a b bullis regi.ster h w bolley receiver 

r S L"nd Office winncbago city minn nov 11 
l^:^)(j To Hiram .\ Oakman — The s ni railroad has 
this dav api lied for the n hf b w .|r n w qr » c qr 
and lolt n.iiiibrr one section five township 101 
range 32, it being the land you filed on You are 
hercl'V notified to bo 'Wid appears! this ofl.ce on 
Monday the 17th day of Dee nc.\t at 1 o'colcU 

for ttie purpose of giving the matter a fairinvcsti. 
gation. a h bullis rog. b w ho'loy ree. 

U Mland office winncbago city minn nov fourteen | a m fcr the ,.urposp j f giving tlu whole matter a 
ISOI) To Andrew .Murphy— Thcs m railroad com fair and iiu] aituil investigation 

U stand office winnehago city minn nov fourteen 
lS«)t> To Henry U Frisby— The s m railroad co 

U S lahd office winnebago city nnnn 
nov 14, 1806 to Daniel Cyrns. the s m 
railroad has this day apjilied for the s w 
qr 8ec IT 101 range 32, it being the , ^-;f;au"iicgi.ter. 
land you filed on yon ate hereby uotia 

ed to be and appear ilt this office on | ,„„rte. n eighteen hundred an.lmxty-Mx io .nomas j^^ijj.r;:fair and impartial iuvestigatbn 

Monday the 17 day of Dec noxt an 1 Tuc-.;;r--The »c.tbcrn^ --^tte ^ ^ ^^.,^^ ^^^^^^ ^ ^ ^^^,^^ 

o'clock p ra for the purpose of pivmg ' -^ ■ ■ ■ -" ■=-.'.-» 

the matter a fair inve.=;t!gation. 

a h bullis reg h w holley rcc 

U a Land Office Winnebago City Minn., Novemher 
hundred and sixty-six. To Thomas 

pany bus this day applied for the n w qr of sec 
33 town 101 iau£e 32 it being the land you filed 
on You are hereby nitified to be and appear at 
this offi(e on Wednesday the 17th day of Dec at 1 
o'clock p in for the purpose of giving the whole 
matter a fair and impartial iiivesligaiion, 

a b bullis register b w bolley receiver 

a u bulii.s regi.-ter h w holley receiver 

U S Land Offlce, AViinebago City, Minn., Nov. 
T4, ISOR, To Arthur A Flom— The tJoulhern Min 
nesota Uailroad company haa this day applied 
for the s e qr n w qr and s hf n e qr ^ec S -nd s 
w quarter ii w quarter section nine township one 
hundred and oiie north, range thirty-two west, 
it being the land you filed on. You are hereby 
notilicd lo be and upl)car at this office on .Monday 

S ,,..1^ «...^.. .: u^ ,; ,.:,r^=:. .«.n '^'j'^-Tt^r!.^:':::^::^^:^' 

101 range 32 it being the land you filed on You 
are he reby notified to be and upjiear at this offi.-e 
on w datsday the 17ih day of Doc 188tt at one 
o'clock p m for tl:e purpohc of giving the whole 

u s land office winnehago city, minn 
nov 8 1861). To Samuel Draper, the s 
m railroad co has thi." day applied for 
the se qr sw qr a hf se qr & nw (jr se qr sec 
7 town lUl ran<^e 32 it being the land .you 
filed on you are hciehy notifiotl to he and ap 
pear at this office on M<»uday the 17 day of 
Dec 186G, at 1 o'clock p in, for the pur of giving the whole matter a fair 

y receiver 

d im| 

KUtial investimition. 


a h bullis, reg, 

h w holley, rec. 

township one hundred and one norili, ranjic thirty-three 
we-it It being Ihe huid you filed on. You are hereby no 
tifiedto appear at this office on Monday the seventeenth 
day of December Iscii at nine o'clock a. lu., for the pui- 
po; e of giving "he whole matter a fair and impartial lu- 
vesliKation _ 

A. H. BullU, Register, II. W. Holley Peceivar. 

U. S. Land Office Wliincbajjo Cit/ Minn, Novemlxr 
fourleenth, eighteen hun.irtd and sixty-fix. To Willldtu 
Urown— The Sout.iorn .Minnesota Railroad Company 
has this day applied f.>rfhe south we.-t (luarter of section 
twentythree township one hundred and onenoith,ranj;e 
thirty-three west. It Mng the lar.d you filed on. Yon 
are herehy notified to he and appear at this office on 
Monday the seveuteenlh day of Dec. eighteen hundred 
and sixty-six, at nine o'clock a. m., for the purpos.i of 
eivinglhe whole inat'era fair and Impartial investigfitlon 
A. U. Uullls Register, H. W. liolley lleceUer. 

U. 8. Land Cffice Winneh.^go City Minn , November 
fourteen eighteen hundred and sixty six. To Wm. Dan- 

lf>), The southern Minnesota railroad company has 

this dav applied for the north west (juarter section 18, 
town one hundred and one range thirty Ihr^e it behigthe 
land vou filed on. You are herehy notified to be ami 
•ii)'»car at this office on .Mon.lay the seventcntli day of 
, i>\.',. eighteen hundred andwlxly six at nine o'clock a. m. 
for the purpotie of giving the whole icatter a fair and Im- 
partial bivesiiv'alion. 
A. II. llullls llcglster, 

IT.? land office winncbago city minn nov fourteen 
18fi() 'io John Gallagher— The a m railroad co 
bai ihis day applied lor the s w qr of see 33 town 
101 range 32 it being ihe land you filed on You 
are licrebv notified to be aiidajipcar at this office 
on wodncsdjy tot 17th day of Dec ISi'iO at one 
o'clock r m for the piirpc se of giving the wbolc 
matter a fair and impartial in vesligaiiou 

a b bullis register b w holley receiver 

p. m., for the purpose of giving the whole matter 

a'fair and impartial investigation. 

A 11 Dullis, Utgistcr. U W lio lley, Receiver. 

U s 1 ind office winnebsgo oity minn nov four 
tceiith, 1S6G To Oscar Baggcs— the sm radroa 
has Ibis day applied for the s w qf sec 3 town 
101 range 33, it being the land you filed on You 
are hereby notified to be and appear at this office 
on Monday thesc\cnteeutb-day ofDccne.vt at a 
o'clock a in for the p;:rposo of giving the whole 
matter a fair and imi>artial invtstigatiou 

a h bullis register b w bolley receiver 

U S Land OfTic, Winnebago City Minn.. Nov. 
14 18t)6. To James Briggs.— The Southern Min 
nesota Railroad company has this day applied 
f<.r the north west quarter section thiity-fivet-wu- 
ship one hundred and one north, range thirty- 
two west, it being the land you tiled on. You are 
hereby noliued to be and apperat this office on 
Monday the .seventeenth day (d' Dec 1866. at one 
o'cloeka m,. for the ].nrpose of giiing the Mhole 
matter a fair and investigation. 
A 11 liullii, Kcgister, li W Holley, Receiver. 

IT S Land Office, Vvinnebago City, .Minn., Nov 
14 I8f.6. To T. Cro*son, — The Kouthcrn Minne 
sofa K^iliond company has this day applied for 
the north we^t quarter section nineteen township 
one hundred and one north, range thirty-two 
we>t. it being the land you filed oi . Yon are 
hereby notified to be and appear at this office on 
.Monday thetevcnteen day of December 1 
o'clock p m.for the ]>urpo«e of giving the wLrle 
matter a fair .and impartial investigation 
A II Bullis, Re-ister, II W Holley, Receiver. 

F S Land Office winnehago city mint) ncr Jip 
IS68 To Jacob L Pichtcl — The 8 m railroad hfi 
this da) applied for tba w hf n w qr sec 29 and 
sw qr s w qr and lot throe eeetion 20 townRfiip 
102 range 32, it being the Irnd you filed on Y''ou 
are h> rcby notified to be and ap^^ear at ibis office 
on w Incsday tbe I9th day cf Dec next at 9 
o'clock a m for the purpose of giving tbfe wlJcle 
matter a fair and impartial investigati-m 

a t -ydWii register b w bolley receiver 

U S L Mid OfiSco wianebigo city minn nov 14, 
1^66 To Alfred R Cray— the e m railroad tst 
this dny ajiplied for tbe 's eqr of sec 25 town 102 
range 1'2 it being the bind yon filed on You are 
hereby notified to be and appear at this office on 
wed"* s My the 19tb day of Dec 1866 at 9 o'clock 
a m U:r the purpose of giving the wbole matter a^ 
Liir iii. J impartial i.ivcstigation. 

a b bullis register b w holley receiver 

U S Land Office wit nfl'^ago city roinn nov 14, 
ISCO To Henry 11 St< well— tbe s m railroad has 
this day applied f < r s w quarter of sec 27 town 
192 range 32, it being the laud you filed ou Y' tt 
are hereby notified to be aud appear at this office 
on wedesday the 19th day Ot Dec 1866 at nin« 
o'clock a m lor tbe purpose of giving the whuU 
mutter a fair a*id impartial invesf.gation, 

a b bullis register h w bolley receiver 

U .S Land Office winncbago city minn nov 14, 
L'^GO To Willington F Carr— tbe 8 m railroad has 
tbit day applied for the s w qr of sec 25 town 102 
range ;i2, it being tbe land you filed on You are' 
hereby notified to bo and appear at ibis office on' 
Wednesday the 19th day of Dee next at nine 
o'clock a m for the purpof^c of giving the whole 
matter a f.:ir and itH[>ar!ial investigation. 

h w bolley receivet 

U S Land Otflco, Winncbago City, Minn., Nov 
7. lSf.8. To Asa B Doughty. — The Southern 
Minne.'ofa Railroad compa y hai this I'ay ap- 
plied for the south ca-vt quarter section seventeen 
township one hundred ilndoiie north, range thir- 
ty two west, It being the land y u filed on. You 
are hereby notified to be and appear at this .'^filce 
on iMonlav, the seventeenth day of l>ec 18G6, af. 
one o'clack p. m., for the purpose of giving the 
T.h<dc matter a fair ana iui[.artial i(ive«tiy:aiion. 
A II Bullis, Register, 11 w liolley. Receiver. 

U. S. land Office, Winnebago City, 31 inn., 
Nov. U 1866. To Frank Mott — The .-^outb 

a b bullis register 

U ? Land t^fficp, Winncbago City, Minr., Oct. 
I4th, 186G. To Eli If Linton— The s m raih 
road has this d.iy ai>p!icd for the e bf s e qr A 
n w qr 8 e qr «% bt 3 lec 35 town 10? range 32, 
it being tbe land you filtd on Y'ou are hereby no 
till' d to be anil appear attbis office on Wednesday 
tl-.o lUib day of Dec next at nine o'clock a m for 
tbe purpose of gi> ing tbe wbole matter a fair aud 
impartial investigati 'n. 

a h bullis register b w holley receiver 

V S "Lnnil Oiiice winnehago city minn nov 14. 
18CG To Edwin U Hudson— Tbe s m faiitoad 
has this day applied for the south east quart r of 
sec twenty-nine township 102 range tbirty-two it 

■1 1 ern Minnesota Bail road company has this day } i^j.^„g ,hc'land vou Qicd on You are hereby no-' 
applied lor the north oa't quarter section nine I ^jj.^^| ^^ ^^ ,^^^^^ iip,,ear at this oSice on wednesda/ 
township one 'jundred and one north, range I ^y^^ jy.j^ ^.^^ of l>ec ucit at nine o'clock a ni for 
thirty-two west, it being the land you tiled on. \ ^.^^ purpose of giving the wbole matter a fair and 

Monday the seventeenth d; , 

o'clotk a m for i^e purposh of giving the whoio 

TT S Land Office winnehago eity minn nov II, 
ISGG To Amos fc-lockwe'l The s m railroad comjia 
ny has this d-y np; lied" for the n e qr of sec. 35 j 

town 101 range 32, it being tbe land you filtd on I matter a fair and impartial investigation 
You are htreby notified to be and appear at this a h bullis register b w holley 

office on Wednesday tie 17tb day of Dec IMiG at 
1 o'cltck p m for the purpose of giving the whole 
matter a lair and imp.irtial iuvcsilgation. 

a b bullis rcg:-ter b w holley receivea 

You arc hereby notified to be and appear at this 
office on Monday, the seventeenth day of Dec 
18G6. at two <>'ulock p. ni., for the purpose of giv 
ing the whole matter a fair and impartial inves- 

A II Bullis, Re^igtcr, U W Holley, Receiver. 
11 8 land office wiuncbago city mini: nov Ulb - — - 

18GG To Albert Vi'hito— the 8 m railroad ha.^ ! U. S.Land Office, Winnebygo ( ity, Mmn , jsov. 

this d.y applied for the s e qr sec 35 town 101 14tb. 18CG. To Thomas ^^5^'"''-^ ;f. ^"7';;" 
it being the land you filed ou Youa'c j Miuncsota Bail Road Compsny ha., ihis oaj "P" 

impartial investigation 

a h builis register hw bolley receiver 

hereby notified to be and appear attbis office on I plied for thenortb west quarter section tw-jntyone 
•^ • -av of Dec ne.xt at nine I township one hundred and two nor. h, range 

II. W. Holley Receiver. 

ll s lantl office, wimiebngo city rainn 
nov 8 l8t)G. To Julin E" Hoover, the 
8 m railroad lias this day a|3plied for 
tbe 5> hf ne qr .t h hF nw ({v sec 5 town 101 i 

r-in 'C 32 it being the land you tihid on you U. S. Land office, winncbago city Minn Novemh.r 
ruu_C o-i ll "vt f, ^ J f.>urteen 186(^.— To John llrownson The t«oi;lheru 

.Minnesota has this <hiy applied for tlie south 
east ipiarter of section 28 Township 101 north ranRC 3:1, 
west, it being the Und you tiled on. ^ ou are herehy 
notilled to le and api»ear at this oilice on Monday the 
sevciit. enth day of Dec, ei>:hteen hundred an.l »i.\ty i>i.\ 
Ihe purpose of glvlui? the whole 
Ial kuvesti|iH>>"n. 

11. W. Holley Receiver. 

aie hereby notified to be and appear at 
this ottice'on Monday the 17th day ot 
December next at 1 o'clock p m, for the 
purpose of giving the matter a fair in I rtS:v"Ura."m"for: 

vn«tirrifion matter a fab and inipardi 

lTi^^H^^.i.r, U W nollcy Receiver. A. H. BuUU Ue.i.,er, 

U P Land Off.ce, Winneh igo City, Minn., Nov 
14, i8fiG. To J. H. B.djcrts. — The Southern Min 
nesota Railroad company bas this day aj.plie 1 
lor the south east qiiarler feeiion nineiocn town 
ono hundred ind one uorib, ri-ngo ihirty-two, 
west, it being the bind you filed op. You are 
notified to bo and ajipear at this ofiice on Mon- 
day the seventeenth day oj Dec, ISCG. at 1 o'Hock 
am. for the purpose of giviig tlic wbole matter 
a fair and impartial investigation. 
A H Bullis, Regiao-, ii w uo'ley. Receiver 


u s land oflice winnehago city, minn 
nov 14 18 >G. ] John .lay McComb the s 
m ndlroad co has this day applied for the 
s hf sw qr sec 5 A n bf ow qr .--ec 8 town 
101 ranj^e 32 i' beino; the land you filed on 
y ju «re hereby notified t j be aud appear at 

U S Land Office winncbr.go city minn nov four 
tceu 1SG6 Tr I'nilip A Spnggs— the s ra rail 
rowd has this day applied for the s e qr sec 3 
town 101 range 33, it being ihe land you filed on 
.You are hereby t.otiffed to be and appcs'.rat this 
^.ffiee on Monday the seventeenth day of Dec next 
at y o'clotk a m for tbe purpose of giving the wbole 
matter a f.->ir and impastial investigation 

a b bullis register b w holky receiver 

U.S Land Office, Wuipeb.igo City.lMirin .Nov 
fourteen, IbGG. To Robert Barlhtt The bouihern 
aiiunesaa Railroad co has this d.y applied 
for the torth west quarter, section ..o, town 
ship one hundred and one north, range thirtj- 

fbirty-two west, it being t^ie land you hied on. 
You aro hereby uottficd to be and appear at this 
office on Monday, He ITtb daj ot December, 
l^GG, at two oilock I'. M, for tie purpose of 
giving the whole matter a lair and impartial in- 

A.llf iiuilis, Register, II. W. Holley, r-«ccivcrj 

U s Land Office winncbago city minn rov 14/ 
ISCG To James Ross — the * m railroad has this 
' day applied for the 8 c qr s w qf and lot 4 sec 19 
i and e hf n w quart r siciioii »0 fcrwti 1v.2 fango 
I 32, it being the land you filed oft i'ou ar.^ uerebv 
i notified to be and appear at this office on wednea^ 
day 'he I9th day of bee iK.xf at ^ a m far the pur- 
pose ofgiving tbe ivhidc matter a fait aud impar-' 
tial investigation. 

a b builiu register b w holley received 

! U S L.ind Office, WirncbsT" City, Mian. Nov 14 
1?G«?. To'M Por:er Snell — ihe a m rai road 
has this day applied for the ekalfn w qr n if 
quarter north east quarter and lot two sec' 
tion thirty iivc township one hundred and two 
north, range thirty two west, H being iiie laci 
you filed on. You a.e ber-Ay tiO'.iLe.'. to be and 

U. 8. Land OlBce, Wlpnebaito City Minn, November 
fourteen eighteen hundr«d and t.lxty-»lx. To Henry 
Pry,— The southein Bli-meiota railroad company has 
thid day applle I for the norh west qu*rter of sec twenty 
three townshlo one hundred and one north, range thirty- 

three, west. It being the Und you tiled on. You are , . .,. , n^ u la'-rt 

hereby notified to be and appear ut this office oii Monday q^o^ ©q Monday the lilh day ol December ISotJ 
the seventeenth day of Dec. eiKhteen hundred and sixty | o'clock p Pi for the purpose of giving the 

six at nin.o'clock. a. id., for the purpose of giving ">«,*., ^^ ^fj^^j. ^Qd im-fartial investigation 

wholematter a telr and Impartial investipitlon, T ?,^?c i, • - ' 

A U Uuilio Kcgister. U, W. koll-y Hecehrer. 1 A a Bimie, Roguilwr, 

T tbre.>we3t, it being the land you filed on. \ ouarj 

iidOflRco. Winnebago City, Minn., Nov hereby notified to be and aj pear «*/*^" i*"""® 
to Ed. Washington— The Southern Min ; q., Monday ti:e seventcen-h day rf Do-, l» >t), 

IT S Lai 

14 I8h0. l<» »<.■ ••-- u ,. , 0-' «i"iiv»«/ i.'.v/ m~- - « ^tx- nir 

nesota Railroad company has this day upplicd j ^. nin^ „.ci„ek am, for tbe purpose ot giv ng. 
forthcn irtb west quarter section 31 township 101 ,^0 wbole matter a fair aud impartial luvefitiga- 

1. :_>_.._.. it h<.:n.r thn liinil VOU filed on a:„_ 

H w HoUey, Receiv*""* 

U S Land Ofii'-c Winnebago City Minn. Novem 
feer 1-lth. IHfifi. To Relecca Ciirver: MrKincne 

zer D Chalkin has this day applied .''or the lot no Jippear at this < fficc on we-Jue.^rlay iha li-'lJi day 
8 s-ce 17 A lot no 11 section 20 Town iOl range q, December liC-'i at 1 o'cl.H-k p. ro., for fbo pur 
31 We-t, it being the land you filed on. Yoa are 
hereby noti ed to be and aj-pear at this office on 
Monday the 17 day of December ISfifi at 9 yciock 
a ra, for tbe purpose of giving the whole mat'.cr 
a fair and impartial investigation. 
A n Bullis Register. H W H( Toy, Receiver. 

poae ol ippvin^- the ,y^cle natter a fai- and impaf 
tial investigation! A U BuUia Register, H W 
Holley. Re'ieiver. 

US land offcc winnobacrocity minri 
nov 1-i 18G6. To John W Marony 

range thirtv-iwo, it being the land you filed on tj^n 
You aro hereby notified to bo and appear at this j^ ^ Cm 

ill}9. Register, 

osnga.ion. U « land off.ce winnebngo city minn "-;[ J'" J««;« 
a w Holley, Rfoeiver, I6b6 To Al via G ^uiub-tU*. i m railroad La. 

U S Land Office, Winnebago Oity. Minn. Nov. ; -i j i oc tbia .lav arktilio/l f,»V 

I5tb,i866. ToMarcuisWhitford.A-drewHuges 8 m railroad CO h.-^sthis day applied tor 

hiS 'this day applied for the east half south west the RNf qr PCC '^V UtWU lU-. rangO 
quarer, aud s bf s e qr of section 2 townsh p 103 . g.> j^ hejiiff the hilid yon filed Oil Yoii 
north, rnnge 29 west, it being the land you filed j" 'jj j,y,.fi(.,^ to he rtnJ appear 
on. You are hereby notihcd to be and appear aieMi|"ici'> i ^ .i ' ^ iq 

at this oflSce on Saturday tbe Ut'i day of Decern at this oUlC'C on ^^ eoneeday the 1» 
ber l8Cf-, at 10 o'cIock p m, for the purpose of giv ^.j^y qI December next forth« purpostj 
ing the whn'e m :tter a fair and iiiipaitial ioves i | ^ ^Jvinff the matter a fair Invei'tigatlou 
gaUq^a. A U iiolU- Reguu^r. H W Jloliey Ke- J ^ ^ /bullis, ru^ h W liod- yT r 











■ 1 1 ■» 


»f TT* 






1 • 

^ * 1 • 

.*. * 

(!r:»»- '^..M-.t. r l^lln,«.v nii.l fainilv I I' S LriuJ Oflico wiiincb»i|o fliy i»ii»« nor It, ♦ Ti^ Land Office winm-hrpo city minn uov 14, 

P3r^ Kam^-} ami lauuiy ^^^,^ ^.^^ ^ ^^ McD.rmoU-'Lo /mraHroa.l b^a ISf.O ToJau.c. TreiK-lbc noutb in railroad b»s 

Htarled for WiisJtillLJlon la^t weok. i ibis .Ut applied for tbc c bf u e qr nr<] « w c^r ' ibi- d.iy .ij.plw.l »hr tbo p e qr fccM<.n I town 

,. :._ _ ! nc lot :i ncc I 5 town I 02 riiiigc:;2 it bft-»f theland ; Ul^iiiiiije :;2.i» J.»-iT)gibe land you filed on You 

Hon 1 Don nellv is ell-cti-inn- about y^-u filed on Y..r. an- brn-Kv noHfi-a t.. I.c ntd are bi-rol.ynntiried tobcandappcaraf tbii)f.ffi-e 

lion I Wonneii) is eu tun i»> aooiU ;j,p^^^ ^, j,,.,^ ^^-^^^^ „„,i„e«iny Ibc Uib day uu wedi.-^dny .be latbdny ot Ucfcirbcr next at 

n,000 lllMJori' V. Cl»). (%>lvil!c rwn b.'. of I»c«- next ..t one i.V!.. -k 1- ui for '.be p*.r^.oai tf , onp ..'d.-.c-k p ui fur 'be purpose of giving tbo mat 

,. ... . , ' . 1, , ,.r. 1 1 jrivinji tbo m;ittir a fairinve.s«iL'Ht'..« ; tcr a fair iiivohiisati.m, 

Innu ItlS tirkol in Hod W in*; where no j* *• ah nulluirc^lsJrr. H W Holbj rccUve-. a linulllHr.BlMer. II w holUy receiver. 

rcsMts (i(io«l (Mioti<;h for Ftitn 

State News. 


Tliu falls of St. AntluMiv nre 777 Wot 
1 al>ovo llio oci'sur* k^rH and 7- lott 
almvc i]»o Icvfl (tf L .ko sui *'rii)r. 

A scr.euiil of the Mtli Hognla's .Ic 
acMlttl on;»>,Mi><l c'^capca lo Lit- 
tle Hock, Ark , it is ^♦r^I.l)♦»s('(l, wl.itlicr 


i ■ 

I « 



t S I.ond Of ioe winnt-bnpfo oity mtnn tiov Tl, ^ . j n«r. ivj i r-. i • .v v n 

' • ' ,, ,. .. Vi. . ~ .„ r..;ir,....i i,_, . IJ S* L,H« 1 Office, « Innebago ( ity, Linn., Nov 14 

ISGd To Gfornf Oroy— tlies ui railroua Una • . , , *» _,,■'• ., , 

b dar applied f«Mbe.enre,f , re 3 town 102 1 , ^^'^^j . ^V Josuh L.bby Tbc » m r-olroad 
r nV.:«2. i.VeiPtflbe land y',i filed on You are ' »'«* «•'."• ^''.V. ai'I'l'»<i "r tbc norlli west quar 
b,M;bv..otifi.d.o».«-ind appear at tbi. ullie-ocui'^'"^ «'-'*^''"n "'"« townsbip one bundrei and 
wediuKdav tSo iV.tb dav ..( Deo lu .M at o,.c 7" "7»''' /""SO tbiaty-two west it bmug 

oVluek p iu f..r tbc purp.-.c uf «ivin- tbo uiallar 1 ^^ /"" '^'"'^ *"":■ ^ "" "'* ^''''^' J'^'^^'u^ 

a fair iilvtv^tiv'-.tion. i *^ '^ »'"' "IT*""'" "t '*",' """"^^ °" wcdnsday, tbo 

A if UuliisrTMvr. 11 W llotl.y nc.lver. 1 »>n<?»wn day of Nov. ISCfi, at «nc o fl..' k p.,in^ 

I for Ibe purpose of giving tbc wbolc matter a fair 

T' S Lan<l Offi.-o winiiebn;,"* city iniun navl^^. \s^ >">! artijil invcftigttion. 
ISCG To.Jhuk. \Vnliu<c— tbv s.-inb uiin rMilTi>n<l '^^^ Lulii^ Uegistcr, II W liollcy. Receiver. 

ba!" this lay ajipliod fur lh« lot« I and ;'»J.»Titl sc qr | 

se qr fee 17 town 102 ran^c '.'>'!, \l bring tbc land, ,. » i 

Toll trad on Youareberelv notitieil tobcand ap ! ^ * Land ofTiee winnebago vity roinn nov 14, 

lSf-6 To KloydU \Vhe;.l-The am railroad has 

pear al this oftin- on wediic^dny the ly day of I>eo 

NOVEMBER 21, 1866. 

i. r. «^BKISTXB - - 

The Elections. 

1»C h:ul boon l)Ii'i'n]c'il l»V his paramour next at one.. cbM-k pm f..r the of giving 

,." .. . tbcniaitter a fair invcsiiicKtii.n 


a vtuin^ i;irl fn>ia Minnonpolis, who 
stole ^7>^H) and two tvnnks from hor fa- 
ther before she left. 

Mi>s Ma^xiiie O'lJtii-n. of iSiillwnler, 
w.'-.s tlirowji from her bii«rLrv last wmk. 


•li:8d:«y applied for the s e qr of »c>; 27 towo 

102 ranj^i! 'S'l. il l.i-ing Ihe laiidymi filed on Yon 

\ II Bulll« refc'isier. II W IloUey aectlvcr . n""* hereby notified t<. be and ai.pc:%r ut ibis offire 

— - I on Wcdne*tlay tbc l»th day of Dec next nt nine 

r S linnd NfiK'c winnebago city minn nov It, ' oVlock a m b>r the purpose of giving tbc whole 

l.^tifi To KdiiiMod llicc— The jtouth in railroad , matter a fair and fmpartial investigation 

ba.i tbi« day appli'Ml for lots 2 and .1 sec I7 and j a h bu lis r»'.gii>ter h whollcy receiver 

sw qr<-w qr ^vv 6 town 102r;knge .*?2, it being tlie 

U S Land Office winnebago city »mn nov 14/ 
IfeflO To Caleb Trmpkins— the» u) failroad btft 
thi:< day applied for the no qr sec 4 town 102 
range H2, il being the land yo« filed on You are 
herebv natffJed to be and appear at this office on 
wcdneaday the I9th day of Dec next at oo*r 
o'clock p ui for the pufpo»e of giving the matter 
a fair iuvestigaiion. 

A U Bullla regliter. H W Holley receiver 

11 .< hand OJfice, 
WinncNago Cifj M*iiu., Nor '4 U'tJ. 
To John Condor: 

The 8 min railroad has tbip day applied for 
the north east quarter of section 9, township 102 
n.rih, range 32 west, it being the land you filed 
on. YoM are hereby notified to be and > ppear at 
tui4 oiFce on wdlncsday. the 19th day of Dec 
1S6C, at 1 o'clock p »i. for the purpose of giving 
tbo whole matter a fair and impartial investiga- 
tion. • A II liullis, Register, 

II W Holler, Receiver, 

DAN MAR b/m & ea. viM^. 

Opposite Clifton House, 

Ma'^Vat/), Minnesota. 

Our tables are nowand arc of tlie,' bv«i iaak«. 
Good clgaM and liquors at tbc' bar. ' 49yl 

— . ; ^ ■ ^ — • - r- ^ 

p. B DAVY. « 

Auction ArL'(»i;niii8i»ioD MftT^haut 

Correr rf SouTb i»tid Twlwls Ptr««ti, 

Blue Earth City, - • -^'^fiDrjeRota/ 
CASH paiJ for HIDES'** SKINS. 

landyiu tile<l on You are hi reby notilied to be 
and appear at this office on Wednesday the I'Jth 

U S Lmd Offto winneb«j»o city n inn nov 14 
I8t»6 To Quiney McNeil, tbc sm railioad has 


.a.t week we h:ul no space fo pn o f,, ,„e tall, hor 'Mi^hl lowor liiub" (as ; i'^;;l^;^:r^:;;,r:;::;r tJ^!^^;:;:'"^'^''^ l/i^'jl^^ ^'711^^:^' ' \ "[ -^'1 '" V.' 
volcoftheeo.uityat the rceen. : the J/.>....y.r aol:eatoly antl neatly j \ n uu.u- re^-e. " ^v HoUcy receiver. | ;- '-;>^' J; -^^^^^^^^^ 

•lo/.t:i..i. R!»a »f we ha.i ba«l phr.ty of oxr.ri'SbCS it, » was t-iiunht in the wheel l r .«? Olf,,.^ wlnnehagocMvminn nov 14, this officeon AVedneeday the 19th day of ] 
€H)Cl.oO,anOM > J,,'. «^ fV.r! ,, , • 1 "^ t . .1 '2^''«> To Win II Mar,l:..rn-tl»e; has *'«/'«>«'»^» '"/:'r «»'C purpose of gi 

§nftce we could nut ha\e rtone so u.r .^,„] hroken m two places httwern the ^ „^., .i^y .,,.,, lie.i fo<- the a w qr kc-- :; town 102 ; "^^l'* «"a*''*'- =f«"- "^''^ '^partial trial. 


USI^nd Office Winnebago City Minn,, Nov. four- 
teen, eighteen hundred anu sixty-six. To Chjtrlek R [^ 
Green— The H m rriW-oad has this day applied for the n ",. , , • j ...■^.»...«. ^* 

e qr section tliree town oneluindred and two thir- ivecp." congtantly on- band S gOOn Miortnceni Of beion the Ian jou filed on. Vou rre lienby 
notified to be and appear at tliis office on Weilnesday ttie 
nineteenth day of December next at oce oVIock p lu for 
the purpose of ^ving the whole matter a fair and impar- 
tial Inventi^'ation. 

A II Bullis register. II W Holley receiver. 


we <li«l not bave the full returns >\ e ]^,„.^ r^^^\ np^-Je. Miss O'Hrlen ha.s s^ince 
have «ot now got the lull vote of the ^\\^.^[^ 
all the cnnVKlates. iDlliisi 

disiivd^ tm 

A Stihbiri; art'air occurretl in St. 

county VVindom reeeWed ^<^-C» ""^ . vmhonv veshTcl .y. between William 
Jones 206, tor Congas.. ^^^^^^^' ^^ ' ^,^ Wi,.thr..p Voung, in 

8.nate, .IB WaUfiold reeeived ..4, ^^ ^ . ^^ ^^^ ^.^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ,^^ 
A C Dunn 453. For Uepirscntative ; 
Mr Andrews received 7S4, and Mr.! 
Bailey 450. The reiLaiinh r of the' 

a b bullis regime h w holley receiver 

riir.|»e 32, il !>eing the land you filed on Yju are 

hori by notigrd to be and appear at this offtiu; on ' 

wedncfday the 19. h d..y .f Dee next .it uno V | y S Land Office v inncbago city lainn nov 14 
ebod; p m'..r thee pup. se of giving the mmtef*' it(06 To Henry Todd .Mien— the sin railroad iuvcsticntu.n • has thi« dav applied for the ehf s w qr c hf u w 

A II UullUresirter. II W Il^ll.y roeelvcr. | ^^ gee ;tl to.rn 1G2 range .'5 J, it being the Ignd 

you filcil on You are hereby notified to bo and 

I' .*> Latid OtTK-e, winnrba)^ City mlnn. Not four- 
teehtb, eighteen bondred and sixty-sl.x,— To Patrick S 

U. S. Land Office. j 

Winncbaro City, Minn. Nov, 14tblS66. I 
To Prentice Dutcbei; 

Tbo s m railroad has tbt? day applied for the 
n w quarter section eleven Town.-ihip one hun- 
dred and two North, range thirty-two it being 
ving tb« , the land you filed on. Ton arc hereby notified 
i to be and appear at this office on Wednesday the 
nidetcenth day of Dccl866 at one o'clock p mfor 
the purpose of g ving tbc matter & fair and im- 
partial investigation. 

A. II. nULLIS, Re^fter. 
H. W. HOLLEY Receiver, 


REFEnENCES.— lion. J. B. Wakiefiiliy Tlill i 
Dustin, blue Earth ; Isaac .Mqrks. J. Fi.-Meagb- 
cr, Mankato; Munger Bros.', St. •Paiif. 

Jnne4, 1Sr>S. . '.- 3SbI^ 





appear a', this office ou Wednesday tbc nineteenth 
day of Dec nc.\t at 9 o'clock a m fortho purpose 

ter three titues with a knife, cutting 

Tincn Tlie k m raihoal has this day applied f^r the n of giving the inntter a fair invcstigati >n 

w ijr n e <ir and e bf n w qr nnd lot two si-c fifteen town 
one hundred and t«o range iliirtv tn-o. It being Uie Kad j 
him the la^t time in the kft Kidc,but . >;';'/""""• You are hereby notified t^ be and , 

Yoti iirc her 
this iiffioe on wdiu.-day the nineteentli day of iKc "m 

ti'^kei run in about the same way — . 
In Martin County Wakeffthr had GG , 
majority a-id Anurews b4. We have ■ 
not yet received live voSe ew Congre.-^t* ^ 
jn'^nibut VMndom prohnbly rceiived i 
nearly a clear vo'e. In J lekson coun- 
1 Wakefield received 12.T mnjority.— 
Thin county lias not Imhishcd us the 
vote on Congrtssinen. We would 
Rfc« very welV to have given the full 
vote of the county la«t wetk, but 
«uuJd MOt have done so possibly, and 
made the leqin.'.-rt the week before ihat 

able to catch his assiilant by thft 
tliroal :ind choke hitn dowli. Hvnn 

whole matter h fair invebtigittioii. 
A II Itulli^ regibter. 

A II Bulds register II W Holley receiver. 

ToDa\id Ilcglc — the s in railroad has 

l\ S. Land Office. 

n*.l ii.virln.' him S(i bllf \vl>-lt lift Wa.S l-^r n^« at one o p m.. f.-rthe pur| of givlnglhe jw-gg 

n^>l mttirini, nun so Unr Wira ne ^^ •l'» „,,^i^m;,i,^r Hfaim.veMigution. ' thi-dnv ai.i.lied for tho «hfn w or and no or nw 

UWDolleyrecolver. .^'''•"'*^Y-'I V "^ '"'^^'^^'^''''^.Voi . , ^ ir^l >!- for the purpose of giving the matter * ^' r 

winnebago City, Nov 14, 1866. 

The soath min railroad bus ttii« day npphcd 

for the sou'.b east quarter, section nine town*hip 

one hundred and two north, range eighteen west 

,, , - 1 rkrr • i •. ,,, it being the land you filed on. You are hereby 

I' > Land Office winneb.igo city minn nov 14i„„,.r ?.„i«- i_ . .i.- «: •\m^„a „ 

t> J I notified to be and appear at this office on Monday 

, the nineteenth dav of Dec 1S6C. at ten o'c.cck A 

qr sec 2.'» and sc qj .«w qr Fcctiod 24 tjwn«bip J 02 
range ^,it being the laud you filed on Vou are 

, . , .. ' i II s l.ind oifice winnebajro city minn I h^-'i-^l^y "»''fi«d to bo and appear at this office on 

IS now III jail, in of b:iil, to ^^^^^, j^ |^^j,. ,^0 Albert E Hotb'e the s' ^^'^J-'-s^'^J^ ♦^'^ ^'^ <^='>' "*' l>ecncxtat nine o - 

nwuit his trial at tlx 
cool t. — (. 'hroit nlc 1 oi h. 

Diabolical Ingenuity.— One 

Periot, a FiPiichman, lias invented 
three destruelive eii;;ines— the first a 
lliiee-barrelled air gun firing one tlion- 
saiid bnllrts a minute, the bullet.s 
dropping from n hopper withoui inler- 
nrssion iiiM the gun; the second is 
similar but intdinled on wheels; and llie 

~j w, i cloik a m for ihe purjiose of gyving the matter a 

nex.1 lorm ot ni railroad co has lid's <>:iy applied for fairinvestip»tion 

the ne <|r see 83 town 102 r.mjie 82, it 
bring the hind yon filod on. You arc 
lureby notiiicd to be and appear at thi.^ i.^.-r To tK^.rge W Warren- the s m railrotd hns 

.\ II Uullls rtgistcr. H '^ Holley receiver. 

V S Land Office winnebago city minn nov 14 

and impartial investigatio:, 

A. n. ni'LLlS. Rf^lster, 
H. W.HOLLKV. Ue-:elvei, 

V. S. Land Office. 

Winnebago City Nov 14, 


has on hand the largest and best selected stoe* 
ofllardwa'c. Stov»'S and Agric'uft^ttl ImpU- 
ments in the Minnesota valley. My «ocIs of 
Agricultural Implements is vefy large and com- 
plete, consi-ting of the following machiott : 

55 Buckeye's. - v - 

60 J. IL Manny's^ 

Self <fe Hand Eakes, 

to. Kirby,« 

Excelsior Droppers, " ' . ,. ^ 

and Caugi.a C|iiet, 

6 Sweepstakes Threshers, ! 

I J. .1 Case's'Thresliers*, 

6 Vel rat or Threshers, ■ 

Massellon Machineci, 

the people wot.ld send us the returns i^^.^.^^ j^ ^ steam locom .live, di-charg 
but they failed to do so. Mr. .Itdmso" ' j^^^ ^^^^^ pound weight of projectiles 
of hlue Earth City sent us an ab.«.tract | ^^^, ^^^.,y^^,\ and capable of kdling one 
report of the official canvas o^ l'»elj^|j|^^^|.^,^| ^^^^ seventy Iwo tlu-iisand 

eight hundred men in twent} four 
hours, il but one man was killed in 
every hundred shots discharged. ' 

— Mr W W Williams has sold his 
paper, the Preston Uevuhlimn, to Ma 

county but left off the CongressuKH, 
making the hst incomplete 

1^" J'he Chatfie.d l>eiHOcrat be- 
fore the eh'ctlon, wi>s loud in its prai.-=e 
of Dick Jones, aud as earnrst in be 

IUMT15 Mr. Windom After Joce^ made j,,,. ^v' A Hotchkiss, hate of the 1st 
bis great (?) speecb in Cba'field, tbe ; 3£„„,(.gotj Light Artillery. Mijor II. 
J)t mo*^rat 9d\di '. is one of the veteran editors of the 

•*Mr. Jon#8 made xtary 8'rong lonts against gfj^j^.^ r^^^^\ ^^\\\ undoubtedly make a 
t»»e raiUaUartvand their bell nether -n this 1 
di iricl. Wm. WindoMi. 3..d wecnly rvgrel tua* gOOvl paper. 

•verr radical in the county eould ik>i hear the 1 ^..„ -.f a* \.»«1 -v,^\- 

?D JJ.Iovertible truths laid down by bim. He ^1 en or Bfrccn bo^ S of St AnlliOO) 

is making an effective ean\ ass and many con- ,.^^.^.,,^1.. ,n,qile On attaek OH a saloon- 
▼erts the true Union principles he advocstes. we, , ,. , , n 

commend Mr. Jonps t« the voters cf }• keeper, bre.-'king fiuvcral pacK.age*» ot 
county, aud the district at larse.LeUcving as wo j , , , nnrrvilK' IWIV Several full 

dotbat they will find in him a warm and devoted, wni.vlxO} aim carrying aw.iy t*L*t.r.ii luti 

u s lamloflTice w innoba^o city ndnri, I .. „ t i r.« i •. , n 

ni \i II- o i • ti S Land Office wi:!nebago city m:nn nov 14, 

niiV H 1M>0. io \\ llllam Hate, thOSljspf, j,, Mnrs-hall L Dumpeg the s m railroad 
111 railro'td CO ha.S this tTay applied tor ha? this d:.y applied for the lots nos 7 8 and 9 

the w hf sw (jr and sw qr nw quarter 
seetitni 81 lownsihip 102 range 82 it be 

A. H.Bl'LLI?. Register, 
II. W. IIOLLEY, Receiver. 

V. S. Ijand Office^ 

. , 'W'lnrfbago City M»i>» . nov 14 ISM 

noiifirl to be and appear a' this office on « ed- s jj, jj^-uj-y j Patterson- 

and 8 c qr 8 eqr section 21 town.ship 102 range j' 
."12 it V)eing the land you filed on Ycu arc hereby 1 
noiifirl to be and appear a' this office on Wed- s 
inir ihe land you filed on. Vou are j day the 1 9th dny of December lb6C at 9 o'clock 
hm-hv notified to be and appear at this » •" ^^^ '.'•« purpo.-e of giving; the whole matter a 


As ihesi? boys were not; 

ippe_ _ , , . , . . , . . . 

ct. • »%• 1 1 .1 Ilk 1 i-r-» fair and impiirtinl investigation. 

off CC on \> educsday the IS* day ot Dec | ^ j, ^^^^^^ register h w holley receiver 

next at 9 o'chck a m, for the purpose of ; 

giving' the matter a inve.-^tigation. [ ^ § j^^nd Office winnebago clfy minn nov 14 
» h bullis, IVg h W holley rCC. j !Ff>6 To Thomas Kelly— the s m railroad has 

" this aay applied f. r tt e bts nos 3 4 sec 21 and 

, , n- . , .^ . ' e bf ucqrof sec 20 town 102 r.inge 32, it teing 

U S land office winnebago city nnnn, the landyon filed on You arc hereby notified to 

.lOV 14. l>^G<i. To haman I'ulkliur«t, the \ be ami appear at this ofl[iee on AVednc>d.iy the 19 

s ni railroad co has this day applied for i •!'»>• "^ ^^^ -"^itn' ^ o'clock a m for the purposijof 

., oi . i/i»> •>.> -4 ; giviugtbc maitcr a fair investigifun 

the ne qr>cc31 town 102 range pi, it » " a h bullis reglsfr K w 'k.Hey r€ceiver 

being tho land vou fi'ed on. ' Yi>ii .arc 

iw.-- »» ,. .w.t;ti.>.1 * t., \xr, nt, 1 n.. I. <>.,.. of I ' 1' S Land fies winnebago City minn nov 14 
hereby notified to bo and appear, at! ,,^,g ,,.^ i^,^,,^ Campbdl-The sm railroad la 

this oft CC on >\ edlief>«1ay the 10 thty of ' thi^day .-^ppliel foj thee hfn e qr pec :50 and lot 

December nest at o'clock a m, for no 6 sec id 1 02 range :;2 it being the land 

the purpose of giving the mutter a fair y*^" «'*"*/•;•. \''" "••^' J'"f->- l""'''':-;^ S' '.'f ^"'^ 

I .' . « « 1 appear at lhi>' (dfierj on Wedne.diiy the ] 'JO' 'ay 
investigation. » ' i "• ^'*''' ^ ^^ ^'^^^ "* •' o't'"'*^ a"> for the pi r..ose 
ah bullis reg, li \V hollo}* rCC. of giving the mmtera f.ifrinjvcstigntion. 
] AH Bullik repisie 11 W Ilollf'y KTeivcrT 

u 8 land ofViee u iniKbatr-i city minn . ,. .. , 7.^Z . .. . 

.., , ii-r • ' .1 t ' 5 l.auu Offco winne"au'o city m n nov 14 

1 O Je.-^.se \\ likin.son, the ; ^gr^c To Dennis Lyn.h'-the s m railroad 

will always find a full supply of 

j Nails, (ilass, " 'Sash,- 

Doors, Blinfls, ' 

Locks, Latches. . rfvsp. <fc:c. 

Prices Exceedin ' ' for 

The s m railroad has ibis day Bp|»li*tl'i«»f s w 
oo»»rtor of section 9. township Iil2 north, r-tngn 

Y2 wcpf.— Yon are hereby notifi«»d to b^ ond ai> » < a 

..r^r at this office on wedn.'sday. the 19th day t^f \ ^^^ persons desiring to purchase R«»p •«■* 
D»*^omber ISfi8,at 1 p. m.. for the pur Threshers, would do well to givt> me a calfoeforo 
po^e ut giving tb»whole matter a fair and im- l'"rchasing. as my stock is ver> largj aq'tT 1 will 

partial Investigation 

A. H. BulHf, Regi.-^er, 
IL ^S . Holley, Recnver. 

Warrant all machines to give .<atisiacti6n,-a&d 
my prices and ten"- «»>onot fail t'>;SBit... '■•• 

34v3vl JOHN r. MEACn^Rv* 

nov 14 ISGO. 

i ^ III raihond co has ibis «hiy apjdictl ! has tbisday apjdied for ibo w hfne qr and o bf 


friend of the Union— an able and eloquent do- | ^^,,^^ f,|' h^GV. 

f«nder of their rights and a man who would re- "" _ . . » • r i ^^ m •.hhv-.^m v^' n-.r. i,.i.c<>»; ..j.j,..^,. u,..., .....,v.«j ..,-:..^.. ,^. . ....„„. ..v »,» ««" " "' 1 "^M'^^^T' ^ •^ ^ ^ __ ^ , •.».-■ • 

a~< honor upon u« siaie .na consiiiaenis. over fiUecii ycirs ol s^c, llioir fuiuri- f,,,. ,j,p p,^ . ^^.^ •;;; (^,(j,, jy^ rnii'-e 33 , '' " <l\°f«'/'^'''""=;;i;' '''-' ''"t" 2^ m,«/ 2«^^^H^2— -.. tf« dT^ .^ ^^ JM 9.-^^ 

.But » cl>»ogo cnu.«. The peeps : ,„„,,,,„» ar« briniant-for the gsl- \t\.^»s>i'<^^'^^ ^-"^''^ "»■ ^^» '^^^C^:^^l<^:':::^i^:^::'T:i^\ WW I IlSll 1 W W W'Of I Cl Villi 
eoald not set ihroU'^h Mc's eves and lows hereby notified to be and .appear at this , day ot Dec ne.^t at nine .'elocl: a m f.r the pur i |_ ^ ^^-^^ "^.«. w w ^m,m,. 

= 1 ;. , *,ti..f,.lv ' . o^icc on Wcdnosday the 18 diiy of Dec. P^''*"/ P'.^'"S i''« "'^''•'-•r ■if-'ir J'»'<1 i«^l'«^^^ *' ^ 

Joues wa. deiea ed, and '"•-<- ^ Av.utatios.- A couple of week.. „,,,,, , ,,Ho,k /m, tor tli^ purpose -"^'^-'rH Bidi:-.,.. u wncy receiver 
a'\er the defeat the same paper con.o.>- ^.^^^,^ ^ ^^^^^ named Mat<hia» Si>ngg« U,f giving the matter a fair mvcsliga 
otit acknowledges that it lied through- ! ^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ j ^ j,^^ wood-s l)nrtial!v era ' t'-on. 

a h bullis reg, h w holley rec 

out the campaign, and was all the time 
advrsing the people to vote for a man 
which Jt knew to be -^politically un- 
clean.*' After the poles were closed 

'•»nd the result known, thai paper says ; 

V' ■ '^Ve fael nol^ittte legrot at the small .part wo 
■kaVo taken In this grand "dirt eating" arrange 
ineot, and as we hope lor salvation, we proini-^o 
to touch not. taste not. handle not, tba- which 
we kaow is politically uucl.aa from this ti-e 
kenceforw-^ 1, * 

How are tho people to know \chen 
to believe wivh ao organ ? 

• The Minneapolis Atljui »») - that a pocket book 
conUiuing $4,095 wi»» found on tho streets of 
fhaT city last week. The owufr, upon ••btainini* 
•it, rewarded the fiuder with tbo remark that "he 
was ati honest fellow:" said ho was obliged to 
hiBi,and 1«U wiluoui even ^ayiu^ tor tho aJ 

That man, whoever he was, ought 
to be sent to the Statos prison for life. 

^^ ibe people of Stillwater 
fi»rmed an anti H<»rse Thief Associa 
tion. There ought to be a similar 8i>- 
ciety formed m this cjunty, only made 
to include all thieves 

Intercepted Dispatches. 

a j. to D R. N. 

Yfaj*hiug.ton, I). C Oct.' 25. 
Swing the ciscU: bvcly. A J 

D. 8. N. to A. J. 

' Winona, Oct. 2G. 

I've Rwnnp: myself sick. Sec local 
ooiuinn Si, Taul Pioneer. D S N. 

A ' to D s, N. 
Warihiiigton. D. C xVov. 5. 
**]^ pr^'f-y" must win t<»-morrow. 
Give N-orthera traitors [fits''* A. J. 
/ ■ ' V s., N. to A. J. 
S? - '' Wi-noha, Nov 6. 

'Ihe thing ©ao^t be -did. 'J here is no 
fit about it D. S. N 

A J to- D. ». N. 

Wa-hington, D. C. Nov. Z. 
I've n^ett enough. Hie theo to thy 
^'euate bouie. A J. 

D s. N, to A J. 

Winona, Nov. 7 

Ivefelt enough. I'll 'bie" ibis P. M. 

^ . V D S.N. 

. •^- ^ ^nona Dcmocrue. | 

zy. His rigbr foot was liadly frozen 
and necessitated amputation, which 
was Bucccssfully performed by Dr Tol- j "^"v 
man thii* morning — /St Cloud Jouv 

Man Shot -On last S.ibbath 
eveniii"' a couple of men at Fv^rest 
City went hunting. One ihouglitlie 
saw a deer, and fired, bringing down 
h's g.ime, which p'-oved to be instead 
.if a deer his hunting companion. 
The wounded man, whoso name is 

V S Land OfTicc wiranebago city uiinn nov 14 
180ft To Mitthew Reid— the s ni railroad has this 
day aj>i)lied for th n hf n w qr "ieo 28 and iot 6 

usland oflice winnebago citv minn.; "".'» ^^^17 ^ q"" s^'^' 2'|toun 1&2 range 

,, ■lor'i* rp 11 *" \r *M„,..;,^ bcingthe land you bled on i .)U archcreby nott- 

V 14 IXhi.}. 10 llcnry \ iUailin, fieJ to. he and appiar at this office ..n Wednesday 

the 8 m railroad co has this day applied the 9ih day of Dec ne.xt at nine o'clock a 
for the S? (ir sec 81 town 102 range 82; 'tn fotrteyurpope of giving thewboic matter a 

.. , . .11 1 CI 1 ., "V'^.« fair and impartial inve.-tigaiion 

It being the land you filed on. \ oxv a h bullis register h w holley receiver 
are hereby D'tified to be and appear 


a large and' 

liow ready 



at this ofi'ice on Wcdnesduy the 1*J day 
of December next at H o'clock a m, 
for the purpose of giving the matter a 
fair inveNiigation. 

a h bullis, reg, h w holley rec- 

u s land otfice wninebago city minn, 
nov 14«h l><t)r». To Jolm Smith the 

r I i» I 4 ^^ ;..^i o i««.i s m railroad co has this day applied 

Joseuh Dougherty, received a load ,. ., t . - .»i 31c i 

.»u7»«.|..i i V -. J, i^j. ,j|^ j^^|_ ^ j,^^. 21 and s hf se qr an<l 

of duck shot in his fac^e, neck, nrins ; ^^^ ^^^^^^ ,j,. j,^.^. ^0 town 102 range 82, 
and \i'ii9. Dr. Tohnan- was sont for . it, being tlie land you filed on. You 
and ihinkR he will recover. archcreby notified to be and appear .at 

^—^^^^^^-^^^g^^g^gg^t^aam^mmm^mm ' tb's offi c on Wednesday the 10 day of 

' j December next at G o'clock a m, for 
1 1 A LL it CO., j the purpose of giving the matter a fair 

Billlanl K(K»ni an 1 Saloon. 

l«'il(*«a. ITIiiineMota. 

The l> of Liquoig and Cigars at the b»r. — 


h bullis register, b w holley receiver. 

IT S land offiee winnebago city minn 

All kindH ..f BiOei's and Candies coii9t«tif*y on i i,f>v J4^ IS0() To .lallies Dillon, the 8 
hand. Also frvfth ovsters in their aeH»oii. 47m3 

V S Land Office wlnneb^o City Mlni>., Nnv. fourteen 
fljjl.t»-cn hundred and <iix'y-«i.\. To Michael Kary — The 
a ni railroad has this da> applitrd for the w hf n w qr u w 


I* i? Land Office winnebsgo city minn nov 14 
ISf.t! To Jo -.-ph -Merrill — the s in railmad has 
this day applied .for Ihc s hfnw qr andn hfs-v qr 
see 13 town 102 range 32, it bein;: tho land you 
filed on You arobereby not fieu to bi*Hnd ap- 
pear at this offi-eon Wci'neHday the nineteenth 
day of Dec next at 9 o'clocka in f <t the purpcfc 
of giving the matter a fair and imj'artial iuvcs 

a b bullis rcgstor h w holloy receiver 

U S Land Office winnebago city minn nov 14 
1S66 To John A Davis— the s m railroad has 
this d ly applied f'>r the n hf n w qr see 21 and 4 
hf s w<|r -ec 13 town 102 r.mge 32, it being th» 
landyoufib'dlon You arc hrrel>y notified to t>cand 
appoarat tiiis ofiTice on Wednciiday the 19 day of I 
Deo at 9 o'clock a m for the purpose of giving the 
mater a fair and impattial investigation 

a h bullis register b w holley receiver 

US Land Office winnebago city minn nov 14 
'lSf>6 To Rradford tiering — the s m railroad has 
;this day applied for the n hf n w qr sec 12 and s 
hf sw (jr see I town 1 02 range 32, it being tho land 
youfiUdon You a-e hereby notified told aud 
npperr at this office on Wodne^dray I9th tbo day 

pr * w qr a 

till lot one see fltteen tuwo une huiiered Hnd 

in railaoad has this dav api>iied for the 

\ r on T .';;. .,^„ lo *^^.^ otDccne.xt at oneoclock pinforiho purpose of 

w hf ne qr sec 30 Lot o sec 19 town ; ^.^..^^ ^^^^ „,„,„^ ^j.,,^ invesugatio,, * 

102 range 82, it being the land you nicd i a h Buihs regUter u w Honey receiver 

on vou are hereby notified lobe and j nrs- • 7 -. t. 

- -^ . ^ 1 us Land O'^fiico winnebago city minn nov 14 

iworHiipeihirty two. Itbc-inKtheUndyoufilert wj. T«hi | appear at III IS ottice t H WeuUCSday tllC I'J i |gp^ f,, James Jones— tlia sm nilroad h". 
;-!.d:"&^^^^^^^^ l^CC next .al 9 O'clock am for j this day applied for the. hfsw qreec 12 and n h 

oneo'clork pm forthe purpose of glrlngthc maUtr»| the l.urpOSC of «livin£r tllC matter U fair ° w qr section 1.1 township 102range.32, it be 
fair iuveMlgntiou. • ' • . "^ lag the landyou filed on i on arc herebv nofifiei 

A 11 Bu:iis register. II W Holley receiver, investigation to bo .>nd apt ear at this office on AVednesdn 


iv».h'n.l ufiice winnebago city mmn. 
nov 14 IHGG. To Clias D Hates ihc a m 
ruilroatl bo lias this <lay applied for 
the 8 e qrseo 11 town 102 range '^2 it 
being the the laud yon filed on. You 
are herei»v notified to be and appear 
at this jftiee on wcdnesthiy the 17 day 
..f December ne.vt at 1 o'clock p w, for 
lite purpose of giving the matter a foir 

a h biilli.s, reg, h w boUey roe. 

U S land oflice winnebago city minn 
nov 14, 186(3 to Kl"m J Scoufon, the 
» m railroad Ins tliis day applied for 
the s w qr pec 11 town 102 ranf;e 32. it 
f»e".ng the land you filed on you are 
hereby notifiied to be and appear at this 
office or> Wednesday the 17th day of 
Dec ncx'- at 1 o'clock a m for the pur 
pose of giving the matter a fV»ir hearing. 
a b bullua reg. L w hotieyrec.^ 

a h bullis reg. 

h w holley rec. 

U S land office winnebago city minn 
nov 14, lJ^G<3 To James Donaldson, 
tlie 8 in railroad thi.? d/iy applied for the 
n e qr sec 18 town' 102 range 32, it be- 
ing the land you filed on yon arc here- 
by notified to be and appear at this of- 
fice on wedncsd.ay the 19tli d.ay of Dec 
next nt one o'clock p m for the j)nrpose 
of giving the matter a fair iuTC^Kigation 
a li bullus reg- h w holley rec. 

us land off ce winnebago cily minn 
nov 8 18G0. To Frank Guptin the s m 
railroad co has this day applied for the 
«e qr sec 13 town 102 range 32, it be- 
ing the land you filed on. You are 
hereby notified to be and apjiear at this 
oflice on Wednesday tbe 19 day of Decern 
ber next ot 9 oVIock a m, for the pur- 
pose of giving the matter a fair inves- 

a L bulhb reg, b w holley, rcu. 

ipjear a I mis otnco on uednesdny 
the ninctscnth day of j»ee noxt nt 9 o'clock 
a m for the purpose of giving the matter a fair in 
ves tigation 

A II Bullis register II W Holley recever, 

U S Land OflTce winnebago city minn nov 14 
1806 To Edwin D Mills— the e m railroad 
has this day applied for the lots 4 5 sec 15 hnd w 
hf suuth quarter of section fourteen township 
l02 range 32, it being the land you filed on You 
»i^ hereby notified to be and apitenr at this office 
An Wednesday the I9th d.iy of December next 
at one o'clock p m for the purpope of giving the 
matter a fiir and impartial investijra'ion 

A H EulBs register II W Holley receiver 

TT S land office winnebago city minn 
nov 14, 1866 to John PSchwaitz, 
the 8 m railrt>ad has this day applied for 
the a hf n w qr sec 28 <fc e hf n e qr sec 
29 town 102 range 32, it being the land 
you filed on you are her-by notified 
to be and .appear at this office on wedne» 
day the 19th day of Dec next at nine 
o'clock a m for the purpose of giving 
(be whole matter a f»ii investigation 
ah bullis reg. h w holley rec 

of Fall and AVinter Goods, of fJhe choicest rit3des and best quiHtf 
to be found in the market. Comprising • 

Merinos and Empress Cloths! 
Striped and Broclie Poplins !- 

Haids and Alpaccas ; Common and all Wool Delaines , Pi-iuts 

and Sheetings ; Balmorals and 

SHver Braided Spring Skirtis't 

Merino under garments, Flannels, Gloves, Fine Hosierj-^ 

Boots and shoes, Hoods & shawls^ 
Ladies cloaking^ Gents clothsv • 

Table Linnen. Towling, Trimmings, and a variety of Worstecl. 
and Fancy articles. Also constantly on hand 


And a complete stock of Xumber 

O R O C E R I E S . 



•u: -♦• 

• •« 

Our Agent in .Boston is constantly watching the w^rkeif'jf 

us, and we f^re thus enabled to give our patrons tjie advAniage» 

by offering the best goods at reasonable rates. 

"Winnebago City, October 20, 1866. 

Wiuship Si 






Winnebago City, Nov. 21, 1.S66. 


Offlio on Main Street next doof ;?ortJi of the 
\Viunvl)»K" t'itjr Hotel. 


^^9 hear it rumored that we arc to 
have a new Hotel in our town. Mr. 
Kimball is reported as the LuniUorJ to 
be. _ 

Tho place to the host assor;- 
hicnt of ready made clothin>?, and 
boot! %ad shoes, is at Cottrell A Dear- 
bora's. They also keep a very largo 
JMiortmeDt of dress goods, ji^roceries&c* 

Yhe Ladies .Mite Suciely will meet 
At the house of A C Dunn, Esq., on 
Wednesday evenin;^ next at 7 o'clock 
The object this societ} has in view, ! 
viz to buy an Organ for the churcli^ 
is a highly commendable one, and .should 
tfcelve the support of ihc entire com* 
raantty. Fif y cents will make any one 
a meraber ot the socictv. Let there bo 
a full attcndiince. The old and youuir, 
all are iavlted to attend. 


One copj one year - » - fl..SO 

For An> torm lesa (iiko n aioths, 5 centR a week. 



Wilton, Waseca Connty, Minnesotai 

J. M ORAY. Prop 

Terms Reasonable. — Teuui!<tei-8 over nigbt 

One (l<i||iir and n lialf. 

GfniTuI »tuj.« oflico. Oyiid »taMiiig, and rt-nxon- 

able rhMr)(«8. 4i\:{>l 




Know Thy Bestiny* 

L^nil-^ I 4jiq I } col. I 1 col. I 1 ooi^ 

"i.fto i,:.i»j 2.,s(il"Xoo^ 'TToT) lo.oo 

2,'>0, 4,00 fi.OO 7.00 : 12,00 20,00 
3.j«| 5.00. 8.001 10,00 , 1(5.00 2.S,00 
5.00 «,00;i2.04)i 15.00 24.00 : :J5,00 
S.OO 11.00 Ifi.ool 20.00, .30.00 ' 50.00 


No. In. 

I wjuk 
I tn'i'th 

<\ \T'k.i 

i in*th« 
<» lu'ths 

I year, 10,00' H,00 20.0u! 25,00 | 40,00 
Ten lines or 'man make ono aqtia.'e. 

Advcrtidetucnts not mnrked for a specified time 
will becontiimcd. and charged for accordingly. 

Yearly ailvcrtiier.s will bo hold strictly to ad- 
rcrt einents perinining to their biisiners All 
)thor notices will be cha.-gcd at the regular rates 

Exocsi of ftdvortisemcuts insti ted will be charg- 
d proportionately to the number of sqnares bar- 
gained for. 

Legal advt,riisem«»nt8 inserted at the the ex- 
pense of the attornry orJnring them, and not dc- 
ayablo for legal procccdiugs, but muitt be paid 
»n delivery of the affidavit. 

Notices iniioited in the reading column, dou- 
cblo rates JAS. L. CHRISTIE 

FMitor & Proprietor. 




CilU by day or night promptly attended to. 
Winntbitgo City, Aug. 15. ISCrt, 





Bourbon Bitters 

.'1 JliitUlnj Ttnilc. Goitlc StUaulent^ 
I'rcp.Tred in Kipo 


M,i<thhir K. V. Thornton, the frr»ot English .^strol* 
b'sI, ClHlrvo.vuM an<l Piivchoin»!t.lclkn, who hai as 
toiiNhedthe scifiitiflc- cfk»HL-h of the Old World, has n 
located hemtlfat Hudson. N. Y. Madane Thornt 
V \J n V \\ K< Q r' i T V Q • »'""'^''^;«»"-»'wondorf..I power, of seCund sight... ., 
r ..A 1 l\ U vA ;N iV O 5 %^j A Jj n O . enable her to Impart kiiowledge of the greatest lm>.or 

tattceto fhi single or married of either sex. Wlille In 
astale of trance, she dtUneates the rery feature* of the 
; person you are to many, and by the aid of an Instru-. 
T.}n.14yl ""'* «''"*^"*« power, known aa tV Piyihomotrope, 

_^J_ • RUafanteei to prod'ice a life-like picture of the future 

husband or wife of tl'e applicant, together with date of 
marriage, posHion in life, leading traits of character, 
Ac. TUWii no humbug, as ttiousands of testimonial!) 
can assert, bhe will send, when desired, a certified 


rpilE LADY'S FRIEND- of the Monthlit 

ies devoted to 
ion and Pure Literature. $2.50 a year j two cop- 
ies |4. Eight (and one gratis) $16. WHEELER ' certlficUe. or written guarantee, Ihatthe picture is what 
A WILSON'S SEWING M.VDUlNEi given as' it puri>ort» to he. Ily enclosing a small lock of hair, rnd 
Premiums. Send 15 cents for a sample copy to ^••'""BP'ace of birth, age, di^iposiiton and complexion, 
DEACON a. PETERSON, 319 WainutSt. Phil- ' *'"* *nc'<"'"K '"Scents and stamped envelope addressed 
adclpbia. ' i *" J''''*'"**''^ >'"" *'" receive the picture and desired In- 

I formation by return mull. All communications sacred- 

Annitr 1^^» «r If....-^. * T^ 7 ' .!>' Confidential. Address, In confidence. Madame E. P. 
new lot Of ^arrrmt,/ /W« just TnouxTON. P.O. Box 2>3. iiud.on n. v. 


IVew Drug ^tore 





In the building ■djoiBinglhvXaad OfC«ib 


Cold weatliLT is upon ns and the 
ladies need furs and t'ur trinied hoods. 
The place to find them is at Moiilton & 
DeudoD's. The ladies can also find • rho i 
at Ibii bou."?e fine cloaks and nice dress i XsT!'"!'^" 

j ' Tr \ before 


Business Directory. 

NO. 27. 

FRrr. A.>'n acckptkd mafons, 

fho regular Communications of this 
e is held on Tuesday cucning, on or 
the full !ii«oi. 

.«5. S. WILT.'KY. W. M. 
a. K. .MOl l.T ON. i'. W. 

i>. P. wFiR. J. n. 

J'), h. AVKIU, Secrrtary. 
T. W. JEXNK^.S. Treas. 
8. KICHAKDSON, Tvlar. 

gUft^.-We were visited on Thurs- 
day last with quite a snow storm. It gko. a. wkir. ;?. d. 
commenced in regular Minne.«5ot:i ?tylo, j oKnciALSOP FAiiinAULT colwtv. 

with a hieh wind which drove it seem 

. , . r , , ,1 . ,• ,. 8h?riff--CM:. CIIAPKn. Cv A'.fv-A.C.inNN, 

ingiy tight throu£;h the sidm;' ol our mvr-u v.. joilnson Judj^e— A.Mori p rkstox, 

^ ^ ,, J. 1 , Re>.ister— A. BONWFLL, Coroner— >VM. A. WAY. 

hotisf'S. It all dfiai'peared, however, i vuditor—w. f. cadv, conrtCom.-A. puk.-'ton 

on Saturday leavincr the ground bare' _Distrio»Courtoftl.l-i District moetsai Blue EarthClty 
.,..,.,, , , n the;U Muudayln .May. 

and muddy. .„ 

Town property m this town Slavs 
up pretty well not'sxith.^tanding we got Attorney ct Counsellor at Law. 

beat at the election. Mr. Latimer sold NoTAKY riHLIC, 

four lota and a small barn on the orig* ; and Conveyancer, Winnebago City, Minnesota 

inal town site, last wevk, for ^\-^. 

Free from (Jrain Oil, With Flowers, 

Buds and Darks of the Highest 

Medical Virtue. 

Ry increaning the appetite, n-'sisting digestion, 
regulating the bowels, and giving tone to the sys 
teni, they impart strength and > ig«r to the body, 
and cliecnulnek's to the miud. 

.pa^ If vour druggi.xis or tradesman has not 
got THESE RITTERS. have him send for thcnr' 

:S=^ Ui'nieml)cr the ii.imv. and take no other. 

F«.r salu by and <iroccrs everywhere 
C. H. SWAIN. Pruprietor. 

31 south Wales St., Chicago. 

At Wholesale iu St. Paul, br 


printed and for sale at this office, 
so all kinds of jKsticc's JilauAs. 




Practical ^\'atch-^rake.i, 


J E W E L E R 

Mankato, - - - Minu. 

iiiiALER IN 

Wat(dic'fl, cluolcs, Jewelry & silver t»aiu 

Repairing uc:itly executed and warranted. 

Cottrell ; Bearbon 




Takes pleasure in •DDOiiti«iTig^h«t HUDSVO 

STORE is now open and atoekcA 

with a full aaiortment of 

Drugs & Chemicals, 

Patent MediciDes, 
Choice Perfumeiy. 

Fancy Toilet Soap 
Bay Rum, 

Pure Unadulterated Liquort 

- ■ - -■ .1 

ton - 

Medical PuitPOffiEi^ 

A small qUKntitj of Cholec 

Tobacco and CiaARA 
School Books and Stationery. 

Attention is called to the foUowinf lini of ^» 

teut Medicines, among many otheri 

fouud at the Dnxg Store i 


I N 



Qo to Win:*hip & (loolwins, la]ie.>, 
if you wiDt a nice hood, nubia, or shawl ; tt«ntiwr 
They profess to keep the best in ihe | 


(itlipe on .MAIN STKEEI, tirst doDf south o' U 
. Land Otlioc. 

<C%. irodtcUonM maa>9 aim iaxe» paid, ftu- 
a«-i:4 ontru.^icU •••u;i oar* will r«*'^«iv«» pioniji 










Attorney and Counsellor at Law 

.•2s#* Will attend to profj.'sional business 
hroughout tbo .^tatc. 


Hew Store -Me^^rs. Ward 
Sargant, formiM-ly merchants of this Wiuuobago city. Minn. 
town and >Lankato have decided tore- 
turn to our town and go into business 
They have leased the builtling occu- 
pied by Jas. J;>hnson and will be pre- 
'^ared to receive customers in a few j 
d.iv8. Mr S;ir-'aiit arrived last week j 
with a portion of their goods. Mr. ' 
W*rd will probobly not come from i 
Wisconsin, where he now is, beiore 


Corner of lloliey 1 iluin Streets. Winnebago Ci«y 

D S LAW Proprietor. 

Ffagc.-« leave this Ilouiic ffr all Poin.s, 

There is aleo a good livery connected with the 
House. Oct."0T,f. 

Rather Costly -^•>'»'» i'«'"» ^li" o*" 

hluc K.I th City, rcfuseil or neglected 
to take out a licence for his billiard 
rovin. Result, the U- S. M.iishal came 
tip Xrnm St. Paul and took .luhn home 
with him. Hesult apain, Jtdin had 
to pay four hundred dollars to get cut 
of the scrape. ''Honesty is the best 
policy, always. 

The select scliool in this place closed 
on Friday last. Mr Potter, the teacher, 
awarded the first prize for the best 
lessons and greatest advancement hi 
aludies to .Maude IloUey. Mr. I'ottcr 
has taught school in our town for two 
terms and we believe he is universally 
liked* We would suggest to the trus- 
tees that they secure his services for 
the winter term. 

Harness Shop. 

RSHA & Co, 



A. 10 

fflnnebag^o City ! 

Where they are opening a splendid assortment, consisting of rich and com 

nion Dresd Good.", buch as 


Empress Cloth, Merinos, Poplins, 
Alapacas, all Wool Delains, Vel- 
vets ,Nllks, Shawls, Cloaking, and 

Ladies Cloth. 

-Ague Cure^ 
Cherry Pectoral, 
Veo:et«tble PillB. 

The und«-rsigncd takes thi< method of inform- 
ing the people of Winnebago City and vicinity, 
thit he ha« just opened a new harness shop iu 


ani is now prepared to do all kindi! of work in 
his lino. New harness made to order, and all 
liinds of repairing done on short notice. Shop 
up stairs, next doorstuih of Richardson A Rey- 
nolds' Qroccrv. 


Winnebago City, May 2j, 1S60. 


Winnebago City Distnct. 

J. II. WKLril. ReRNter. 
H. Vf. IIOLLKY, Receiver. 

f^-Offlct hours from 3 A. .\I.ti:i4P. M. 
^a«bago City, Mlnn.,'3ct. 26; 13G3. 

J. S. P E R R Y, 


VVinnebago City Minnesota, 

M.y be found 'in rellows' New Block Op- 
^UkU C«%tieU &. Dearbon s New Store, 

•tmllUoiM. prepared to do all work intrusted to 
S«, i-Tbll late t New York Fashions, or to su.t 
the rustomcr 

Most kinds of country produce wanted for work 
CuUltiK done on short notice, anrt warranted to 
fit 4f propetly made up. 


Blue Eaith City. 

This house having been repaired and newly fur- 
nished throughout, is now open for the reception 

of guests. 

The proprietor respec fully s.olicits the patron- 
age of the traveling publi<-, and is determined 
that none shall go away dissatisfiod who may la 
vor him with a call. 

47y 0. S. CONVERSE. Proprietor. 

ii M. L C K W D , 

Physician and Si uoeon, 

Winnebago City. - - - mincescta 

Tho undersigned would respectfully inform the 
people of Winnebago City and vicinity that he 
hDS again opened his office in this place, at<d is 
prepared to attend on all who may require nis 
aid. Office up sUirs in Ciiy Saloon buildinjf. 
Prescripticns carefully compounded. Persons 
wiishing to consult mc upon any disease, cither 
private <>r of long i<tanding, will p'euse call or. 
me tsaturdays of each week, ai I shall give these 
(.ays exclusively to this branch of the protcssion 

Wionebago City, August 15, 1S66. 4.3m6 




Manufarturer and Dealer in 


of every vanety. 

Gilt Mouldings Kept On Hand 
WAaa-aooMs corner of hickory a skcond 


Vernon Cenuc Rlue Earth County Minnesota, 

A. D. MASON - - • I'roprietor. 

■ I would rcspccrfuUy call tho attention of the 
raveling public to the' fact that I can now give 
hem as ^•ood accom)dations as any House in 
bo Blue Earth Valley. 0<»od Stables councctcd 
) the House. 

1.3.1y A. D. MA.S0.H. 

Attorneys & Counselors at Law. 


Vlli att«u<l promptly and faithfully to all businesslo- 

•jlcil 10 their care- 
H»T« for sale at all times, Uige quantities of 
Wtnnebftgo Trust Lauds, and other raluabl* 
VariBing lands. 

.A. WILLARD. . - «1/! - - . . BABY 

<IUO nnn ^ tear made by any one with 
%bjC lAA/ S'e"c>l Tools No experience 
0«^;M^y. The Presidents, Cashiers, and Treai- 
arert of 3 Basks indorse the circular. Sent free 
with wmples. Addro.'^s tho American Stencil 
Ytrol w«rke, i^priug&«i<i. Vvrwoat: 

Minnesota Mutual Insurance Co. 
Mankato, Minnesota- 

Insurci agaiu^t lojs by 

Pre and Lightning, and Death 
of Stock. 

S. FINCH, President. J. A. WISWELL Sec 
0. U. PITCHER, Treasurer. 

J. A. Kes^edv,! 

Cbas. U. UtTTS. ) General Agents. 




Pure Wines and Brandies for 
Medicinal Pui poses, 

Patent Medicines, ku &c. 

Letter, Cap and Note Papers, 
Pencils, Superior Ink, 

and other articles kept liy Bruggists gcacrall' 



Front Htrefif, 

Ma Ilk a to,. .. .Mi Tine sot a* 

5ft tf 

Fall A Wiuter 

T E 1 B E ! 

Mankato^ Minn., 

Calls the special attentk-u of the citizens of Fari 

bault and Martin counties to their cxten 

sive stock of new 


embrac ug erery variety of 


Clothing, (jiroceries. Crockery 
Hats tk aps, Ladies Shoes, 

and a large assortment of 

Notions & Toys! 

Pi-iuts, checks, Stripes, Sheetinors, and Denims. Flannels, 
cloths, A\'ool Blankets, Heavy cloths for hard service. 

Rreatly made clothing, OeiUs fur- 
nishing goods, Gloves and Mitts, Hats & Caps, Boots & Shoes. 

Cwroceries, Etc. Etc. 

All of which have be.ii bought at low figures, and will be sold reasonable. 

Remember the sign. 


McCabe's new building. 





Jayke's — Alterative,- 

Fixpectorant, ^ 

Grafenbergs Catholieon, 

Pills. - 

Winchester's Hypophosphites 
of Lime and Soda, 

The most effectual known r«medy for the can of 
Bromchitis, Dyspepsia, and ContampUon. 

Hall's Balsam for the Lungs. 

Mrs. Winslow' Soothing Syrup. 

Morse's Medicines. 

Elixor Peruvian Bark, Mustang 
Liniment, Gargling Oil, ' 
and Condition Pow- 
ders for horses. 

Extracts & Essence' of all kinds. 

Orders promptly attended to 

and Prescriptions carefully 



Winnebago Citr, June 4, 1866. tfnM 

Better op2:)ortunity is now offered to any 


Woman, or child, wisliing to purchase anything in the line of Faluy Dress 
Goods, Freitcb and English Mciinos, Alpaccas, Scotch Plaids, Dclains, Woolens 
Flannels, Striped Poplins, Balmoral Skirts, Ladies Cloaks, Cloak Cloths, Do- 
mestics, prints, shawls, hoop Skirts, Shirts', drawovs, wrappers, Hosiery, Notions 
Xo. 1 'Woolen Blankets, Boots, Shoes, Hats, and Caps, and Fur goods of every 

description, than has ever before been 


In Faribault County. High prices are now 


Every young lady and gentlemen in the United 
.r:t)*tas can hear something very much to tb«ir »d 
vantage by return mail (free of cliarge.) by ad« 
dressing the und(r.>'ign«id. Those baviog fearf 
of being humbugged will oblige will oblige bj 
not noticing this card. All others will please Ad- 
dress their obedient servant, 

TU03. F. CnAP.MAN, 
S3] Broadway, New York. 


A pentloman who suffered for years ffoiD Ner- 
vous Debility. Premature Decay, and all the ef- 
fects of youthful indiscreti'jD, will, fur the 8ak» 
of suffering humanity, send free to all who need 
It, the recipe and directions for makiug^ tbe sim- 
ple remedy by which he wns cared; sufferers 
^riehing to profit by the advertiser's experieooe, 
oun do GO by addressing 

^o. 13 Chambers St., New York. 


Hon. Chas. Scheffer, St. Paul. lion. E. G. Ham 
lin, St. Cloud. Hon. A. Chambers, Owatonna. 
Hon. G. K. Cole, Faribault. Hon. H. A. Subeha 
New T:im. Hon. M. Donahue Henderson. A, 
C. Dunn, Esq., Winnebago City. Sargent 
Franklin A Keyes, Wiuona. 2lm3 


Front Street, near the Levee. 

M. T. C. FLOWER, Proprietor. 

General Stace Offic? for all PolnU l>i th.- SUte. Good 
Sti^ltAtf HTltti atuativc Obtlwr*, 19yl 

Tlieir entire stock was selected wi 

great care and witti special reference to the w« its 
of Minnewtians. ,, 

The favorable circumstance!* unuer 

which their purchases were made, enables then* 
to sell at Very Low Price*, and the pub 
lie may be assured that th**' cancr no circum- 
stances, will be undersold. 

They a*»k the public to cxaniino 

their goods before buying elsewhere. 


Mankato, Not. 21st, 1865. n5m: 

And the new 

mode of trading— late decline 


Sea Ies 


Also, WarehoaBeTrockB,Lett« 

Presses, Ac. . . 

1 72 Lake Street, Chicago. 
^^, Bccarefal to buy only the genoina.SSj 



Warranty Deeds, Chattle Mortgages 
ioo.i&c.f io. fcrr silo at this office. 


Dry Goods will warrant general satisfaction to ix-rsons coming to 

Winnebago City 

To lay in their winter's snppl)', if they will only call at 

Moultoii A Deudon's. 

<r S*nd X<* sump ftor CiMalar. er it.91 1 
Bmnedy. to O. B. XOITBOX * OO . 0«Mral " 
p. O. I>rawer e6«l, Chloaco. ZUiaeia; Otfbe Md Somtt 
CUrk Street. Tor Mle at Wboleaale la Oii oaa^ by 
ft rXTLLMB, IX>BO ft 8SUTK. 0&a8. Ok SmnK 
•KITH ft SWTBK. aatf KMOVUXi <■* •« 9^ 



! 1- 



1 I 








fi f 


Blue Earth City Aaveitisoments| Choice First Chiss Insurance 

Agninst Loss hy-PIRB, by the 

Gouds well bought, mo half sokl. 

A. B. BALCOx^ 




Of lIartrord,,Cnn. hM«orp.)riil'(H819. Cbar- 
tvr I'uriiutuul. 

Tho ^T.TNA Iiisurancc^Joinpniiy wouM call the 
atUntiou of the public to the IVilUiwing facts: 

A hi'a\ y cj\sih capital, witli As- 
setts amountiiic^ to 

GREATBARGAlNSi 8,401,038.50 










at pi'cos that 



Butler & Cheese 

wanted at all times ni the market price. 

1 never was. Never can, and 
Never will be 


Has traiK^.ictod bn>incss .nic- .."fully F.>rly-«Muc 
year.", and cimtiuucs t'» iir<»;;ri--'.-< ui Ueaiili. 
\V«;alth and Vitality. JIas p'«id a" aggregate 

lossof8l^7L>M8() 58 

Tho /ETNA i!< org-nizod on a Nnfionnl Baris, 

with reliable L jcal aueiitf, "ud tuupyes 

iu ouviablo reputulion. c<iuul 

to all the einergai.cica 

it underluke", 

worthy the 


Founditig It.s elitiins t'> f;»v<ir and pntroii.Tgo 
to Merit Alone. 

AfToidiiig unoiiuiileil faciliii';.^ and security for 
Iii.-uraiico, and ranking 

The FIRST of Fire Insurance 

And insures nt rales ».« liberal .»« the ri-Vs ns- 
guuicd pfiiuit lor s(dreticy and fair profit. 

Losses Eijuitahly A<ljusted and 

Al)plic:iUuns SolicitL*!, autl Policies 
ls>U(.'<l by 

R. E. ABBOTT, Agont at 

Winnebago City, Minn 


Give me an 

early call, and 




Blue E.-xrth City, May U, .1n30yl 

Blue Earth City 


Have opened a Drug store at Blue Earth City, 
and offer for »alo at lowest prices 



i> til ' <.I.1.> rl.V.-i. r;ll. :iS il S}'lll'»''-t 
l.i'W ;;i Chi.-SK.. tliii: <i>li I'v ••ntilflv 

icli-'O i'|".ii. <i'i r » iiiv. tiiul lu't f.!!iT<M 
ti.Ht !ii>i I ii'lt' l)i^<•■;l>•■ ttt !'<-iti.iiii II. yoar 
»»>ii III. ili^Mriiii iii'4 voiii ficenii.l •■•>•!*■. 
Iwj-nlei. <l«?.--ti".WIi;A Volll lii«|>|iili<.p>iiit>| 
Clii'irv I ! •"i"'>'f''''>l' lift-. II" lt.«« 

yV,[\ Ai'K iitS^A-^KS :>ii-l M-..'.VUl.i? 
Jil-.i.l 1.1 rV !ii^ -.("Lly f-r ll.«- |«;«t 
twrniy yiMr*. .lifl i> iln-i i"!'.!!-'' :lii' t>«T 
•<>ii wii. Ill ;ili iMlliri-^i flf'uil c'lnjiijlt 
N . ui;., ovi r Iieiinl <'l a j.-jtii nt ■)! \:i^ 'i"! l-i-in^ iiiri-'J 
.in-i- II.- li.... iK-ell ill llii" >il.V. Hi;, r |.!il itl. li In. 
v.'.i. Ii.-i!< ill nil tli.'itv i.«|..Ms, Wis i...;i.iits :iii<I I'.u- 
III II.mI«<iuii. l--tti »i-r.> iiii'l ul'i-.Mi.I. if lielie.; tli. 
.iiu,st .•.killi'.t -.jH-i iili.-t l«<T-. Hixt "i Uiii>'i:{li lii.istii- i>! 
iM 8<-x;iil lii.'.ca.'i's. If •••H "ti:-r.- fail. 'If" t .Ifjiair 
ii.c liiiii II eall. It is "Illy a ei.:i5:i|..ii .m ciirn-ii'-c «itli 
'liiU t > lUli- sn:<l» raKfrt. "lii* r."ii!» ar.- h. jmriito f .i 
lni?;"M ami ^.■iitlctiU'li. aii<l till- iii.wl e.i:iii>l' ti- in linM-ity 

V.irsj .Mr.N, 'I'VK" I'\;\k Noti k.- ^'v■t .r Itn:.' 
I..W .l.»T..|f: mil. Il ■•!" lii" tiin>> I" ili" tr.-at'.i<ii« of Ih.m. 
•as-s cans, a l.v h it.iiet \»li:. Ii ni iis U.ili I..m1> 
»«'! niiii I. uiitiitiii^j 111'- uuri'ilniiaf'-« :'!aa! Ii>r ' iih. r 
l.-.i^iii.-w i.r *.Mi. ly. Tlic ^a.l .11.-. I .r lii — • « .il> liul-its. 
iir III • ••xo'-sH "f iii"T y«-i.i:<, is t'> w. ik.-ii aii«l Url.ili. 
t.-»l- till" '•>>listi;iilii'ii, .r-»tr.>y llie puy ^n-al ali.l lileiitM 
P..W.TH. .Iimi;;isli aii.l m! -ebl.- tlif iir.iniil f-.-lifi-,'s, ai..! 
exiii'ist til.' \:t tl .li-lKlrs ..l" liial>'.|.-H» ; til.- |>l«:u»!l.«'* 
of lii".-ni" man.. I. llie i)l..iv'. t <>l :ii:i;riaijp fiiirf-uti'.; 
aiul t-xi-tiuct if ..11 It ii'lirt<latrriii"r«ni<"»»>ii'^ iui-.-'ty 
mi'l rivjiff. ."siu li |i.Ti«'.>i<. f-i". ••i:«lly lli.'-so i-..iit«-iii- 
|i!.itiii/ 111.11 iii'.j\ nIi.iiiII i"-'" iio ii:ii'' ill iiiakiii!: imi:n>- 
.liit.- iTin.liejili.'ii. lis l»r. IJ . I'y liin ii.-w Ir.atm i:t, ik 
ciinMfl to iiisun- n mii-.-ily hikI |i<-rin.iii«!it rure. 

<'.ilirfii!tali>li» flic >H''I c<.iili.l>iitiai. OiTj- ••. No. IT'J 
ii'iUili ("lark .'^Ifi-t, ,o'i>^r ••\ M'>iii.'f. lialf.i lil.ak Ii"R» 
fli.- l' U.lir.-. I* ,1 <jtVi '• It.'X 161, Chicag", Hi. 
OlH'*- li-'iii" f!«':ii « A.M 1 > >* 1*. M. 

i^viiJ j. r lii.s "GuiJo to JlL-alili," jiubliihcd muiitLlv, 
frfo 'if ctiar;.;.-. 

N. B.-^, H<nJ fur ft dcjcrlrtiro c|rruJar i«f Pe* 
•oiie Keui'-ilii-. the l<'•^l pi'V.iitive ^f conci-i.tin 

aown 8tnt to any n'Mn-M IVcc of ch rjre. 

why suffer vith tbia 

Hangerous & Loatlisoiue Disease 

trlicn it 


and entirely 

Eradicated fioni the System 

by the u?o of 


Calariii remedy 

C A T A U 11 II 

Kill surely rctiuU in 

C O N S U xM P T I O N 

Unless cheeked in hi incipient stages. 


Curo warranted if Ditcctions arc Followed. 

Sindc IJottlcs will last a Month. 

DR. WniniEK is regularly 
educated and legitimately qual- 
ified, and has expurienco in all 
I'lirnis of •U!>CM.><e, a knowledge 
Utile indicpen.>*ible in the trcat- 
iiicnl of ibu veneral dise^fu in 
_^ all its varied and conijilicated 

'm^t-r^^,;?'^ form.x, and has lor years mado 
tho tieatnieiil of private di.'-eages his bu.^incFS and 
Klu'lj. K.xpcrienec, .ho best of teachers, ha." en- 
abled him to jierf'-ct remedies at once sufficient, 
Hiife, perinanej:t, and in uioft sases can bo U"jed 
v/itli'iut bindninc to businc.*.". 

Pa rli-'ilar attention given to old standing cases, 
.xueh as were considered incurable. Syphillis, in 
all form.-?; tJonorrluea, <.let?t, Strictures, Orcl-.ites 
DabeleiSj Bladder and I'rinarv Diseases, Also, 
thcedects ofj-olitary habilo, both ruinou.-' to body 
and tniiid, ai.d which produces some of tho fol- 
lowing iffecls: Blotches, Bodily Weakness, Cou- 
H(i}iat>on, Avcr.sion and Uneasiness in Feu.Rlo 
.SiM-iety, Unnianlincss, Dreud of Future Kvcnts, 
linally a complete pn'Straiii n of the vital pow 
ers. loss of memory, ringing in the ears, can be 
fully restored to heallh. 

All letters, wi'h •••tamps, answered. 

Dr. W. is the pnbli.dior of a new work. eMi ti- 
ed '"Nip the I^vil in the Bu-l," which v.ilibe sent 
to all on receipt of 10 cent? to pre-pay postage. 

Consultation free Charges juoderatc, and 
cure gn-irmt'jod. 

Dr.Whitlier cures tho very worst kind ofrup- 
lur«' in a few weeks. 

I'ost OfMeo B'lx 22111. Office and Consultation 
Ilooms If) I South Clark strtet;^o. You 
can seethe Doctor every day from *.• A. m. to 5 p. m 


iOOO. 1 he best of iho Monthlies — devoted 

to LITERATURE and FASHION. $2.50 a 
year. We give WHKKLEli <t WILSON'S cele- 
brated $o5 Sewing Machines on tne following 
terms : — 

Twenty copies and the Sewing Machines. $70. 

Thirty copie.1 " * " " $So. 

Forty copies " " " " $'«« 

Send 15 cents for a sample cojy to DEACON 
t PETERSON, 319 Walnut Street. Philadelphia 


Dealers in 





g-if" Particular attention paid to Music Order* 


Just received, a new and com- 
plete assortment of 

CiltOCEMIES ! ! 

Cold in The lln-a 

Relcaved in a Few Minutes. 

Bad Breatl 


Caused by offensive secretions 

RiciiAKDSoN tfe Reynolds. 

has now opened ut liis rooms in 
W I N N K 15 A G O CITY 

One of thcbc't selected, varied and most exten- 
sive assortment of Ooods in their line 

Ever imported into Faribault 

Which they are scUingto the People of the Blue 
Earth Valley cheaper than Mankato or an^ other 
In the' 

ij MO flTjflY^ 


Weak Eyes 

Caused by Oatarrhal cctious 

Sense of Smell 


on or deh royeu. 

Patent Medicines, 

Paints, Oils, 

Putty, ifec., <fec. 



The very best Vote, Letter, and Cap Paper kept 
constantly on hand. 

NOTIONS of all kinds. 

PHOTOGRAPH alp>i:ms, 

a good variety, and cheap. 

Call and See Us. 


Blue Barth City, May 20, 186fi. :53mr, 


Thd ;Mveiif<«ir. ii»Titi^ »•*•«» idou'rvti to health 
ill a lew «»i'<)ks ny 4 •■•ory (tnnptr fruiedy, alter 
having Hiinei-«iQ for to^erai /^nrs with a severe 
liinjr aUVHoii, xniltb'tt divad 'Jis«;asc, l^'>'>somp- 
tion— !.•« auAioos III inak« kni««*ii »•• his fellow 
sufferern tho v^^nA. 

To all wni> desire it, he will .snnd a cvpy of the 
pr.iecription used (free of charge), wi«h the dircc- 
ti"ii8 fur preparing and u.-ing tbn same, which 
'hey will find a sure cure for Cimsuniption, A^th- 
ma, Bronchi«i.«, Coughs, Colds, and ail Throat 
ami Lunj: Affections. The only oljcetof the ad- 
vertiser in sending .he Prescription is to benefit 
the afllictcd, and sprca-l information whi- h he 
conceives to b" invaluablii, an<l he hopes ovcjy 
sufieier will try his remedy, as il will cost thcni 
nothing, aii'l may prove a blessing. 

Parties wi«bi..g the Prcscrii'lion, fhee, by re- 
turn mail, will pleasu a'blres.<j 

K h V. E D W A R D A . W T LSOX. 
Williamsburgh, Kings Co., N. Y. 

Foundry & Ma 
chhie Shop. 


when caused by Catarrhal tlifticultics. All are 
cured by this remedy. 


Are more fncjuently than otherwise caused by 

a thick, slimy mucou.", fallin;; from the 

bead, especially duiing the night, 

and resulting from Catarrh, 

and are cured by 

Li(piid Catarrh Remedy. 

UALDWLN & ClllLll, 


Office o2y2'>osife " Lltio)i House " JjIuc 
Earth City^ Minnesota. 

Will do a General Banking and Real Estate 
Business, pay Taxes for uoa re&idtute, make 
Collcct.ons, Ac., Ac, 
JI.D. BALDWIN, - - _ S. P. CHILD. 

BluvEai-r City, May 7, C6. .lOyl 

The Mankntc Foundry on<l Machine shop is 
now in operation, and wo are prejiared to 


of every description. Steam engines. Threshing 
MaeLincs, Reapers, Farming Implements, .tc. 

Wc also make all kinds of iion and bras'? cast- 
ings. Babbitt uctal always on baud. Orders 
solicited and promptly aitended to. 

Old Iron, Brass and Copper 

wanted, for which tie highest price will bo paid 
v?n7yl C. W. BARNEY, A Co. 




J li W E L E III 5 

Has, and will keep constantly on Iumj 1, for sale : 


Jewelry and Silverware, 

And will attend pr^^mptly to all kinds of Repair- 
ing of (Jl.cks, WitieUcs, and Jewjl^y, and guar- 
auteu perfect satisfiieti'in to all who p.itr')ni7,e 
biin. ivo'iia •■pp'i.^'itQ Union llnlel. oOyl 

Blue Earth City, M. ay 17, iJit'S. 


Wiiiiit^basiro fit i!I 

Having raa>d« houjh changes rooeeming thr 
busiues* transaetionn of the "Wlnnobag-o City 
Mills,'' we wish t*» announce lo me public that 
we Hie now pre]>ared to do all kind* ot work in 
our line of butiiness, for ready \)ny. Logw. wood 
wheat, or e/en Money taken in pa\meiit foi 
work. Our terms for tawing are : One half, oi 
$1*^, per thousand. Flour, Bran, and shorts cor 
•t«atly on hand, and for sale cheap. 

Lumber 125-00 per Tlioiisatul. 

WiaD«bs2o Oity, March l7lh. l«i(>o. 

Veg^etable Sicilian 



As the name indicates, not only kknkws 
tho growth of the Lair when thin and falling 
oflF, buv positively renews the color to y^ts 
original Stale when it is turning gt^y or 
white, whei^r caused by disease, jjrief or 
aid age. 

It will certaiil^ do what is ^^mc<l for it, 
ft fact to which Xiindrcds, s(5y thousande, 
who have used it, ^o re:^y and willing to 
testify. Where oneT^t^^is fairly used, in 
any community, itaj^eputation "spreads 
like wild fire," a^ri\tho best advertise- 
ment and rcconmieuduVin wo desire. In 
the Ea"tern Str^s, whereVic •'IlENLWER" 
originated, I^ young laXos use it as a 
hair dresy^g; it is foun\on the toilet 
tables ofjfoung men, (also alYieir barbers), 
wLile^Pldcr men and women Vho desire a 
Renmcr and lietlorative for thciVcrey locks 
an/i bald beads will not be wVout this 
article, which gives in every instu^e, en- 
tire setisfaction, \ 

TV>n't let any dincgist or dealer ur^e upon yon a 
difffront ufti«-lo. nn there ia no jirejiaraticn In the world 
like ihid, livwure of any article ptirpoitiiiK to Le the 

Try HALL'S HAIR RENF.WKR according to Direo 
lioiif, nn't yon will une no other. 

If not eoJcl lit ()ru»(RUt3 lu your town, a trW tn.ttle 
will 1)6 iH-nt jronby cxpreM, ui«)n receij)t of one d. lUr 
by iiiail, tliue ftlTliiR you an epportuuity at wuce ol 
teetlii;tTi<i e.ceTloiit i]iialitle«. 

OrOora fbi truU boUlu niunt l>e addrcawxl |-« 

C A. COOtf, mirasro. 

•ent k^um for Northwesewn States, 
It. P. TTaLL a Ol., rrwprletorn. Ka/nnm. N. II. 
. SoM at -h lUJLHSALE. In tnlcimo, by FTLI.En, f irOII 
* FlJLLEll, Oi:BN-H.\>ti.l k \AX SriI.\ArK, LORD A 

SMITH, 8>mn a dwyek, j. u. eekd t oo. 

Iff df u^!*C» oad deolM* B«a«iitily. 


The symptoms of Catarrh are at first very 
sli;^bl Persons find they have a did, that they 
Lave frei|uent attacks, an. I are more sensitive to 
tho chanjjes of le uperature In tbid condition 
the nose may be dry, or a slight discbiir;;e, thin 
and acrid, aftcrwurls thick and adhesive, may 

As the dlseafe bccoinrs chronic, tho di.=?char;»cs 
are increased in quantii y and chaii;;ed in quality, 
they are now thick and heavy, and are hawked 
or eon;^hed off The sec.-ctionc areofTejisive, cans 
ing a bad breath : the voice thick and nasal ; the 
ey«:s are weak : the sense of smell is lesscncii or 
destroyed ; deafness frequently takes pLce 



Their facilities for supjilying the wants of the 
peoplc'jf this immense region arc on ascjlcto 
warrant the fullest satisfaction. 

We offer to the of Faribault and Mar- 
in Counties the finest stock of 

<&rocerlcs aiul 
V !♦ It r if ti 



Fresh Meat, 




Take pleasure in informing the pco;)le ofWinne 
bago City and surrounding country, tbat thev 

■ ba\e on band a large stock of assorted Liquois 
consisting in part of 

Old Bourbon Whiskey, 

Blackbei-ry Brandy, 
Old Frencli Brandy, Port Wine, 
Old Santa Gruz Rum, 

Eleven o' clock Bitters, 
lied Jacket Bitters, 

Swain's Boiubon Bitters, 
Cherry Brandy, Holland Gin, 

Lager Beer, Walioo Bitters, 
Ilpstetter's Bitters, Alcoliol. 

Also an cndle?s snpply of choice 

Cigars, Fresli Pine Ai)])les. 
Fresh Peaches Cove Oysters, 
Fresh Blackberries, Sardiens 
Ivaspberries, Fresh Lobsters, 
Strawberries, and 

Fresh Oysters I 

vinds of Fancy Candies, 
the very best of Fine-cut 


Tobacco, cfcc. <fec. 

Second door Soutli of Abbott & 
Welch's. Give us a call. 

Mnrridffe and Ctlihwy. 

AN Essay of Warning- and Instmc 
tion to Yout>sr S^cn- Also, Dise8a«8 
and al)u."e8 which prcmuturoly Pi ostrate tbe vi 
lal Powers, with sure means of relief. Sent free 
of Charge, in sealed letter envelopes. Address, 
l»r. J. .SKILLAN IlOUGIllON, Uoward Anso 
ciation, Philadelphia, Pa. v3u21yl 

Free to Everybody! 

The Guide to Health <fe Beauty,- 

Oust Published. 

It teaches how to remove Tan, Freekles, Prni- 
plcs, Llotehes, Moth Patches, Sallowness, Erup 
tiojis and all impurities of the ^kin ; bow to en 
amcl the skin, Iciving it white and dcsr as al^- 
ba?ter; how to produce the fullest developmenf 
of the female form (as practised by the French,) 
causing the bust to grow round and full, and if 
the for3 has been lost by paddinp, lacing, or mrt 
tcrnity, restoring it to 'more than its ori«i*t<^ 
fullness, firmness and beauty. It teaches how to 
reduce in size the h.inds and feet ; produce curpi 
lency or the reverie; remove supcri^u^nB hair; 
cure Corns, Bunion,', Warts and Moles; renew 
your age; cure Drunkenness, Catarrh, Dyspejf 
sia. Nervous Dcbili'y. kc. how to fa<ii<ate anl 
gain tlic lore and aCfection of any pesson you' 
may choose, together with other usefni and va tr 
able information. Ko yonng Lady of ()cntV»* 
man should fail to send their addrcas to the un-' 
df^rsigned • nd rec-eive by return mail a copy of 
this valuable work in sealed cnveloj-e free of 
charge. Address, 

13ERyEK, SMl'TFS k CO., Chemists^ 

^ib KiverSt , Trey, N. Y. 



.Innthcr common and important symjitnm of 
Catarrh is, ♦.hat tbe jierson is ohji^ed to c' his 
throat in the morning of a slick or Siiicy m.ucou> 
whi( h has falien from the head during tho ni^jht. 
When this takes place the person may be sure 
that bis disease is on its way to the lungs, and 
should lotic no time in arresting it 

The above are but few of the many Catarrhal 
symiifouis. Write to our Lalioratory fos our 
pimphiel dcsi!!ribing fully allifymptoms ; it will 
b'; sent FKlCKloany a'ldrcsa. Also directions 
where to procure the medicine 

Wc arc receiving letter."! from all parts of the 
I'liion, and also numerous tcsiimoninls from 
thoio v-iiing it, bearing the cvidoueo of its infuili 
ble merit!!. 

^9.. This remedy contain." no mineral or poi- 
fonous in;;rcdients, but i? prepared from vegeta- 
ble extrauts exclusively ; therefore it is perfectly 
harinle.<;s, even to the most leader and delicate 

Call for Scclcy's Catarrh Fcmcdy, and 

take no other. Ifu'itsold by druggists in your 
vicinity, they will order il for you Price !t:!,UO 
per bottle. 

V^ All pcr.«ons sufTeriiig with any affection 
oftbo Head. Tbfokt or Lungs should write at 
once for oar pamjtblet fully deseribin^ all symp- 
toms pertaining to the above diseases. 

It will be sent freo to any audaess. 


Dii. li. n. SEELYE <\z; CO., 


Sold bv all wnolcsale auo irt»ii Druggists 

GENERAL Aitc' 1T9. 

.lohn D Park Cincinnati. Ohio ; Fuller, Finch 
cl Fulbjr, Chicago 111 ; Lurrham • Van.schaack 
(;;hicago III: Dcmas IJirnes k Co New York; !• 
R.anfoui k Co, Lnffalo New York; Farrand She 
ley A Co Detroit Mich ; wcoks A Potter Boston 
Mass : Fren -h Richards A Co Philadelphia. Pa : 
R F .'•oilers A Co Pittsburgh Pa; Cidlins Bro's, 
St Louis Mo ; Barnes, ward A C>>, New Orleans ; 
K A RoliMison aCj, liiniisville, Ky ; i>i;5ley A 
Bro. Memphis Tcnn ; 1' E Depuy Richtuond Va; 
Thompson A Block Baltimore Md . De-xter A 
Nelleger Albany N Y; strong A" Armstrong, 
Cleveland 0; Wm .lohnston Detroit Mich i wil- 
•ou Ptttertf A Go Louiitrille Ky, \3u9l^ 1 ! 



Wines &l^iquors 

Ever brought totlds market. 

Al.^0 a complete assortment of 



consult their own interests 

?rora our VARIED, and EXTENSIVE AS- 
Wc have tho 

Facilities and Determination 

sell Goods as choap as any house West cf the 

Pav Cash for Wheat, Oats, Cora. 

CQ AAA ^ YEAR made by any one with 
r'/VjUU V Slo — stencil tools. No experienco 
nccesr:iry. The Presidents, Cashiers, and Treas 
urers of '6 Banks ,ndorse the circular. Sent fr«6 
wih samiiks. Ad'lress the American Stencil 

Tool Works, Springfield, Vermont. 



The I^&son & Hamlin Cabinet Org-ana 

forty 'MCercut styles, ad-^ptcd to sacred and sec- 
ular music, for ?.S0 to ffiOO each. FIFTY 
ONE COLD or SILVER mcadals, or other first 
premiums awardeit them. Ilinstrited Catalogues 
free. Address. Wasoa ^ Hamlin, Boston, o 



Empire Shuttle ScWing- Machines 

are .'^uiicrior to all otLtrs fur 

Family and Mamifactnnng Piu poses. 

Contain all the latest improvements; aue spec, 
dy : noiseless; durable; and easy to worK. 

Illustrated Circulars free. Agents wanted. — 
Liberal discount allowed. No oonsignmcnts 
mado. Address, 

S'Jyl EMPIRE S. M. CO., Broadway N. Y. 



wishes to saj' to the people of Winnebago City, 
and the neighboring towns, that he has the larg- 
est stock of 

Pork, Iliilcs, Butter and Eggs. 

Winnebago City, Minn. nlv3 



rpiTt;.'5K niTTKRs are prepared in 

J ll.)tir'i"n NVliiskey, from « conitiination of over 
twenty 'lilt'eri'iit kinds of roofs, barkit and Imrlis. 
•jvhicli act in perfwt Concert Olio with the oilier, pre- 
par*! ffini tlie'orl^inal formula piven by tan great 
cliie! Iti-'l ,l:ukpt. Ill Dr. <;!iii|>in. win. used theai nni"- 
ceN-fiilly in Lis iTtictico fur many years, and l>y their 
u-o ►;-«iiie'l so trreat n pojiularit-' in the f ioati:ient and 
cure '>f Uysjicji^in. I.iver C.tnii»li«iiit, C'onHtliinfion. Sii'k 
and Nervjus Il"ad:iclie. Fever ami Agne, and all liis- 
»A>;o« arL-Hnp; from tjrywl lirer and iiidiprstion. I'cr- 
»"«« siitT'Tiii;: from cithor of these l<i.»tli»onie diseases 
will tiiid a cure hy t!ie use of these Hitters, which arc 
pel fi^-i ly piiie and free fi'iiii all th'ise druir« and poi- 
«.>ns u<iiilly put n^ in such preparatinni. and palmed 

)H on an u'i.i;iH|>eclinK puuli*. A niiiKie trial will cim- 
rinfc tho most Rkej.ticul (hat in the ItKD .1.\CK£T 
there i^ a rirluo that no other Bitters iK)s8e«8, 

They streni^thcn and inviR-xato the system ^ 

Tiioy are uiie'inalleil f »r general debility. 

They are a cure fir Dyspep.'.ia. 

Tliey cive a p>.'d and healihy appetite. 

Tlify .-v-.-ii.-it diiicstiiin. 

They purify the breath and acidity of tho stomach. 

Thi'V cure Di.irilKi'tt and Chidera Morbus. 

They ai'o nil antidote to change of water and diet. 

They arc the best in exiitimco. 

They uro a preventive of Fever aud Ague. 

They relieve C<>iisti|iatiuu. 

They cure Ne-rvoiw liemlarhe. 

They are perfectly pure and palatable. 

Th^ Renniiie KFD JACKET BITTER !! ttT* only sold 
In 'lUHrt iHiiiles; novcr by the jjallon. ipiart or pint. 

S<?e that I'Ur private Uoveracxeut stauipia unbrukon 
over eii'h rork. 

8«,ld by all drussUts and dealers thronglw>nt Ihe 
Count I y. 

Call Red .T.ickct. an<l (nVe no other. 

Circular* to tho trade sapplied on application. 


81 anil Z% ini€HIOA\' AVEJiCE, 

L I Ci U O It ^ . 

ever brought in^o this town. Consisting in part of 

New Englad Rum. 

Bourbon Bitters, 

Plantation Bitters, 




Bourbon Whi.5key, 

Wahoo Bitters. 

Hostetters Bitters 

Ac., Ac. 

il < I kejjs Q3:istxntl/ on hand tbe best 


If you «tant to buy good nice fresh 

oy^ters^ lobsters 

Peaches, Blackberries, Raspberries; or any kinds 
of CANED FRUITS, this is the place to get them 

Of CANDIES, both plain aita Un- 

cy.he has them in endless quantities. 

And of NUTS from evei^ cliaie, lut 

keeps a large supply constantly on hand. 

Du'nt forge^ the ]ilacc. 

Don't forget the name 

Geo. E. 

Next dor SOUTH 



Winnebago City, Nov. 15, 1865. 


TACHES forced to 
grow upon the smooth 
est face in from ethre 
to fiv*} weeks, by using 
iliaire, the most wod- 

dtrful di3Covery in mo dern science acting upon 
tlifi Beard and Hair in an almot^t miracnliuD 
manner. It has been used by the elite of Paris 
and London with the most flattering success. 
Names of all pcrchasers will be registered and if 
entire satisfaction is not given in every instance 
the money will be cheertully refunded. Price 
by mail, sealed and postpaid, CI. De?cripri*e 
einulflrs and tePti-aionials mailed free. Address 
BKUGER, SHCTTS & CO., Chemi/ts, No. 82.1 River 
BUo«t, Ti-oy, X. y, ^\i ajeute for Ume L'uited Stalw. 

IITSKERS ! WniSKER ! !— Do y% 

want Whiskers or Moustachte .' Oui Gi» 
clan Compound will force them to prc.w on tho 
smotbest face or rfcin, or hair on bald heads, ia 
Six Vv'ecks. Price. $1.00. Sent by mail any 
wlicrc-. c'ofciv .-ealed, on the receipt of price. — 
Address, WARNER i CO., Box 3 ;'.?>, Brook l;-*. 
New York. 



P I A Jf 


4dr' adway. 

New Tork. 

Xlic attention of llie Piinilcanrtihe trade Is invited to 
our new scale of 7 OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO 
FORTES, whieli for volu'.ae and purity of tone are unri- 
valled by any hitbert j offered in this market. They con 
taiii ail the modern iinprovemeiits, Krenrh Grand .Vclicn, 
Harp Pedal, Ircn Frame, Overstrunjs Uass, etc., and cad* 
in^itrument beinjr made under l^epe«-i«o»;ai supi rvfslon ol 
Mr. ,1. H. GrcTersfeen wk''> ha« hail a practical experi- 
ence of over 'il, years in their mar'U>.rur, Is fully war- 
ranicd in every particular. 

The " Grovestceii Piano Fortes " r?- 

coived the Av/arn of i^Ierit over all 
ethers at the eclebrat/'il 

World's lair, 

IVhere wer- exhibU?»d instr cent* from the be»t mak«r« 
of London, Paris, Oerniaf*, Philadelphia, llaltimore, 
Rost'-n. and NVw Vork ; ajd also at th-t American Innti 
tu!c for five .succeetive year?, the jfo.d r.nd KilveriuedaU 
from Lotli of wlach can l>e see.i at our warr.-rooiu. 

By the introduction of i-uproveraen's we m>ke a still 
more jierftct Piano Forte, and by nj an ufarturin^' largely 
Willi a str.ctly cas.i syttmi, are enabled to offer tliege in- 
strumrnts at apric* whicn w511 preclu'Ie al! competition. 

'"rmsr— upl Cava fa *j«rrrn* lunds. 
D^icriptive eircalar* «rnt Ire*. 51b3 


E A U T Y.— Au- 
arn Golden, Flax 

en andbi.kta CI'IILS 

produced by th* ufe 

of Prof. De Tv.e.v\'s 


VELX. Oa»» arplica 
tion warranted to curl tho 
most straight atid «iub bom bair of either sex in- 
to wavy rinjrlets er her tv massivn curls. Has 
been used b^ the ftphionablo* cf Paris snd Lon- 
don, with thq most gratifying results. Does no 
injury to the hair. Price by nail^ »e.alep and 
postpaid, $1. Dcscriptiv"! circulars sent free. 
Address BERGER, &HUTTS A CO., Cbe-.ueis', 
No, 285 River St., Trc-y N. Y. Bo1» agou'fi tor 
tho United Statcf. 



For Ir^proving and B«»atlfyiug tlE«» Complexion. 

Tho most valuable and perfect preparation in 
use, for giving tbe ekin a beautiful pcarl-liko 
tint, that is only ft-nwi in It quickly rer 
moves Ian, Freckles Pimplw, Elo»':be8, Moth 
Patchef, Sfillowness, Erupt»o5s And all impuri- 
ties of the skin, kindly healing the aame, leaving 
the skin white atid eler.r as a!afca'tr<'. Ite ueo 
can not be detected by the tilo?»>.ot scrutiny, and 
being a vegetable prf>parau<)B ^s perfectly harm- 
less. It is the on'y .irtlrle of tbe kind used by 
the French, ard it coaHd8r?»4 by tbe Parsian as 
indopppuaihle to a perfe-^* toi'st. llnwarda of 
30,()l-<) b<>ttic» wore sol-J di'ring the past year, .t 
sufficient guarrantee o*' 't« efficicy. Price only 
7i» **-at.«. sent by moil, on '^ctipt of >,n order, by 

BER3ER, SUUTTS ft CO., (Oiemists. 
T'^!i28!u6 285 IliTer St., Troy, N. Y 

A GENTLEMAN, cured cfK«rvoas Debility 
Incompetency. Prematar* Decay and Youthful 
Error, Hctuated by a .lesir«> tobenefi* others will 
be happy to lDrni<-h to all ^ho need it, (free of 
charge), the if>oeipt and <*itcction8 for making 
he simple remedy U8#4 ^n thli fate. Those 
wishing to profit by his experience, and possesa 
a Valuable Remedy, will raceive the same, by 
return mail, (carefully 8cal<»d), by addresemg 

n31ra3 ftO N»sb»" ret. New York. 

Manhood: How Jost, bovsr re- 

Just DublishfCl, II new edi"" 

tion of Dr. Cuiverwcll's Celel)rnt«d 
Essay on thn radical cure (wUhotit 
meiiicine) of Spermatorrhoea, or seminal Weak" 
ne?s. Involuntary eeminal Lopses, Impotency, 
Mental and Phy.sical Incapacity, Impediments tO' 
Marriage, etc ; ulso Consnmptioo, Epilepsy, and* 
Fits, induced by aclf indulucence <»' «eTU»i extraT 

.^^^ Price, la <k M*!il(m nnveiupe, uuiy A eenti. 

The celebrtited antnc'r In *U\% wwirab^ •»«/ 

clearly demon iitr«tef, ifro^ » rh'rty ymfi** buo 

cet<xrul pr»<'tjc(i, that tint alm'tpii/ic »«»n»e<iiicT»ec8 

0! i>etf sbuMi i»i«f tm ntdlmMlf' mar*** wnb»»nt the 

tioii of in*> tr#i*« •> poieuk^n 

<in«^ ain'pin. r<«Hti>iii, tm* 

kf»« uT 

«i«rM^lf (MtTM'tv. pri«^»t*lv 

which M- nj Mi?irir«tf 
tiou rnnybc hihv «■■•• 
and radicaiir- 

JK^Th'.a Lecnire «ftni»«» iw ia ttie h»n«l« Hf 
every youth i*nd every man in «*»• land. 

Sent, ur>dH«- seal, In » plain envelope, l»> atiy 
any nddreps, pujt paid, op re^ipt of six oen»«, 
or two post stamps. Addiess the publisherF 
127 B0WER7, Naor York. 

Poet Office Box 4686 



m S I «!' 

J -I 'I :...-t i; •! ; -1 i. •'•>•' ^c^^'di m iK'l 


J AS. L. CHRISTIE Editor & Pioprietor. 



Terms — $i.60— Invariably in AdvanC3 


VOL. 4. 







A Woman Buried Alive. 

K\\ rNCV III Nov. 12. 
Tho horrible story tliat :x wotnaa Isad 
been buried alive near this citj is con- 
firmed. A week ago last Friday, a 
Mrs. J. II. McClurc, living five miles 
distant from this city, was taken sick 
with a violent cold, and on tho fol- 
lowing Sunday died, as it was suppos- 
ed. On Monday she was buried in tho 
fnmily vault. Tho next Wednesday 
nn old lady in company with the do- 
ceased, vis^itcd the vault to pray for 
the soul departed. Ou arrival at the 
tomb, they heard groans issuing tlicre- 
froni. Help was called for. The 
door of tlie vault was opened, and on 
lifting the lid of the cofiia the teiribly 
mangled form of Mrs. ]McClurc was 
found still alive, llcr hands were torn 
in hjr efTirts to free horsel!'. Sho la 
now doing well. She sa} s she remem- 
bers all that transpired dr.riug hci 



r ■ 1 , I I'.Vi-' uiiiiir'..a;j't rity miiin iim- lv.'.iif\ 
l^CCi 'I'll Olton — t>:o t* iii railiouill.a.-' iJii 
tliiy iipp'.'u'fl fur i!ic s o qr of wvc 2'!' tawu 10]'^o 2."», if lain ; lli'j laml \<iu liic-:! on "i'l u .".r. 
horrby iiotirn'il ») !>' :i.:«\ n-.j i.vir at Mii^ office oi 
WK'tliicsdny {!•« twenty I'a.v of Doo vaxi al »:;»!i 
o'clock a m ior the parpfSJ of "ivinjj t!io wh. Ic 
nuittcT II fair rirl impartial invi.sli::;:i'ini. 

ii li l)u!Ii:J rciji-tcr b v/ hollcy receiver 

I IT s hiii'l<>n'if*c wiiiiuln^o lily iiiinn iiuv fwonfA 
ISoil To lii.I.:T<l : initli — ll.o 3 in ruiiroa ] Ii i- 

|}|i< <I;iV •■I>)ir.i"l I't tlu' s \V (T of .-iCi' CI t''«!l It i 

rjiTi^o 2'^, it bcinf; tho laiul you filfl «>ii Yi<u uvi 
hor.^by iiiiiifioc to nppciir :U tLi;.' ofilcooii wtt»Hih«y 
tbo twenty Cili liuy i.f Doe next nt 'Ji.'tlnok u m 
fi>r tho p'.:t,».I'.v» of ;;i\ in;; tlic wlialo m.utvr a fair 
;ni<l im;i rtiit! i:ivL-iii,'-5liiMi. 

a li I) illis ro;;!-t r 1. w hillcy receiver 

U s l-m'l oTiro •.Tinr*'''n,'»o city ir.i.m nov twortty 
\;'i]>j To L VLr/.(» \\ ildon — 'iI:os.n railri'.nl Ita;- 
tl'.iH il:iy apii'.icM! ;«ir tl:c f w qr of fee 21 town lOi 
1 :ii! -c 2'^, it I'ting llio li;ntl yoti file 1 on Yoi Jin 
iicrtl'V i.'nilicil to ho atul sppour nt thi.^oiiiru «ii 
w^\!iKrf>l.vy th'.> 27th tiny of Doo l>i'>Ct at U w'<l<Ji.h 
a lu fi>r thvs pnrposo of ;,'ivi:i^- tho who.*" ia:itt>.r u 
lair KUil im iutiul inv.-Bti;r:ilion. 

a h h:::ii;* rc^'ist' r b w lK«'.Uy receiver 


thi<-.. City. Minn .Nov 1 lan'-lytiii" filc'l on - ^ .. 

.wonty.lSthV To Mo,.ro«VleVvns Vho Fonthorn I nn<l :., pc.rnt thi. ofHcc un Wc.lnc.<b.y thciblh 
MinTirsoia Kailnnd co h.TS this ilny a'« 

tilt. 11' ; «iii«.( «ij|«\-»-« ••• ....■- 

u li d . <!iiy til lUpiic.-a at nir.i'oVl' 

orthctorth ca.t quarNr. .cction ^'^-^J^' \^^ S^'^'^^ }:^,l^i:\^:^''''u^'n^ 
hip ono hnnarcl an-l three north, ranrc twrn»y- ! A U Uiills rc^.tcr. 

vo VTi.?t, it hnin;; t!ichn.Ay(i;i f.k'l o:;. Yon arc 

IT. r-. I.:.r<l (^H'lT W:i.iul-»u" » ■■ ■•'-.' •••;•' ' '^ 

Urcntyrl^htocn}ic..;.ri<l sn<l wiMy-i^b:. lo A..:nn r, 

' .lo'-n=<.n"n)-l'nni..r.n Miii'ic—t.a i:.Mho-i<J Co!iir.-;ny 

Tiiii f.r the laii-pvs ■ j,.,, u.-g (:„v npi-li- <1 f""- liK^ (•ouH' v\e.-t .iiimJo. a Eccti-.n 

■ • ' f-v,. lovMship one l,.u.,lr.'l an.l one ranpe 

twenlv-li.ivc »virt, it lehip the ,;,i..l you f:';''.'! *'"; ^ "» 

uro l-.'i-.t.y ""lilie.l 10 I.^ r.nd ai i.-ar «t t!.>s on 

. ... . , v\ iH!:« 1i;!l;m lit V Piii li \.. v 2iJ 

To rin VVeftinan — tin! « lu iuilroH<' hu3 

' V <ir ••>« I an<l n 



this d:iy :ipji'!:Ml f' r iliCtflif." 

LI n \v,,r .-e.! 12 ti>r.ii lu2 raii;cc 31. it l:•.i^g tl 
liMi'lyeiifiioflVn Yo'j aM'li<n':y iiuiiCed to t'ean 
Ti';)vi!rai th-- "" -• • -- .»..t ^ 


or lijo I orin i«».-i nii;ii;ti, .-i.».i.iw.. ., •- , —o • — '■ , ,,„.,,,„„.,!.,.,,_ 11 W Holh'V receiver, tv/i-niv-n.rfc v.i:i, h -iwiiK m- ■•■'•• j"" •■-.- „; _ . , ' .i ■ r- \. , " .». t ^ <« 

hip ono hnnarclan.llhree north, ranrc twenty- A U Uuills re.^.Mcr. H ^^ lloll.j r c : ,,,, ,,-.,.,.y no.iiie.l ,o I,, r.n.l :.r,'ar »' V''^/;";=^. ^ "■''.•'-•.•<rui t :,r, on M nd.,y tnc ITUl. <\.,y of 

iv. r-..,f ii hnii^.' finlnA vojif.k'lo:;. Yon arc , „.. "T^ ../,■,,. -Mtnn v,,ve'iVer ' «t( ihc tw^.n:\s;N <h-y of Inc. elv' t-.e^ huncrca Dee at i> o cioc'.; ji m ir.r tho p-j»pose r-f givii.j,- thd 

:;:;::i::^:;i^c;,r;;n,o^nrV:nll:; at thi. omec l ,^,^. ;:- ^'^^rr ^r::/^.?':"::' r ^n,n - !^^^^:^:-:^^-^::>:i-:^-{i:^^^^ , -«<- =^j^;;-v;' -.-;-! i--ti^ti..„ . 

>n.rtnil.,v tho twcntv-^h .Tay ofD.e, iSCtl ; \>;Vl!cr-fhe SM.nh.rn M'nme.-. .« r.S'.-: a eo.. pnny U^ f u^ lium^uyiter, 11. W. .h.lky ( a h ho.... n -ul-.- h w uolley receiver 

.t nine o'clock am, for tie purpose f'f tr'vinR. ! tM. .^.y .M^^■.i.a f..i i;^- n-^- h c^ t ,,„ t..-,- ^^^^^^ • • 

. .. t . - <• • J • „ -,..1 I:,.-, cii.rn. I irt f..v.mlih) (ne l.'inlrt.l anil tvron<'..ii. riii^« u.u . , T.,.,inm-/. ^n.^nplia-ro Citv Minn. No\-ember tt c t..,.i nor : < . :. : «>«» 

he \vI:ijIo iu.iHcr a fair and iinpr.rlial 'uw^^^-o 
• ion. 
.V II Cillf?, PwO£5clcr, 

n w 3 illcy, Receiver, 

1ft tov.mhiV cne hnn-Ircl an.l tvro n..:;Ii. run^^MMr. 
oievis* it ten,' .he I:'!.'l yoJ I ie'l -i. "i.-ll -Mc 
"."r..V.>'i>'e.ltoWe ..,.,1 appear .tihi«.nice on M^- 
1 l!«vl!M.i^ei.l>-'oui1h.iny '.f IXe : rihtr. n •..n'...irc.' and 

usloodolTice wlnnchapi i ity ininn nov jwsnlv 
Xi^OCt To 'lii!)ni;i.'* 11 UiutilieM— the :< m r.ilna. thisniay applied lor tho n o qrof j^cc 27 l »\tii 
1<>1 raii;,'o -."., il h'.in^i ihj hin.l y^>u hied on V41U 
aij I'.'.roi'V iioii.ivd t» «e 'iT)d i'.ppear u tl;id oi'.ite 
on wedr.e'.H.lay the twe.uyCih d:.yoi' Deo r.« .\t iu'J 
. r'elotU am f>.r t!»c pii; i'i-.< • of i.iivin;u' thonhole 
trance state, but was Unr.ble to Ppeak , in;ifara tai-and impartial invej-tisaiiLn. 

,. , ah lullii rL-'iater b w hoSloy receiver 

or move a linii). 

n f land < fTlop v. inncha-') eity minn nov twenty 

r fi laiidOfTieo, Wii.^iehn-o City. ^Hnn., Nov 
?0 1S6O. To Levant C Dorman— Th.' Southern 
.Vi!,jir!.ot.i llailf ad cenpaTiy l.ti? liiis I'j-y «p- 
iilicd tor llio noilii ta«t rjuiirter fcelion twcnlv- 
'•no town.'hip ono hur.drrd rnd eno iK-rth, 

U. .". T.!>n<1 OflTre, WT.^nebaprt City Minn, No\-ember ei>''.:tcon l.un<ii.,fl and tis'.y-iix. To I-'aiiel 

Kil:v Th.'>(,u{l'(in M'".!:c-ri:i mShoait company h-is 

t .is »!av apj.JJe I foriiic nor li ve.^t fiuaitei»<.f s. c f.vtnty 

1 liiree towi '■ one hui.dred nml one north, r;!n;,p twniy- 


U .S T.and OTico winr.f h^yo citv ci!->n rrv 20 
-« To .'^o.n, rvilie Hill- ' " " 

>- ^ .. ni r.iiir...-i.t iiia 

day applie' tt.r ihcr..'iTtIi %eht '^I'uri'v «f'toa 

.•' ....1 „^ »i :«i. _;.. _.! *- 1 

i:avi.'<e I'^i'i.ij- "liiiii i.i... -..-■^ .-- , ,.5,,,., t ,1^ »'av arjiije I urine nor n ve.-i quunfixi ^ »-- '•»'^i".» ; .■•->•.■/ .-i'." ■• ■-• "•- • j.—..-. -- ..^. 

i tix:y-'Ki.t teioVloeU a. in., tor V'";'"^!'. ':"/'" '" 1 Pire-^ one hui.dred nml one north, nm-e twniy- • H towTisliiiJ 102 rr.-0 7'. .H, it hcin- the hiti'l you 
I 1^.. wl.oV I^■rft^uirandlinlrlr|.Mlu.^.s..^^^^ 1. , y^^^^^ wc^ beioK i:>e 1 «u<l y.n lih.l on. Vua ar.^ ; r^.^.j q,, You aroLen hy r.'.-tilieu to hn aad H,n. 

1 A. II. MiMis UCiU.r, »l. ^\ . »' "-J "^-^' j ,., ^'.V n.^tlle 1 to l.e .-.n.l r.^.r-.r .1 .l;i« '^■'><5>;e^:' n.v ] ^^^ ^j,;^ ^,^^..^ ,^., Jj„„d..,y the tv.onTv Turth 

I — i ^:- '^':'y ^^^:' ^">' 'i.''';;;/:?,::'^^. :::::'::, 'ir-"^^ I dav of Dec ^cm m i. o-aocka ,n r.-r th^- ,.nn.c.c 

TT.S.Lnnd oracs Tinne'^airo r.fy M".'"-- •^.''^^:;,' ' ^ 
:.lTv-Vhe n-ulhern Minn -ota vallro.-.d rompany t-as 

mr,"*. ihirtv-oKo weft, it hcin;,thc land yoii fikd tMsd;;y apphe.lf. r ih"P<..t).u.>t M":-!-'er ■"S«eM. ns.vji 
You '-re iM-rehy notifi-d to I cai:d nppenr at thi^ ' toen tow,..hip ene '''^/'''ir .,;V'v„\T t'.' ■ i n; '. "Ivn 
ofneo on Mootluy tl « -^^^ "l^v of D.ccu.lcr lCt>0 , u^.y-c.^ -^.^.;-^ 

at niiu! (Akol; n n:, f-r the r«rp<.?o cf C'Vinj; . "j^';^^ ^ ,^.|,;^. j^^.^,,^. fy,,^,,, ,,p.j. ^f i,c-. i!;l:tccn 1 und-cd 
th.- whulo waiter a fai'-iuni imrurlial »u^C3 . j^„^,^j^-,^..^;^ „,,,-,;,<. ,.cl',ck --v »)., f -'•.•''/»"";' ■;,*'' 
li.r.,tioP nv't.u'lV- w!i-l,- r afulr an 1 •"'•:"•.' •^','''- '■'"''".'■.'; " 

.\ n J uilis, Ko- ii3r. n W nii.ijy, ucocivor. 

pv;: „ 

A. U. IJullis Ue;ri^ter, 

IJ S Lao I Ouiec wiiHithaffo etty minn n «v 20 
ISi'.r. ■] o James Cowlio^'— Tho 8 »n ri.i'.road bus 
thi.s dav appiie.l for the iihfn w cpiarter and s 
I! <j iiw qr f.e l'.> :o\u Io_' rnn-o i.I, ii bcin;; tho 
h'.ud you nicd 0:1 You arj bor^hy iiotiQed to he 
and ai<p'-r.r at thi.-< ofiieo on Alon lay tLo L'-lih 
,uy i.f Dec next at 9 oVloek a ni for flic i.urixi.'-c 
• 1 ;.i\i:i,'4 th3 whole matter a f.v'.r r.nJ iinpa-^iLil 
iuvt*ti;;:iiio-i. , , „ 

n b hui'.us re^-.'tcr b w bolley receiver 

r S. T,nndOiTl.-e V/innrba-o City Mh:n., Novo y-r 
t'vaitv .i-:.tovn!.i.:i.lie.lar..l /iMy ^ix. .0 .^:inu-L- 11. 
\vvSlTl,e Vo;vhern Mh.i.e-o.a iJ^il- a.l contrary hai 
tliii Oav nppli. <1 l"r tl. • ^•l•u•h . a^t .jti ■r:.--r ot ^■^■^'» 
lovrnt.Jen i.'wn on. hurulr-.taNi two V"[i"' ''^'!- f, \" -• 
tv-one »v.-f. it Imp.- ihi- 1 .0.'. .vou i-d -n. ^'\. ^' 
lien In- noUrd .0 Ix- :-t.<t a].;"' sr at this olnoe r^' ^«;'; I 
linv tii.'tv7.-..1vrnuth.!ay..l inc. ei; a:..! 
65x1 v-ix. id ii'in.-..\l>..:; n. 10 , f>i Ua- pur-.-o-v. ..r ,- ■•- 
n^ihe N^hoh. n-.H't.r a fi.iraud itnpa'H^l >"v.- i^. ;^n 
A.^U. Uulli. K.^httr, n. W. IloUey l.cecner. 

e';x Jit nine oVI-xik a. 10., for the purpose of giving the 

wli-ile r afiir .".iid impartiMl invfEtii'Mtion, 

A. n liu'.HyKcjUttr. U. W. h'll-y Kecciver. 

U. .*=. Lan'l Orno'.', Winnfhatro City Minn.,Novo>ob?r 

twenty 1 -;■.;.— To .Toscph II i'.ice T.he Soutiern 

Slii.nJsela It.iilrnad h^n ttU t\r\y appl''.! for the n. i!h 

t':£tfj':ait -i-of Feclirn •.•J Vovn-Jilp ioi ii'MiIi ratipe 2», 

w,-..t . it '.. 'n<r the lint you TU'i on. V-u arc hereby 

! niii- <'^'i!i..< u ■ j.otin'cd to le an-l «ipp-ar at this oiVic.' on v.cOo.s lav the 

•'..Ify U' c'vivc.-. : twenty -Ix oay of iKc, eVJ.t-en i-.un.lred a-^d Fi.cty mx 

I Ml pine (/clock a. r.i., for t1e| 'npore ol givinii the wUaio 

' iii;i;!er a f.o> and hapartiiil iiu<-ti;:nt!..n. 

A. 1:. liu:l:s Ueslsttr, Ii. W. llolUy Eeceivcr. 

[--- - — »» • 

daj- of Dec nc.\l .Tl "J o\lock:i in f.-r the j.nijicuc 
<<f jrivin:;; the matter a lair aud iar.ijartial itivt? 


ah huliii reji'^^er 

h w bollt-y roceivei* 

r S Land Oil eo v.-iiancfcajw eltv mii.n nov 20 
15-Gf. To Win 11 li.ylor— the s 111 r»i;iv»a«i I.hs 
day applied for th fontb erst qi art»r gf-<*iion 1 
towntl.ip one hundrcu ar.d two uortij.r-jngo 51 
h'jinjrth-; h>nd you ;i!td uc\ Y'o'i arvh«j>«-l.y noti- 
fied to he i.P.d apne.irat this uf.iee on JioSj<:;«y 
the 21th day of Dtc next at tiine o'ehu-k a 
in for the yurpofc of giving I'.c .»oole inciter a 
f.iir an<i iuipartia' invfc^:i;JuLiou 

a h 

h-dlWi rt^fister b tv holley re?civt-r 

USLandOffcn winn<»ha»o city otinn rov 20 
ISSo To Henry L L'utterfleld — '.he 6 m railroad 

The following cleiuontary catechism 

, U. p. L«nd OiTiv.- WnneLiso City Minn Xor t^wetit; 

IT S L^nd O^^Zl^l^^-^gT^Uy minn n.v 20 ' llS;;n;Sn:;dn!l(^a'^:«;^road"e 
ir-.V, To Wesley W> man— The e n railroad ,,.,,. „,,,iua for tl.e north v.esi fpiaii. r u t^;""" ;' 
:.".,•-... i:«.i f.„ tl,.. rn<.» Inlf north wesf ..... - ■ • ■ - • tM.fv-.,i,e 

..'c thhty-..i.e I ^cQj xo Win 

ine lOllOWmg cleiuontary CaieCIUSm n?land<fr;eov.tnpel.a~'»e;tyniinnnov iweni> p,, .1 vt n f.ledo-.i Yon :i;o her.l.v 1 otilei (o Ho 

r 1 .* •„ . , 1S08 To Jod 11 Trtll— tho 8 1:1 n.ilf'.Ml Vasibi^ ; , ^ ' J J,; {^j.^ oj, j?o,)div tho 2lih 

foryonngmen about to marry is com- ] ,j ,^^. „j,.,,„..j f,„ .,,,. „ ,, ,j,. of ..; 27 town '01 jf^y o^iVcncxt .t « o'*,.ek a m rnhcPrptt^o 

ment'.ed lO tho bachelor readers o! tllOJ lan-- i:;5, it hein-tho lan.l >oa filclon Youurc .• .. .^, ^^; ^.^ ^.,.^^^^^^ a fair and impartial 

li-rehy nolitied to be and appear at lLi:» ol^ico ou ii.^^^,,|.,.;i-,..„. 
J^OSt. wflne-day tl>e2iUhday «.} De.- j:t.\. al ttt.'cUHk " ■ "^J^ b buKis rcs««lcr b w bolIcy receiver 

n- thi^.h.v nrrdicd for the cast laU north ,:,;u,;i;i,ronc ■hnndre.r ar.d two ran-.-c ''"^^-•'V';: ! nCH To Win 1'. » ,i.<on— -ne tn.uu .,.;o . ........ 

nn- r n il " . nth wet on.-;rt.T t.or.h we.-t onar- it 1,. in;: the Jand you f.h-.l on. \.'» arc hj r. .y -' '' < , ,^.„ (,.;, ,j„y apnlifd for the f=out:. west 

Z[.::^lLTi::^^U-^r,.r. .1 inein:rth., ;o^-:;;.^;^ ,ceti..n ptown .01 v.a.o 2., jj l^in. the kn 

, , /•! I . . \',. « In,- t.v 1 ii'il'i'l lo ho "■'> "' I'Vi.. eiLOutii i..i.»iin . ,.;,..,, •..,,.-!,., p. .., icr '•■"«•• <^->" f^-i % loi i;ie h.cri.J^v Iiotllicil to l»e ana .i 

lard vtn filed on i on ;i;o< "\ i o.u ei io uo Q.p|,,.|j j, ,„^ id'pnrp^se of /ri.ii;:; t;i.> \,iiji^ 

af.iIran'iiia;iar!i.iIiii\e>l:i;ai;on ,.„.. r„ 

A. n. UMi* ncKl»t.r. H. V/ 

US L::nd Cni-e. win:ubnp:> Ci'y n:rn. V^v I wen 
tMh cir't'^cn Jo.n ired and h:xty-!x,— To hamnell 
WifJanis Thes I'l rai!r.,aJ Ii'U i\.U oay Applied for the 
BouM) V.-. :,' quarter section itiiriy five to vnsolp one Imn- 
r.r.dati.lot.e north rM-P- iti'rfytwo. li I.vnvj l.a:d I 

voii (lied rn. Your.relKrciy rotiriedtol).a!. . :ippw:.".r I _ ^^ .... ._...^ „ ^ _._ .. . _ _ --- 

at lies ofuce on ra.'ur.tjy the Iw-uynintlh ..ay '.f «'«'« jj^^g ,1,13 ^.,v applied for the souih tast qrartcr 

'-^"'r;"fdr^■;v'■X^^^^^^ elevcS'town.bipone bnndrc. tiiul txro 

wholcmatter^.^...nw>t,,a.i.n. ^ you hied on Yoa 

are hereby notified to he and appear ::t this off;eo 
on Moniiay tiso 24tli .lay oi Dc.rujt- t next 
at pine o'.loek p m for the purpc'c ol j;:vii:g the 
uatter af.iir an. I i'.np irtinl inv sti.a'I .n 

A n tullia refcht.r II V»' llolley receive!' 

j U .S LnndOi!i:-o wii.n^h.n^o city minn nay 20, 

vol! filoii on You 1:10 h.crel^y iiotiilcd to he and ap 
•' ... J.. _ .1 !.,„ 1 1... "r. .'• •.•!•., r T>,.r' 

r. I,,LanlO'l:?Winn-ha->City Mmn.. :>ov.mber 
tw.eniv. eish'e.Milmottcl.iu.l sixty s..\-. iO J.l.n -^ 
Itarl.e The Boufuni mlnne?< ta i:.i mad cot::pni.y Has 
lies .l-.v !.pi.l'.i.d for Uienoiih ca.-t .lUiit.r of fc^^- 

I pcar."a ti.ii' fri"« <>'■> wedn;;^;l:;y the 2G ilay of i><;c 
' next a'. 1 i 10 o'clock a in for the ['urpose of givin.:; 
' tbcmatUr .nfair invtscigalijn 
i All Ua'.nsrc-'isier. II W Ilollcy aeceiver 

US Lnnd O'fiice wiTDef>5^'o city minn nov 20 
I UC6 To Ilcnrr .Vilier— lh» em raiinai hts 
\ thiiday nppli?! ."nrlhei >':' no3(".and ^ an.: njf,* 
! s c qr seeiion :i;? lowuihip 102 range 31 , it le- 
I i:ig the la::dyc;i Hkd on You a;e iiercl<y notified 
' tci°h3 ..nd ai-.po.''.r at this < filoo on M< nd.^y 

r ill 

How much dearer, now, 
"than briltannia? 

IIuw fai will u leg ol mutlon go 
in a small family? 

Declare, if }ou c:in, rash yr uth, tl.c 
sum per annutn that cheral.sette^, por- 
lorines, cardiinls, b unets, ycIis, craj)cs 
ribbons, (lowers, glove?, cuifs and col- 
lars would come to in alunipi' 

If ufiablo io answer these in.|uiric-^, 
vre would fcay to him, "(:Jo b:*ck to 
sjhool." He that would be a huband 
fchould also uudyrgo traiuin'r, ]>hysieal 
and moriil. He hhould be further e.>;- 
aminctl thus: 

Cun yon read or 
noise of a nurtery? 
Can you wait any 

Car. you lutiinluin your scenitp tlu- 
riug a washin^dayy 

Ci\'\ YOU cut your old friend:? 
Can you stand being coDtradicted 
in tho face of all reason? 

Can you keep your temper wlien 
you are not li.«teucd to? 

Can you do what you are told wiih- 
out being tuld why? 

In one word, young man, have yon 
the patience of Job? 

If you can lay your hand upon your 
heart and answer "ye:s" take your li 
ceuse and marry — not else. 

t thi-: day applied tor »'..c V-!-< 2 .". i" 4 .t s w qr 

1 5c qr .'••eo '27 townlh2 rairrc."!, it b.-ipg the land 

y.juhKdcn You n.'c ht.chy notified to he aid 

api'Crr at this office on Mo;iday 24tb the day 

cf bcene.xt e.t nixe o'eh>ek p lU (or ihe pu'-posc of 

' ■ ■ --.i^ration 

H U" Ilolley rcctlvcf 

, ,, _ yiM.tive.i 10 L'i a:i«i api 

"at ttiis ifl'ieeon sntn'ioy tl'CVy*lny ofDee ItGi". at 
il o'I'.eka ui for t' c poricsc of pivin:^ bo ttholo a luir andi;ii';.ariial in\e.sti;,'ation. 

a il huilij re^iittr b \v h-dley re>:;.-ivtr 

matter a fair and imparti;.! ir. ve.-ii.Lralion. _ 

a b hull;* r:.'aijler b w bolley leccivcr 

Wiitc amid tho 

ir'.ven time for 


,. Taif aa.l iiupi." i.i! ir.visti.:i«'ioii 
a h Lu'iiia rviTi.-itcr h w LolUy rc--i;ivcr 

! an:";V^i^thi7onie-on wcda^.luy tt;e tw(-n:y-rixthr!ay 

' ::i'i)ec. ci^rhie... hundred aid ^■^*yTVV:^-->^'^S 
p. i-i., v.hJ-'.c l..a. .v» A .aii 

Hnai'op;.ti»linvc>iit,Mtioii. TT,n..v P-edvir 

A. 11. B.ilis IhKister. U. U . Ilollei lucuver. 

r. s. rnnd oraV? wiRnphis'>.f"y V^^,? ^'''^•. ^.'^VF 

ci^lilom< ted and 

(sixlv.six. To i;i en A .J iC; 


_i lie i'l.ii'h-.-rn y.'mcs( ti It C-nipany .luH ti.u 
I'lV ai'tdiedrorUienoiHi est <|na!t.r of sceii.-n inu- 
tccn to« one liandre J lU.d one-, r.ui- • 1 w. « .v 'h. . 
It U-vt: th.e Ur..\ yo. f kd -n. V. « 1; • l.;'M..v ::;-.i. od 
V> IK' an 1 apea.- at this eiTi-.i on we* n"iday I. < - ';i 
.t.iy of l>tc .if.'I.t •iol.inidr.da:..Uixty-siX. atid^eo cl 'c.v 

U .'A Lar.d Ofnee, V.'inneba?"! City, Minn., Nov 
20IfGt>. To Levi York,— The r 'jiilhi.-ru Mitiue 
sols'- ll^ilroad company bus this day app'i' d for 
the •: hf ne <;r i n hf so qr te.-tion*fZon toivr.'hip 
or.o hu"..u-cd and one n«-ilb. i.uise t.venty.vo 
wc-fciit iici.i;; th-jU'id you hied o... Yoa arc 
hereby nctiiiea to Lj aud app'?.rat this ..nice o'. 
Batiirday the twci.ty day ol De-cii.htr l?Gt'..nt 'J 
c'elr.k p i.i.for the purpose of yivjtivc the wacte 
tiatter a lair u id impartial i:ive-l!:?.aion. 
A 11 DuUi.s Uji-Joicr, 11 V.' li.>;iey, Ucouvcr. 

U .; Land Ot!\c", Winrcbasf) City 3Iiun.. Nov. 
20 ISoC) To Ci II Ackeimnn.— ThoN:.uihcrn ?Iin 
nc-ota Ivailroad company had thi» day applied 
fortt'.o!' iif sw qr :c-' 6 and n !iS '^ c qr .>^^ee i^ 
ship or.o bundled an«'. thrto njrih. rnn;;o tne-iiy- 
n»e, it heing »bc latul you hied on. Yon a:e 
her by nof'iitd to be and api-erat lut-i ofilij on 
siliriry the twe.ity '.> bday of Dec D f.O. at nin. 
o'eloek a fn. f.r the pnii'<'*-c '»l' {T'Tin ,' ibo Avhelo 
muter a fair and iuiparti il inveili;; ifio". _ 
A llDullij. lio-lsicr, '. NV ludley, Ucccncr. 

V S land orfte7wrum.l»a.i;o city minn nov fvcnt.v 
18-JO To Aaron S Post— tho sin n 1 r< av 
bn thi-sdivy applied for ll 00 bf 1 w qr^ aai sw ir 
kccr.2.^ S.J qr seiir ?eetiin 111 t..v.-h^.:ip l''o 
r.i';B;-5, it Loin;; tho land you f.led on loi are 
henJiy notLlcdto ho anvl appear rt (hi." o'.lleo ..i. 
i'atu lay l:io 2*J day of Dec; next at oVlotk a in 
for thepurpojc of «ivin^' the in.ittera fair invc.-^ti- 
g,tti' n. ft b hullia re.r;. It w hollcy n.c. 

U ."^ L;in i O.Tie.'^. Winnchayro City, Linn., Nov 20 
ISOG. T» William i-miib The s m r.Mlroad 
has tli.' day applied for tho Eantli e-ift qnar 
ter' fce'tion 15 ' to'vrj.hip ono hundic 1 and 
tivo norih, r.;n;^c ihr y-ono \r.^.-t it liointc 
!ht» If nd you filod on. Y on arc hevehy noti.ic.i 
to bo at.d nt'pear at this ofico en M nliy, the 
2 nil day ol' Decpai? er ISiT, at uineoVioek a. 11 ■. 

itu ........... — ,■ . ,„, 1 r,,,. ■•,,,. ,;.j,), ,.0 ofirivi:.'' t!ie v.hole m.iltcr a lair 

eighteen ';"-''-! '-V.^'^r'^J.Sw-h':^ ^fd^v «:: ni^d ;;f;i;tial inv^ti..aon. 
. ni lortbc purpose er;rivin;r the ivbole i.Mt.v a ! pS^\:^;S^Z::^lu^<:^M^^^^^ -<l V^' " ' A " ^^'^^' i'--'^"-' " ^ ^^^^y' ^'"^''''' 
fair an.i iu:parti;:l i.-ve-^ti-allon. _ ^ ^..p ni-...- loiodie.! and cm-. iar..c V' <■"'*'•' V"'",'',-''i ."".m.i 

a b ••ullis re^iitcr b v.- bolley r?eeiver j ,ucl,n'l f.Wd on. Yon ar heret.y I.e and 

V S L.ndOaicc w-nneb.;p city m.nn n^u : - -^^, -\;,--,Vuh.^th. "^vi^ole mu:tcr a 

IT SLandOrCco « jnneha^o eity ininn nov 20 

3 Tl> Andre-v 11 Pehidt— tho s in railroad 

ha? thi.i dav applied for the ghf s qr ^ee 14 and 

n hf n cor see '/:', t<../n ll2 vr.n;re ;;l, it hcin,'^ 

the l;;nd yVa filed on Y> n are h' rehy iietified to 

bo ar.danp'.-jr a*. thisoiTico ou .M^. p. lay tbo 24th 

day of Dee next at i» oVdoek a m for tho purpose 

of'civin" ti.o infitter a fair iuve-JticraHon 

- 'ah Itul'.is re:-i::!er 11 V,' ilalley receiver. 

U S Lird (,:fficcvrinpeha;'0 city lairn r.ov 20 
leoa To .Si;-i.h?n l{a!-.-tl — The s mrai.roadh i 
thi.sday .-.pi'licd fjr liio sl- qr ne qr 6ee 1 town 
102 'an^e -'Ji anl lots (» uuJ 1 1 seetion G town 102 
rai;^c:iy, il I'inj the land you flUd o.i Yonar j 
hereby no»i*i.-l to be an I appear at this o » 
■ Monday tho 2-^tb day of Dec iu-\t .U o c'.ock a 
m for the purpose of giving the matter a fair in- 
vest ii^ation 

h XT hoilcy receiver 

a h bulliiB register 

.Monday tbo I'Jlh d:.y .'•. Dee UilO at D o'eloc.c 

US Land Office einnebago city minn. nov ^ 14 

l.'^Cil To L.*wis K C/ar.scn —the s m ra.ilro;'d has 

this day applied 'ot the sniith west quarter :-ce- 

lijti twtr.ij' ar.e township one hundred and txvo 

ran;;o ."'>]. itbeing the laud you C'ed on You 

ar-jl7crel>v notiCed to be aud appear i.tlbi?of(ico 

. n MoH.iay tlie 2-i>h d.iy of Dee iie.-ct at 3o*c osi 

p III for the purpose of f;ivin2 the matter a lair 


a h bullis register. h w hollcyrcdeven 

1 iiopo.Vr 'r;t thi.- olVi je ■•inve.loefd ly the |-.-ee::ty-_!x d;.y of j 

I lK.;-ep;hteHn I.nn.liod un.l s-A'y-s'x at nine o . ,oik .<\. ni. | 

TI S I and Ofi-jco wii;rtba':o city minn nov 20, ; Or t-.e pn.p .*• o' ;:lviic the wbulc lUiiUer a fair and iiu- 

• ■' "' =• ' "'" ' City Wi:n Nov. tTccn^^ 



M'hfnoqr/u-'rMovvnD)lra..-o 21 il 1 tin- tho ; ^. f. ,^.,„,, ofdce Wancb.iso City ^Ilr.n Nov iTccmj 

„f^,vi.- tho «hoIe matter « lair and , H.q.on. J'"^ j;,;^^,,' ,.;' y..,.' ar-^^h. i.hy rosined t • he 

Invc-^tijialian ,. ., • 1 «!ul::p-^^r Jt ihis <.niee «in v.edtMj^.Ui it:.- lvety=i>:.h 'l.o; 

u b bullis re; ister !i Ii bolley nce.vir „f „ .^. ,.•,.,,..„ imi.d.e.i ai..'. ^•.^^v-.<■x at "-'V- «f ;^-; 

„ ... r,..-i'.nvnrn,.;;' or;;ivi;j: thculiole laitiel a lair 

r S Land Onico vinnchr.-o t;ty ir.inn 

TT .'(lard oCiee Tfinnehaco city minn nov twer>ty 
l,-^66 To Cbas Van Vick — The s tu railroad ctm 
l!a< thii day a]»plie 1 for the eid'a c qr& chf mo 
17 tcVvn llli.a'iio 2o it hein;r the land you C cd 

,,..^.. _ .^ ! on You arc hercV>y nitifled to be and appear at 

To .Iftooh R Ca.sicl— Tho s :n railroad { ^-^j., office on ra'.nrday ti.c2;'t'i day of Dec at nin.' 

o'clock pill for the parpo.o of .giving the uLoIe 
matter a ami iii:p:iriial iuve.-tig.i'ion, 

u b biiliis rc-is;cr b w L->Iley rc«K;lvcr 

Laod offeo win'Kbi!;^ ?5ty minn nov 





To I'hilo 11 lia.iUius— ibc 8 m ruilr.-al 

a. m.. for Cic ^-arpo-i-Mir ;;ivin- thG uliole iM tier a lair 
•mil ir..P";-:i1 '.ir.e:lij alien. 

A. ii i:ui:U U^gister. II. W. Uollcy Receiver 


^Rev Dr. Carliart of Troy nnriov*-- 
ly escaped deatii at the West Rutland 
QVermout) marble quarry the other 
day; hy an accident which proved faial 

to another man. A heavy block of ^t. p.Lnnd Ofiuo, Winneh.-.^oCity. Mirn., Nov 
marble was being raised from its bed 
with a derrick, when :in iron crowbar 
suddenly sntippcd a!?uiiqer ' and one 
of the iiieccs, flying with fearful velo - 

city , passed immediately over the head ^_ ,^ ,.. ..... . 

of 1). . (^arhart , witl.i,. two or tl.ree | ete;!,',;"""'" °""" " '"' ""' '°" '" 
inches of him , and striking the labor- 
er, crushed in his sku'.l, killing hi'ai 

21Uh. lSC«. To Alex M Loyd—Tbo SoiUhevn 
".lirineaota Fail Road Cotnpar.y ba.j litis day ap- 
plied for tho north wc-t quarter ^•cct^on k-jv n 
town-sliip ono hundred ar.d tnrce n .rih,;:o 
twenty-three we^t, it heinj; theland you tiled ou. 
You ar« beivhv notified to ho andappcTir at this 
ofiicc on .'aturday. the 29tb day of December, 
1:?6'), at ninooVliiek A. M, for tic iinrpo..?o ol 

the xnap-i^o of givins ihc wbolo mutter a lair and 

i--iiri' inve.'ii:tal ion 

'"^^ a b buHi. rcai*t-.-r b w bolley receiver 

U S Land OT.c.% Winnebago City, Mlnr., Nov 
2t)ih. IHirt. To Walla-o Abbey-'l he s m rail- 
road ha. thi.^ d-.y appllclfor tl-^- » !;«■ "•;, .'.'.'^ 
A JC i.r siv qr liw qr w. .^ce 2j loy a lol i.,..- e .-, 
;i hein- the laud you 'iled on Y on .are berehy no 

iVK,'f;«r'lh.- pe.i-;-.r:-e of eiiihSlh.^ whole liutt.r a I.ui 

ai d liipartial iiivci4ii;ation 
A. n. Uall's li-gislcr, 

IT. W. IItfl!.'y Receiver 

r S L-^nlOtTie' W;i-nchtj:oC;:y Minn Nov. twenty 
e-Kh'c'n hundred ar.d s;.\ty -six. To llor..o.! Puiant — 
Tlie f'.nthtru Minn.-sola itaiiroad company has t.. s day 
appli-dfjrlh' «'a;h quuter oiseet.o;. tl.iis •.:;> 

t hein-' tlie laini \ou -..ei. o.. * . , tor.-; iiiponc hundred and «:ie, run-.- t-.oty-t..:;ee. u be 

Ul!::;;';^ hAn.. ai, ear m this oluce .,n wed.:e..h.y ,„,. ,^d X-u n.ed .... V.,u are I.e.- t-y n.tit.e.l to ,.e 

this dav applied for tlic n c qr of ?ce 15 tow.i 
lOJ ra:?p;e iJi. it beirir ihc hind yon fi'eJ on Y< n 
•i:o h-i-ay lioiiiled to he and ap;,>e.-.r at this < ff oe 
on Men.lav Ihe'il'h day of Dec n.xt at ii<;0 
o'ehvck a in Jor tiro purpose of -.'ivins the »uOiO 
laaicr n fair and frujiariial ii.vcsti-ition 

ah h«"l!3 r-p?tcr b wboH y receiver 

U FLard Ofrivc ^vinneorfjo eity minn nov 20. 
ISt).") To r Do':<;'i erty— the ?outh in raiiroa'i has 
thi-"lay api'!i»d for tho .' w .jr section 11 town 
Hi2 rat^ro •"!. it hi in? «bc lan^l yoa filed on You 
are herehv noiliied to he iind appear fit this of3 c 
on ?.:ond;:y -ho 2!:Ii day of Drc-emhcr next at 
niuo oMi.ek am (or 'iic purpose of giving the mat 
ter afair inv.v5:i.r:ui 'n. ,. , .. 

A II Luilis resiFlcv. II w hodcy receiver. 


i A. Iir'uallis, r.c-titcr, II. W. Hollcy, receiver, 

U. S. Dand Ofliec, Winn'ihr.i^.i City. Minn.. 
1 Nov. 20 18CC. To Curtis King— Tho .-outb 
I crn Minnesota Hail road e(.u:pMny has tiii? <iay 
I applied lor tho north vrtot ..larter iM-tion niuo 
township 0:10 hundred and tfi:0' norlli. range 

U ? Lar.d Oflico w".:'.npha.c:o city tnina nov 20, 
ISoii To Jo:iuh M Farhind the s m railmad 
I I- thi-« day . pplied for tho w hf s w qr sec 1 .1' 
ea.n half n e qr -section 2 t.i.vnship 102 ranL't 
:,1 it t-.rin'- ibo 'aid vou filed on Yeu are h'-reh;/ 
mXiaed to" be tnd ajq oar a tbisofliec on Mon- 
ihiy the 2!lh ('ay ot December lisCti at D clock 
a in f'r tho purpose of <;ivin..j: tho whole taattcr a 
fair and ini; urtial iuvci-fganon. 

a b bullis register b w bouey receiver 

U R 1 ar.d winnehago city m'nn nov 20 
leca To James iiill— the s m railroad bas 
t V11 dav applied for the w b« n c qr and .s c qr u 

— Hazel eyes inspire .11 first a l'l-i . „„„,„ „ „ 

tonic .oniiment. ui.ici. grn.iuaiiy but j -^:^^y^;:«;:':^:,^^:i::l^::f4:">^'^^"' 

Kiirclv eXP.-md.S and CUier-;CS into love , onico en Saturday. Ihj f-ontv-nimh day ot Dec 

^ '^ , , 1 .1 1 Fr;\ I ISGf.. atnineo'uhicka. m., for tbenurpo^eofgiv 

as securely founded astllC rock Ol UIO- ^ .^^^ j,^^ whole matter a fair and impartial 1 ive.s- 

Valtar. A womon of hazel eyes never ^%i- ,.^^ ^^,.^^^^^ „ ,, ,,^,,,^^ Kecuivcr. 

im Dnnd Omce winnebago city minn nov 20, 
\SM ToUebertIlari.e:t--tho sm railroad has 
this dar applied f. rthc n wqr of sec;;:] towu 101 
rin'"^ 2i5, it bL-ing ihc you tlh d on \ ou aro 
bt«rc"h/notiliedlolej-.nd appear at this office en 
Wednesday tho 2C:h day of D.-c next at one 
oVIocl; p ia for tbo purpose of giving tbo matter 
1 fair invcstigntion. 
a lair ^ ,f^.^, ;j rceS ter. 11 W Halky receiver. 

il h. I... the iand yoa lih d on. Yoa are li.reoy :i..t.fiel 
to l.e a «pi>ear . t tlii.s < r.i>-e on r-edn(.s.iay iU- t«v.'rity-fj 
da\ of liiceichteenhundre.: no-l M.vly-MX .it nin«- o 
chiek a. II... fir tie purpo.^e of {ilvins chc «l:i to aicMer 
a fair and i iip.uliai iiive^ii^ailoa 
A. H. i:ullii Uesister. H. VT. l^^^cy llecciver. 

U s land ofllec winncba~o city it.'t'' nov iwcnfyth 
ISofi To Jaii't.* K Fovd — Tlie ? m railroad c 1 
has this day .ippi cd Joi the i. c qr of Pec 2:5 town 
m.^ ranges?, it being t!>c laml y<u filed on You 
are. hereby notilied to t>e and appear a^ thi5 olTieo 
on goturdii^y the 2'Jib day of Dec ISilrt at i-ino 
o'el.-tk A ni lor the pnr,;ote of ^Mvlng the whulj 
waiter a fail and ii.:parti-al invesiijation. 

d Ix ijuUi; r»'i^i¥t:c-r h w hol'-ey receiver 

TT rJ Land Of.lco winnchago ti(y Kinn nov 20 
ir-0!> ToCavry A nlaylor. — t.'os m railroad has n'vilied for the .shfa w qr tec U n!jd n 

Kjlopes from lier hn.sband, never chats 
•scandal, never sacrinces her hu.sband' s 
Vjomfort for her own, never finds iault, 
^icver talks too little, always i.s tm en 
5{.crtaining. intellectual 

U S L-^nd Office wiancbapro city tnlntj nov 29 
IS.IG To Horace M Case— Tho s ai railroad has 
this day npi l". d for the \v uf n e qr and s hf n w 
qr socti'.u seventeen to^n.>jh:p one handrrd aiid .^ 
range 2.'>, it bcir.g the land you filed on You <«ro 
her'tby notiucl to he and appear si this offh'c on 
E !t:o.rday the 2'.'tb daj' of Dee next at 9 o'eoick 
a in fcr the parpose 3 f giving the whole mattir a 
f.iir and impartial invesrigatior. 

a u bullhs rcgh-ler b w LoUey receiver 

V sland ofTicc winncb.'^^ city minn nov 20ib, 
lS6t5 To Uaac Kidd — Tbo s m railroad co 
has this dny rppHe I f'.r the n c qr of see 19 tov/n 
1<!3 range o2 it hiing thcl.-mJ yon filed on You 
archLTchy noti"cJ to be and ayipear at tl)is olllcj 
on saturd.13' ;h2 liDtb day of Doc 18f.f> ai nine 
o'eloek p 111 for the purpose ef giving the whole 
matter a fair :in J in.paitial invoctigatioa 

a b buUij regl.-ter K w boiley roceiver 

U .S T.nnd OfTicc rinnebfigo City minn Noy 2? 
13C() To Chas. Montee, — The s ui railroad co., 
i has this day o-rplied for tbc n c qr of gee 1 to«v • 
I 10;; range .■;2, it bein^tLo laud ^o.i lilcd en Y'cu 
j are berehy notified to be and rppc:;? nt t» is oifire 
i on satnd.-iy th- I'.Hh d.>y of Dee ,it one o'cbw-k p 
■ ni ior the purpose of givl-.g tbo wkolo maUcr a 
fair and impartial investigation. 

a a bulli-^ register b .v h-llay roicivcr 

aud Hgrccablc 

— An authoress comptirs a man to a 
•Bilk cmbrella, in these qntiint terms: 
*• A uood man is like a tttonc: silken 
nr.iprella- trustworthy tn I a slielter 
when the storms of life pour down up- 
on us. A ujcre wtxlkiuii stick wheti 
the £un shines, a friend in misJortune. 

U S LandOfnee, Winnebago City. Minn., Nov 

1 7. DSfifi. To Kdward J Pahuer— I'hc Si.ulbern 

Minncfola llailroad eotupa -y •'•''■' ^''''''''y 'd'- 

J. lied for tbo foutli west c,iiarlep Eoclion ni'ie 

towr.<;lr.p one hundred and thrt north, range t-yn 

' »y-livo wcfc*, It h'jing the land .v u H'ed on. Yo.i 

j are hereby notified to ho .^nd appear at ibis ofTiee 

I on salnrday, the twenty-ninth day .d'Dec ISCi^.at 

i.Ino o'eloek a. m., for tho pnr,M..<c of giving the 

■ t.holo matter a fair auu impnr'ial i.ivestigutiou. 

A II Bullis, llc-i^tcr, 11 w IloHey, llecciver. 

Tl 8 land office wiunebngo city njinn rov 20lli 
T?uC To Mary (iilisou— the a lu raiir>nd h.i.- 
this dry ariplied for the n w qr S'-c 1 town ICo 
ran.'c 25. U being tho land yon filed ou \ ou a- e 

1 horaiy notilied to ho and appear at tui8 rITiCO o:. 

, Eatur.lny tbolwcnty-nimb day of Dee next at nino 
o'clock am for I'-o purposb of t:»v»ng the in bole 

I m»U3r« fair and i'uputial inve^-.i-'ation 

I a b bulli.- reriilcr b w bolley receiver 

dav ihe 2(;ili dav of"l-ee ne.xt .it 'J a m far tbcs pur- 
piileof !tlving the whole matter a fair and impar- 
tial investigation. , , „ •.. ,. 
ah bullis vegistcr b w ho. ley recciur 

<)*c;.j. k a. ri , M W:.- iiu.-porie uf .uiviii- the VfJ.el.- m a 

t.r a Liirnnd ii::pirt!Jl iuve6tij;atl..n. 

a' il. llahb Kvui:?terf H. W. Holley Kc.e'.ver. 


C .^ l.uTid OfTo-J winncb3;:o city min nov 
ISOG To i"...e. M r^:nisey-:hc 8 m Ta-!road 

U S Dnnd Ofliec. Winnebago City, Mi.m. !»ov 20, 
ItJC.. To Calvin IVrkins— the h in rai road 
bas this day r.pplied for ibo w bf ncqr .1 c hf nw 
fr sec Fcven township one hr.ndrc 1 aud l to 
m.rlir range twciity-tbrco v.-e.<, it hcing the land 
you hied on. You a.e hereby notliled t.i I-d and 
•inrcir'at Ibis olTicc on Wednesday l.ic 2tjth day 
ot December ISCii at 1 o'Joek p. m.. for the jn-.r 
nn^'o ol "iving the whoto matter a fair and nnpar 
Tial inve''i;::"f">". A II DuUis Ucgisler. 11 W 
Ilollcy. Koectvcr. 

TT .S Land Oince city minn Nov 2% 
ISGO To ll.'nry Poison- Thosm railroad copa 
I ny has this dny applied for tl'cw hf ii o qr and s 
hf north wc.-t qt-aner of s'-etion 13 township 103 
range ?2, it beiiig the hind yi,n Hied on Yon are 
b'.jrei)y uolifud to he and at tli=s t^Blc c o& 
faturd.ay 'be lli'lli day of Dee at oi-c «/eiotl: p m 
lor the pu po-e of f. iving the whole r::r,ljcr a I'ait 
and impartial inveriiigali'.Q 

ab bullis rCjjif' b w Lelley receiver 

IT. W. Ilollcy I'cccivsr. 


A. 11. lluilis Uerlstcr, 

U P band Ofuce Winn?hnK> City M'nn Nov. ««'en^V 
eight.Anhand;..lai.d »ix:y-.-x. Te It dMi-s Y.''";,": 
T)ie So«ihf.-« Msnncv.c\Ka;!road Coiiipai'V !ii..^ "a> 
appiie.l foi- ll.e north c:i-l puaitcr >f «','^^"-",;''V^ 
lownsep one hand, ed and or.c r.H..;;^t' n J" - j;;.'",; '^"^^ 
ln>t the hind v.a Lk-.l on. Vou ro'c Her. jiy tote 

TI SLan<! C^.i> vinpeb»,r> o*(y ni?*»n. nov.2d 
lSOt> To J N ^il.e:ti«• rj. The e m railroad eo, 
», c T 1 rt-r..„,^;nnr,'-an.„ Citv minn nov 20 1 bhs Ibis day applied foi I'^o iots nog one & two 
,J.^f;=^"?'^/w P-rk.-' s^^^^^^ ba.Mnnd«outh h.^lf n.Mtb v..! q-i.i.tev ..,. ..3 mwn 

\ ^'"1 ' ..»'■>• fa tlcnori , est quarer section i 103 range ;^^ it being 'he Ian*! yo;i filed ou You 
']'■"}''■ r^lu^s; D D - r •' ' 1 I b'dng the land ' arc h.reby nil:P-,d -3 b. a;:d at this off.ce 
'"' fi-?l i? Y^:^ ;-^h :;;^^y o,rine.rf. he a.d ■ en .atrd.iy ib. TCtl: .Uy ^f Dee ,.1 <i„e o'clock p 

A mt.thcr' s smiles are the sun- 

sh-ne and her tons ofjoy ^'^^ ^^'-'^'^ ^^^'^^ 

open, the sweet Inulu. chiLlliooJ ^o iVB^'^o,^^^^^;'^}^^--^^^;^ 

bloom aud beauty. j ^.,.,1 i,j,.., tJ.ij Jay jippPicl for the cw qr i c I 

, ' tcwn lh3 range 25, it being vhc l.T-d you tiled on 

A boy of nine rears old lately said to ; You aro bereUy notiircl to bo and appea.ut tbii 

M, atthi3oru-oon v.cdncs.lay the 2fltb uay 
1,1" Dec next at nine .'< loeU p m for tbepurpos.s of 
o-itie" the rrvfter a inveslir-ttton 
S " AUr.olIusresktcr. II W llolloy 

• receiver 

„ . 111,1 -1* icwn iooiitoi,".../, •loeii.-.i.u ..'.--•«.»"" "•-"■■ land you fled en. »'" •"^,"-,:,vt' etw-rtyidx «!ay ef I.,, nrd appear at this Otii. 

A boy of nine years old late ly said to ; You aro hereby ....ture.l to bo and appen .• ;a tbi J winnebn-o city minn nov 20. nppe.u- .t ^^'^^^.^^^l^iA,: lU ni. <• '.Vlock a.m. , ^, ^f Doe i '.vt U o'ch.c 

a boy c;; seven , ;-I tun st.rpned to hoar | ^ nC::t;^^'L ^1^ J^tli^b^wSUo^ To Wm ,i^ ^^"'7'"'^^ ^t^'eVl ':\^n^ ':7^'^^^'^^^^^^^^-^--^^^-^'^- ' .i^"«'^---^^;- 

ir, ':^::;:^^ ^'" ''^ '''" ' ' l ^^^- m::i:^ ^:^ T^STre^eiver pr M;r?;ioi'^nr^.T Vei;^^: i ^rs:^:^, n. w. „o.t. .ee... . 

r. S. T.nn.l C^:^Vinnet,a.o^^^Ib- . N-Sl^ I US Und O ^ce W^-go^ - J^ '^-;;^^ , "^ | - ^;.-,,:'-;, "^^ ,',, ^iVt^ ^^T T, ^ 4 V no 
,w:.,'yel:;hl.enl.und ^^•^,,,.,„^, ,,„, H,ctnv applied f.r ireso-.-tb east qnarter section qrnn r,r .pd . » qr- w ir.<:.;ii tor.;, m r.-^n re 

■ oaice o-i «'t'=»^^"':L!.*;^^!:^.';A^^ .1 "^ .„ , \ J'^clLr .* .. ft ..• a m l-or the purnosc of , o clo.l p m for t ".c r-irpvpe of i.iv-i.g^ .be wbo!« 

ixestigition ' matttr fl fair and impartial invp«tieat;. -« 

gi«Ur h w hoUey receiver ' A B Uuili8. Eogi.«ter, b w hwlUy, Umndrm 

I ei I ■■■ ■. ■ 



m^ t mm m » 








JAS. L. CHRISTIE Editor & Pioprietor. 



Terms — $1.60 — Invariatly in AdvanCd 


VOL. 4. 

A V/oman Buried Alive. 

G\ rNCV 111 Nov. 12. 

Tho horrible story tliat a woman Ijad 
been buried alive near this citj is cou- 
firmctl. A week ago last Friibiy, a 
Mrs. J. II. McClurc, living five miles 
idi.stant from this city, wa3 taken sick 
tvith a violent cold, and on tho fol- 
lowing Sundny died, as it was suppos- 
ed. On Monday she was buried in tho 
fimily vault. Tho next Wednesday 
an old lady in company with tho do- 
ceased, vitiited the vault to pray for 
the soul departed. Ou arrival at the 
tomb, they heard groans issuing tlicre- 
irom. Help was called for. The 
door of the vault was opened, and on 
lifiing the lid of the cofnu tho teirlbly 
mangled form of Mrs. !McClnrc was 
found still alive. Her liands were torn 
in her elT)rt3 to free horself. Sho is 
now doing well. She sa} s she remem- 
bers all that transpired dr.riug her 
trance state, but was unable to ppeak 
nr move a lliuh. 


NO. 0, 

V - I: 


tk riii! 

\vimu!'i;i;;'> city ini;in iim- tv.••I!t^ 
Olifon — llio » 111 niilictiitl hiX" l!ii 

il;iy iipp'.u'd fur ilie 3 o i|r of sec 27 t'.nvu 10] '40 !!.■>, ir livhit tlit- laml V'Hi file;! on Vi u ar. 
horrby tiotifn'il t) !)■< !i;'.<\ ii'ij o:ir :it tliw oiTioc oIj 
wfitiu'sday t!'t; twenty (J Cay of Deo next al i:ii!t 
o'clock a III li>r Ihc puipoijo of pivinpf tlio wi-- Ic 
iijiittcr n f.iir rn<i iiiipintial iiivc»!ii:.i!i >ii. 

a ll buUis roijutcr h vi liollcy receiver 

! IT » laii'l ofl'ioc ^^illm■^.a^o fity minn nov fwcntv 
ISGO To luil'.nnl : uiith — ll.o s m r:ii!roii!n)».« 
tills il;iv t'tnilli'il I't tlK> s \v (;r of .^cc 21 t''wn l^i'i 
rancjo 2.'^ it being the laiul yoa fili-l «'ii Ynii nv 
bor.4>y iioiilioc to nppcnr :it tbii' oD'icoon ni-nsi!i»y 
tbo twenty Oih day of Doe next ot Uu'ilook a m 
for tho iiuT()>i-.o of ;;i\iii;; the wliolo m.utera f.iir 
;'.:i«l imM.riiii! i:ive-'ii;.'-jlion. 

a ll 1) illis ri.-i;i't r b w LlIUj raccivcr 

U s Vtnil oTiro •.Ti:irebn,?;o city ir.i.jn nov IwcTtfy 
!>■<(■)(; ToLvLi'/o Wilijoij — 'ihos.n r;iilro,nl Ims 
this «l;»y apii!Jo«t U>r tbo fw qr of t'ec 21 town lOi 
vai!p;c 2"^, it btin;; (bo bmilyou file I on Yoi Jtrt. 
iiereliy i.oiifieil lo bo and sppour at tbisofiire on 
\vc.liurf>l.wy th'j 27ib «l!iy of Da.- l.-tUi at \) y'.l.;cU 
a lu for thii puri'.iso of ;,'ivi:»j; tbo who.*' laiittcr a 
lair snil iin :irli:il inv;-Bti.i;:tlion. 

a h hvAWi re-i!i:<.r b w liolby receiver 

u 3 lo'iil office winnc'.n.::o i ily udnnnov jwonly 
ISOi) To Til r.nla^< ll Uiunfielll— tbo j< m rdlrca i 
baa tbi.stiay ap|ilieil lor tbo n c qrof .-co 27 i^wn 
Idl ran^'oi.;, II b',iiij; llu laml you lileti on Von 
aro h'.roi'V noii^ictl t j l:e 'in^l njipoar 'it tliia ouite 
on weJr.e'8"li«y t!'*-' twcaiyGlh ilay of Deo iKXt ni'J 
r'elockaiu t\.r tlio p-.iri'o,-" of i^ivin^ tbo whole 
laatlera fai.*an«l impartial inve.>=tisaii(.n. 

a b lallis register h w bolloy receiver 


r.S I,,„.l on,... « i.,„..^„> Ci„,MinP .No, I l.„ay.,«. filo^.n^ ■^;:j^':„''S^S,:;i;'y h1=^G^ ' »--'^' '■""" '""" """'"' 

'wcntv, ISOf) To Moi.rno Stev.-ns The Southern ! anil aj pear a 
Minr.osota llailrend co has this day a^i li d 
or tho I orth m.^t quarter, section J), town- 
hip ono bnndre.l and throe north, ranRctwrn«y- 
ivo Tvt«!t, it bnin;: tbclai.d you filed or.. Yon aro 
5crc'>7 notified to bo nn<l ay near nf this 


;j:l,teen huLarul Ki:<l >'1^ty-f^: lo A.ta-.n TI 
.lohtiFon •l!iei^out..rM. Min'u-.<ta It.nilro-id Comr-.-aiy 



« I.nnd Ofli.'c V.'innebar'i CWy Sllnn., 

ly-^K, To or-.ja 

L ii i>ii!'»(ii. '. *• u iii!.« li.!:^!! <ilv itiilll i;t v 2:5 

; l;-liS To tin U'e^rtojaii— tb«s « in ruilr.>A<* liu.? 

tbis day a]>pli::d f > r JtiCrflif." v^r nc I and n 

, hi n v.i.r -oi; 12 tcwn 11)2 raii^cc 31. it bvi^g tl 

' landyeni;i"(I'(.n Yoa a:eb<n.ty noiife^! %•• t'eand 

; ni';)earal t!;:r, (jjee on M nd.jy ttic 2Ub day o? 

wedncsilav !l.c twcnl\sL\ day of lac. elj-'btten hundred i l^^y at D o'eloc'.j a m Tm Iho p-jtpose vf gi^'inclb^ 

an.l .^l^{y-^i V, at hi!ie o-cbck a. v... f "• Vl" I"'.^':"f;.^' i matev a fa" " 

The following elementary catechism 
for young men al 
menued to tho bad 

Aro you aware, sir, of the piico of 
coal and candles? 

Do you know which i.s the most ceo- 

a m for tbo purpogo ol jcivin^ tbo wboio matter a 
fair utiu iui';.artial invisti:»ution. 

a ll bi:Hii ro-i,tcr b w hoUe;' receiver 


IT \Tinnob.'»':o city mlrn r.'>v 20. 
1860 To Ilenrv Fraitn--lbe 3 ni railroad hs^ 
thi? day applied for tho w bf .<» w qr and n o r-.r 

V S Laiid Oflieo winn(.h:>.To!'c:ty minn nov 20, 
2ror» To .Manuel K:rujr— the s m ruilroau Las 
t'.i-. day.vji.liel far tbo"n oqr fee il to^^n 101 
- - - ■ • ' ■" ' - 1 .>« arc 

rir-ij-o 2.', itbiii.rc tlio landyou li'cd on l .>i 
h.rtby notij-rd to be and appear .it this ( 

e on 

to 1)2 ..nd anpcir at tliis efficc on Mend.iy 
th'j twcnty-Vonrth day of iKe h.t 9 o'clock 
a mfor the purpose of giving t! c maltcr a fair in 

A U BuUis register 11 W Hollej rccevcfi 

U S Land Offuc winr.cbago c'ty minn nor 20 
1SC6 To Alson A Vit-rcc — iho t m railrontt b«3 
thi^ day applied for t'..e li's 2 •'. i 4 <t s w qr 
( ?c qr .«i:c 27 town 102 ranrB,"I, it b.i^g the land 
you lilwd G-A Yoa .i.'c bccby notified to be a> a 
njncrr at office on Monday 2tth the day 
of Dccnesl at nixco'cloek p lU lor thcpuri'-jsc of 
Tivia^'tbe niatifr .n lair in vef=M!r:<tion 
^ ° A n DdUls regl-ter H W Uollej received 

lorinos, cardin:ils, bonnets, yeils, craj)cs 
ribbons, (lowere, glove?, cuffs and col- 
lars would come to in alump":* 

If unable io answer these in.juiric?, 
\re would fcay to him, '^Go b.nck t) 
school." lie that would bo a hu band 
bhould also uudyrgo training, physical 
and moral. He shauld be further ex- 
amined thus: 

Cun you read or wiilc amid tho 
noise of a nuri^cry? 

Can you wait any given time 

Can you maintain your sevenitp 
ring a washing day? 

Ca'\ you cut your old fricnd.<? 

Can you stand being contradicted 
in tho face of all reason? 

Can you keep your temper when 
you arc not li.stcnod to? 

Can you do what you are 
out being tuld wiiy? 

In one word, young man, 
the patience of Job? 

If you can lay your hand upon your 
heart and answer "ycis" take your li 
cense and marry — not else. 



nbl r.c see 7 town IU\ v:vn;.:c 25, il bcin;? tbf! land 
von filed you die bof .ly n«.ti%'ed to be arid 
at ttiis iffiecon satn.tjiy lLc2y tlav ol Dee Ulii". at 
y o'loeka ni for t''C9c of piviiifj bo wbolo a fuir sinJiiui'^aiiial in\esliKation. 

a i» builid rcijistir b w b-dley receiver 

U S L.iiil OiTcn»'a;;o city niir.n n<.v 20, 
V-it'j To R U P».tt — tho 8 in riilrf^ad has 
tbio day uppli.d fur the mv qr of fqcUou 7 U'V:n 
10:{ ran^o ot, itU;in{; the lai.d you f.'.td v.n "^ on 
aro hereby notified to bo and apfcar at this, ufuce 
on Saturday the SWh day of Dee ISCO at m-ie 
o\lockajni<.r tie lur, o.-o of ^ivii:;?/'''" "^^"-'-^ 
m'tlcr a Talr a id imp i»- ii.'-isti;::i'ioii 

a b bu'dis rvji.ster b w LuUcy vcjuivcr 

U S Lar.d OfTjec, V.'inncbaj;') City, M'nn.. JJov 
20IbCn. To Levi York,— TliQ F.oulburnMiiine 
sotK, lUilroad cowipany hiiS this day app!i»d for 
tho c hf no cj ^ n uf so qr fc ■lion^uzcn towrfbip 
or.o hundred and one noub. range 
wc^*»it iieing tboUud you h'ed o... You arc 


o clofh'a n» for the pi:rpo>n of i^ivinn; the wbolo 
matter a fair and jaM'nrtiul in ve^•li:J:i<tion. 

a h bullii r^'ii^Ut h w bollcy iccciver 

ci-bte-<:nl.un.!ro<lnn.l sixty-six Vo Car.; 

{■•onlhern Mi::ne...ta ll.f.i:.a<l C-jrap^ry ...J M' 

111-.- (.i^uthta-t <,u:irt..;ror iocli-n I,^.l^cIe. lUow.i 

pli<->l for 

-•.1 vee. n Icipj! 

V .S I,andOrCco » innebago city ininn nov 20 
15CG T.) Andrew 11 Sebi'lt— tho s ni 

IT S liird (;fficc\rinr.eba=ro city iDinn rov 20 

18GG To Sicub?n lia>.=^el — The s m railroad b t 

this day applied fer tbo ea r-r ne qr eoc 1 town 

102 range :jl anl lots (I und 1 1 seetioo town l02 

_ rai!;;c:'.0, it t( 103 the land you filed on Yon an 

railroad ' hereby notitj-.-d to be anl appoar at this of.ic^ o > 

ee 14 and ■ Monday the 2Atli day of Dec next .U o c'.ock a 

' lu for the purpose of giving the laattcr a fair in- 

hcroby nclilied to ba and appo::rat this «.n;ec «.!. 

Saturday the- twe:.(y day ol De.-cn.ber IPO' 'J 

o'clD'.k p 1.1- for the purpose of yivin-,; tho wboie 

matter a fair aid inipariial ia v.-lii^.iiion. 

A 11 DmIH-s Uufciaier, Jl W Hollev, Htcdvcr. 

lair a;:.i iu!narli;il i..vei;r;ation 

u b '•allLs rciiiatcr 

j <.'.i> nr.i; li'iii'l.ei!an;l r.t.L-, rae.;e 


■c. it b;- 

U ? Lftnl OHlc-. Winnebago City, Linn., Nov 20 

T» William i-miib The s ni roilroad 

has t; i.' day applied for the Eoufj csst 

ler' feo'tion 15 t..'.vrship one hundrc I .and 

two north, ran^e thrJy-ono vrc.-t it boin;,' 

!li? Irnd you Cb.d on. Y-ni arc hereby notiiic.i 

to b.-» a!.d ai'rrar at this ofice en Mndiy, thq 

2 1th day o" I)ec«»:u!er ISiif , at nine o'cbK-k a. n i 

for liie purp '.-0 ofgivi:.'.: ibc whole m.itter a fair 

and inif arlial inver:ti{;ttion. 

'•'- A II Liilli^, ile^iiter. II W Ilolley, Rccc.vcr. 

b w bollev reecivcr n.Jini.i vo.. fil.-d on. Yonar-bereUv r.o.u.e.l to 'e -'-nl;ir ;-.t I'-.i.^ olVi :e .-nwe.l.i.-fJ.iy tlie l-.-ce:.ty-_.x i'.:.y of | 
lh.;-t-i-1.te.nlain.!ica tm.l si\'.y-s-x at nine o < ..'tk n. m. 


a h bullies register h w hoilcy receiver 

US Land Office trinnebago city niinn. nov It 
l.^Gd To L»*tvis E Car-scn —the s lt raiiro.->d has 
this di«y applied <ot the s'nttli west quarter tec- 
lijn twenty ar.c Jowastiip one hundred and two 
ran;;o .">]. itbcing the lanl yoa filed on You 
aif-ilTcrcby notiGed to be and appear ;i.ttbi?offico 
» n SI..Bd:vy the 2ivb d.-iy of Dee ne.-it at i> o'c 03 £ 
p ni for the purpose of giving the matter a fair 

a !i tullis rcgiriter. h w hoUcyrecieveir. 

TI 5 Land Office wlnnebai-o city minn nov 20, ; nn-.e purp.*.- orpvia^'tbe whole lualier a (idr andliu- 

Adam Fi:^U— The S m railroa-l n.^ 

told wiih- 
have you 

-Rev Dr. Carhart of Troy nr.riov*-- 

U A Land Ofnc", Winnebago City ^linn.. Nov. 
20 ISoG To C, II Acheiinan.— Thcs;.uthern?lin 
nc^otu Railroad company has this day applied 
forth.^s iif svv (jr .0: 5 and n bs v. c ([V .^:.;e t. 
ship ono hundred and three norib. ranjjo i«e':ly- 
ficc w'-'ot, it being the land you bled on. Y'ouave 
!,cr by not-tied to be and apperut (br-i ofii.-j on 
saf.riry the t-.veaty '.);1iday of D.'c UfilV at niij. 
oVloek a ui, f.r the purjiosc of friTin- the Avbelo 
matter a fair and iuiparliil inveili>rition. 
A llBuUii. llo-islcr, '• W uolley. Uccci\cr. 
T* R land orfiee winlTcbarocity minn nov t'Tcnt.v 
IS-Jfi To Aar..n S I'ost— I'oo s la r. 1 r« ad 
ha-, thid day applied for ll o e bf 1 Tf qr ivn.1 s\r .ir 
fcce?>2.t to (.r soqr seeti.n;;! t..v.-n^.iip M- 

ri"K-' 5, it boin^' tiic Ian:! yuu f.le.l on Yo'i J\rc 

IS(5f. To .— . - . , r . 1 

ua.s tbii .ay :M"/.h-'1 f'"" •'•'^ '^ uf fc/F fee I .and 
nhfnoqr.-^'.'lJtownH)lra.,KO 2^ n,l;Cin- tho 
land von filo.l on Yoa aro hereby iiot.hed to bo 
and a' al this ofii o on wedne.-.iay tbo ..l>.li 
day -f i>rf next at H o'eb^cU n m U.v ibo i.urp.;so 
„t tivin;^ the .vbolc matter ;•. fair and imparlial 

A. II. Dub'.s Ili-gisiler, 

11. W. Ilolky tccclvcr. 

r S bindOfdce Vv';u:icb.iso City Xw.n ^ov itrcemy 
clpl.tren laf.i.lre.l aral M.xry-.-ix. Tc K.her iKn.;!.-). The 
S,Tui''-n. Mimu-soia lluiroa<l Con..!any nas ;hi« ..ay ap- 
pl'.ii '-ri'ir s "?h w.-v:tq'iartererscctioni'-..rty! 


a 1: ijuliis rc;,ister 

ll !i holley receiver 

U .q L.ind Ofiico .rinncba-o fdy r-ir.n nov .ii 
ISGO To rhilo II llaskiuR— Tho b m laihoal 
ba.s Ibi,. davapplie.l r.rtbcsouih east q.iart r of 


Ship one l.uv.lred and one, ran-je t-.-en.-y-ll.iee.t beiurf\.n. Y..U ar- I;. ■ "7''H:a t'- !,e 

' ii,.l ^:.\fv-.<■x at n'.neoclo:? 


of U c ei;.li'.>< 'ili.m'lie.i , .,,..♦.,., 
a. in., for t?ic yurpo-ii- of eiviii- the wliele uij'tUr a 
an.l if'..p:MtiaI !ovL;li;a!ion. 
A. n. nul'.ii Uujjliler, 

II. W. Ilolley Receiver 

S Lnn-l OOii" Wlnnclwffo City Mi::n N'..v. tn-enly 
- ■ • ToMiehcal Fannin — 

• PSCined deatil at the \YcBt Rutland hereby notiacdto b« andap.jear ?.t I'aU (dlico on 
' escapea utam , 1 I .-atuday tao 29 day of Dee next at .>Vloek a m 

Vermont) marble quarry the other ! f„r ,i.c.,urpo..o or«ivin!::ihom.atterafairinvc.-ii- 
ay; by an accident which proved fatal .-tion. ^-'|il--l_i'r ^"'^^^ '■^^ 

U slard oCiee Trjnncba.iro city minn rov twenty 
1.S66 To Cbas Van Viek — The s w railroad cim 
has thii day applied for the cbf n e qri ehf srto 
17 town ir:^ ran:o 2-5 it boin;f the I.-:nd you C cd 
• on You aro hereby nitiSed to be and appear at 
j this office on fa'.arday the 2i'tH day of L'ec at nin.J 
th:.s day applied for the n c qr ef .'c- 15 tow. 1 o'c:ock p m for the parpo.e of giving the ubole 
loj raiif-c 3l, it bcirjr ibc land you filed on Y. n m.M.ttcr a f.iir and impartial iuveitig.i'ion, 
arc brreV.y iioiiued to be and appe.-.r at Ibis < ffce ^ \^ buliis re-isicr li w Lylluy roecivcr 

on Mtin.biv tl:c21ih day of l>ec next at >.i.;o 
o'clock a in lor tho pnrposo of {jiyins tho .vholo 
mailer a lairar.l f:i>parii;il ii.vesti-ition 

ah bulis r-pi?:cr b whtdl.y receiver 

r s Laud cflT'.cc \7in'icl)ic;<> ?ity minn nov 20 
1S'"G To Jn?oh R Ca.-iicl— Tho s v.i railroad na5 

<^ .. . 

to another man. A heavy block of xt. R.Lnnd Ofilec, Winnebago City. Mim., Nnv 
1 • ,.,;c,w1 r..,v,>i ito l»prl ' "0th. iSGt). To Alex M Lord— Tho Southern 

marble was beiu^ raised liom its bed , -:.'":*._ 
with a derrick, when an iron crowbar 

suddenly snapped asunqer ' and one 
of the pieces, Hying with fearful vclo 

i.lirinesota Bail Tioad Company lia.» this day np 

' piicd for tho north wc^t quarter tcclion fov n 

i to>7nship ono hundred an.l tnrce norih, ran;:o 

' twenty-three wcL^t, it btiu}; the land ytn! llled ou. 

' You aru heivbv nottlicd to bo and appear nt this 

office on Saturday, the 20th day of December, 

U S Land or.e.^. Winncba-o City. M:nr., >ov 
2t)!b. It^Cifi. To Wall.ea Abbey — 1 be s m rail- 
ha^ tl.i.^ d.y appHcl for iLc n hi nw qr 


A; JO «ir avi qr nw qr n.- .^cc 25 lo«n 

lai ran-e 

U. S. Land OOiec, Wipnibai^o City, Minn., 
Nov. 20 18CG. To Curtis KmR- Tho .-?outb 
crn Minnesota Hail road cempany has tliisilay 

city passed immediately over the lieaa ij,g,.^ ^t „;„(, oViock A. M, f(.r tic oi 
of Dr . Carhart , within two or three | f|;;!- [[i;;-^^^'^ "^""" ' '''' ="' ^"^"'^' '" 
inches of him , and striking the labor- ; a. il umiis, nc.t^iitcr ^ IL w. Ilolley. Prccivcr, 
er, crushed in Ids skull, killing hiai 


: : -^ , npj.iicd tor the north vrcPt .11 artcrsocti.m nine 

— Hazel eyes inspire at hist a pla- | ^^J^'^^j^j,-., „.,„ h-andred and to:0) north, range 

v»^«^« c.nt'imont which irraduallv but twenty five west, it bcin- tho land you aicd on. 
tonic sentiment, Wliicn ^i a juany ui.t ^^^^ j^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^.^_ ^ ^^^ ^^^ , .^ j .^^^.^^^^ .^^ „,,^. 

«urclv expand.S and emerges into love o.nieo on satnr.lay. tliJ t-ontv-nimh day of l»cc 
•^ , , ^^.^rr;U i 180G, at nine a.m., f..r the purpose of -iV 

its securely founded asthe lOCk ot OlO- , .^^^ ^^^^ whole maUcr a fair and impurtiul lave.s- 
^-altar. A woman of hazel eyes never t^,«,i.i.^.^^^ ^^^^^^^^ 
"elopes from her husband, never chats 
■scandal, never sacrinces her husband' s 
Viomfoi-t for her own, never finds fault, 
iiever talks too little, always is an en 
|,crtaining, intellectual 

r .S l.-^niorac! Wiiincb<}5oC;iy MiiinNov. twenty 

c!«:xtys-:x. To lloraoo PusT.i.t — 

Tlie ?outb*rii Minn.-«ola Uaiiioa.! couipai-y lo.s ilay 

»v J „......, .1 ,.-- . , , ,nppli-<lf.>rth. .=*.u:h w.^^t fiuu-ter oisertion tl.!rs.-ea 

r„ «„rn,.^c ofpivlnj,' lliC wbolcmaUcr a lau Aiul , J?^.^^\^^'.; ,„^ f. ^ th • purpose- of tlvii.ijlhe whole laaUer 

the purpo 

iinpari''.-.! invcs;i;,'ati .n. 

U FLand OfTi-.e %vinr.e'orrjo eity minn nov 20. 
1S6.'*> To l» L'ov.j:i.erty— thcFouthni railroa.l has 
tbi-! day apt>li»d f.-r the .' w qr sce'.ion 11 town 
ltl2 rai!!r« ol. it U injr «bc land you filed on You 
are berci.v n.nilicd to be an.l appear fit this olH o 
on ?.Jond::y ihi: 2!;b day of Dre-embcr nest at 
niuo oM'.ck am fur 'he purpose of giving the mat 
ter a fair inv.v5!i.;:Ui'n. 

A II tuilis reeirter. II w hoUcy receiver. 

U S Land Ofiico winncbacro city minn nov 20, 


ti h bullii vegi»*.er b w hoilcy receiver 

US Land Office winneba.'^o citymtnn nov 20, 
1800 To Ue.bert Ilarnelt-lbo « m railroad has 

... (owu ICI 

o'clock p m for tbo purpose of giving tho matter 

11 W Ilolley receiver. 

a fair invcstipntom 

A II liuli'.s rcslHcr 

n W Ilolley, Receiver. 

and agreeable 

U S LandOtftco, Winnebat^o City. Minn.. Nov 

17.1860. ToKdwardJ Palmer— ll.c Southern 

L\iinuesola llailroad corapa -y baj this .lay np- 

J.lied for the «!onlli v.cjt laiartep fccetion ni:n.- 

I towrsbip one hundred and thrc north, range i<ven 

' ♦ylivo west, it b'jing the land y u fi'cd on. You 

I arc hereby notified to bo iin.l appear at this ofiiec 

on Saturday, the twenty-ninth day <d' Dec I SCI, at 

nine o'clock a. m,. for tho pnriL.v^c of pving tho 

1 T-holc matter a fair auu impar-ial iijve?tigr.tiou. 

! A U Bullis, llc-i.-tcr. 11 w Ilolley. lltccivcr. 

U 8 Land Offico winnebagi city minn rov 23. 
:8CC To tJeo. For. ,— iho « m railroad ba.sthis 
day f.pplicd fer tho w hf .=0 qr and c bf s w qr 
,;ce!iou seven town one iinndreu and one rani-jo 
2;j, it being ihc landyou f.c 1 m Yon an; neieby 
notified to bcand anpoar ai this olT.coon we.lncs- 
thiv the 2(;ih d.i V of »-ec ne.':t .-,t « a in far tho pur- 
poi.'of "".ving tho whole matter a fair and impar- 

u fair an.l inxpartlal 

A. II. Duilis Utgister, II. W, llodey Receiver. 

U S Land On:ircV>'innel.a',-<» City >nnn Nov. ttrcnsy^ 
ci-i.-ee-ii ai-l s.xly-six. To .l.w.b 1 <'W ■" 
— The seuMicin MilMicsota Uail'Oiid company U' 

(hn of l»ec eisbteen hutulre.: in..l K..xty-si.x at i-nio^o 
cl.IcJc a. in., til- tie purpo^^e of pvin- die whole matter 
a f.iir an.l i nparllal iave^tis-"^'-"'' 
A. II. VmUU Itesis'er, 

II. V.'. II dlcy Kecclver. 

To J'.riah M FarUnd the s m railroad 
I. IS thi-« day : pplied for the w bf s w qr sec 1 <t' 
ea.-t half n e. <,r -.cection 2<hip 102 ranLfc 
:>1 if brin'; ibf laid you filed on Yeu arc h.-reby 
notified to bo r.nd api ear a Ihisofiu-e on Mon- 
day tbo l".ib t'av ot December 15>0(i at 'J o elock 
a in f.r the purpose of giving the whole matter a 
fair and impartial invc^tg.Uion. 

t h buliis register h w honey receiver 

U R 1 and Ofuce winncbago city minn nov 20 
l<3Cd To James iiill— the s m railroad has 
t .i"! day applied for the w h< n e qr and .s c qr n 
ccn s>e 11 A- sw qr n w -ir «cc 12 township 102 
rin-o «1, it being th-j land you iiled on \ ou are 
hVrei.v notified -o be and appear at this ottice on 
Monday the 21th day of Dec ne:it at nine o - 
clock a m for tac purpose of giving the matter a 

fiif iuve-;'i''--t' '^1 

A U Culiis register. li W Ilolley receiver. 

U .-^ Land Ofaco winncbago eiiy minn nov 20 
ISG'3 To Carry A niayton — t'.'o s m railroad has 

U s land ofTicc winncbago eity m'n-" nov twcntyth 
IStlO To Jatne.^ K Ford — The p m r.iilroad c 1 
has this day appl cd foi tbo r. c qr of Fee 2."{ town 
103 range 32, it being the laml y.-u filed on Yoa 
aro hereby notified to t>e and appear u^ this (.ITieo 
on £oturd:iy the 2yib day of Dec ISf'^fi at vino 
o'el-ck A m for the purji<is-e of giving the wbolj 
matter a fair and in: part i-ul invesjgation. 

A u ouUis r«'gii?ter h w hol'-ty receiver 

U S L"!nd Office wi-nncbajro city mina tiov 2ft 
ISoG T;> Horace Al Caec — The sm railroad has 
this day cpj l;»d for the w lif n e qr and s hf n w 
qr sccti-ju seventeen t<^.wu.>*h:p one Lcndrc>l and wl 
i range 2j, it being the land yoa filed on You <iro 
ber'ibj- notified to be and appear si this office oi 
Sttordiythe 2'.<tb i^.ay of Dec cext at 9 o'eolcic 
a m fcr the purpose 3 f giving tha whole matter a 
fair and impartial investigation. 

a li buliis register b w LolJey receiver 

V s Ip.nd ofiTicc winncbago city minn nov 20Jb, 
1S66 To Iff-aac .Kidd — Tbo 8 m railroad co 
has this day rnplied for the n o qr of sec 19 town 
1«)3 range o'2 :t b-ing the bind yon filed on You 
arcberoby noticed to be and api>ear at this officii 
on Saturday Ibo 2'JCi day of Dec 1806 at nine 
o'clock p m for the purpsse ef giving the whole 
maltcr a fair and in.partial invostigalioo 

a h bullii U'g'..--ter h w boilej roceivcf 

TJ S Land Office vrioneba-go City minn Noy 2i 
1306 To Chas. Montcc,~The s m r-iilroad co., 
has this day applied for tbc n e qr of sec 1 tow • 
ll'i."* range :'.2, it being tbo land yon Ijiod on Y'on 
are bere'-iv notified to bcand rppeur at i» is offico 
on satnd.-iv th.- 2;!tb d.'v of Dec at one o'clock p 
m f'.»r tho purpose of givi-.g tbo wiiolo matter a 
fair and iinpanial investigation. . 

a a bull:* rogititcr b .v h-Ilay rereivcr 


to lie .^' np,-- . . , . - 

day of Dec. e-b.;litc.ii buailie.l an.l bi::.y-.^ix, at, niae 
o'cidvU a. n , tor ;U.- i>u.-po»-i of };ivin- ilie wi.ob- m a 
l.-r afaliHna ii::5iirliil investi:;alb.n. 
A. II. nullb KeKisterf H- W. Holley Ucee-: .er 

f:iir iavcbtir"""-'- 

A II IJubis rcglst.-r. 

H f\ Kjhey receiver. 

II gland office wiuncbago city iijinn nov 20Wi 
ISdO To Jiary <iili!iou— tho a m raiinad ba.-^ 
this dry ni^plicd for tbo n w qr sec 1 town 1C;1 
ran.'o 25. '"t being tho land yon bled on \ ou a.c 

— An authoress compars a man to a 
«llk cmbrella, in these quaint terms: 
*' A good man is like a btrong silken 
UMprella- trustworthy tnl a shelter 
when the storms of life ])0ur down up- 
on u« A mero walkinii stick when j ho'vcby'notiiie.i t" bo an.l appi^nr "ti^>« f^ff^'-o .«•:' 

the cun 8u-mcs._a_fnc,ui injuisionuno. -^j^ v^;rA":r;ir;.t;lr^.''."".r" "VS 

maitarufair and i.upirtial inve»M'ralion 
A mt.thev' S smiles are the sun- a h bulli^ register b w holley receiver 

Blrne and her to ins of joy the dew that ! — '- 

iweet bud ot Chddhooi to i U S I^nd Offieo v.itinebago city minn nov twcr- 
n>tci, i^iiet vy , ^^ j^^.g Tr Aaron ti ri allield— tho « m rai 

roail has ti.i.s day nppl-cl for tbo cw qr s- c I 
tcwn Ht3 rango 25, it being vac land you tiled on 

tT S Land Olnce T^inne-bagc city minn Nov 2% 
1800 To H»*nry Po'son- Thos m railroad copa 
ny has this dny app'i'^^d for t'.'c tv bf n c qr and 8 
hf north west quarter of section 19 township 103 
range ;^2, it being the J.".nd yon Hied on You are 
bar-roy uoti!ie<l lo be and at t!:'s oBlrc on 
?aturday 'be llWlb day of Dee at or.c i/eioth p m 
for the pu poc of giving the whole rualtcr a lair 
and impartial irveiiigaiion 

ah bull is regii'tcr \i w Lelley receiver 

December ISOti at 1 oVlo. 1; p, in., for tb.^ pur 
nnv'o 01 "-iving the wboto matter a fair and impar 
fial inve>-.ig:rtion, A II Duilis Uegi.ter. 11 W 


US Land nmce Winn fbnR> City M;nn Nov. ^^'^^^y 
irl.toenban.i:.'! ai.l vix;y-.:\. Te *•.,"". 

any ba.^ il.isrt.iy 

V S L"nd OTii-o vionobago City minn "«//'' 
l<^fi» ToJol;r, W ravk.«-'!-- sm railroad has 

U S Land OfR.4»vinni'l>»,m ci(y mi^ti. noT^Sft 

18C6 To J N Sil.e:tl.-r!. 'J'be 8 m railroad CO, 

20 i hhs this day aiM.l'cd for the iots noe one & two 

and Koutb b.ilf n"irb vf.*! q-iarter see .^3 town 

cstquar or section } 103 range ^2. 'A being 'he L-iu^ yon filed on You 


openi the B 
bloom aud beauty. 

v,u are litre by n..llfi..d to bi ard 
Slav t'.ietw^r.tyrtx day (f 
, tn 



pirtial inventlijation. 

A. U. BaUl* R'g''<*''« 

n. W. Holley aecciver 







J U 

.<B> k^a«»i 





ill ( 




" ^ 11 r\\^ ^^QL'VV V n ' '"''^''' ^'"^'^ ^''^ eastern tevrniuus, and | or orCn-ccc, ci^l.t SuColks, t'ix Huni)- 

- I \ho urn<lii,jx i»= " "ily ilouc fur \l ini'cs sItircM, five sixtlis of ^'collj\nd— »le;\.] ol 
"' I favlhcr, wMeh will lri:u: it tw Hn^hfor-i. j liuii-jor. Wl.y, tii-y ItiiRlod to the gov 

TIk' 1-t o! J5imi:;ry »CKi h «ho tiiuc ap 

pointt'tl for »li(*c'rtf«to rnn imo U«ish 

; foul. Next sc:\>on tiio Coinjany iiitoml 

jtobui'.a oOniiUs vi' runl, wliich will 

tcako ihoiii llir(Hi!;]» Kiliinure cotimy, 

' Uic rulicst ;it:ricu'itur:il county in the 
St:Uo. Thero;i<i:KU.uuatoKoal'c:.J. relief .U hi^. e.pitui, nr sl.own thr.t ho 
foilhuo urccuoi-efic -oahoa.l hkm hu.l the faiutcst i,lca that ho is face lo 

U S li.i'p} O.Tu«', Wiunrbngo City, Mlaii. Nov 
Ci\ IHf.G. T. <-yx^\ Wci'or.— Tho t..nllion) 
M'.Mi»<'«"tft Hi:iif.>a.l <-.<irij)aiiy Lns th.ij aj |.lic.i 
.T tii<; li»li ii"-* if ;< 5 it G fti'tinu :;i lo.vus'iiji 
103 rini;:C 32, it l»oiiiji l'"t* laud vtm filoil on. Y.iu 
nro hciciiv U'jtiSe'l to hv :vntl ajipcwr at th-ri o(uf»e 
... i)n siiUil-y tl.c '^>)ih tlsy of I>cccuil tr, ISCu, at 

mcut" i-J a cool, far sigh tc J civilian, j i „viock p m.f..r tl.e j.urpoeo ot suing bl.o whole 

orniiii'Mt ( f llcn^al, an«l the * (Jovorn- 
nicnt" i-j a cool, far sighted civilian, 

ivliM Imn iiKt h'lMl «'e'i»i'^oJ ft.r lumor | ii».itl««- n fair anl'u t;.*! 

Who nart Jil>l . e.. (tea lol m>n.)l , ^ ^^ ^y,j.^^ K,.v„i,.r, a W uuHoy, llocoivcr, 

an J ho h.ts not elirro«l from liis hi' I 

retreat, h;i8 n(»t j^ouc amcing the ojing, 
or sent a rcj.reflcnlativc, or or::ani^o(l 



*'»niii.iii;Z the Uiacliine ' u<'^^'- 
it^j l..\vn of An^Iersonvil.e h:v 

•J ho lit 
1-4 pprtm;,; 

~- ju|) wllii.u ^ix months: saia town is 

\Vr \ \ F 'i \GO en V, :»lIINN J within one mile of lloii.ton ; two stores 
'' ^ ;,vc (pen in Anaersonvillc, two li'Hels 

V ^, - 

NOVEIiilBEr. 2C, 13C3. 

#. L. 1 HKiSTIE - - 

face with n oalatuiiy, such as kIuco the 
birth of Ciiriht^ has scarcely Klncken 
the subjects of a civili/x'«l State. Two 
u»iilion and a half of men, women ana 
V):tl>ics, our Buljjccts, aeaa of hun;2;er. 

U 6 l.;vi;il wIni.Ll>a!.o city minn Xov 20 
\^t]>>. To Ooo iM fJaiuiders, — TLc i m i.iihoad 
c pnip:i:iy has thi.-' Jay ai>|j!iv.Ml for iho n o qr of 
-c<- :U> town 103 rttii;,e :i2, it Uing tho land you 
file I on Vou nrc Lt-reby notitiftl !(• iio ai il ap 
pcur at iliii office on F;;turil:iy tho '2'iih day of 
Djrciub»r ISCS at 1 o'lIocIc p w, for tho purpose 
'if ;;iviii;,' »h'! whole mutttr a fair and iir.purtiul 

a h bn'ili;. vcgif tor h w holloy receiver 

I nm now rceeiviug Ibo 

Lfii-gest aiid Most Complete 

stock of 


DAN M4R H M & CO. PRO0. 

Opposite Clifton House, 

Ma^kato, Minnesota. 

Onr tables arc nun »nd iwe of the be«l niHk*. 
Good cigars and liquors at the bar. i'Jyl - 

p. B. DAVY, 

Auction ^'C(»Drtni8rt)on Mer^banf. of South »'id Valn'-is srreets, 

rte., U\. great bouses, one kopthViiy, we are Christians, aiul if but 
fail'of wheat- llie Uailroaa d-jcs notjono woman aies, move the whole force 

of the State to secure inquiry and relief 

Ediicr i '"«>»i^^» *'^'*^ enough lo ^hip the wheat 

ibou-ht ; llitrc b: s bi'on bi^h us .^,- 

!000 lu^l-.els eoia Ix re in one aay. 

wbiih fhill.< the war'U c^mlort of oui 
wcakh. It is alie, iui'rodible and ab 

•'M.olJ.Mbead Lnnd Ofncc isftilljf'ni-a 

Aro eyes Expressioulcc:? 

'1 hey pi.iy at a j^runc in Franco in 
which certain members cf a coinr.any 
are entirely cor.ceaUa with the excep- 
tion of their eyes,— overvthin^:^ is liia- 
acn except the eye itself— atul then is 

the business of the rest of tho company 

An Iniporlant Question- { t^ iJontlfy tlic concealed person simply 


r S Land OfliiC, Winnoba;;y Ci'y, Minn., Nov 
•id. l<<Ct». To II O CuuinnuOs —Tho Southern 
.Miiincttota ilailrornl has this day ai>p!icd for the 
foulli ei'.t-t iiu:irttr seotion ."J.") township lUo langj 
;$-', it bfiii;r tl'o laud vou filed on. Vou .iriihero- 
. bv iiaifsf'i lo he and fti)pi ar at lhi.s iliicuo.i satur 
j day fhb ^yth day of l»e:un»hcr, 1^G^,, i.t I o'clock 
I. Li. lot tl.i- purpo.«o ofyiviiif; tho whole luultcr 
a liiir i»r,d iuipaititjl invcj-tigatloD. 
\ ,1 Uuliii, liogidt^r, u w iiolicy, llccoiver. 

I) ^JLa.iu OTi?<», *1^^in•lO*>a^.) City, Minn., N»v 
2!t, 180'}. To iMaso:i II Wood— Ihj South M 
UailroaJ compa^iy has this day ajplled for the 
30 qr uc nr sec 2J and o half i>o i(r i no qr se qr 
;'teli.)n thirty two to« iitliip one huntirtd nndonc 
ranjjc yo, it being the laiul you filed on. You arc 
heruhy notiiied to bo and appear. nt thi^ oflico on 
wcdi hday the 20;h day ol hctciuh^r, ISf.l), at one 
oMofk y> ui. for the purpos-s of giving the whole 
ujalUr a f.tlr auJ impartial iavtKtig.Ttion. 
A II fiuUi , lU-giBtor, ii V7 UoIIcy, Receiver. 


llatf^c, Caps, &c. 

CASH paia for HIDES & SKINS. 

ICcep? constantly on Land a good aaeortirent of 


References.— lion. J, B. Wakefield, Hill Jk 

June 1, 18CC. 



i»uc Issimidy ubsu-.a. It knows ibat ^ 

vhere aboniiiedFettlfUient has been j 

made by ;v settler ibat the Mail noix^ j 

Comivmv can D<-.ttor.cb H. Thj com . t . ^ ,, 

«,„v 1„>; ,>.,.t i,.ton,io„.'.lv aJvevli.«a •lI,..L..C,-om.7.V7:«i/«-««nskstl,e bytLcrcvc. O..olu. me s:,ys a 

r V,;,..l. nU.ce or b ..1 w! 'or. tho f..vt ' M. IT.«1 /Vo«« r t., mimvct .1.0 lollow.<lonN ihed.lhcul.y of m,c1, ^^^ _^^ _ ^__ ^_^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^_ ^__ _,^^ _^ 

l-u"is'livi.^'on i.,or l,-,s :. U-g..! j i-s very iu,-,.r.n„t quction. The | i.k.ailion-n ,s very ?rc., and U.a hoj , f..iM,,v„,j^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^_^^_,^,_^^ 

clari, to it 'I Ik- .-omp/.ny I'^'s (..Ivcf- \ <iiic«ti..n is one ouijl.t lo Lc ana./er ^ i.iin.«?li \v«s unaule to fiiul out l.iS onii 

(■ ^..l II 1 will ci.nlfit some iliroe c.l l>y tlio I'ioincr as well as tliousmids j wilu wlicii thus oonccakil. JIoio (hail v 3 1.:ii!.> p.r.« v.iaMbtig.. ciiy r.iint, nov 20, 
,1rc'Uic«5 of iMuI, of all bi.d ' of "thcj ■' " ' ' - 

ir S T.:i!.d Ofiu'c, V/innibago City. M'.nn. Nov. 
':(»;h, l^dlK ToKugcnc t^Uinncr the k ui railrord 
this day appli«;u for the s o qr see 5 town 101 
r;tuge;iy, il bcin^ the laiul you filed on You are 
herf.h* noJifivil to b.-> and tippoar nt this oflicc on the 2(Wh day of Die no.\t nt ono 
; o'cl'H-k p :ii for li»e puri.yiio of givii;g the Kiattor 


,. . I -111 • ISCiJ lo ij^dward GraTos— thciS ni raiU'oad lias 

ihis, It Isappenca that on ono occasion >^-^^^_,; ^^^^l^.^y.^a ,,, ,,., ,„ut huif .<>uih west 

T< T> ^ 1 1 Ai w J. Dufitin, Blue Karth ; Isaac Marks. J. F. Meagb- 

liVCr LrOUglit to the Minnesota er,Mankato; Mungcr Bros., St. Paul 


and have comtncDccJ 


of which fact all my old custotntrs and the pub- 
lic gtncral'y 




. - Mlscs'. 

^a \>,nntonebmiarodofthcseclaims:en'»u;4h money to lay a uew!=pnper, | one other person bma-.n b.viaes -^j^^^ 

"^- " , , , , r , ^ ..,l.,.rn lit- ' (>*l'Vi.»00,) ar.a li.en ran in opposituju \ horseit, and this f>.n oM s^entlem.ui not 

ve.-e tik-a on by i\-^ ul icr smM.cnt . , g„YC-rnmei.t from which the . , . ,.. , • «,, • r r i..-u.d;;o Cl^y Minn. Xovcn 

been 111 the SlalO. 'iho iiaUualo poo- tea as *;OOn J.S COnwniei'.t. ... . . . .;, , , wc>t quarter section f:ve Town^dp iOl range 

'. , , , , .,♦ .V.w5.MU<=» I.*' ih'S notllinijbuttneireyesVlSJl.lo, ana then ;,(, ^Vf.t, it being the land >ou hied., n. You are 

pie feel baa r.b..ut oiC OOl.^gS ... l■..^ .^__ ^, __,__. _ „,___^, ,_, ^_^ ._^Z _o l.,K._„.Iw. «nc ».wW1m,o i hereby no.i V.l to l.e and appear a. this om.o on 


Will be Batisfloa by calHn- ami E.xam- ^as «n h8u<l the largest and best selected sIoAc 

. . ^, *, r, . of Ilardwa'^e. Stov«s and Agricultural Imple- 

lUin;;; my Gooas, and l;eanng . ^^nts in the MlnDCsota valley. My stock of 

myl'lices. ;y\{rricultural implements is very largo and com- 

; pkte, consijtiug of the following machines : 

CTcr bearing in iclnd my motto of • 55 RuckeV^'»'i. 

i GO J. H. Manny' Sy 

Selling MORE Goods for ONE g^if ^ u^nd Rakes, 

DOLLAR tLan ANY | 20 Kirby,9 

House in the Valley. j Excelsior Droppers, 

^ and Caugia Cliiet»- 

l.^aae Mark^.lC sweepstakes Threshers, 

G J. .1 Case's Thresliers, 

Maiavalo, Minn., Nov. 20, 18G6 


. . .... ... I wc>t .lu.irtfr fcctlon fivo Townptip iOl range 

riotllini; but Ineir eyes VlSlllO, ana tlicn .,(, ^Vf-t, it being the land 'sou hied .-n. You are 

CCtTTho Mankalo JUccord of last the pe)>on-a l.dy.uho v«s to acclare | ^;j^^-;i^^J - 
•Vi-Miot to b" blaniea f'r it, btit j week rep«)rts n case of robbery in that lo wIkmu the rcspeeiivo eyes belongca \^\!^:f->r^^^i;»'^;]';^ ;^^^j}\]:^J:,*^ '•''"'''' '^='*^" 
they \^ ill never loose an hours sleep j town 

pie feel bad tbe (loi.^gs of ih'.s 
Piu thorn roaa, wo frcoly aan>.it, and ' 

, ., , . , , ,1.. 1 » . i a fiir and iiuparf'.al iuvt.= tiga:ii'-i. 

It ^oems that whi'o llie u\- ; was introauccd. \\ i nout a ino:ne»i»s ; ^^ n Builid Regici-r. h W IJoll'.:;, Rcvtivcr. 

m-.tes of the Wiisbii.gton li. u.-^e were j hesitation, she wa'kea up Klr:ii<j;!it to I 

Veeir.n" b. cause some settler ICSl a , ••» •■'^ ••' , .r i ' " ' ,, , \ t\ U « land office winn.^.b.igo city n»;nn ncv tivor.ty 

' ^ 1 .1 4 1 ;•' > -^W i-vi-t flinnor two men nainea Henry ' ^vbere the cU man was p.ucod, ar.a,iscG t.. Vvm .t ih.lien— The s m railroad co 

;;::: h!"i tl b^r:' J 'wi;:.;, ,i,t i k-^''* .m uc-wt dc„. c„tcr<^ a i..i \ „,u-„,cd, "m,, .hor., i, „. on. but in i j;:»s 'f j/'ii's;;^;!'^;:,-':;:^ -r.^ '^ 

^ ,.*,.,' , ,, , . -xx 1 „,^^ room at.a uulockea a trutik bejongmc; He 31. wbo can boa>t such j arc heni.y notiiiod to be and.ippearat this oir.c.; 

rcaa IS built liere, MaUKatO Wl.l luose j /„ • ♦ , „ : /» .l , f- -Ci * , v cm it i .i ! on Monday the 21:h dny cf Deo ISGC at, nine 

Evans & Tall, Proprietors 

G Yelrator Threshers, 

Massellon Macbines, 
G Bufl^lo Sulkey R kes, 

35 Revolving, liorse rakes^ 

and all the emallor jiaplcments in s* k 

My stock of Builders llardwat he* been se- 

1 i>iy stock oi i3ui;uers iiarawar des oreu »c- 
Ijlis House i.S Is ew. Commodious, | le';t<d with care, and is very large. Builderi 

?*lcr.s;.ntlv Locate J, ajia has been New | will always find a full supply of 


ly Farnishea througl:out. The vcTyj->Tg*jg 
best acconimouatious guuranleea to ' '^ ^^ 
travelers and boaraers. 

Gooa Stable Room for Teams. 
nInCyl Garden City WJinn. 

( I lass, Sash^ 

HALLi^c CO., 

Billiard Room and Saloon. 

V^'tltou, ITZinneKOta. 

The best of Liquois ami Cigars at Ihcbir. — 
All kind--- of Bitters a".d Candies constantly on 

Doors, Blinds, 

Locks, Latches. 4'C. <kc. 

Prices Ezceedin for 


All persons desiring to purchase Reap '•«(!■ 
Threshers, would do well to givt, me a call oeforu 
purchasing, as my stock is rerj larpe and 1 will 
Warrant all luaciiines to give sati.^iactioD, and 
my prices and terr~' cannot fai' to suit. 

hand. Al.-o fresh oysters in their season. 4rm3 g 4v3yl 


' _ ^ , .. , wliioh Were proven to have been slo- 

Btraw in its way. AVo want a road Ji»^t' 

as much as you do, cud if you see tliat j "* ' . ^ 

Tho India Horror- 

From tho London Spectator: 

That telegram from Ituliti, iinnoune- 
mg that half the population of OrL-sa 

the i)ro>^pect3 are fair foi* us getting 

one, you ought to encourage the enter- 

prb-<e, and uot turn round aaa abu^e, 

or try to, the coiapany that is building ^ 

it. Don't be selli-h, Brother GiiswoKl i i;ave periyhea in the famine, must be 


, titth, isod To Henry .H.^ion — ihe s m railroad 
j has tliib day applied Air (he s c qr ^cc S5 town 

^ ,„ ,^ ,, r'<r 1 . -.1 I 101 range .^'4, it "••■-'in- the land you ni.-d on Ycu 

L. r. Kelh>gg, ol .Mankat \ Wia \):\j [ ^^^, h^refy notited to l-e and !;pp.'ar at thi.'^ «fTi(e 

a h bull:-- re:rii-t-.r h w hollcy receiver i 

the hi'rhest price for nny ouantity 1 -»/l'>"J'^J' V'^i'^^""':'*'"-^'' '"';'•' •"^^'^'"•''\\h!,''! 

I,. ^^., y, ^^ ^^ , I 1 - t of I'lv.MllII'j CIIICKKENS Oil OTII 1 inaltera luir aud ionartiftl invtstigation 

:,7-":: ■ ,,P, J a li^'. It is in;poss:b!e, iLConceivable ' j,,^ (j; aME, I]NDIii:3SEn, that lua; ' " ■ ' •"- '"-' ' - ' "' '" ^''^^' -""""'' 

J^A writer calbnglmnselt I^-^o .^,^^.^^^.^^,^^^ ^j^^^^ ^^ i.anscenaental ^\ ^, ,,^,.^,, ^y ^,^t dunu^; ih. season 
Eartb'Mnalettertotbe /^;- ,,,,,.,, ,,„,,o utterly beyond all pre- He ba.^authorizea J. F. Wallace, Gr 
?f>rf/ plainly stus th:>t iMr. >♦ ''I^CuOim c.. .^^mlv Lovnnd im.i^in.-ition. w_..-. ,i„„!... ..t ^i..,.r..>f^ .^ r 


cord pi 

ami Mr. Anarews were uot cU'ctea on i 
the lIom?3tead issue, but that the j 
Homestead (piesiion was only br.')u:j;ht 
up in a few localities w!»cre it was 
thought a few vutos might bo gainca. 
How do the Homostcaa men wlio votea 
for Messrs. WakeBe'.a and Andrews 
I'ke that kind of talk. The writer of 
the letter referred to lives in 131 ue Eat th 
City, though we ao not know who he 
is, hut lie «eeui3 to be in a hurry to let 
the Homestead men know (hat the peo 
pie up tint way have got all they want 
ot them, uLa that lIome:4et.a men neea 
expert no Fupport from Mr. AWkeCehl 
or Mr. Anarews- 

C^^Auaitor ?\;cllralh h (s maae a 
statement of the sale of school lands 
from whiclt we take the following tig 

U S Land Ora.s, Wiir.obago City, Minn., N..v. 
20, ISGO. To o S It-jnting— Tho Southern Min, «o,Ka>ly beyond imnginMion, ^^„^ frmulonler, ot Mu„k..o. lo re ! ?:r.M''ru"«nTSi 'Slou'L'Xr^^^^^^^ 
Bl.ouM l-.avo occurro,!, that so | ^^-^^ „,d ,.,j. f„, „;, .,„,, i,,ou;.|.t to !'-!-\-t„Tv:r&ro;f Vo"'a'»'hcX ! 

inexpiable a ai.-grace t^houM have lal ; j^jj^^ notified to bo andappcar at thisofficeon .Monday 

> .1 « l>..;MVt. .^" T\rrt i .... 1 • 1 th'j twi'ity fonih day t.fDcc 1S66, at nine oclock 

Icn upon tho l^nttis.i name, iwoj jx^ntersanl Tmper.-, bung alon- ^•'y,.,.^.^.,^ j,,.,p,,,^ „r.i,5pp ^ue whole matter 

i^lilp U l^oodnint 

in exchange 

L. T. KELLOGG (.r J. F. Wallace 

mi.liuns ana a half of people dead of 
hunger ill li\c months'. Why, they 
are Uiitiish su'ojects, ana Uritish sub- 
jects in India, h\ing unaer the care 
of paternal aesp<»lism, of a govern- 
ment with bouiulless power to help, 
with a continent to tax at will, with a| i/~s. Land OJ^ce. 

revenue of £iQ 000,000 , with 1 1,000, 1 To Cable L n.-nrd: 

OOOX m treasurie.-of a government ] ^^^^ ^^,,,. ...l^'V^-S Sf i^dfj' a^'td 

whieh aeelares that 'tS moral riucht to for the nor*h e-st fjuartcr, secUou 27 to'vnihip 
^**" "- , ...... i..,n,lr...l ui.d on.i north. rauL'e thirty west 

rei'-n is its care for the masses of the 

V„„r n„a got your sroencacks -^^^^.IX^^lrrn^"^^"?. r.^dvor. 

U K^ L.ind OfTic-c. V.'incebago City, Minn., Nov, 
To H H Tower— Tho Southern 

I,. 1. 1VI.I.1.YV-V. "•"•-.• /-^V'V'^ilonth, 'ISGt;. To H H Towcr-The Southern 
Front street, opposite l-ir^t iNatlOnal ; ,,j,,;,^,ota Railioad co-npany has this day ap- 

IJank. I jdied for the uorlh west cjuarter ?<»ction 35 
Mankato Nov. 24th, l8Gl3. township Ull range 34, it being the land you filetl 
iMam».ii'. , ...I v». - , rr. ^..r,>l>v notii'od to be and appear at 

Have now 


large and 

ready a 


on. Yt/U are hereby notiucd to be and appear at 

th: = otuto on Monday tho 24th J.iy of i'eccuibcr 

ISfiG at nine oVIoek a m, for the purpose of giv-- 

ing tho whoie ni.iUor a fair and iuipnilial investi 


A u Ilul'.is. Regiqlcr, nir Hodey, Receiver 

j)opu!alion — of a j/ovcrnment which, 
if it hf.s a fault, has that ofloving the 
peasantry obovo tho lamlboiaers. The ; 
statement is faisc, the intention of r.n 
enemy to aisgrace us m the eyes of 

iires: The first .-ale of these h-nas was i ^,j^ ^vorkl. Two niillions, ana a half of 
Liade in 1802, aiul the total i-^'^'ht'i* j ^^.j^g^ (^^aa of hunger on tb.o south- 

one hundred and one north, range thirty west i ^^ S^and Owicc, \\ uu u oago C.t.^, .d i^^n , V^^^^ 

itboin- the land you filed on. You arc hereby i 20 IS».6. to Arv.n W .-outhern Min 

dotif.ed' to bo and appear at thii olnce on wens lay 1 ncsota Railroad ccmpv.ny ha? tins uay app^'^^d 

the iwentv-'Uh day of Dec ISfiC. V- -'.'O o-clcck l> forthe north wc-a quarter section 3o township 101 

.\I. for the purpose of giving (ho matter » ♦'-ir range thirtyfour, it bt mg (he btnd you filed oij 

u, d impartial investigation , You are horeby notified to bo "";\;M'rcar at to,. 

A. If. nriil-IS. np;,lstcr, | olTico oa .Monday the 2ith day ot December Ihf.(j. 

H. W.tlOl.l.CV. Ue-jcivcr, j,^ ^ine o'elock a m, for the purposo of gi\ ing thr 

whole inaUfr a filr and iaipartial invo.stigalion. 

A u Rullis, Rc^;i^Ll r, H w iiolley, Uceeivtr 

ol acrea pohl auring the past foiu* years ! 

vas 210,880,05, anomuingto 5!^1,848, 
8o2 55. Of this amtuiut about one 
million is iuthehanasof inrchascrs, 
who have to pay 7 per cent por annum 
in aava:?' e. Acjoi-aing to the repor 

wc t coas^ofHeugal! Why the coast 

is opposte Arrr.can, the rice graiuary 
ot India, looks s^lraight to the mcuth 
of the (Jangcp, ana the rich delta whose 
^ I endless wealth of proaaction supplies 
^ the j^urj'lus revenue of a contmet, op 
Dot more than one twentieth «f the p^gj^^ poj-tg crowdea with shipping, 
Bchool bnsas have b en st^ll, th'sbcing ' „,jj^.r a government which can irans- 
the ense, our Pciio.d funds can bo safe- | port armies, wiiieh can fiiul agents by 
ly CRlim.itea at twenty five millions of i ^|,j. niiiiion, which maiiitains in comfort 
dollnrs, as those yet to be sohl, nre sokliers equal in number to lliree fifths 
daily increusli.g in vfdue. of the fanwlins which the telegr.^J)h say 

T A* — > ^".rr,c«-«,, his i.eri.'-hea. Two miili-jns and a 

Letter f* cm K Otis ton. ' , ^ , i i i i.^r 

rr c-\> 1 o halfofpe.jde^five buiulrea beaa.^of 

ine irI.Fadi J\es8 contnins tb.c fob r i i... i iiwvnunn 1 ,-^/.fh. ix 

. , . ^ ^,. V ^ . 1 . houses, live hmubea thousana motnt IS 

loMog lot^.r tro,„ ' bc>n,.„ oatcJ :;t j^^^^^^^^^, thousan.l children, 

U...U,.,, IS,.-. 8,., l,y rcvhog t ,» ,,^,^j ^f ,,„ . why. , he Viceroy is 
le. cr ,t.v,l beK«.„ ,h.,t ,vo .re '-"'<> I „,^ -^.^,,5 ,„ai„„, il,e n,:u. chose,, by 
oniv one that n | over the flatter- j * •. . 

in;,r...pectsoftheSM,(hernMintteso-il^'^"'-^>"»'>''^'-^^^-'^"^*'*«^I'=^^ to 
t. IJailioa.l. Ilea it, all ve who op- gov.n.,tlio ruler has nskca a rcue lion 

Winnebago City District. 

J. n. WFbCII. Rojrister. 
' II. W. IIOI.LEV, Receiver. 

r^T-Omcc hoars from 8 A. .M.ti:i4P. M. 
Wiiuic»>ia'> City, Minn. ,'.3ct.:iC;lSti3. 

J. F. p K a U Y, 


Winnebago City Minnesota, 

U S Land Ofiice, Vinncbugo Cily. :\Iinn., Nov 
20, 1S66. To Alfred Lyles.— The S..uthern ilin 
ncsota Railroad company has this day applied 
lor tho north wcdt fjuarter section twenty-5 town 
ono hundred i nd ono north, range thirty-four 
west, it being tho land you tiled on. You are 
notified to be and apjicar at this oSce on Mon- 
day tho twonty-4th day oj Dec, ISCrt, at 9 o'clock 
a m. for tho purpose of giving the whole matter 
a fair and imjiartial investigation. 
A II Rullis, Rcgiilc, n w uoUcy, Receiver. 

cp|n»sea us in the lato campai^in. 
♦ Kdiiois St. P«>1 Pvefs 

to secure comfort to peasantry gi Oiule 
the Kntrhshman whom of all human 

aoiistoii gives 400 neimllicnn ma- beings philanthropists woubl have 
1 .ritv. Hurrah \'>^\- Htmsioii I but it is' piekca out for a throne, ana he is in 

not oi' pol I cs that I wish to write, bnt 
01 tiivo^ and things gciierully. '1 he S. 

the Hills, as far a way from those 
whom this villianoua story represent^ 

"M R. R. is doing vonacrs for this as dying in myriads, aa Warsaw is from 
county, »«» it w 11 for eveiy county it, I'aris,. Two millions and a half of peo 
pa^e:i\h.'»ugh Tue cars run out 20 ^ pick- twice the population of Denmark 

U S Land OITicc winr.cbago clly minn nov 2P, 
.May bo found In FcHowa' New Block. Op- , ISCG To .Jo.-i-ph llcnson The 3 m railroad lompa 
posito CotttcU & Ucarbons Nc^7 Stoic, | ^y i,,,, tbis d?v ap, Ucd for the n e <ir of so<-. 2a 
at aU times prepared to do all work intrusted to ; town 101 rang'c lU, it being the land yonfikd ou 
S ra i tho'late t New York Fashions, or to suit You are hereby »o bo and appear at^ his 
,'• ofTiucon Monday tl.o 20th day of Dec ISCC at 

tlic customer ^ ^^ o'clcck a m for the purpose of giving tho whole 

Most kinds of conn»ry produce ^^'^'f^fcd for worK ^^^^^^ ^ ^^,^ ^^ j impartial invesiigation. 

a h bullid register L w holley rcceivei 

Cutting done on short notice, anrt warranted to 
fitifpropetly made up. »2v4 


Manufa'-lurcr and Doiilcr in 


of everv vanetv. 

U. S. Zand Office. 

Winncbairo City.ilinn. Nov, 20thISC6. 
To 'Williaui Isauct; 

Tho e in railroad has tots day applied for tho 
n o quarter section five Township one hun- 
il-ed and one North, range thirty it being 
tho land yoa filed on. Ton arc heieby notiiied 
to be and appear at this ofBcc on Wednesday the 
,^ . /-\ 7T -J i twcnt<--6th dav of DeclS06 at one o'clock p mfor 
Gilt ]\IollldingS Kept Un ilantl ; ibc ,,urno=o ofg vlng the matter a fair and im- 

par.ial investigation 

of Fall and Winter Goods, of the choicest styles and bestqnalil^ 
to be found in the market. Comprising 

Meriiios and Empress Cloths! 
Striped and Broche Poplins! 

Plaids and Alpaccas ; Common and all Wool Delaines , Prints 

and Sheetings ; Balmorals and 

iSiiver Braided Spring Skirts ! 

^Merino under garments, Flannels, Gloves, Fine Hosiery 

Boots and slioes^ Hoods & shawls. 
Ladies cloaking^ Gents cloths^ 

Table Linnen, Towliiig, Trimmings, and a variety of Worsted 
and Fancy articles. Also constantly on hand 


And a complete stock of Number One- 


STS. .MANK.\TO MINN. 21yl 

Attorneys Sz, Counselors at Law. 


niia'.tcu'i promptly and f^xUhfuily to all buiiuet.sln- 
ailed to their care- 

A. IT. r.ULLT.^i, Register. 
H. V/. HOLLEY Receiver. 

IT, .s' hand Oifccr, 
Wii.nebago City Miun., Ncv 20 l?'i6. 
To Joseph Colbuu : 

The s min railroad has tbic day applied for 
the north east qnaricr of scetion 17 township 101 
Uvirth. range ;5 2 west, it being the land you filed 
on. Voa arc hereby notified tj be a'ld rpp^ar at 

Our A-^ent in Boston is constantly watcliing tlie tp^irket f^r 
cs, and we are tlius enabled to give our patrons tlie advantages 
by offering tlie best goods at reasonable rates. 
W^innebago City, October 20, 1866. 

aitedtotnc.rca.e- ' toi. oltco on wcdnesdav. tho 2G(h day of Dec 

llarc f..r saloat all timc'*, l...go r,uan(i(io« of j^^g ^^ , ^^.^,^^^^ j. ^. '^^^ ^^^ p„rpcso of giving 

A'innchago Trust Lands, and other valuable t),^ „hole matter a fair and impartial invesiiga- j 

Farming l.indM. (j^^^ /^ q J^^^]^if^ Rogialer, 

J A. Wii.bAR.). - . M/l . • .re BABXrY H W HoUey, Receiver. I 

Wiiisliip & Goodwii*. 








I la m — i wm "■ '*■ 







- - ^ ^^OTP V n 'i»»«'^'« ^»'^^" ^'^^' P.istcrti tertnimv*, nndUr ofGn-ccc, ci.irj.t SuGolks, sixll-mip- 

Tili'^ llOAi r^O I I J Al-' [,^j^. ^,..„^|,,j^ is„ ally «louc t*)r ri ini'i-s .<liirt.«, five sixtlis of S'c.>tij\n('.— .K':\.l oi' 


\J' J'LIK Ills ^Yn 

fjivlhcv, \vl)ii!> v.ill l.n:i5^ it to l{n^hfor.]. | liun-i-r. Wl.y, tii-y Lulled to tl:o gov 
TIk* l^t (>} Jituui.vv lu'Mt i^ ilkc umo np ornii.tJit ( J" Ij^'ji^tJ, r.n.l llio * CJovorn 
poiiUi't] for !'.■(• c:ns to rnu inu) liush 

; r.)ja. Next soa^on li»o C'i.invnny intoiul 
jlobiii'.il .V.) iJiilis cf ru:.(l, whichv.i'.l 
! take li'.oui llirouj;l» Filiiu'.»ve couiny, 
!ll)c luhost ligricullural county In tlu* 
; St:it.\ The ro;i<l Ih Lcuud to p^ al«e:iJ. 

{'.ir iIkjo lire cu.'l\L;Ctic ;^'0 :iliC;l'l llTMi 
; 'luiii.i'is llui u:r.chiiie ' u"H'. 'i lie lit* 
'yii \V'i luw.i uf An.kTsi.nvil.c hi\^ suvwui^ 
__ --- jup wilii'.Ji fix tnoj.lljs; sa'ul luwn is 
\Vr\ \ KU \(JO C'i'lY, r^IlNN J u.>o M.ik- oi- ; two storc« 
1 ^ '■^■^-,^^ . :; };.vc (ivjn iM AnaoisouviKi', iwc li'HcIs 

H0VEMB3i:r» 2C. lcC8. 


IT S li.t'i"! O.Tijo, Wiun^h.igo CUv, Mlais. Nov 
;•>, 18'>'*. T • •'>r«i'5 Wk-iior. — Tiio t<.»li»3rii 
^i'.MIto^«>ta Ki;iU.»:'..l < .>iri()aiiv Las thiij jij i-licl 
.•r flic l.»l:< mi^ 2 3 5 «t fCf'.ioii :;i Vo;v^t^liS|t 
lt»3 rinj;:c 32, it UoinK «-''*' '•"•'^ >"" '''^'^ ""• ^'> " 
'iro Jiciciiv U'»tiiie'I t<. !>«< ;mi'I .ijtj'i'i.r nl th'f? iifu^e 
,)n ^M'ul'V tl.c '-J^iih ilsy of I)ci;iiiiUr, isf,,;, at 
incur' i-» .'X C«)tj|, I'.ir .•^i<j;ljtt'J civilian, j l oVlock pin. t..r el.e i>urpo80 ot t^Uiu^bLc whole 

wlio l.a« just bcoii Fe!..ctca kv lumor, '^".S'lr^u;;/,.;^;-;..^ ii W u.iW, U 

ani he Ikj.s not elirroil iVom his l»i'l| 

letivnt, luis jK»t Ljoiio a'mii:*; ihc ujing, 
or sont .1 rcpicflcnl.ilivc, <#r or:::)ni^o(l 
relief at hiH ciipitul, *ir hl.own tlint Ik* 
Iiutl \\:o faiutost i»lca that lio is face lo 
fac-u wiih a calaiuiiy, fiuch as ^itico tlie 
biiih «)f Cljri.-.t lias Kiraroely htnckon 




U S l..ii;'I Onr.."! wnii.Ll>a^.<) fity inlr.M Xiv 20 
ISiW;. T« Uci» .M f^aiijiJcrs,— TLo >i ui .ailioiKl 
c .nip:i:iy bus till.-- Juj ai'ij!i,'«l lur t!.:> n c qr of 
-c.- ;i.> town 103 raiijjc ;Jl', it Itiny tlio hmU you 
tile I «>:i Vou lire hereby notifivd t*- no ai d op 
pear «l iLn (tfticc oil Fr.turtlay l'>- 2'iili day of 
DjreiiilKr 1S05 at 1 o'l'.'JcIc p m, ("r t'jo piupoic 
of ;?iviii;i ill-? whole inatltr a fuir and iinparliul 

a h bu'.Iii- vos>- tor h w l.olloy receiver 

^, - .--s^'-^ ^ 

llio siiUji'cts of a civiiizL'd Stale. Two^ 

luiiiion ai.a a half of luon, xvoincn a.ul j ^\^}:^''i'^^'i^r''^^-'' ^'^vf'sr.uhlrn 

, ,,. ..,.,.,^..... ., . .^..w .. . V):il»ics, our SuljjcctS, ileail of liunp;cr. | Mimic*- .t:i llailror.-l has tLis day applied for the 

;,VC(lVJn IM .viuuiovM.w..., » J » ... '^.. !,,.uU. i.•.^t.lur.rU•r.trtio,):;:, tow».^l.ip lO.Jiang. 

,t.> tA-. <-rcat \v;.ro louses, one kojit MM>y, we are C liristiai.s, and it but I .j^,.^ ,^^j^,.,\,,,. ,^, ,,,.,„ ,.,,^j „j,. v..„ an.horc 
jf,.l'of v^^oat-lho R.ilroa.1 d.cs not on. woman ,;ic.. move the whole ^^rcol^^r...^^^^^i^^ 
i, • V - I. i-^.i.:,. »^.> r% l.f.ot nf il.f« Slj^.to to sceure inouirv an-l vclief ; f ... li.t iii. i<jri>o.«o of iriviiic: tho whok wau-j 

I nm now rcociviag ibo 


Largest aud Most Complete 

stock of 

Pry Goods, 



Opposite Clifton House, 

Ma'^kato, Minnesota. 

Our tables arc n«w »nd nro of the heat iiinkv. 
Good cigars and liquors at the bar. 4'jj i • 

p. 15. DAVY, 

Auction ^'C<»DninsHJon iVlf»ro!,arif. 

j Corr.or r.f South ii'id Valn'-is grreetB, 


J. r. i HRiSTIE 



urni-h cars rr.ouMi lo .-hip the wheat | of the State to secure inquiry an-.l relief j j.^. ,(,, ,i... p..rpo5o of-iviug tho whok wan.j; 
,ou;;ht ; 'there h:s been as hi^h us C,.U!.i.h .hill, the war'n eomfort of our I ;^';--;^;-^-;!:l;^-^''i^t^^^^^ uccdvc 
>00 lii.shels Bohl here in one tlay. | wealth. It is alio, iu-reJible a-id ah, __ — 

^ UOO;cls Bohl here in one tla} 

' "Thoi:,MlioaJ Land Ufiieo !*- f till ' s«"^l 

.^w.. _ — . "ij.o j;,Miioa'J J. anil v'uii.i; .^rll«i. 

T »e i\[aMk:..t.i /;..;./. i.t-r.^-t.s u> say ; ^^^^^^ _^^^^^ ,^ ^ ^^^^.^^^^ .^ ^.^^.^^ ^^^.^^^ I ^^^^^ ^ - ^ Expresslonlcc-: ? 

i ,o ,hat the N^'">-- ;;^ '^^ x,,^y ,,ni,. i„.a. Ih-n. V. N. GuoJ- -^ j,,^ ^.5,^ ,. , ^,,,,, ,, pv^^eo in 

Koa I .fe;n. .htcnu.ueu i-^ « ^ ^^^^^^^^^^ ^.^^,^ j.^^^, rei,rese'.ta ive from this coun ] ^^., j^,^ ^.^.,.^^ j,^ .no.nhers cf ,1 c .HM.any 

tl -rs <»f tlK'iV .;n'»''- * ^*-* ' ., r. «,.,,,.,, ...l .1 In-nher vanl here anJ •_.,.... .:„..!.. ^^.,..r...i,.i »;•]> 1: .. «.v/./^... 

. • •. 1 ct ;« *y» ^'=-^ "pout-il a Iu!uheryartl here anJ : ^^^, ^.i^xnly coueeale.l uilh li.e e 

J:„o«. lha< tho.t te.f.i-i.t UI us !.8t «. .^ ^^^.^^^^ ^^ tliriviirg husinc^.". 
M.e issimjily It k.ow. i:<at : -Vour?, 

>vhere abniiined?ettlf!nent ha.^ lecn ; 
mat^e hy a pettier that iV.e Kail Roa.] j 
Cornp iiy c.raQ-'.ttoach'i. T!>^ com; 

i; S L.iid QTicc, Wiu'io'iajj.i City, Minn., Nev 

20, I86'i. To Muson JI Wo<jd— Ihj Soiilh il 

ILkilroaJ com; a-iy Las this day ajpKwd for the 

3c ijr be (jr £0<r _'J i.i..i c hulf i.o nf i no fir te qr 

.i^celi jJi tliiriy t-.vo tfMviu.Iiip one huniiicd nndoiio 

ran;;o 30, it b«ri»i?; iIjc iaiulyou filed on. You arc 

, hcrtjby noiiiicJ to b« and appear r. I this office on 

\ , i wtili slay iho 2C:h day ol lici-eiahi r, K-ifii'), at one 

Xeep- I ^.^ j^^... j^ jji^ f ,j. ^j,y purpos", ol ;ri\ in;,' the v.Lolo 

tioo of Ihoir eves.- cvervthin- is hid- ""-iii^'- -^ f'-t" ^^^ ii^l-'riial iaviai„'|:tion 

''^" ' • ' '" . I A n niilli . Ui-si»tcr, ii w uolh-y, Receiver. 

ckn exeept the eye itself— at;a then is 


CASH paid for HIDES & SKIXS. 

. Ivcep? coi:stantU' on Land a good asEortirent of 

I REFEKENCE3.— Hon. J. B. Wakeflcld, Hni A 
T^ Tl t i^ J ji -M • 1. Dustin, Blue Kartb ; Isaac Marks. J. F. Meagh- 

Lver 15rOUght to the ^Minnesota er,Mankatu; Mun-cr Bru?., St. raul. 

X'aHoV June !, 1 sec. 33ml^ 

and have commcaced 





- - Mix>\ 



Limp llV craa-UtoaCf. l. m^ ^^»' j All inipOi-taut d-ieSaOn- 1 ' ,,,'.,, ,.,.,' r:.ti.4e:i0.iVbe;i^' the lai.d you filed on Yol intentiunaUv a^lvevlisea ^ he L. (Vosse i/.-yw/i/min .n.ks the ; ^ tli^Mr eyes. One tu.d lue, s.iys a i,,,;,, ,,,iti,., ., h.aud tM^K-ar lU tli. o^^^^^ 

my has not inietKun.i.i.y "-^^ I ..,.,. ,^ . .• ii „. c ino^no-ident t'l-t thctliMh-ullv of such we Ine.-day tho 2C.»h day (f Ivc ne.^t nt 

« Vp, -Ic nU-ee of la v\ whrre the f.i-t St. Taul i\<>«('(r to Miswi-r the follow- cjiu.-po.iauu, l.i..t iac(ii.n<.u.i% oi uui , ^^^^^^^^ ^ .^^ ^^^ ^.^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ of gh i.:„' the ,u; 

LmisVviK.'on i',or Ins. U-i ; in;; very i;.portant quotiou. The ; i<lenlitica-i- n i. very great, and th.t be ■ -..-..-.-. 

lai-n to i^ '1 he fo.rp.'.ny h:.s a-l v. r- ' (picstiou is one that oui;]it to Ic ans./cr ^ i.ini.«?lf was unable to find out hiS own 
tiat'd, aul willo..nt..isoineihree bun- ^ ed by the I'lonver as well as t'.ouatiutis pvife when thus coiicoalcd. More ihan 

the business of the rest of the company V ^ T.:.-...K:r:u-. V, inmbafio (;;ty. Mi.m. Nov 

U identify the concculcil pcrr:on simply thi^day appli.u for thn so(jr sec 5 town 101 

rati;.;e:i»', i\ bell'.; H'c lai.d you filed on You are 
" ■ ' ' ■ ""cc on 

: o'cl')(k p *:ii for (iic purp^iJi) of gU ii:^ li-e niattL-r 
J fair invf>-f]?.iilnii. 

A U nuilisr g>:.i.r. II V.' no!l..v receiver. 

r S Liud Or.Uc r.Inncbu-o ci.'y minn nov 20, 

ofwr.k-h fact all my old custolnvrs and the pub- . 

^" ^" '^'^ ! JOHN F. MEAGHER 

VViil bo satisfied bvc-allin- and P:xam- ^f,r l^""'* ^^''l^*'^'^^^ ^"'^/'•'^Xl^^'i™^^^^ 

., *, ?, • ofIlardwa»e. Stoves and Agru-ultural Impie- 

lUlll"]; Uiy OoOdS, and I;ei.ring _ j^^^nts in the Minnesota valley. My stock of 

my I'liCeS. ! Aericultural Implements is very largo and com- 

; pkte. consi-tiug of the following ma»,hines : 

C7t.r bearing in icind ruy motto of 

55 B 


■ GO J. H. Manny'Sy^ 

Sidling ?,I01iE Good^, for ONE g^jf ^^ ij^nj RaUs, 

House in the Valley. j 

I-ii-s worth of repvovomc. I baij i'*'*-" • ^voilh a cent beibre the war, to steal . . . ,/*» ; , , . b^r isw. ai lOoVlocic pui,for tuopuipo.-.e oi f,u 

. J 1 t '.. „ ,vAi-vv »n!xr I- ♦! « i:,.;f,,l Vt..t».« Ti-.-nMivv C''^-"^'-? •" this pastiaie, tiere beiU-JJ it..' iUcwbohMUittcr a fair and mvciU 

mide uo'.M itan.l p-ob.b.N neNen\ouia| |,.om the bnilcd M..t"S lua.>ni\ r^- » i , ^^ , • . i -a-b.:,. a ll iiuili^Mioi,'i> il W lloDey lie- 

lo .VKantonebandro-lollhescclaim.^;en^.uf,'h .noney to luy a Lewspnper, only cue other per.-^on bm.-.n b.vuies - j^;^^^ 

be. .At out . ,„.i.,.,,, ,,0 ' (*b'^.'-»00,) aaa then run in opposiliun | hers-!!, and this j^.n old c:vntiein ui \uA \ 

ve.e t^I.d on by '^ ;;.;/^ /^;^";^.^;l to the K.>ver,uue:.t front wbh-h tl.e ,,j,^.,,,,a Ibv !d. ryes. The pair ^^vo\,.^Jl^^^^^f:'^^:^^:^^:^J^^^^^ 

^tofs. .ot <.no .d ; ^^"- ^ , - 2 '''T' ''"''' '''^"''' ')'■ 'r^r' '' ''"''' dulv concealed and bandaged up, vvl.h ^n l^i^fV^cJ-h J/hS'^Vpplicd ..r the |.on,h 

Lccn iu the Slate, ihe JaanuatJ peo- jed as ^oon »s convenient. ,, , , . . ., i i .♦ we>t .luarur Fc-etion iive Towr-up toi ran^e 

, ■ ,, , , ♦ ♦■» , rT ,i w<a ,,»' ih's nolliini; but Itieir eyes visible, and tiien .JO Ke.t,ii being ihc land >ou fikd..n. Y'-i. isre 

'; :.w,. vo .1 rl Z'C ri,,,-,.; r.„a :^rw. m.,.u,u„ n^.-,,.! ..i i.s. .i>e ,.c.v.>„_., i..5v.»i.o »os .„ <ioc.i„.o I ;;«-. ;-;;H V' - ;,:;;;f'i;::jr ,cus I .?;.::.:^ 

Lv ' ,:,„ ,u,t ;., Ik. bl^vncl f T it, Im, ! wc-k r.p.rls u c:>.o ofrobbcry in tlmt j lo wl,.-,,, .1,.^ .■oM.^iiyo oyos bolonsc^ = a -/- ;W-.- .:;^.;^vh,.^::;» '^l-'' -<- 

20 Kirl)y,9 

Excekior Droppers, 
j and Caugia Cliiel',r 

Isaae Marks. ,0 Swcep-stakes Threshers, 

i G J. .1 Case's Threshers, 

' G Velrator Threshers, 

^Massellon Machines, 
G Bufi^lo Sulkey Iv kes, 

35 Revolving, horse rakes^ 

Manbato, Minn., Nov. 2G, 1SG6 


Evans & Tall, Proprietors- 

Til's House i.s New, Comrnodiou.s 
Pjcas.'iitly Loe.UeJ. and h 
Iv Fiirni.shed throu£il;out. The very -vr«i1.- 

and all the emallor jiaplcmonts in s* k 

My Ftook of Builders llardwat bcsbeen se- 
r'omrnodlOU.S, Ic-tc'd wiih care, and is very large. Builderf 
ai-i been New ' ^^''^ always find a fuJl supply of 

your town, and we arf glad of it, Me 
hope you may get il and it m.iy 
do yju much gooJ, we would n t .r.y a 

they were ccmmiitcd lo jail. A r.uni \ Maria;" and by return post lie received J.:/,'^|i^i/i^yrbp:icd AiVu.c £w *{rof s.-r 2.3 town 
bcr ol ariicles of clodiin-' were abo ' the cold upiy, " Permit n.c to correct | i„i ra,.;;c,:u it b.-lng the land you iliedoa You 

f. /7 I (.iiiier yeurrruinmu- or your morality, arc hereby notinod to be and appear at this ofli.-c 

feund in possession of the I'ri^<*ncr.% ; ';'-"^* .\*"fo ,/,... .j., i..^, dro' of Deo l.SOS at 

I ...t.:..b ,.. t. Ii.nvnlio.n ,. , I l^^^V, w... a, C J! M an .^ ^^,^,^^^^ /n. for n^c pun-- -^^ giving the .hoi 

(ilass, Sash^ 

Doors, Blinds, 

Locks, Latches. Sc. ^c. 

Prices Ezceedin for 


All persons dcFiring to purchase Reap '•rd 
Threshers, would do well to givt me a call oefora 
p\irch.?sicj.', as my stock is my larpe and I wiU 
Varrant all inaciiines to give sati. faction, acd 
my prices and terr" tnnnot fail to suit. 

hand. A'.-o liei-h oysters in their soa.'ou. 47m3 s4v;^.yl 


Straw in its '.vay. We ^vant a roaJ j 
as much as you do, aud if you see tl)at 
the i)rOj.pcct3 are fair f.n- u.=? g'-tting 
one, yun ouijht to encourage the enter- 
prise, and not turn round aad abu^e, 
or try to, tho company that is buiMinir 

i' • . ! which Were i-rovcn to have been slo- 1 
a J iiist < • , 


The India Horror- 

Fr-^m tho London Spectator: 

That teleL;rani from India, announc- 

♦. *^ ' .11 M • -.'J-? I .n Muud.vtbo 2Ith d:'V of Dec 1.S06 at nine 

y, xvhoareyouro!her.Je..r ^l^^^^^r \';?^^-^'Y^uZ^!!^ iL].,^^ .^givingtho whol 

marKam:^m»tcm*i*sK>Bn^mrsr-Mtmf^ j ^j^^^r a lair an-l in:,>arlial invtsiii;:i-ii n 

W WTED a h bul'.is register h w ii->/lley receiver 

r 8 1 \vA ofnc^ wlr-iu-Va-^o ftity inl.Tn nov twen , 

, tilth, l^»">i To Henry<m— the 8 m railr'.al 

i has tuh day applied Tor thts » c <if xcc ?,b t.^wn 

im runpc .4, it b.-in-.' the ;a:.l you fb-d on Ycu 

ar at thi-^ HiTuo 
at 9 


l:ke that bind of Talk. Tho writer '-'f | ^, j,.^t,,,,.,i ,],,,.,oilsm, of a govcru- 
the letter referred to lives in HlueKa'th ^^..^j^ houiuiless power to help, 

Mankato, Nov. 24Lh, bSdb 

with a continent to tax at will, with a| (/ ^\ i,atHl Office. 

revenue of £13,000,000 , with 1 1,000, | To Cabic L Hoard: 

OO'JX III treasuries — of a tcovcrnmcnt 

It -if no'bv. Receiver 

i lefiG at nine o'elock a in, fi>r tho purposn of giv- 
! ing tho whole ni.uter a fair and iinpaitial invest! 

Winnebago Ci.T, Not 20, isr.rt. J f'jXr is TeH^tcr 
- j The south luin railroad has oitd day applied j -^ " ■'""•'5- i-^'^^^-^^^^' 

wlncl, acclurcs .h.-.t Hs n.orul right .0 r„ru,. ,,..}. ;;«r'-- f--;:;/'.,,;:;"*'; n s-l.„d o..oc, ^Vi,„;, u,.,, cu.v, :,|i»n., Nov 

it Ju-ii.' the land yo-, filed en, You arc hereby I 20 ISM', to Arviu'Jhe fcoulhe.u Min 
aotif.ed to bo and apptarattbiM.mee on wens lay 1 nc.ota Railroad oon.puny bar this '^"J «I' '' ;;^ 
the rwenty-'Wh day !.!• Dec t^OC^ ,1 o..o o'clcck P r.rthe nortn we.t '^--^- -^^ :;^rt^i':i 

rei'u 13 its care for tho masses of the 

populalicn- ofaK^vcrrnient which, j,.,^^.,^^^.,,;, „„j. ^, ^,, ..,..„, ., , 

iriH....n.«i..i..3. bat origin, .he ^. - :^---:- ^;r;- '- "■»»" ' -' ?-Lfi;;s^«;;i^i?wl^i;;!,v;v"'j^^ obovo tlio landholders. 1 lie a. ii. nrij-is. nr^isfcr, 

- - 1 If ur I'fU.i.r.V. llK-ii-ivci 

Statement is faisc, the intention of r.n j 

II. W.UOM.r.V. Ut-ji-wcr, 

City, tii^u-h we do uwt know who he 
is. but he «eeni3 to be in a hurry to let 
the tlomestead nun know (hat the peo 
pie up tint way have got till they wc^nt 
<>t them, and that llun:e;4et.d men need 
expct no Ftjpjiort from Mr. Wakefield 
or Mr. Andrews- 

J^^Auditor Mcllralh \\'» made a 
Ftatement of the sale of .«ciiool lands 

from whioh wc tuke tho foUowino: tig ^.„eniy to disgrace us in the eyes of| JJ {•"^, J.^^Jf}} O^^^'iMCju. 
iird>: The fir^t. ale of these b.nds was! ^,j^ ^^:^j.|,| Two millions, and a half of 
made in 1802, and tl»e total >'i«'»'ber j ^^.5,^^^, ^^jj.^,^ (,fi,unj;er on tb.o sontli- 
ol acre.-* sold during the four years ^yc t coas^of IJen^al! Why the coast 

is opposte Arracan, the rice graiuary 

of India, looks ^'t^aiJ.•ht to tho mouth 

of ib.o Ganges, and the ri'jh delta whose 
I endless wealth of production puppliea 
in advaivc. According to the n-porti^i^Q s^urjlus revenue of a con'.nut, op 
not moro than one tweiilieth «f the | py^j^^j ports crow0.ed uilh shippini:. 
Bcliool lands have b en soil, ih'sbeing' ,u,jer a government which can trans 
tb.e CTsf^, our ?e!io'»l furuU can bo »afe- | port armies, which can find agents b} 

Minnesota Railioad fO'npany has thi.^ day ap- 
plied for tho north west cjunrtor s.-ctiou 35 
township 101 rango 34, it being the land you filed 
on. You f.rc hereby notiued to be and appear at 
tb^ olTuc on .V.oaday the 24th J.ij of T'cccuibcr 

V, as 210,880.05, ait.tiuniing to >;?1,8-18, 
8J2 55. Of this amount abotit one 
miilioii \i iu the hands of p-krcbasers, 
wl.-> have to pay 7 per cent p?r annum 

olTRce oa Monday the 2ith day of December ISOo 

at nine oMock a m, f..r the purpo.«o of giv ing the 

wlioloir.alttr a fair and i-aip-irtial inve.=t.gation. 

A n Bulii?, Rogb-iir, it w iioUcy, Kteeivtr. 

■ t r t ^_.,^_r^.*_« -r._. -.^ 

Winnebago City District. 

J. 11. WFI.rn. Ro?lster. 
' II. W. liOI.LKV, Ucceiver. 

r^7-0|■^c'?h'^ur3from 8 \. M.till 4 P. M. 
Winucbtao City. Ming.,'. Jet . :^g; lSti3. 

J. S. P K R R Y, 


Winnebaf^o Citv ^Minnesota, 

' *""^ o J r S LnndCfficc Winnebago cily minn nov 29, 

M-iv be 'oinid In FcIloWs' Ucvsr Slock. Op- | isCO To.Jo.-eidi llcnsoa The s m railroad rompa 

U S Liind OiTicc, Vrinncb;igo Cify, Jllnn., Xf>v 
20, iSfifi. To Alfred l.yles.— The S<.alhern Min 
ncsotaRriilroad company l^a? this day njiplied 
lor tho north wcit quarter section tweniy-5 town 
ono hundred j nd one north, range thirty-four 
west, itl)Oii)g tho land you filed on. You are 
nt, tilled to be and npjiear at this olltico on Mon- 
t day tho twciity-4ih day oj Dec, 1S(5(*>, at 9 o'clock 
' a in. for tho purpose of giving the whole matter 
a fair and imiiartial investigation. 
A n BuUis, Rcgiste-, n vr uoUoy, Receiver. 

e now ready a large and 


of Fall and Winter Goods, of the choicest styles and best qnalit]^ 
to be found in the market. Coni|)]using 

Meiiiios and Empress Cloths! 
Stiiped and Broclie Poplins! 

Llaids and Alp)accas ; Common and all T\"ool Delaines , Priuta 

and Sheetings ; Balmorals and 

w::i » '^ 

t;,e 0..0, o,n. .dm-..I f.rul. can bo .ofc | ^ovt ar.i-cs, «i,i,.h can fnul ..gets by ., .»/"»"■ r-...-:'<»/;^'-'J..-[^';'':-/;;'„\; '^^r tS^,?; ^V.lli od ^Vo'':n'r4.f;::'r arlui^ 

,, c.Mi„...U.,l .,t twon.yfivo ,„i'.ii,.r,s of : „,. ,„.,,io,, ^biob n.-aiut-.^u-s in con.fovt j ?- -..'tl"'^- ' '^' '""'-^ ' , f^;::i, :^^J^^.t^i^i:::tS. 

dol'nrs, }is those vet to bo sold, an- ; soldiers enual in number to three fitlhs Most kinds of cooniry rr'><tuce wanted r.r wor^ ^^^^^^ ^ ,^^,^ ^^ ^ i:npartial iuvc?.igation. 

, . . . r , * , ^ •■• i: I. ♦!.> t«lp.M-",»]i fi-iv Cuttn.g done on short notice, and warranted to a h bullis register h w holloy rcceivea 

daily nicre-aSii-g m value. • of the farmings wh'.ch the tclegi..i>n fia\ ,it ,f j,„.pctiy made up. »'2v4 , _____ 

daily iucreHsh.g in value. 

Letter from Ronston. 

of the fandiii^s which the tclegrnidi say 
h;ts peri.'-hed. Two miili'Jiis and a 

^^^^-^ ---™"; ^ ;,,ir<;rpe..ple,five hundred head, of 
i ne .^.L Ptt.d . Wss coutnins^the fed- j ^^ ^^.^^ ^^^^^^^^^.^.^^ ^,^^,^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ,., 

oMug letii-r from ' Siauitn oated at ^^. ,...:..t....i .♦i_.,..„..i nMMro:, 

fit'teon hunJred thousand chilJren, 


Iluin ■!•, Nuv. blh. r>y reailing thi.s , . ^, , .,,, , «i,n Vu.ovov i<s 

, . ' ,' t I « .T « dead of hunger. >\ liy, the V leeioy is 

IcMcr It beReen ihat wo n.,t the j . , , t i- *i .„,«.^/^»M t.v 

... ., /I 4, the p.ckcd Indian, theman cho>en l)> 

oiiiv oni- tii:»t r p.Ke.s over the Hatter- » „, . -, , 

. ' , r'.i «^ I AT ' the naJion bceau^e of li-.s c.-ipa ity to 

vvj |ir< sj'ocls i'f tho S- uihern ]Mmneso- '■"'• . , i i n- 

t . liailroad. Kcd it. Ml v= wl.o op- g'-v-.T... .bo ruicr lu-JS r.skc.l a rcucl.on 
, ,.,„.«c<l »9 in tl.c lu.o oumpnia,,. <" ''^"''= '•"■»''<"•' '" l-'-'-'*^'»"-y O' Ou<lo 

• i-Miioia Ht. Pa il Pie«» : 

'•iloiisioii gi'.crf 400 PiODuHican ma- 

the Knglishman whom of all human 
bfin"s nbilanthropists would have 

i ritv. llurr:it» for Housion ! but it i^ | picked out for a throne, and he is in 
do: of pu) t cs that I wish to write, l.uti tb.e Ilill.^ as far a way from those 
01 tin:os and things geuerully. 'Ihe S. whom this villiantms story ropresent,^ 
Ai R. K. is doing wonders fur this as dying in myriads, as Wai-saw is from 
county, Hs it sr 11 f.^r every county it. I'aris- Two miluons and a half of peo 
pa^eJ'lh.ough Tae can run out 20 pkl.- twice the poptdation of Denmark 


Manufa'-lurcr ar.J Doakr In 

of every variety. 

Gilt:\roalding.^ Kept On Hand 
w.vuG-uoov.s conxr.R of ihckouv & second 

grS. M.VXKATO MINN. 21yl 

Attorneys Sz Counselors at Law. 


rilia'tcui praiuptly and fAithfuily to all b-oiiueujln. 
Osteil ti> thc!rcai-e 

a.te.U.,thc*rcare. ' tiii^ oltco on Wednesday, Iho 2Gih day of D 

ll:u-e for sibat all tini?'«, l..igo qnanOties of . j^^^. ^^ , ^^.^.,^^^^ j. ^ ^^^ ^^^ purpce^ of givit 
.Viuncbago Trust Lands, aad other yaluablei j^^ whole matter i fair and impartial inveslig 
Farming Und;*. | tion. .A U RttDi?, Register, 

Farming l«nd;<. 



U. S. Zand Office 

Winncba:ro City, Minn. 'Xor, 20lhlSCC. 
j To William Jsauci; 

Tho f in railroad has tot.* day npplied for the 
j n c <iuarter .•section five Township otic hiin- 
I d-cd and one North, range tiiirty it being 
j the land you filed on. Ton arc beieby notilitfd 
I to bo and* appear at this office on wcdnc'day the 
! twentieth day «dDeclS06 at one o'cloc-k p mfor 
j Iho purpose of g vin^; the matter & fair and im- 
' invcstigiitiiin. 

A. II. r.l'LLT.^^. Register. 

H. W. nOLLEY Receiver. 

~'n: -s' 7, and Office, 
Winnetjaso City Minn., X<.v 20 lir^'O. 
To Joj«'i>h Co'.bnii: 

The s min r.iilroad has lbi!> day a^il 5»cd for 
the north cast quarter of f;c(;tion 17 township lOl 
n.^rtb. range ;'.2 west, it being the land you filed 
on. Vo-d are h< r-bv notilied t.. be a'ld rrp.->ar at 

partial mvesiiga- 
.A U RuDii', Register, 
H W Holley, Receiver, 

!§iiver Braided Spring Skirts ! 

ilejino under garments!, Flannels, Gloves, Fine Hosiery 

Boots aiicl shoes, Hoods & shawls. 
Ladles cloaking. Gents cloths, 

Table Linncn, Towlii.^, Trimmings, and a variety of Worsted 
and Fancy articles. Also constantly' on lian<J 

C R O C It E K Y , 

And a complete stock of Number Ono 

Our A"-ent in Boston is constantly watching the TT»«irket f^^r 
Gs, and we are thus enabled to give our patrons the advantages 
by offering the best goods at reasonable rates. 
Winnebago City, October 20, 1866. 

Wisisliip & Goodwill- 

,^ ■ a ^tmu 




»■ ■' ■■ I 

n.ui. ^ 

»■ ■■! I ■■! » W« 

» -wwji w 






WiNNEn.vuo City, Nov. 28, 1SG'>. 

ThO T.aJics Mite Society will meet 
nt tlic liowse of II. W, Uollcy oq to- 
mon-ow (Weaner^aav) cvcuing. IMr. 
llolloy has quite a l:iri;o house, aiul 
Ihe hulics wisli to sec it well lllieil. 

Thanksgiving Ball. 

D. S. Lwv, proprietor of Law's Ho- 
le!, in this place wishes! to announce to 
the people of this city anil of the snr- 
l^^unding country, thai ho intenJs get- 
ting up a splcnilid Thanksgiving; Hall, 
to be given at Monlton's Hall on Thnr:* 
day evening, Nov 29th. A (loo.l Oyz- 
tor Supper ^vill be fnrnlshcJ. 

Rice's Qu.jdrillc Hand will l-e in at- 
ien.linco. Bill $3.00 


t7ilton, Waseca Ccan'7, Minncccta, 

J. H GRAY. Prop 

Tcim« Rcasanablc— Tcaiii>i'.is oor iiii;>it 

— • — — _:i:i__ ."-T-Z-l^n^rt:'- : , Ouo <l<'liur jind iilialt". 

T f .' H NT ■; O y iJ'.iIJ.jCIlirTlON. ' (Somnil BtaLw ofiki:. Go«hI stallliiij, and rc-rxpon- 

One fopv one year - , % * -- 



~bi^'c Oh M iin Sliei-t nexl door North of tbc 
\\ ii'ii.>':t;:«> Oily Hi'U-I. 

ror any term iff-' <»^" « .uoth?, 5 ceatu a w^cU. 


:^o. in. I \j'\ fg »'<i |oi|> f^i' M^"i- 1 ^ "'i 

I mn'th 2.)0l 4.0f» fi.OO 7,00! 12,00 ' 20,00 

') w'U^ ; :^..')» 5,'»»M s.Do' 10,00 lo.oo ■ 2:.,oo 

i m"t'«3 ! :>,00 .S.OOI12.OO1 15.00, 21.00 .-'.."..oo 

•) iuMh I 8.00, 1 1,00' 1(5.00 20,00^ :; 1 :.o.oo 

I yoar. lO.OD' 1 1,00 20,0o' 25,00 | 10,00 70,00 
Ten lines or losa in;ikc one fiiuu.'o. 



Unov/ Thy Destiny. 

Afii;NS FOR 

< iTicK. AT Tin: DKifi stoat?:. 

C.illi liy Juy or night jnomi'tly attended lo. 
\Vin;.cl.i.-i> Citv, An-r. 1.0. ISiU"., 


Advcrtisomcnta aot inirUcd foi u specified time 
will bceunlinutd. and fh\r;rcu for uicordingly. 

You'.v iilv^rtisjr.^ win »)c luld strictly toad- . ,, , , „, ■ y> ,, v* • .; ,/ 


tainin;; to tbeir 1 u-incr.< 

1' A I II r, A N K S S C A L E S 



New DrusK §torc 

▲ r 


la the Luildiug adjoin iog tie L.^ni OCw. 

*>T-iflars<i n. F. Ti^inicn, (lie gTi.-l English \'tr.,l"-- 
pijt, Clairvo.var.l .lurl r.-<ychom*"l.ician, who ha« as- 
toul.-.ln.MllUe sckiilifio c'.assts oftlic OM Wor'nl. luis n 
located heratU at Iluflsoo, N. V. Madarje Thorht 
pt-gseSt-B Furli wonderful ixjWCts of 6cc<^.nd sight, as to 
enable her to Inipart ki.ov/ledt'C of the prcatest lnr,.or- 
funcoto tlitiln-'i.> or married of »:itherisex. Wliile in 
ii state of Ir.-inc", Khe dtrlin-atcs the very features of the 
person you are to marry, and \>y the aid of an instru- 
ment of intense pm-er, knoTrn .is t'je, Payclioraotrnpe, 
guarantees to r"oJ''Cc; a life-like pxture ofUie future 
liiisband orwife of ll'epppl'<;3"<^. "^k'<^"'er with date of 

narrl.T?"', pos:iion in life, leading traifn of cliaracter, 1 Talu".- ; Iv;:.snro in nnT!fnir.(lnnr Hint I iiEFlUQ 
ic. Tl.isiis no humbiij, as tlmusands of teatimomals j STOFB i" now open ard stocked 

v.iiii a IujI astortinent of 


AlLiono.-t of tlio .Monthlies devoted to Fash- 
ion and Pnro Litor.-iture. $2.50cypar; IrcTOi.- j can assert, fche will send, wlien desired, a certified 
ics $1. K'-ht fnnd one gr.lli^) SIO. WIIKllLKIi 1 certif:cite, or written irnar.intce, thatthc picture is wLat 
A WIl.SON"SSi:WIX(J MADII1XE3 given ns; H l-nrports to '.^. nycnclo.mga s.mU lock of ha.r.^^^^^^^ 

I'rciniiiiLF. Bend 1 j cents !ur a sample e'.py to 

vert Oininla peitainm^ lo iue;r ..■-..■'..- ^... . , , nr . •, , . f. .»»,/;-/>• 

)t:»'>r notices wiU his chu.'jjod at the re;;tuar rates j u * -t 

Exco39ofadverlisomonlsini.viiedvTinbocharg- ^ Vrer-'-nd in nipo ^^^^ 

d propfilloiiitltly to tliO nnmhor ofsquarcs bar- OLD BOURBON ^V' IllbiV i 

Frca from fJruin Oil, 'With Flowers, 
Jjud.^ and }J.jrl:.-i ol tV.e Highest 

DEACON J. PETEU.SOX, 310 WaluulSt., Pbil- 

;uined for. advtrclsemcnts iniCftcJ at tlie the tx- 

Medical Virtue, 

penieof thoattora.yora.ri.ijjthem.and ,.otdo- ^.^ i,.,re,.inR the npp.litc, n>.i«tin^' dij^estion, 
ayul.lo f.)r U-.^il prooooduigs, Li;t luu^t be paid re ,i.l:itiu;r the \,i>\vcU. and <;ivin;f tone to the fvp 

A new lot of Wtirranfif Deeds 'y\9.t 
printed aiul for sale at ihs oliice. .11- 
sso all kinds of Jtistice^s Dhnils. 

! ^;lating place of birth, age, diiposllioD and complexion, 
and cnclo/ii!;: riOoenti and stamped envelope addressed 
to yourself, jou will receive the picture and desired in- 
formation hy return mail. All communications sacred- 
ly cor.fidi'.i'.iul. Address, in con3dence, JIadame E; F. 
TIIORMON, P. O. Box 223, Hudson N. Y. 

Dr M L Pierce, i>entist, i.^ no\v 

in Mankato. SVe leurn that ho i3 otic 
t>f the most skillful in his professiun. in ; ^^ 
the Northwest. D.> not fail to call on 
liim if you need dental operations 

•n deiiveiy of the aCidavit. I tciii, thcy'irnparl strcupcih a:;d vigor W. the body, 

-- tlce. iu.o.ted in the reading coln.,n. don- ••••^^J:^^';'--,;;;^,^^ 

cL'.L' r.tles 

jAS. L. ciiia?TrK 

Editor &, Prorrictcr. 

J:^**Ry referrcnce elsewhere it will 
bo seen that L. T. Kellogg of .Maukato 
advertif=es for a largo number of prairie 

Business Directory. 

NO. 27. 

Fr.HE ij.^'D ACCuPTKD MAfOVi* 
ft fhc r.^qn'.sr Communications 

, .T M. ^'1 W^l.ud-oi.H held on Tiic.-day tneninij, 

chickens. \U will not any Kind r'\f\ i.^f^r. the full n.oon. 
of game. Persons having game to sell 
can send it to Mr. Kollo-rg or lo :\Ir. 
AVdllace, his agent at Mankato, and 
they will get their pay by return in:ii'. 

Express. —TliO American Express Co. 

of Ihi." 
on or 

got Tlli:sl-: UlTTEKS. have him send for thew 
i-r;., Iho nam.', and taUo no 
F</r salo bv drn;.'-i:-i3 and (Iroccr* everywhere 
*C. 11. KWAIN. I'r.p.-ictor. 

31 iontb Wales st., Chicago. 
At Whole?alc in Ft. I'aul, by 



Drugs ^ Chciiilcals, 

Patent Medicines, 
Choice rerfuineiy. 

Fancy Toilet Soap 
Ba}^ Enm, 
Pure. Unauulterated Liquors 



c « WII T •! V W. M. 1). P. WFi:?. .T P. 
i; K \itH LTON, S. W. .ft>. I,. WMK. 

TJlOci HI MK.J. >V. T. W. JKNMv-'S. Tr...3. 

/l"o. A, WKllt. :?. D. S. UlCllARDSON, T>K.r. 


s'leriff— r r riiAPn,. r.v Atfy-A. c. pr-sN, 

■ .lOllNrO.S J.;.l^e-AMo:. P Ki:.<-H>N. 

r. K. yrisEH, 

Piactical Watcli-IMake.i, 



Llaiikato, - - - Minn. 

i;.: ALL 11 IS 

Medical PuRPosEg* 

A fiEiill quanfily of Choico 

Tobacco and Cigaes 

School Books and Stalioncrv. 

Attention is called to the following list of Pa- 
tent '.Icdieiiies, a'uon^ luimy others 
found at tho Diag Store; 

j AYER's--Ague Cure^ 
" Clierry Pectoral, 

'^ Sarsaparilla, 

*" ^'eL^etable PilLs. 

opened ibr business, their line bct^veen j J-;[-!!;/i,i'i\^!,:i^ Sr:::;-V.'M. ^^vay;;" • ^ .-^^-y -^ 

^.lankato and Dlae Ka. th Citv. Thi. ! ^ud'u'Jr-w. r. cauv. oonrtCom.-A. pui -^ion , V> .Kdicf,, cIoc^k., .Tewc ry .t .^Iver .a.. 

is a much needed institution and curl ^-^^^^iSrifii::!^^^^^^'^^^^^^' '^^^'^'""''1 ^epairin. neatly executed and .a.ranteJ. 

people will be saved much trouble and i 

anxiety. Geo. K. Moulton is their' *'''' 

C ■J'- 

L- vy E I u 

authorized agent for thi.s city. 

J^^See card in to days paper of 

Attorney ct Couiibcllor at Law. 
Notary Piblic, 

.in.l Couv.'y.anccr, V.innebni;.* City, Min;)c.«ota. 


Garden City Hotel, Evans So Fall pro j ',.,^^..., „,» main SlitEKl, tiiM door south ^^V 
prietovs. Thf so geuileint-n have just j . Land onioc. 


;,.,,, 11 r • • ~ *t, w« ' i -n.- i;.,(i«)et!»i;» ma«t»» ».i<i\ ia.^e» paid. 

finished tboaroughiy refurnismg tneiri ^,;:^y„i,,„,^,i ,„,,:, ,.^r.- ..ill r^-civo ,;,„.np 

their house, and keep as good a hotel; trnnti.-c. ^^ ^--^ 

as can be fouud in the country, elop | 
thefo when you travel that way. c. dinv, 

I AttOiuey and Cot.nsellor at Law 

r^::«r'\Vhile we were in Mankato i r:tr w;!l al^cad to prof;«i;oiial buiii.'^fs 
, *^ ■'^ 1] 1 ^. Ar.. \».,.l- ' hroui'hout tho Jtuto. 

last week, we cailed upon ?ilr, .>. ai L>, j ^yi^^^bago City, Minn. 

Mr. Marks 








Where they are oi'cning a sj)lecdid assortment, consisting of rich and coai 

nion Dress Goods, buch as 

J ATZsE^s— Alterative, 


Grafenbcrgs Catholicon, 






I?»-h>-»;*Ti.n.oi4 ^^^-^-^^^ M^s^ei^^si I^^^itlsBS^ jAVinchester's Ilypophosphitea 
Jiimpi'eS:^ ^i'{j)ll25 iv^tviill^.^^ fi ^l^?aSfli^5 of Lime and Soda, 

Alapaca^j all Wool Delaiii^^ Vel 
vetj*^ ^Sliks.^ Shawls^ CJioaklsBg^ aiic 

Ladies CJloili. 




merchant of that place. , i>^''»c« 

k«ep.s the largest and choicest stock of J.iAlv' \^ i.lUXAliJLi. 

goods of any l^onse south and west ofj Corner ef llolley A M.In .^Ireet.. Winnebago Ci^v j 

St. P.iul. He buys gootls in snchltirgc) J), g. LAW Proprietor 

qunntilies that ho cau and does sell 

cheaper than any house in Mankato 
Shouklany of our people go to Mankato 
to trade g) t) Marks' t) do it. Sec hi« | 
advertisetnent in an >!her coluain. ' 

^^''The Hepublieau mnjorily in 
the State is 10,0(31. Mr. Wihdom's 
majority in the nr=t District is G,o04, 
and Donnelly's, lu the second District 

Literary Notice^*. 

"We have received a copy of tlie lAt 
tie Corporal, accompanied by a fepleo- 
did steel engraving entitled ^'Thc Heav- 
enly Cherubs-" The engraving is a fit 
picture for any parlor, and the paper 
rahks above all others as a ChilJs Pa- 
per. The price of the engraving is $2, 
for tiie paper 81. The readiua; matter 
i.H of the choicest character, and every 
child should have ihe benefit ot it. 

This superb engraving is sent free as 
a nremium to everyone who sends to 
the publisher three new subscriberf? for 
one year to "The Little"— 
Mr. Sewell also ciUrs to j^ive Organs 
and Melodians to schools or persons 







WINNEBAGO CITY, \ ^ ^^ ^ '^-* ^ ^^^"^ ^ ^ ^•-^' '-^ '-^ • 

ann.-nowr.r.:p.ircdto d'/..iikind.of ^vork in Pupc Wiiies aiul Bpandics fo?* 

his line, ^cw'harntr3 made ta onler, and uU 
kirtd!" of ronairin',- douo on short n-.ti«-i'. Sliop 
op .Mair.s, licxt door seu^h of lliehardson A Rey- 
nolds' Uroeerv. ^, , 


Wi).ncb.ii-o City, M.^v Z'u i:'On. S2lf 

Prints!, checlcs, Stripes, Sheetins^^ and Denims. FJannel:^, 
cloth.s, AVool Blankett;, Heavy cloths for hard service. 

stages kavo this House for all Points. 

Tljere is also a cod livery cj»uec»cd with the 
House. __ ^""'^'^ 

Harness Bhop. 

The nndirjiprifl tnltc-^ this method of inform 
in;,' the pi.oplo of Winneb.i/To City and vicinity, \ 
tU-it he lias just cpLnod a nuw harnccs flop in 

liready made eloilMng^ Ociilsfiir 

wishing goods, Gloves and Mitts, Hats & Gaps, Boots & Shoes. 

GJ-i'oceries^ EtCo Etc. • 

All of which have be^n bought at low ftgurc.s, and will be sold reasonable. 

The most effectual known remedy for the cure of 
Dromchitis, Dy.«jpepsia, and Consumption. 

Hall's Balsam for the Lungs, 

^Irs. Wiiislow' Soothing S^Tup. 

^Morse's Medicines. 

Elixor Peruvian Bark, Mustang 
Liniment, Gargling Oil, 
and Condition Pow- 
ders for horses. 

Remember the sicrn 





JllcCabe'^ sievr bulldli^s:. 


H.. J-O'.! I l | H I l'i> '" '< ' 


Dluo Za^th City. 

This hoaso having been repaired an 1 newly fur- 
nifiicd throughout, is now open lor tho reception 

of iriiu'l-?' 

The proprietor respec fully solicit.* the p.itron- 
a-o of tho traveling public, and is dcteriuinrd 
that none i^haU f,'o away disjaliiliod who UiS.y la 

vor bim with i» call. _ . „ „ 

4-y (i. .S. CO^:VER.-jJi:, Proprietor. 

LOOK ^v o y , 
Physician and Sicgeon, 

VVinueiaaro City. - - - Rlinnesota 

Tho undcrrisncd would rcpctfully inform Itic 
people of Vy'inneba-o City and vicinity tiiat he 
has ncjuin ojjcned his ofiico in this ida'-c, and U 

" ),rcparcd to attend on all wl.o ini.y re<iuiro dh 

■who send lar^c clubs. The price of ! .'.;d. oab-o up sniri in Ciiy Si.icon buiiim-. 

>viiu n».ii a 1 I Prcscripti-ii:.'' carclnliy compounded. Persons 

Sewell, Publisher, Cliicago, III. 

2:^"Godey'8L.1dys Eo .k for De- 
cember is received. It is a choice 
inimbcr, just right for tho holidays. 
The steel plate engraving entitled 
^'Christmas" and ''The Cliristmas 
Doll," is magnificent, and tho reading 
as if possible more interestiug tlian ever 
If thc'.r is alady in cur own that is 
ffiot already a subscriber for this maga 
vine, she should sub.^crihe innnediale^y 
iSjnd in your name at once and get 
\he January number, the fi;st one of 
ihc new volumo. 

V/icnebago City, Ansu?t 15, 1^66. 43ira^') 


Vernon Cenlic. Blno Burtli Cour.ty .Viinncsoia, 

A. D. MASON - - • l^roprietor. 

I would reispcc* fully call t'.io nttoalion of the 
raveling ^-ablic to tho fact tliat I can row fiiyo 
hem as u-J'^l accomodalloiis as any Ilou.'^c jn 
ho niua Earth Valley. O^od Stables cooneetcJ 

J tho llousc. A. D. Ma.sos. 

Medicinal Pui poses, 

rateiit Mcditiaes, &i!. &:;. 

Letter, Cap and Koto Paper's; 
Pencils, Superior Ink, 

and other articles kei>t by Dru^jgij^ts gencialp 



Front Stror*. 

^I a n k a fc o, . . . . M i n r^e « o t a* 
.so tf 

Fall <fe WiEiler 
T 11 A D 1 ! 

II. P. ClIRI.STENSEN tt Bn05., 
3Iankato. Minn., 

Calls the gpctial atteuttou of tho citizens of Fari- 
bault and Martin ccruttieji to their cxtcu 
five stock of new 



Extracts <!c Essence' of all kinds. 

Orders promptly attended to 

and Prescriptions carefully 



Winnebago City, June 4, ISGtl. tfnSS 


Better o})port unity is now offered to any 

A pentleman who snffcred for years fjom Ner- 
vous Ccbility. Prcniiiture Decay, and all tho er- 
feels of youthful indiscrcti>n. will, for the sakr 
of frufferin^ humanity, send free to all who need 
It. the recipe and direetiong for making tue cim- 
plo remedy by which l.c was cur'jd : sufferers 
vfinhing to j-rofit by tho advertiser's experience. 

Woman, or child, wishiii- to purchase anything in the hue of Fancy ^''^^s j c.n do .o by^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ 

.^o. 13 Chambers St., Nt w Yorkv 


Every younirlady andgcntleraeu in the Unitel 
>"!trtas can hear something very much to their ad 
van ta<,e by return mail (free of charge.) by ad- 
dressing the und< rsignod. Those having fears 
of being humbugged will oblige will oblige by 
rot notieingthi* card. Al! others will pieauc ad- 
dress their obedient servant, 

S3] Broadway, New York 


embrac og crcry variety of 

Goods, French and Engli.h Me.lnos, Alpaccas, Scotch Phnd-s Delalus, Woolens- 
Flannels, Striped Poplins, Balmoral Skirts, Ladles Cloaks, Cloak Cloths, Do- 
mestics, print?, shawls, hoop Skirts, Shirt.-, drawers, wrai»pers. Hosiery, Notions 
No. 1 A\'oolen Blankets, Boots, Shoes, Hats, and Cr.p?, and Fur goods of every 

description, than haa ever before been 

^linnesota INIutual Insurance Co. 
Mankato, Minnesota- 

Insures agalust lo.^s by 

Frc and Lightning, and Death 
of Stock. 

J. A. ^TIS^VELL Soc 

E^flarpers sploa.lid .nag.ulno for i -^^ "''■'-""' '"it'^'^x'c.inr., T.-ca.«rcr. 
December is received. This, for choice j a. Kkn:u:i.y.) 
literature, cxcclls any mag;>.zlne now cua:*- ii- ^''^ '"''•> ^^"'^'"^^ '^scat*- 

^mblished in tho L^nited imitates, Ihist 
number opens with a beautiful piece 

Hon. Chan. Schc.Ter, St. Paul. Uon. E. <1. Ham 

of poetry entitled 'Ballad of Uncle .Toe' , pm, St.'ciond. Hon. A. Uhambcrs Owalonna. 
. • •. 1 1. Hon G E Cold Faribault. Hon. H. A. Siibelia 

The Drawer contains its usual amount JJ^;;-;-^^; Y^lf^/^J^i^^^^^^^^^ Henderson. A. 

of wit and instructive suggestions, c. Dunn, Ea<i., U'ianebaso City. Sargent 

Those who do not already take Harpir , Franklin k Kcyes, Wiuona. ^21d»^3 

should subscribe at once. 

Clothing, Groceries, Crockery 
Hats tt ai)s, Ladies Shoea, 

and a iarg« n.«gortmcnt of 

Notioiss & Toj!^! 

Tlu ir entire Plock was selected wi 
o-reat cara and ritU special refcrenoo to the ra its 
of Minnosotian?. 

The favomblo circumstances untter 

wbio'.i tb.cir pr.r;ha.'C3 were made, enables then* 
to sell at Very Low Prices, and the pub 
He may be a.'sured that th»'' caner no circum- 
stances, will be undersold. 

They ask the public to examine* 

their goods before buying e^sewLere, 

GASH Paid for WHEAT! 

In Faribault County. Higli pi'ices 



And the new moc 

lo of trading— lato decline 

Dry Goods will warrant general satisfaction to persons coming tr 


/H.rj AAA A TEAR made by any one with i 

ft)/C UUU ^*>-"'^'l Tools No experience MANKATO. 

neccsary. Tbo Prciidents. Casblers, «ind Trcas 


Front Street, near the Lcree. 



Mankato, Nov. 2l3t, lb3.». 


M- T. C. FLOWER, Proprietor 


uror's^f's Banks indorse the circular. Sent free *»• *• ^ "-- | Warranty Decds, ChattlC MoriglgeS 

wftb tSifUifUa. .AMrcaa the Americau Stencil I Qen-r.! .«t«ir<' Offie-f-^r «ll Point* 5 iih« »•»'>. Oo«<l I . o - ^^^ g^ig at this office. 

T vol work*, Srl!ngajld,Vu-aiout: I tubllng with »it#nUve O^tlv*. 19.vl I O-C, a;C., .v . 

To ky in their winter's supply, if they will only gill at 

Moviltoii & Deiidoii's* 


"^ ^ a 1 e s 


Also, Warehouse Trucks, Lette 

Presses, Ac. 
172 Lake Street, Chicago. 
^§, Becareful to buy only the genuine. 33y 

c profTvon VERAE'S 


'ing P B E- 
^for wbich ttiey are 
^in every instance. They 
^«re cordially recommended to 
'all Ladies who, from sickixeas or 
''otlier caoscB. are unable to onderso 
'^tlie perils of accoachment. This remedy ia 


Not an Abortive, but simply 

^and iJ cot in the least inju- 
,iious to the most deUcsN 
.^constitutions. Kvery^ 
, Bottie Warranted. , 


v^y Send Bed Stamp for Clrenlar. or t2.Sd for MM 
Bemody, tu C. R. MOKBOB St CO . Oeneral Accnta 
P Q. Drawer 6561. Chicago. Illinois; Offloc 196 Bontk 
Clark Street. For sale at Wholesale id Cbicaeo by 
SMITH & OWT£B. and H. SOOVILL; aai> tat i 
tjry wytv D«H«gi*t ^ *U« West. 








m ^mmm^-.- . ..J..'-. 





Llae Eartli City Advortisemeuts^ Clioice First Clas-s iiisuninco 


Cood:; well boiiglii, ;uo half soM. 


J»R. WJlIl'lIEll isre;;ulaily 1 1 Q/*/* 'i HE LADY'S lK]h>J)— 
.■li'vn'.'l an.l lc;;Uiiii:(t..-ly (jual- { loUU^ ilmbcit of iIjo iMoiithlicF— 
i!i.-.!, :.!Mnias c.\,cu in ;ill ... I TTKI! ATflHT-l nnd FASHION. S 







HATS k. CAr 





at prices tltftl 

DEFY co:TrETrno:\\ 


Buller 8l Cheege 


Of Uavtforil, Cun. liicorporntca 1819. CLar- 
tcr l'cri>v)tuul. 

Tlic -T.TN A liihuiuij'.c C»uiiii>;iy vvouKl c;ill llic 

A heavy oai-Ii caplttil, witli As- 
bctts amounting to 

II;.- tTaj.s.;ot.rl l.n.iuc;}.'' i'Uf'i-^sfulty Foriyuino 
vcnrs, niul ci«:Uin!ic« l<> !.n>;:r.'.H J.i ILialili. 
'Weu.tlj .'.nd Vii;!lity. Ifas i-uU an :i;-M-:tlo 

los.^nf $ir>,r2i,:JS0 o8 

Tlic ."'•yrXA ii* oi-c;-ni/.'Ml on a Kjttiopal Basis, 

witli rili»'«'l*J '' hmI r;:otits, nud otMi{»yi.«i 

All tiuii.i III r^*ii'.tt.tti»n. ctjuul 

lo all llio f«icr;;unoica 

it iii.ilc!la'i»i--:> 

vojtliy t!:o 


I'vJiu-.Llin^ its eintni't to favor anJ palronngo 

to IVItriw Xiloac. 

AiToi-aijig uncipmlol fu^I'.ilL'!" \\'^■\ dccuiily for 

hisiuMiKC. !i!i ' r.-;Mlv".n^ 

TLe FHIST ot Fiiv InGuianco 

Au'l ir'.T.rcs at rnt' 3 vi V:1;:r..! n* tho rip?:9 as- 
M.iutil lUTuiU fjr solvency aiul I'uir protit. 

Lob'ses EcpiitaMy x\uji;=JLcd ancl 

Soiiciitil, an J Policies 
IssiK'*] by 

"Winnobr.^0 City, j-Iinn. 


why tnlTcr v itu lLi« 

Daiireroas& Loathsome Disease 

ivLcii it 


anil cntiicly 

FnicricatoJ fioiu tlio System 

Ly the u.'0 or 


Catas'rla resaTiedy 

^^^ __ (JfcVOlc'l 

i!i.-.!. :.!Mnias c.\,cJ'in ;iil| ,^ lj'i-j,^l.AXUK/-i nnd FASHION. $2.50 a 
l„r.^. ,.f chscu -..•, « Un„wlo(t;,-« j vniEELEll A WILSON'S cclc- 

, I I'Uiiu jiHjifpcnsibic m iiio treat- J*-*"^' »»*-o*»^ 
/ n».'iit..f tl.o vcncral Jifcaso in bratcd $53 Sewing Mnvbhics on tiic following 

all its Vi'ricd o(.ni|.licntc'l I terns: 

'I'ucnty copies and the iiowin- Macliincs. .$70. 
Tii = rty co|,ic,« *' ' " " ^^'^^ 

IV-ity copies " " " " Sl«0 

iScuil Ij cents for a sauip'ocoi y to DKACON 
L PKTKllSCN, :jr.J W ulnut Street. Philadelphia 

*"^-._ _ i(>rni.«, ' nd Liis lor yens iiindj 

t':i? tr'a^intciit of private ui.'fascpluH busino.'^s and 
htulr. r..;i.cii.'nio, .he l'<.-t of tcaclnr.'*, lias tn- 
' abicd him lo pcrfict remedies at enfik-icnt, 
frifo, ptr;:!'in'.ft, I'nd in most Fares can he U'-od 
niiliti'it liindiai.f (<» lju::i:iis^.-'. 

rarticnlaratti-iition jiivcii (o'ddstiMidi .;: cases, 
: in li a.i wcn^ ronf^i.ltrcd iiicur.illo. Jr^yphilii.'?, in 
fill fi.rnis; <;on.)riliira, Olret, Strii'tnn ?, Orciiites 
I»'aL<>tes, riaiMcr :M-d I'linarv Iii. i;:i.'i!.--. Also, 
thocnVcls «>fsc)iil;-.ry»oth rni:i(.n.-;to boily 
and uiintl, aid \vbi;h j<:o Uicc-« i-onio of 'Ito fol- 
l.iwins^cllecls: rslolcbcs, Hod ly ■\\'caVnci's. Oon- 
t-tipat'on, Avcr-ioii and Unca)-i!ic?H in I'eu.alc 
I .'^.i.-iety, rnnianliiKifS. Dicad nf Fntovc Ilvcu's, 
finally a con \'\kW pnv traliun td' \\\v vital p'..v- 
cri». lo!'.'«ol n;en»ory, viiigir.i; in (Lc curs, cu:i be 
fully rt."-forc<l lo bca'th. 

All IcitiT:<, wi'li ^lalllp^, answiTcd 
Dr. W. i, tl'opiildi.dicr of a new worlc. cnliti 
«d "M;* tlic Mvii in l!io Jiud," \»i::ch v.-ililio sent 


T:tl<c I'lcnsurc in infornnn;; lhepcoi)ic ofWinnc 
ba;;oei!yand .^urrf.undiiirr (.„uimy, tii;it tiie> 
lia\c on hand a lar?,e!!tock of iisa-jiied Liqu^^-ia 
con.'-i.-tiL';; in ))art oi" 

OIJ I>oui-boii \\'liisk(?y, 

LlackbeiTy EraDiIy, 

SMI ill k liUMPIIKEY, 

Dealers in 


i^ty~l*arlicnlar attriijlon paid to Mnsic Order 

Marr'wfje and Celibacy. 
A n ^ssr.y cf ^V^.r.'nE5r and Irstnic 

XI. tiCXl to YOUI/^ Mca. Al.-o, Du<c.-ae» 
an. I al)i:::i s; n liitli pn i;;.t! iii uly Pio.Mrafc the vi 
lal Power.*?, wilii i-\ic<i incans of relief. .Sent free 
ot Cljiiri^c. in ^•e.i!.•d b-Jicr epv<;''it'f.s. AtblrchS, 
|»r. J. t;KILLAN llOUtiill ON," Howard As*/ 
ciailou, PiJii;j:i«,iphii4, Pa. v3n21jl 

Froo to Et'cryjcdyl 

The Guide to IIealtli<fe Eeauty^ 

Dn=t Pnblijfhed. 
It teaches how )o rcuiovo Tan, Frcekles, Pitn- 

l)r. W. i, .)fa new wf-rlc.cnlitl- i>KH.JvUv.J i j i->i auu^ , 

«d "M;* tlic llvii in l!io J)ud," \n::ch v.ililio sent . I It teaches how (o rcuiovo Tan, Freckles, Pim- 

loall on rc'tit.toMOecnl?toi.n.-p:'y pr..-ta-c. Qlvl Fl'encll Braildv, Polt \V lUe, ( 1 '^•''' I''1"1<^^1"^«. '':"l!i Pat-hes Kallonncf;, trui^ 

Con.=ultulii.n' Ircc. tluuiies modtratt, and "^ ' |tion'aiid ai! u ipnriDcs r.f the J'kin ; how to en 

eufp ( ^x, , o > / ' •»> unKi the sl^in. loavinj? it xvhilc and elo .r as f.Ia- 

P r.W hi: !ii.r cures t'ac very worst lind of rnp- Uiu baiUa U PUZ itUDl, bavfer ; 4ioiv to produce the fo!k»t •lerelopngent 

luro in a /«.mv weeks. ''^ tbcfeiuaie (crm (as practised by the FreiH-b,) 


C A T A 11 11' II 

tviU Burciy result in 


Unless checked ia iU iaeipltnt ttajcs. 

I'.'it (>f.!Co pox 22D4. OCiCC and Cor.huit.nlion 
Il<.o:a3 \C\ .^onlh Ciark t^lrcet. ("b.caio. Yon 
can tee the Doctor cv cry di.y fr(<in D A. M. to It v. ii 

i.O()K HERE! 

Eleven o'clock P>itteis, 
Red Jacket Bitters, 

Swaiii'ti Boni'Lou Bitters, received, a nev/ and com- j Cherry Brandy, Ilolbud Cm, 
l->letG a^o3ortnient of 


9 ? 

o o 

■w.iatcd at all lira*:.? .".t the raarUcl p:' 

never wajs, ITovcr can, 


.«— . 

Never v\'ill bo 


* \< ifi . ..n:v ii.:,.-.v ..1, .ij u g}f<:a::'t 

->, -r ! «.■ hiCh' •••• « l:"t i-'n b«! .nti.—ljf 

".fir.i! avt MUiBi 

I iriiaiii »!. vonr 

r :..iTiiii.t ' '■ l^v 

■.: !;iT pin ■ ■ i'li.l 

!,:■(.■ i' -.■ ■ ■••• >i" .i-.-!u..'V 

' I'v.TV \ IK .u.->.\-::s !.n I :.i.-:\oi8 

-^ I i.Ml.Ii « •>•' ►^'.11 ;v f' r i»i<> p.u>t 
".'\ tv.e:ilj- J«^'•■ , »i»;I \* ti:"r«'l re ihe |>t r 
•^ d.i, \\:.i ii; nil .iJ!li .vtl ^ll•.^.:•i tcin.-alt. 

Give me an early call, and see 
lor' yourselves. 

A. B. b.\lco:j. 

Bine rar;h Cily, May 1 \, ISGG. 

N.'> on-^ cvi.r Ij^nril <"f a ;■■ 
«it;<:o U- bi'» I'ceii i'l lb'!iot.< in ri'.l »lr' e't/ I 


Blue Eartli City 


Have opc-nod a Dnv,' store at P/.uo EaitL City, 
and otler for sale at lowest pricca 

\ !«!» nit y>-\ni. curcJ 
tliy. IIi.« r.i : i.aii-M b '.» 
j-cr?», \\\\ n.ili-'iiJ"* iiJiJ lb* 

i„ t*. !*•;.. i'!«rj;vl, li. U-hwA t'O- 

;,; ulUt b.-iv. u!.i a t:.'i-<ia>..:i nia-.fei- of 

,, ^,i ,. \{ v\\ et'i :' !'.:t. •»'■"■» ■•'•-:;dr 

Cfvtri,;r:, ;»e:.M. It t< orjy ■» , . cc»rri-i.-o v >^b 

I,:,, : . .:■: • « . 1. • .ise--. V'- ■''-' »'l'".l-.;-5«> ,f •' 

, : ail I iii>' •.••< -^ c- i'-I»<'»l4':!i i.irt^'.ty 

■ \ . t»\rTivVL^« Nori'^a.— »'K.-!-.r V...'- 

U e-: »••■« Ibno I') lb • fivura^at of C: 
;i f.Tiet b;«''if. «;:ii b '.o lia i-^.th ' ■; 

„, , , RU-'. iu:i.-l,ilii. 

nnoOyl t i^.i,.c».H' rs'ei-ty. -..- - . , 

ort'.i. e«c-N<t^ ril-r ytiii.<. 1; m w.-ala-n .1' ..i.i- 
tat'" I'll- ci!!i-"'!i;'.I-.i. 

p(iv •• :. 'ii.-i; 

IT NEVER fails. 

Cure warranted if Diicctioas are PollowcJ. 

Single IloUlfS will last a Moxni. 

KiciiAnnsoN U ErANOLD.:*. 

liaS now opoucJ at Lis rooiui! in 
W I N N ]•: n a G O C I T Y 

Ono of tbo')i;:t solcotod, v.iricd and mostextcn- 
sivoassoituicnt of Good;.' in their lino 

Ever imported into Faribault 


Wliich ttcv arc scllinj,'to tbo People of tho Blno 
Earth Valley obcapcr than Mankatoor any other 

In (bo 

»-ir» r\ 

Cold in The lb :.d 

Ilcleavcd in a Few Miautc^. 



. I'.n^ tii<? nut 1 1 i.iDitw ii: b« Jl r • i : i^ ? 
■ i. ty. ')i\\s fti'l <•:'••< t ..'t tU •«•• c .. Iv !iul H». 
li \i wiMla>n iiiid <l'*.KI- 
„ti- V ;b? 'lat ni'-ptnl 
-!i ii:ij niiVobb. tbf u-iti.ral l.-oIii»j;i, luitl 
^.^''■,, .'■"■: .\ . ,; ,.n. r-„'>i ..T jiuiili-'"!: Ibi- plirssiir.-i 
i.f ii. -i.- niw-vl. t!io oi.;.xt of ?:!.iiria3<r fni.-.trato.:, 
and cxi t<u,« ::». J|-r.-ni'.ci.-iuti.ri! . f niic < WA "^'-'''y 
and r>Krct. Stub »>«•!•"«•>"•. esi.crl..ny c-nt. ;n- 

Bad Breath 

Caused by oCcntive pctrctlous 

viSiO:? Di':PAUT2.iE:';T, 

Their r.ici'.;.I'-5 f^^r suppbiriU the wants of the 
peoi loof this i:niue:iserc^'ioa aro on ascjlcto flic fnikst salisfaciion. 

\<\i ol7or to the ' of Failbault aiid Slar- 
ia Counties thoCoobt stocli of 

©reeerilGE^^ and 

La^er Beer, "W'alioo Bitters, 
Ilostettei-'s Bitters, Alcohol. 

Also an cndk-Fs sopply of choico 

Cigars, Fresh Pine Apples. 
Fresh Peaclies Cove Oysters, 
Fresh Blackberries, Sardiens 
Ra.?pbei'ries, Fresh Lobsters, 
Strawberries, and 

Fresh Clyslers ! 

j All kinds cf Fancy Candies, 
also the very best of Fine-cut 

Tobacco, occ. <tc. 
Second door South of Abbott ct 

CiMiyioi? Ilic bii*t l«» f;r(i\v ronn<l an'' full, and >f 
tbu fov/n bsis been b'.^t by pad<ii.^;r. lacin;', r.y ma' 
tcrniiy. ri.*tonn.f;^ it tx mure than its' original 
fuilr.csr^, firniii-'i-p- and ifCHUty. It teaches bow to' 
rL-Jucc in .'izeihc h.^nds and feet; produce corpj 
icnc.v or the reverse; remove sn peril ujh« )i»lr ^ 
ciirt; Corn.-;, liunioti ■, Warts and Moles; rei-ew 
\ourjige; cure DnMikcnnes-s, Catarrh, D^gpcp. 
:?i.T, Nervous l>cbili 3", Ac. Low Jo facinale ani 
'j.:\\\'i the lo'.o and r.flc;tion of any person you 
iniiv choo.<c, fo;retI:cr with ether nsefri ami va u 
able iiiiorination. No younj; Lady or Gentle- 
man should fail to send their addrcrs to the nn- 
dcrsi;;ned ^ nd receive by r<nurn mail a c<»py of 
ih's valuui j!e work in eeaicU cuveio" e free of 
tharpo. Addro^=^, 

BKUGLIl, SlIUrr« k CO., Chemist.". 
28f» KirerSc , Trey, N. \. 

Ciy AAA A YEAK uiadc by any one with 
V/VjwU'L/ -Sis — stencil tooi.«. No experience 
ncccrsary. Ti:e ProiidcntF, Cashier?, and Trca? 
urer:? of -5 Banks jndor?e the circular. Sent free 
wi h .'^r.mides. Aui!rc>.^ the American Stencil 
Tool Works, SpringQ.ld, Vermont. 42yl 

Ttc I.lsson & Knmlia Cabinet Orgrsns 

forty ''ibcrent sty!c.<. adapted to sacred and sce- 
uhir n^nsic, for S^'O to £000 each. FIFTY 
ONE GOLD or SILVER nicadals, or other first nw.irdod flicni. lilustr sfcd Catalogues 
free. Addrcf*--. Elason 6^ Kamlim Boston, o 
MASON LllOTilEllS, New York. "• 

WniSKEr.S ! VI1I?KVaI ! !— Po 
w;:nt V.'i.i.-l-crp or ?.li;u?tacbL6 / Oui 

^Veak Eves 

Caused by Catarrhal octlouo 

Sense of Smell 



or u'.> rijeii. 

Patent Medicines, 
Putty, ifec, ci^c. 

P.iints, Oils,» 

b V.1JLJL \y ^ xt 

7^ r\ o -jfT" 

n J 


Ibo vary best Vote, L-.ttcr, and Cup Paper kept 
co»;itai.lly ta baud. 

NOTIONS of all h-iiids. 

a good variety, nr.d cheap. 

Call and See Us. 


when caused by Catarrhal difiicultics. 
cured by this remedy. 

All arc 


pli'iu'-.ii.r:! r, (;!:>. !.!.; 1- >o ii-. tluie in 1:1 il.ia'; inirii'- 
hiii po-.U.r.:..t., rji l>r. JI.. i'V bU lu-x tni.taioat, h 
tftinMe-J'l.> liis-.;r<. a t-p'.-jy and p.'rtn:.:u-iit cure. • 

CoixoK'.Uti -r.^ li-^'.- 'I'l'l c-.i:: li!iti:d. Ol.:ei<. No.l.'.* 
i!..uih Ciii\ .«;r>ot .o'..T..rM....r<.o h^ II :iV.;oe.if.-o,n 
t!u> I'u^t Ul'.'.Of. r-*« 'i"!'" J'"S l"*' Cbicaj;.., 111. 
Ofil-.. b.'-.n- f: . • > A M :- S P. M 

Jrca.l r>r bis "Giuuu lo ilc.ilui," puLlisbcd nsontUlv, 

N.V— i.-i'-ii'-s, s^nd for a ilescriptJv" cir-n'.ir of Pc^ 

Virie Kciii.viii", tli? b<'..t pr<'ve:itlv3 -if ci.accptioa 

sown- Saut to iu-.y u-Mnss f.eo of ch' r;;-". 

'il.o /Mivci.t.vr. UAVii'f^ »»«~j«i »fj>'«»fcil Cj t!?.iltb 
iuaicvo .ti'';ks i>y /» "tiy ^i•rlpl^1 rrjit;dy, «:ier 
ii:i«-in!r »!i'nBr»'a to<r rverbt y««!«r"< •-1M1 .1 sever*- 
luntf *r.iv"«i...i. i».t.J»hsr Minad di'-vasr, iVi^i-afip- 
tl(,;>— m dtl.MOi''. V<> U>ako iUfWn 1" uiJ fclli-w 

siiIi"eri'i,-« to'i !"••.• o I*. 

To ill! wno kf.i.»!ir2 it, nv will ^••."'i » ••-»py of tho 
l«ri-fcri;)tJoni<«'d (free of ch^ir;:?:). «i»h tl:e divoc- 
ti'.ns 1 <r I'rvpani'.^ and u.-in;,- tlio «ur.M-, wbiih 
Ihcy will r.r.da sure cnro for ^^onsninplioh. .\?th- 
ma, Pronebifis Consli.s C<.U1?, and ail Throat 
ar.d Lnn? AOec-iIon ». The onlv o'-jcotofiiie ad- 
vertiser in sendiii;: .bo Prescription is to l>encrit 
the cf.lictcd, and spvcad inforr.iation which he 
cor.c.ivcJ to b" invali-.ablo. and he hopf.s cvciy 
sufiercr will try hU remedy, ns it will cost thctn 
lioUiin.',', au'l I'luiy prove a t-lcisin;;. 

Parti'is wi;-!!!.!.;; tho I'rcscription, rniiE, by re- 
turn mail, wi'.l plea-'c jid.lross 

lii V. KI)\VAUL> A. V.'ILSON. 

Willianisbur-b, Kin-s Co., N. Y. C« ^^ 1\ *" "O »T' J'> 1*» ^" <vl 

Tbo fvmptnnia of Cat.Trrh aro nt ftr.^t vory 
c^li'^bt 'Persons lip.d tluy have a cold, they 
bavo frequent attack.*, i.nd aro more .«en.<itiyo to 
the tbai.j:cs of tcnpcraturo In thi:< condition 
the i;o.-;e n:ay bo dry, or a slight di.-cbar.^^o thin 
and acrid, aftcrwar Is thick and adli?iive, u;i;y 
j tnt-uo 

T!.c Mankatc Foundry and Machino shop is | ^s the dlrc.Tso becomes chronic, the di:fchars'-s 
now in oper.ition, and v.-c r..-c p!:i arcd to t ..,.,^> iiu-rca.'<ed i:i nu.nntHy and chan;cc.l In quality 


Aro ir.orc frequently llnin othcrwjjo caused by 

a thick, slimy inuoti;.-, faHin^j from iLo 

Lcad,e;-prc5ally Uuiinjj the i.i;.;ht, 

and ri-u'.iiri.:; from Cat.u:b, 

and arc cured by 

(^M ? V. t = ■= K 

y- \ 4 






Give us a call 

Er:::.irc GLutcle SeV7izj^ I»ls.cldncn 

are superior to ail otLer.s for 

Ftimily and Mrinunictunni? rurposc;-. 

C ,u\:Av. all the latest improvements; ane f^pce 
dy ; noiseless; durable; and easy to woik. 

lilu.strated Circulars free. Agents wi'nlecl.— 
Liberal di.-!count allowed. No Don-sisiiiucxtt.^ 
n5a:le. Address, 

j ::9yl Eyj'lPiE S. :.I. CO., rrcadway N. Y. 


cian Co:npv> md will force tbf*m to prcw on tb« 
siuotbest luce or chin, or bivir on b!>id hoiids, in 
^^ix vrcfks. Price, fi.OO, Scut by wai' aoy 
wlicrc. c'opclv rcaled. on the receipt of price.-- 
Ad lre?.s WAllNEIld CO., I* x: :;>>>. LrooH'w 
New York. 


!> I A ISt FORT! 




Fttct7 Tcrk. 

't he .iltf'nlion oflle Pi':>!iC nn^ .btr innto if invitrd to 
fur nrw 5C!.k« cf 7 OCTAVK ROSKWdOT) Pi4»JO 
FOil'l'i;?, T^bifh for v.'':ir.«' arid puriiy of tone Hre ui.rl- 

valk'.I h 

hilbertj < ffcred in tMs nifcikft. Tlievcon 




Catairh Remedy. 

-•► .0- -' 

Bluo Earth City, May 29, 1?CG. 




Office opposite »' Union IIovsc " JUnt 
Itlurth Citu, Minnrsota. 

Vi'ill do a banking and Pvoal Estate 
IJupine*?, pay Taxes for non residents, make 
Collections, Ac <ie., 
U.l>. PALD>VJ.<. .. - - S. P. CHILD. 

ElucEart City, May 7, 60. -"O. 1 

ji^vKi-i <X; ni^l A.U .^J.V^Ul^^i^ltA j^^^^^^^^^^^j^^^, ^^,- .j^^t,p^j.„,^..i,,,,,..,,coiroi.sive.eau. 
of every description. Sii'ar.i cn^iIiC.^ 'thrcsliin^ ! i„g a bad Irc.^th; tho voice ibiek and iwual ; the 

iV It < •^> X: Jc X.\ JLi O , 


fl'Y /3\ frX p^^ I r.lshe3 to say to the people of Winnebago City, 
vi^'J tlliiij i-liW Uw' p ! and the nci^^bboring towns, that be Las tiic larg- 

tn:!j v.W ii.e modern biprnvcnu'if*, Frencli Grand Action, 
liurpl'cilal, I'-ni K-anic. O-.-ersTa:-,;: J!a?s, eic.,a:irt each 
h.fltru!i:nit t)eiii<: i!i::(l'; uii''< r t'lppe-^o;/!!! «iip rxUloii o£ 
Mr. J. II. Orr .LTsfteii ti-*- . hijs h-ii' :•,*! ex'^eri- 
ei.ce->;: e'. <- 00': ia tt^plr aD«'- ify.rur, 5s fuli' ^ar- 
I in cvt ry particular. 

TI)C " Gr(nc:tcc2i Piano Fortes '' 73- 

Qo\\o(\ tlie Ar,.*:rn of r.i?^rit over r!1 

rlhtT.-^ r.t t!ie cckbi~a*'^<i 

V/oil-.^'s r?ir, 

W'.-.tre w/TT exh".bit'-<l inrt' ctn*.? from the ti«t m&l'ST* 
ofbf'iidon, Pari?, Ci'ini>.r •;. rhiladtlob'*, P.a'itirrcre-. 
3!os'.<.n. «n<-'. NcW Vorlr ; ."-kI also at 11 r Afl-icrjj-au I.isti 
e yti.r:'-, thi? ^^.' J nnd tilv* ruie-Uals 
n be r.iC. a; ournar?roc:«. 

I'.y tlie '-<;*!on lA i-r.f rovvincnis we m-kc a sfiil 
niorvptrfcet Piano loiit-, ani t^y r •M,ufa'iurin;:!arp''iy 
tti-ici'y en<.i ry.-U ai, arc enzm*! to ofler there in- 

•'"t a!'. cfnii;etit;ou. 

1 ^^ /^ I i:os'.<n. «n<-t Ai w 5 or 
J VJU V i frow 1 e-tli c' v.i :eb C;;! 

. est Stock of 

Evcrbrcv.;;bt tolbis market. 

Alio ti eotiijflotc riSsoitiiicnt of 



JIavbii.cs, lica-iers. F:Miuin.'ir Iiupicinent.-*, Ac. j j.y'j^s are weak; the sense of sinoll \3 Itsser.ed or 

V.'o also make all kin. is of iion ani braas ca.^I- \ ijcstroytd ; dcafucs frequently lakes placa 
inr^. Pabbi't rictnl always -'-•■■' '■>-'»-': 

o;i band. 
soUeiied and promptly attended to 


Another common and important ryinptom of 

Old Iron, Err.SG and LOppCr catarrh is. '.hat thu per.-on is .d.Hnd to eie ir hi: 



consult their own interests 


7ro!a our VAniED and EXTENSIVE AS- 


V.'c have tho 

Facilities and Determination 

Sell cha.-.u as any house West cf the 


■^ OatsX'crn. 

I. I@ 


Elii-.i!:<-i.;s a,*.- a j>rV-» v.liieii »"i; zi'M 

- '5. 

Pajcrii-ii- ocir''ilr'^' i'^'cI'r«-5. ot^ij 

ever brought inlo this town. Coiisie'lng in part of 

Pay Ca\«li foi 


Cv I • 


C. V/. DAIiNEY, A Co. 






NoAT En.p;lau Hutu. 

Bourbon Pit tors'. 

Plantation Bitters, 


13 randy, 

• w \z .'• 


EourtKin Vvhiske-v, 
Wahoo Eittcrs. 
Iloslcttcrs Litters 
i.\, Ac. 

on liand t'ue best 

BE A TJ T v.— Ati 
tnrn Orllcn. lla:< 
cnandr;:::.fa CUIilLS 
pro due:; -I by t:"» a: e 
ot P:of. Pti ^ T'KT :;'s 

frk:^ii Tii: en e 

tioi' '.1 arr.-«t..c-' u. ••Mrl 'h; 
i:jost .etr.'iiwlit s.t.d rtubb"-! } Mr of cither 'ex in- 
to wnvy ri'.l L-!«<fs or 'cr ~y ir'^ssiv curls Ha? 
been u.-ed b,- the frcbiorub'?.' rf P.^ris ?n<l Lon- 
don, with *hc nio.«t gr -tifj'az rcRutts. Doe* ra 
injury to the hair. Price by na-'V w.sitp and 
po.-tpai'', $1. P;.>"nbliv8 nrcUars pent free. 
A.ldrc.s IJEllGKrv fc'uy^JS A CO.. Cbe-u sr^ 
'f/o r.iver ?t. 



-- >■ 


•*>'^ft a'*'?r- 


iha Unifsi Stater. 






Wljcn t;.i.s takes iil.ico tho person maybe siirj 
•ha bi!« disciilt is en it.s way to tl:o lurg", and 
suoulJ loso to liuic in arresting it 

Tho above are but few of tho many Catarrhal 

^yipptoms. Write to our liaboratcry Jo.? our 

painpl.let dcsrribin;,' fuiiy all symptoms ; it will 

bo ."^cr.t FREEto.u.y address. AUo liiia-Lious 

I where to procure the incdicino 


11. WAITE, 

J E W S: I^ E B 5 

Uus, nnd will keep const.iiitiy on band, for : 


Jewelry and Giiver v/are, 

;>nd win at'end promptly t-i .til kind^ of P.oprir- 
ii.g if {;b.eUs. \vaicl:<>s,'and Jcw-jUy, and .^uar 
untec vcrfect Batistaeliou to all who palrojiizt 
hi'.n. Itoom oppo'^itc Union Uotcl. ""yl ^ 

IJlue Earth City, May ir, It-'C. j ^^. 

A3 the name indicates, not only hckews j ^^.^ _^^^^ rcccivin- letters from at. pr.ris of the 
the grov,-lh of tho hair when thin and fallin? ; ^;„j,^„^ nnd also numerous tc.nimoniais from 

off, buV positively rcncisa the color to/is " * ' ' "' ■ "" ''■""■ 

original ^'sia'lo when it ia turniug gr^ or 
wliitc, whc^-"r cans2J bv uiscasO^icf or 
uld age. 

It will ccrtail^^ do what ia ci^mcd for it, 
a fact to which Vindreds, j^ thousands, 
who hnvc U5ed it,^e readfy and willing to 
test if j'. V.'hcro onolbt^is fairly used, in 
any conimiinity, it^vcputation "cprcads 
like wild fire," ai^iAthc best advertise 
mcnt nnd rocoiti»cnda\on wo desire. In 
the Eastern St 
hair drc? 

tiioso v.vitijj it, bearing :he evidence of its itifaUi 
blu merits. 

v^. This rcnieriy cont ;ins no mineral or poi- 
son:>us in;;icuients. bi-.t i: preparcil from vegeta- 
ble cNtrai-l:; exclusively : tbereluro it i.-' pcrl<i;tly 
har:)»lcsr, even to the mo.>Jt tender and deiicato 

Purl:, Hides, Butter and Eggs. 

y. P.TCIlAilD>ON, M. IlEYNOLD.?. 
Winnebago Cily,^!inn. nlvo 

-'V ~ *i;v^ h ij>.* V. 




If von '>ant to b-iy cood nice fresh 

■» » 

WhHEi^sBHii^^* ri'lill 

Tlavin.!; marti* Koy)« cbam^vs* T«.ti'.'nmin^ the 
l>:?siii.?j tiaiis:y:;tio»j». oi''V/i»in»iSni^o City 
Wills,'' v.u wish f" anil »unc(! ..i itio luuiiic lliui 
we a«o now prepared to d<> ."11 J--!ids ol *»ork ii 
oar line of butiint."'', fo» rci.dy p..>. Lo;.;s. wo. a 
wheat, or en Money tnUea in •,o'>nuiit to. 
work. Our terms for fuwing arc : Ono half, oi 
f I", wv t!)ou'ai.d. Flour, lirm, and shorts con 
fUnl'iy on band, and for bale cheap. 

J.uinl'er §1.'5.00 per Tho;is:in.T. 

E. PllobliS. 
"Winiieb«ao City, March 17th. IHiiO. 

le "IlENEWEll" 

3 use i'^ no a 

en tbo toilet 

tables cO^Juns men, (also aL^cir b.arbers), 
whilo^hlcr men and womenVlio desire a 
Render and Restorative for thci^rcy locks 
nr/ibald heads will not bo w-^out thia 
clc, which gives in every instiXpc, en- 
tire seticfaction. 


Don't l«t any <1: apj^iit or dealer urpo upon yon a 
tJiffiTcnt aitiilo. .IS tlierfl is no piepf.ration In 1 lie woilu 
liUo this, Uuvvaro of any aitielo puiportiuj? to Lo tb« 

*^'riy HALL'S ITATP. HEXEWnU accoruias f o Dircc- 
tionj.and ym will wo n" otiicr. , , , , .., 

If nit Ko: 1 at I'nsr^iiti in yr>«r town, a triiii l<<-.tiie 
will tK> j-c-nt yon y.t oxprow, up- n rcciir.t efenn <l».ll;ir 
liy ni:ul. 111".* -^ivin? you im oppoj tmutj »: ouco ol 
lo-rti>.?ii"« fxe:iiiciit ilU.alttiM. 

Orders foi inal UAll.-i vmsl »/« .iT;:rojt«>l r 

tien'j A^;:r? for fJorlhwusTs.-n Slates, 

TT. p. n \I/L .1 CO.. rt.«"rioU,rR, Nnsiiiiii. N. II. 
?oliJ nt V» riOLitSALT!. i-i tnirrtc", 'y TTLLF.?.. riTJvTI 

* Kir..LK::. r.niviiAMj? «. van sc ii.v.vrK, LO.J) A 

RMITIH SMI-rri a D\VV'I.T., J. H. RuKU A CO. 

ciiA". o. FWT-!(f, riKTZscn, rr.ti'-Ki * co., ii 

|:i;.)Yir. Vr. D. IIAUUIS **00- post t OA£L«i;,a.iA 



CaU for Scelcy's Cat^riia nciacdy, nnd 

fake no other, il not sidd by drn.uiiists in yr.iir 
vicinity, they will order, it fur you Price v)2,t0 
; per bofllc. 

I ^:i;;>. All pcr.'on.T .«-u(Tering wi'h .".ny afTjction 
of the Head. Throat or Lnnps should write at 
I once for our pamphlet folly de.-cribin;; all tymp- 
j toms pirtaiuing to the above I' 

It will bo sent free to ai:y adilacsa. 


1 Addrcb's 


?ui;Kri»ii-»", iLMNoid, 
ojld bv all wcoit'saio khu Teiii* Urupglite 

. OENEUAL .KU£ }T».. 

J(din D Park Cincinnati. Oiiio ; Fuller, Finch 
A Full T. ('bi'"!.-o III : lUirt'i.ain. Va.'.sd.aaeU 
l^hl.-'airo 111: Dciiias Ibinics A Co Nf'w York ; D 
i;an«om A Co, Itufialo New York; FariMrd She 
Uy!i Co Detridt Mieh ; wi-ok."" A Pott«rr lioston 
.M".is-.s ; Ficn h Ivicbuds A Co Pbiiadiij-liia, P.i : 
U E i-elbirs A Co Pittsbiirs:!) Pa ; Collins Pro's, 
St h'niU .Mo ; Darnes, w;ird A C-, New Orleans ; 
U A llibiiison iC), Louisville, K'y : liig'.ey A 
Pro. Memphis Tenn : I'E Dejiuy Piet.mond Va; 
P.loek Palt inoro Jfd . Dc.\fer A 

Tbomp-'on A 
Nellegcr Albany N 

Y; Urong A Ar.m-trong, 

Cleveland ; Johnston Detroit Mi'h i wil I 
I ton i'«{tirs A Co Louisvillo Ky, v2u31yl . 

rpiir..=:n p-TTT;:n^ art: pi:::paPv1:d in runr, 

j JtoorbMi Wlii-kov. from a coaibiiiation of over 
tvrn'v di.Tcivat kulu (T rout i, InrUi iint berlx. 
•,!iie!»' !\ct i'l perfect c 'nrci t 0:10 with tlio <i;li<T, I'rc 
•iii;^l fio::i thit ori'inal firmiil.a s-ivca bytsiOKrcat 
diii'f \>l Jacket. t> Dr. Chai>ia. sv'.i^ nsc.l thoni fac- 
c;'^-f!illy in Lis 1 rarli-c far many y<'.M-.s. aad by ti.:ir 
.n-(i "otV.-l s > ? a pnjndi'.it-' in tiie tiealrit'ar ami 
r»:"iM>: Dv.-jit-i' ••■I' bivof C.i-.noUiMt. Coast iiiat/'n. Si-k 
:i>: ! .Nil veils ll-Milicbe. IVver mil A-us, ami all <lis- 
a\sc«!irisia:fro!:i torpiil liver ai.;l;o.sti;)n. Pcr- 
fi 'f.i Mirx-riai fi-o-n citli.-r of the lr.•ltll^^onlO (!i-t»a-es 
will lit!. I a euro )iv fbo n-o of tlie^o Hitters, wbicli i«ic 
|u>!r.'-i!y ia;eaii.'!fic(«f!i>ai all tb'>'«< <!rn-s .n:i<l poi- 
v>M5 H^ieO.h' put \:\' in su-h laoparuti'T.". and iiabneil 
»:r oa an niisr.'-.pecl 111.:; pniaic. A KJp-le li lal v. 'H roii- tbo it *i t!.<.;.t:cil tiiat in tl:" llvD ."-^tKl.l 
there is a v'rtiio that no otlicr liittcrd possess, 

Tlicy i;trcn';tbcn nnd inviprato t'.io system 

T!iev are un"<piiile<l '^onnraf debility. 

T'K'V arc a euio f >r I)yi:j»oii- ia. 

T'si y ■,'J\e a p«u! antl henliby appetito. 

TiicV !U.i;t <'i'4e<tion. ... 1 

TU.-y piiritV tlic lireath nnrl aridity of the stoniaca. 

T bey cnro DiirrinoM r.nd Cliolora Morlius. 

Tlioj .iri« iv\ ant ill 'to to cTian?;'" of water and diet. 

T'.ipy are tlio best stiinidaMt in exist piiro. 

T^ioy arc a piovo'itiTo e>f Fever and .i.giio. 

Tiiev r.Iic'vo Constipntlnii. 

TlieV cuio Nervous IleaJacbo. 

They are perfectly puro aaJ palatabls. 

Tbo rcauino ]:F.D JACKET BTTTEIH^J^r^. only -'Id 
la irin't bottler: never by the pdlon. quart ■ 1 .:t. 

.Sen; private GoTernr^*nt staaip w u;. loKoo 
OTP" e!ii!i fovU. , , . .1 - 

S? !d by all dni^jists and tlsalera tlironsbout li.e 


iV.l f »r T!o I and ti1:o no ot.ier. 
CirciUiirj to tbo tradu Bupplica ca upi'Iicition. 


81 nnd a3 liSt '^IGArJ AVEMF., 

0/ y 

Peaches. Elackbcrrics, P.aspbcrricsj or any kinds 
of CANED FllUITS, thi!5 is tuo place to A'ct them 

Of CANDIES, both plain ana fan- 
cy, he has them in eudl'.•^v quantities. 

And of NUTS iVom every clime, lio 
keeps a large tupply con>«iaullj' en band. 

D'i'nt forget the place. 

Don't forget tlic name 
Winnebaio City, Nov. IJ, ISG5 

Next dor SOUTH ol 


r>- Tr-proviog and Jl'^vaVlyn^il:" ••'omrloxion. 
The f.o^t vjt'vLal le rnu j'-Tf'Ct ,'reo-«ratian in 
lisc. for j-iviiig tbc i^kin » rcautral pearl Pkc 
tint, ta:it isor.Iv '^•-■lod in j'.-rb. It quicMy re 
moves laTi.FrCiHes, Vir-yV-r. rio»-hc.«. Moth 
Patchef, Srl'ownecj.-. Trupt'jvx .ir<i f 'I impuri- 
ties of (.hs, kindly heal-nj; t!-^ s?t to, loavin;; 
the skj!- white and cknr M a^al*'-*-. Its nsc 
cm not be dc'c-ctrd by ihe flf-f't t-'vutiny, nnd 
being i vcfelAbie rrf^para-'ir "^ T*^Tfecf'y barm- 
Ics?. It is thf cn'y r'-'V'tr ot t*ic kind u.-ed by 
the French, srd \l> cenr'tcc-- *i by tl •; Parsian as 
indc.«pcn?iMe to a per'^e-* toi'ot. I^.^vvards of 
.^O.nOf) bofties were koM Av^'inf^ the past year, » 
fuCicic-t gurtrrantec o" 'tF «■5''•^ey. Prioc only 
7.'» '•«-i's'. M-nt by mail, op 'rceipt of *,n order, by 
P>ERC;Ei' SXl'JTTS A CO., Cbemifts, 


5S6 Rirer .*=t., Troy, N. Y 

A trlJJNTLJ'^MAN, cure'! cf V'-rvous Dcbuiiy 
Ineompetency. rreaiatum Decay Hnd Youthful 
I^'rror. »icvu."ied by a .icci»<» tobcnc'"'' others will 
1)0 happy lo forni»h to all ^^o necfl it. (free of 
charge), vha i.-vie'^t and <'ir»"'t>'-nf for making 
ho ein^ple remedy us-^-* =a tr!" ease. Those 
v,i.<hin^to profit by his exp«rietir^, and posses* 
a Valuable ricn-edy, will 'tKieive the shbic, hy 
rcturi'uiail,(CuiefuViv cealp-j), by addrc-jsing 

n3im3 60 Nas3«" rc«»t, New York.- 



TACHES forced to 
^row I'.pon the .smooth 
est face in from efl •-■ 
to five v.eok?. by urio:; 
■:;j " T.^":IllATETlt CAP- 
^'' iliaire, tbo most woc.- 

d rfnl cTi=.-ovcry in mo drrn scieuco ncti.n^upnn 
the Beard and I'air in an almost iniraculon» 
manner, it has been used by tiic ciitc of Paris 
and London with the most fiatlcrinp; succrss. 
Names of all porebasors will bo resistered cml if 
entire snti.>faetion is not ^jivcn in every initance 
the money will be cbcerlully r( linded. Price 
by, tealcd and postpaid, n' I . DcFcrlpiivc 
cireiiinrs and testimonials niail'd f.eo. Addrc.-!? 
V.rilfiEU, SlILTTS * CO., Cbcmils, No. 6:5 Pdver 
tiirect, Iroy, N. i\ S«i* *«e&t« lor Ui« Uult«d States. 

K?nhood : H^ow lost, bow rO'^ 

^^x,-»>.M« just published, a new edi**' 

£ J'V^ ^Wou o^\ir. Cidvcrwell's Celebrate* 
^"U"-'---. - ,^' E-^t^ay on thn radical cure (wifhoati 
m;Miieine) of Spermatorrboea, or seminal Wealt 
nc'.-s. Involuntary cemiual Lossc.«, Iropotencr, 
Mental .ind Physical Incapacity, Impediments ta 
M:lrrl3.^'e, etc; CJn^UlOpliol^ Epilepsy, and 
Fits, iouae.«d h.y eclf indal^eiict ••' i*"xuai «}i.traT 


Tbo '•cicbiKicd aiit«"r i<i i:i«4 »«-M»ir»MJ« ••»*>«.*' 
• l^nriy <:cm«». -.p*-^ - ro<rtv y"*'^' '»»'' 
o»;>'»iJiviJ<"*>'*. 'h»t »,?».* ■i»'"«U'< ,.«,n«f«i"e»»'HJS 

til... \'t yivf ^*»"~ — ^•f'*'^ -— - — -— *' «•«•• *>' 


tu>"'- <"rty !v.. v»t«»' . M«'* tt\tf 

.!• ^t 

and rKdi^Bii* 

ll^l^'rb;:* i/ccior" «o—"»- i«» ■•■ *"*• Oi*-«> 
every voot<« ^nd e»fery i«.>«»» j«* »♦<• i»o'i- 

Sent' >iod.-r «.iai. l.« m. MtJ*'" -iiveiope, f> >oy 
any ::'t'dre,<'«. mv.h. "f ir-^ipt of six een^s, 
or"tw« ifosf. »<rmir.> .AdmeP* t»- publistierf 
DMS. .T. C. FINE A CO., 
127 EOWERV. XS«»«i» Tork. 

Posi Office res 4586 








\ i 



LlueEiiitliCity Advertisemeuts'Clioice Fii'st Class iiisuiaace 

: ( A Rahul Loss l»y FIRS. Ly tbo 


Coucb well bouglil, aie LairsolJ. 






yani:ee notioiss, 

Of UartforJ, Cnn. luporpornJovl 1C19. CLar- 
tur I'criiutuai. 

JJJl.W Jlll'J IKll i-<rc.:;ulaily 

'iUELADY'.-^ FlUKNJ)- 

clitcit'.-'i and le-ilim.u-ly qual- ! IbOU. ibcbci^t ol iha AioiilLlieR— tJevoted 
\ iti«Ml, wild liiis iu ;ill 1,^ l^j^'EljATUKR find FASHION. $2.50 a 
. iom« of d,scasL.. tt kmnvlod;;c ! I71IEELE11 A W1L£0N\S cele- 

' ;iutc indifptnsibiL- in luc treat- | >*-^'* »»«-/,•♦*' •• "-^ 

C A T A R R M X 


St priccfl tLftl 

DEEY co:.TrETiTio:N\ 



Baiter &C:: 

■waatcd at all tini«s at the laarkcl price. 

The -T.TN.V liif'urnncc Couiiuuiy vroulJ call iLc 
altcutiou of ihc public lo tUj loUov.ij'i; hu-ta: 

A heavy cai-li capltjil, witli As- 
setts aiuouuthig to 

II:.? tratisiiofd business sur^-i^ruUy Forty iiinc 
ronrs, nnd ct-.i tijmc.i t.. j.n'pr. 9d la Ilunlili. unJ Vitality. Has puiJ a.i .ns'Sr«-i;:il« 

lossof$l.%r2i,oSO 58 

The /IJTNA i^ or^j-nizrd on a Nntior:il Basis, 

with rvliiiblol.iortl P.-rruts. "nd oonpycsf 

All ciivii.i l«i ro|)iit.j;i'ii). cijiiui 

lo Jill Iho enior;::inclca 

it iiiidcrluUcr, 

woitiij tlio 


Foauding its claims to favor and palronnjjo 

U) Rlcrit iilonc. 

Ar^rdhis uncqualcd fa?i'.ilio!» and security for 

Insuraute, uiic' ranUin^ 

TLe FUIST of Eire Ir/curance 

Au'l ip?«rcs at rnt.s P3 libcrul tn Iho risha as- 
^^ulcd perinil fjr solvency atid fuir profit. 

Losst'3 E(priiably Adjusted and 

Appricatioiis Soiiciici'l, awl Policies 
Isaiio'I by 

'Winnobn^o City, Hina- 

why twuKT V ilu (Lis 

Daiir:erous& Laatlisorae Disease 

ivbcu it 


and entirely 

l^radlcated fioiii the System 

by the use of 


Catarrh remedy 

bratcd $55 Sewing Miicbiiics on tnc following 
terms : — 

Twenty copies and the Stwiny Maehincs. $70. 

Thirty copicc " * " " 585. 

Forty copies " " " *'' SlOO 

Sand IJ cents for a sample coiy to DEACON 
& PET EllSON, oiy Walnut Street. Philadelphia 

7 II cut of ihi? vcuct:»1 dituajso in 
' ^- -, > a!l u? vnrttd anl complicated 

*■*-. ' -^ foru.H, ».ud has fcr years miidu 

t'io tr'-'ijtuicnt of privntc di>ca?opiri.-< businc's and 
Htul.T. i:.-;i;cri--nt:c, -bo li.-t oi tcailivrw, has en- 
nblcd him lo perfect remedies «t ouco enfjcicut. 
frif'c, pcr::!;i!unt, nnd in most Kates can be used 
nitbtiut bir.dnu.c tn busltas.-'. 

PurlicnlarattiMilionfrivoii tooMstaiidi .p; cases, 
rncli iifi ^vciv coiihivlcretl incur.illo. SSypbillis, in 
nil forms; (Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Sfrii'tnrcn, Orcbites 
I»'nb(!tc», Dladtlerard Uiinurv l)i.-ca?e.-'. Also, 
the cflV'-ib- ofyolilr.ry li.-Jiitx. both ruinous to body 
unti mind, aid wl.i.-h i<vo lucc;^ romc of '.bo fol- 
b>win';cacrtt: Clotihis, Cod ly VVcaV uc- :«. Oun- 
Ptipalion, Avcr'=!on and Unca^i!)CF}» in Feu.alo 
1 8<iciety, T'unjnnlinet's. Dread of Fnfnre Events, 
I finaliy a con pltlL- pro. trillion of Ibc vital po*- 
cvM. loi-s ol n;e!nory. vingir.j; in iLc ciir/^, ca;i be 
fully rc-iori'd lo hca'ih. 

All Icitcr*!, wi'h ^i:in»p», answtrtd. 

Dr. W. is thopuLludicr of a now work, cntitl- 
id "Xip the Evil in Ibo iJud." \vi::ch valibc sent 
lo all on ri-.tipt (>! 10 cent? toi)rc-p:iy p:>.-'ta'rc. 

Con<»ultaliun free. Char^rcs modt-ratc, and 

cure fruarontci'd. r \1 1 C 4 / "• T> 

Ltr.U'bittier cures tac very worst Liud of rup- ! VJiU oailta KJl'UZ, ikUlIl, 

lure in a Jew weeks. 

Post I'Cico pox 2204. OCicc and Consultation 

Hooias K'J i^onlh CiarU plrcet: Ch.c-a;o. Vun 

can fccctbc Doctor every dj.y from a. »i. to 5 r. m 


TttliC 1'lcnsure in inforniUi;; tbcpcojjlc ofWinne 
ba;;o City and surr'/undiug couiury, tiiat tlte> 
ha\e on liand a large stock of asscricd Liquois 
conjjistiL'j; in j)art of 

Old l>ourl>oii Whiskey, 

Llackbei-ry Brandy, 
Old Frencii Brandy, Port "Wine, 


Dealers in 


I3S£.KEATO, miKTt. 

^^^"pHrlicular alffntion paid to Music Orders 

3£arria<fc ard (Jdibacy. 
A n Essr.y cf Warnirfr and Icstnxe 

l\. tlttll to YOUJ/^ XilcZl. AUo, Ditfct;ie« 
aii'l ;ibuPiK Hbicb prcuiiiUiitily Pio^trate the vi 
i;il Powins. with sure means of relief. .Sent free 
ot Clianio. ill .-e.ilt'.l b-titr CPv«jl.>r>c-8. Aibke^s, 
I'r. J. t.KILLAX JIOr»jiaTON,"lIo«:ir.» A=«7 

utiou, Puuai!i..plwH, pj. 


C A T A 11 R* II 


[ 1 

D K-i r lli ^ <^ F, r, G "^ 

.1 II 
.0 I't 

never was, 


^•,ever can, 
vrlll be 


Give me an early call, and see 
for' yourselves. 


Blue Earth City, May M, 18GG. 

■ ■ ' v* 'IjiIb! 

I', .our 

: , . .i'V..W 

. ; y.">Hr l:nr|>ii)<-M<nJ 

■ ..1 li.i-. It'- ii-." itiKiIf 

t K ;u.-i.\>^ KS N I.':\ Ol 8 

Hi hi' f'.:v:v f.-r O"' p.'i*'. 

"^I'lV.l.A^ »i,.i, wl.i-iuuUa. . •■■■■'■'_ 

N.> oo" cv r h"ar<l if » :'-?n>i.: ot i.. • n. t l...::^ ciiroj 
•i.., t< h • bi- U'cii i!i ll.lH dry. llij r.i ; :«.a;!'.« li-» 


(11 >ii 

rivt' liiij .1 t..ll. 
liita Ij c;:r<' •:' 
!:i'lL'S :il.M 
YO-'N. V 

' rjln n'.l Ui-J cit.v i>;i|icn«, liU i>,ili^lils niiJ Ibe 
. I ,._ •■ ,,i^... i« i»; i" •r-i ii;iil i>!»rj:ii'. a.- I'l-iii/ tn;- 



Jti.?t received, a nev,- and com- 
. ,. . . pletc assortment of 

tvill eureiy ro?uU in ^ 

c o X s u ji p T 1 o N GI^O€BRII3§ I ! 

Unless cho4ked ia its incipient stages. 


Cure warranted if Diicctions arc Followed. 

Single IjoU'CS will last a .'Month. 

Blue Earth City 

11.UG ^TORE 

SnSOyl 1 ,, 

or t.; 

tot'- t 

pf 1.. • ;' 
•n<l or i 
P.-- 1 r 


i: .. - 

SCiiUllLR & TliUliSTON 

Hrvc oucncd a Dru^? store at Pi'.uo Eavtli City, 
and otler for sale at lowcrt prices 


■• V- • ^ ii i.i w - 

. .. ,w > . . . . • tlie ufitur»l l.vliiics oiiJ 

\..'. I'.T rxir-i .,r ill ui!i. ■•■'.: tl.i' y'.Kwnn'i 

■■::■■ :. t!io »/'.'. ct o:' tii.irriii3c<J, 

; :V:-:;.'. ■! •! a tovn: • f in» • i iii^ niij><»fjf 

Ml ji i« i-woim, i5sj>e- :..lly il>. •«? c)ntt:n- 

-> thvii.lil 1< 't' '<" '•''■•'•' in n: d'ia? inim-- 

-.1,' M l>r. U., !•>• bij» now ircuiaiout, ia 

ciinMuJ i.> insure .•» hji'-cdv iml jMTi«»ncnt cnrc. • 

ConbislUti T.!! ticc a'xl ct-.ilil'.iitiul. Oliic:-. No.l.'J 

Sonth Street ;0'».«r..rM..ur..c Ir 11 :a.!.Kk fr.Mn 

t!i« rust O:\iCo. I'-t» •>'ilr<- li.X lv4, CUicat'--, lil. 

Otri-.-j Uo;n-< frcM 0AM ;•» S P.M. 

StaJ r.-r his "Uuidc lo llcaltli," 

fjt'o of cfrirrv. . . . , - _ 

N U.— J-ia:<-s, BPud fur a descriptiro circa .ir of Pes- 
Vtfle KcuK-aie, tli-* bi?st prcvcatlvo -jt con^ei.tioa 
•own- Suut to aay uu.lri-s» freo of ch' rgv. 

Cold in The Il-Md 

r.elcavcd in a Few Minutes. 

RiciiAnDso:^ cc Revnolds. 

has now cpoueJ at Lis roomsj in 
W I N N E Vj a G O C I T T 

One of the-)23t sclcct?d, varied and most extcn- 
•iivo assartmuut of Goods in their line 

Ever imported into Faribault 

Which tbcy arc scllingto the People cf the Pino 
Earth Valley cheaper llian Mankaloor any other 
In the 

Bad Breath 

Caused bv ofTcnsive sctretioiiB 

Weak Eves 

published munthlv, 

Sense of 

Caused by Oatarrbal ccilouo 


When on or di-o jneo. 


Piitent Medicines, 
Putty, ifcc, etc. 

Paints, Oils,. 

b KiXX U U J-l 




Ihc very best yotc, Letter, and Cap Paper kept 
couitanily on hand. 

NOTIONS of all liinels. 

a good variety, and cheap. 

Call and See Us. 

'i lid JMivOi.i.vr. uAVis'K^ t>.~ju »ff"«»'c<l {'J hrr.ltli 
iu.tic»« .»i";ks i>y /* •'cij' MuipSn r»-«Jie»iy, aricr 
hji«'uia: Ki'ner'-a l<>< rv.tTBi y^-Tt *-iMi .i fuxcr^ 
luntf iiii"',"*«.»o.t. ;.M.ltHsr Mitiad dl-•.•a^^, l>f?a»»ip- 
ti,„. — iti dujiMit'' v«» i/'ako Uf"'"' »" 1.13 fellow 
sufJeriTf* t'j'i I'-.vox. 

To 4»ll T».-no J.i.virs it, no wilt rwnaft «!jpy of tho 
|.ri-L-criijfi'im's^'d (free of churz'^j. «i'h tl:e djvcc- 
li'.ns J >r prri'aru'g and u^iu;: ttio "un^e, which 
Ihcy will f.nda sure euro for<*onfuinpli'jh. .\?tli- 
ms, Pronchitis Cougi!.', Cold?, and all Throat 
and Lnn? ATcctlonir. The onlv object ofilic ad- 
vcrti>!cr in pending .ho Prc^•cription is to bcnedt 
the afilictcd, and sprcail information which he 
cor.ccivcj to bo invnlnnVdo. and he hojics evciy 
sufferer will try bis remedy, ns it will cost iLcm 
no'bing,au'l may prove a blessing. 

Partiis wi>hi«g tho I'rcscriptJon, rnnE, by rc- 
luru mail, will plta-c ad«jro>s 

1;j:v. EDWAUD a. V.TLSO-V. 
AVilliamsburgb, Kings Co., N. Y. 


when canecd by Catarrhal difiicultics. 
cured by this remedy. 

All arc 


Arc ir.orc frcnucnt^y than othcrwijo caused by 

a tLiclc. slimy mnc<Ti!.% falling from tho 

bead, especially duiing tho i.i.'jht, 

and n-in'.ling from Catarrh, 

and arc curfd by 

Liquid Catai-rh Remedy. 


Their faci'.iii^is for supplying the wants of the 
people of this iauue'^sc region aro on a scjloto 
warrant the fuii^st satisfaction. 

Wo olTer to the «:itir,eas of Faribault and Mar- 
ia Counties the Ducil stock of 

©roceFleEi and 

§]i:0iji. ill 1011^ 






Ix o X .0 -bxi o , 

Eleven o'clock Bitters, 

Red Jacket Bitters, 

Swain's Bourbon Bitters, 

Cherry Brandy, Holland Gin, 

Laner Beer, Wahoo Bitters, 
llostetter's Bitters, Alcohol. 

Also an cndleFS snpply of choice 

Cigars, Fresh Pine Apples. 
Fresh Peaches Cove Oysters, 
Fresk Blackberries, Sardiens 
Raspberries, Fresh Lobsters, 
Strawberries, and 

Fresh Oysters! 

Fancy Candies, 
best of Fine-cut 

Free to Everybody! 

The Guide to Health <fe Beauty, 

dn^t Published. 

It tenches how lo remove Tan, Freckles, Piitf* 
pics, P.idtclics, .M(/tli Piit'.be?, 8isllotrnes£, Erup 
tion:- and all ir.ipuritics !'f the #kt}i ; hovr to en 
amei the skin, leaving it ^vhilc and cie ir as ala- 
baster; ^ow to produce the fplle»t derelopijent 
of tbefoiuiile I'crm (as practiecd by the Frdu^b,) 
causin;; tlie bii«t to grow ronml Hnf* full, and HP 
the form has been Ivit by p:iddi.">g. lacinj^, of ma 
tcrniiy. rtstonng it to umre than its origiu:tl 
fullness, firnipos-s and beauty. It teaches hnw to 
reduce in size the bauds and feet ; produce corp-i 
Icncy or the rcvcrio ; remove siiperflu ju9 ii»ir j; 
eun; Corns, Lanio.i.-, Warte and Moles; renew 
\ our age; cure Drunkenness, Catarrh, Dysj^ycp 
sin, Kervous Dcbili j-, Ac. how to facinate ani 
j;uin the lo'.o and afl"i.ciion of any pcsson yon 
mr.y choose, togetljcr with other nsefri and a » u 
able information. No young Lady or Gentle- 
man should fail to send tlieir addrefs to the un- 
dersigned ^nd receive bjr r<^iurn mail a copy of 
tb's valuaiic work in eeaieu cnv«lo).e free of 
charge. i*ddress, 

BEUUEIl, bllU TTS L CO., Oicniist.". 
2aJ> KirerSc, Trey, N. Y- 

All kinds cf 
also the very 

Tobacco, uLC. 6ic. 
Second door South of Abbott <k 


Give us a call. 

Eni^jie GcuUlc SeWin^ aiacliiacs 

are superior to all oti-trs for 

Family and Mfaiufactunn^: 1'' 


C v.i!:::!. all the latest improvements; anef^pce 
dy ; noiseless; durable; and easy to worir- 

Illustrated Circulars free. Agents wanted. — 
Liberal discount tllowcd. 2no :>onJ:ig«inciit.- 
maJe. Address, 

EMPIRE S. :.I. CO., Broadway IC. Y. 

CQ AAA A YSAR made by any one with 
^Mf\}\JyJ 515 — stencil tools. Ko experience 
ncccrsary. The Presidents, C.ashiers, and Trcas 
urers of.' Banks .-ndorse the circular. Sent free 
wi h er.mides. Addrci^s the American Bteicil 
Tool Works, 8pr5ngQ-.ld, Vermont. 42yl 

Ttc Elason £c Hsmlm Cabinet Orgrans 

forty 'lihbreni style.-i. adapted to sacred and sec- 
ular music, for JlSO to $000 each. FIFTY 
ONE GOLD or .SILVER meadals, or other first 
premiums awarded tiicm. lilustritcd Catalogues 
free. Address. XVZason ^ HamliA, Boston, o 
MASON EilOTliLKt, Isew lork. '* 

WmSKERS ! V.IIISKVR ! !— Do ror 
want V." bickers or Moustachts .' Oui Gie 
cian Comiio ind will fcrce tbpm to f-rr.w on thti 
smolbest iacc >/r cLia, or hair on b;«Jd hMids, >b 
Six Weeks. Price, fi.OO. Scut by mai' aoy 
where. c'oFelv realed. on the Teceipt of priee.-- 
Addre?.^. WAllXLIl I CO., ^^ x :;tb. ErooV>'w 
New York. 

43£^' ad way, - NcwTcrk. 

'k be attcniion of Ibe Pi»ai*cfini^{h«r mtde Is Invited to 
cur new sc.ile cf 7 OCTAYK ROSEWOOD PIANO 
FOl'.TKS, i^liirb tor vc?«!rrt- and puriiy of tontf are uurt- 
valied ti;. a-iy );i.'!;er{ j < ffcrtd in this nikrkft. Tlie.v con 
tnin i:\\ tt.e modern 5i!-pmvcnients, FrcnrJi Orand Action, 
Harp I'cilal, I'-ou Frrmc, Orers-rnr.;: Jtars, ttc.,a:irt each 
il.iiii II I I nf bfinp m^de niidrr tSppfSCJ/ni sup' r\ie;uii oC 
sir. J. n. Oro-.t-rsficn •!>•'■ . hiis an' :•. prnc1:c»l cxperi- 
sri.ct«-: c". <- :j5 years ia their mmr xif.rar, 1b ful!* war- ia cvi ry parlivular. 



it Ju jLX. O 




1 OP o 
J 000! 

V . -::. 




wishes to say to the people of Winneb.if o CiJy, 
niul the neighboring towns, that he L.ns tiie larg- 
est fclock of 

Tbc " Grove^tcen Piano Fortes 

chived tlie A warn of i^If^rit over z\\ 
rihi'r.H St i!ie ccicbryt<'<i 

Wo!l-.^\s IVir, 

Where w^rr? exbibit<;(l in."5t' ctn'.:- frcni th» best mRir;i» 
• ofl.f'iidon, Paris, 0<'jin>rv, PhUadtlph'*. Ba'.tiancrc. 
ISos'.'-n. «a<'. KcW T'^rlr ; f.^nt Mso at II > Axncricau Lisfi 
tutf for tiv? F«c>>TBive ypir;;, thf x-~-'J r.nd »ilvt riuedids 
from beth c' iriiicb can be ssc ai ctrKvarp rocM. 

I'. y t'le i»i* reduction <' irr.rrovvcM'nig kp m-kc a still 

morVptrfcd Piano I ortr, aul l»y t.j«iiUfaHnrin;r!)irp?iy 

will: a ttrict'y ca«:i :>•?!» ai, arc e»3al.'«ffi to oflcr I'.-.tft: iu- 

eUi-ati'-J.;* at. !ii>r'r"> v.iikii »'l! nr'.<I:"""c tkl'. ccBipetilicu. 

"^riOiE:— net C?»»pr tn ' «rrr«* fusids. 


Bln« Earth City, May 20, 1^00. 




The Manhatc Foundry and Jlachinc shop 
now in <iperatio!i. and wc r..-c j'rrparod to 


of every description. Sicam cnsincj. Threshing 


Tha fvmptoms of Catarrh are at fir.<t very 
; slight Vcr;-i>n.s lip.d they have a co!d, that they 
I have frequent att:ichs, und aro more sensitive to 
! the changes of tenpcr;itiirc In thir< condition 
I tbc i; lasiy bo dry, or a slight discharge thin 
and acrid, uflerwar Is thick and adbciive, may 

As the diLcaso becomes chronic, the <'.ischargcs 
:;re increased in quantity and chan;rcd in (juaiity. 
they are now thirl; nud heavy, and are hawlad- 
or congh'-tl o.T Tbc scc.-ctifnearcolToi.nive, cans 
ing a b;ui breath ; the vuioo tbicli and na^al ; the 
cyts arc wc.k ; tho sense of s;r.f!n is or 
deainca freiiucntly tube:? piaco 



Office opposite ** Union Ilovse " Blut 
Earth Citij, Mbinesota. 

Will do a Panhing and Peal Estate 
Pusineas, pay Taxes for Bon residents, make 
Collect. ons, Ac, «to., 
Eluv Ear» City, May 7, CC. 

Machines, Uca;>tr3, F:Mining Imi>icmont.-», Ac. 

Wo also make all biiKis of iion and brans cas!- destroyed , 

ing". Pabbitt netal always on band. Orders | 

sol'ciicd and nrompllv attended to. I . . , . . . . „r 

*"''^' ' I . I ^j^„ other common and pymptom of 

Iron, Brass and dOpper { C;.t.irrh is. •.bat tho person i.s obliged to ckir his 

throat in ibe nio:iiiiig of a vliiU or min y mucou! 

whicij hasialieu Iroui the head during tho night. 

WUcn this takes place the person uiny be ear;; 

'b it bis disealfe is en its way to the lurgf, and 

should lose no liuic in urrciiting it 


wanted, for which iLc Ligbest price will bo paid 
v3n7yl C W. PAIlXEY, A Co. 

- - S. T>. CUII>I>. 


11. WAITE, 

J E W E ]L E M 5 

Uus, and will keen on^lantiy on hand, for scio : 

Jewelry and Silverware, 

i»nd wi'd attend iromntly to ull kinds of Repair- 
ii.g of (;bick9. WatclK'."'. and Jcw-jl'y, and guar 
antec ^crftel »ati •facti-ni to all who patriMM?.* 
him. Room oppo«ito Vnicn \Iotcl. ^^y^ 

Blue Earth City, M o 17, It'^C 

TIaviao: mad«^ Koui« ob:«iiij.;!« f«->i--c.r»)io;; tbf 
l.:.>irio!>:; trail s^ptio'iF. oi the '"VyinneBrijjo City 
Wills,*' v.o wish »•• anil "unco ••• luo puoiic tha^ 
»e aio now prepared to do r.ll t-'ind* oi uorit ir 
oar line of busint.*'', for r<":.dy !•..>. Lo^k. w<>,.ii 
wht^t, or e <'n Money tauc.i m pavmcnt fu. 
work. Oar terms for suwiiig aic : tine half, oi 
$1" .cr tliou'ai.d. Flo-ar, Pran, andblidrta con 
gluot'ly ou hand, ni.d ior bale cheap. 

LuiuKer $:'5.00 per TUo'.isatuT. 

Wmiiobnjo CiV. March nth. I»*rt6. 

Vegetable Sicilian 



As tho name indicates, not only cekews 
tbc growth of tho hair wbcn thin and faliln? 
off, buv positively reneiea the color to/ts 
original ^^do wbca it is turning gij^ or 
wUitc, whciS^r cau53(l by disease, j^icf or 
aid age. 

It will ccrtai^ do T.hat is cj^uacd for it, 
a fact to wbicU VimdredSt^py tbousanda, 
wlio bavo u.'scd it,\-o re^^and willing to 
testify. V.'hcro onoTbt^is fairly used, in 
any coniniimity, it^^cputation "Eprcada 
like wild f:rc," a^TiAtbo best advertise- 
ment and recoT3^cnda3*on xvo de-irc. In 
the Eastern St^, v/heraVic -nENrWEU" 
originated, j£q younj la^os uso i: ao a 
hair drc?yK3; it 13 foun\on tbe toilet 
tables of^ung men, (also atVcir barbers), 
while J^dcr men and women Vho desire a 
Renmer and Restorative for thciXgrey locks 
aivabald beads ^vlU not bo w-\^out tbia 
tfniclc, which gives in every instiN(;c, en. 
tiro seticfaction, 

T)-n't l«t nny d: apiji ;1 or do:ikr ur^o upon yon O 
dilTi'iont aiti<lL>. ns tliiTfl i.i no ricpr.rnticii In tbc world 
liko lliis, Ucwaro of any wtitlo j.uipjrtius to bo tbo 

Try II.\Lb*g II.MU nKN'KWER accordijg to Direc- 
tions, anJ V'Jii will iiHo n" other. ^ , , , .., 

If ivit MoM .It I'ru.-jriMt* in yonr town, a trlnl oo*"* 
will bo Kent ^-on i.r cxi-rcM, uixn nroipt <.icn.' d..Il:tr 
l»y inaiL lli'U -jiTin? you iin opportuintj »X ouce of 
ltr«»lti.; IX e.ti!»llriit nnaliti<*^._ 

Ordora im mal UtUUi mu*: b« afiircaH^t t- 

6«n'i A-jr::? for r.'orlhwi«r»rn Slates, 
r. V. nitl. A CO- rriCrioUirx, Nasiiun. V. 1!. 
?(.Id nt \% noT.i??.M/i in t,ntr»cn, by TTLbEn. riTtiTI 
A Ftr^LK;;, cr»vii.i.Mj *. \an' s(, lo.J) k 

fiMITH SMnn a LWTITX, J. H- '"vi:r:U £ 00. 

cii.^". a. FWTTff, riinzrcrr, rr/r-Ki t e-.:.. ii 

ly 4fujgi«tB aiiu <»alu» I 

Tbc above arc bnt few of tho mimv Catarrhal 
symptoms. Write to orr Dahoratory lo; our 
p.impblct describing fully all ;;ympSouis ; it will 
bo .sent FREE to ary address. Also uircclious 
wbcro to procure the incdicino 

We arc receiving letters froui nu parts of the 
Union, anil also numerous tcstimoniala from 
tboso vsing it, bearing ihc cvidunco of its infalli 
bio merits. 

^1;^, This remedy cont:;ins no of poi- 
sonous ingredients, bi-.t i: prepared from vcgcta- 
blo cxlrattii c.\clu«ivily ; tbLrcforc it is ptrifiiiy 
harmlcsr, even to the most tender and delicate 

Call for Seclcys Catanli Eciacdy. and 

; take no otbir. it H't sobi l«y druggists r.i 
I vicinity, tbcy will order, i: fur you Price !i>2,t0 

! per bo' lie. 

I '^3!.. All persons fuRering wi'h any affection 
j of ibo Head. Throi.t or Lnnr:' should write at 
: once for our pamphlet fully dcsr-nbing all tymp- 
touis pvrtaiuingto tbc above disc-sos. 

It wiU be sent free lo any addaesa. 

! AddrCb'S 

Dn. i>. II. SEELYE <fe 

i ?m 

Everbrcusbt totliis market. 

Al-'O a co:ii])lote .issoitiiicnt of 


con.sult their own interests 


7rora our VAHIED and EXTEIscIVE AS- 


We have tho 

Pjicilities and Determination 

Sell Goods as ch3.".p as any bouec West cf tbe 

Pay Cash for Wheat, Oats,CorD. 

Pork, Ilider:, Butter and Eggs. 
s. RiciiAjiD>ox, M. ri:yxold.s. 

I. I 


© li 

P> -cri; a o cir*" 




ever brought ia:,o this town. ConBi?-»'.ng in part of 


New Englad 

Bourbon Pittcrs, 

Plantation Biltcrt, 




Eouroon Whiskty, 

Wahoo Bitter.*. 

Ilosiclters Ditteis 

A-.\, Ac. 


C A U T v.— Am 

n Crlicn. Ua.x 
jnand^ilkta CUIILS 
prodacc'I by t:'*" nse 
ot Prof. De T^Rrs's Al-?'"' 
FRT^l'II LH <:U E .^(gp^'iiv- 

viii:-:. ori- uovici ^w?/- 

tior V. arrai.te-' u* ••♦irl *h; 
cost str»iorlif j.i.d f.iubb'*— 3 \ %ir of cither ftx in- 
to vravy rioc'Iots cr fcr'-^Ty nf-.esir' corls. Has 
been u.-fd b,- the f.^xhiocnb'r' ff P.-^ri* rnd Lon.- 
don, wi:h 'ho most gr^ result?. Doe? na 
injury to tbe hair. Price by nai' pcsiep and 
postpai'', Si. Da.-"r!?)live nrctlars sent free. 
Addrc.-s llERGEi;. tliir^TS A CO.. Cbc-u srs, 
No, e.SJ 31 ivir St., T"-; I' "^. G'^^a n^'ir-'e lo- 
th:.- Unitsi Staler. 

{i 1;33.)S cj.TStantlj on hand tbe host 

Winnebago City,~Iinn. 




v: " 


If you '<ant to 


b-,v cood nice fresh 




jld i»v all wcolcsaio kuo Tri*!* Druggt;:* 
. CEXEU.VL Ai»iilT9, 

John D Park Cincinnati. Ohio ; Fu"!ep, Finch 
A Full. T. Chiragi III ; Purri.ain. VaascbaiUk 
Chicago 111: Dcmas Ibimcs A Cu N?»w York ; D 
Piinsom A Co, Runalo New Yo»k; Farvtii'd fcibe 
Icjr A Co Detroit Mich ; w^ ik.- A Potter lio^ton 
Mn?s; Fren h Ilich'irds A Co Philadelphia, l\i ; 
R E ^cH«•rs A Co Pittsbiir?h Pa ; Cdlins Pro's, j 
!it I-'iui-i Mo : Dames, ward A C.-, New Orleans : 
h A Itibiiison iC), ],<ini-;villc, Ky : liig'.ey A 
Pro. Memphis T<-nn : P E Dcjiuy Rict.morid Va; 
Thomp^'on A Blo.-k J'alt more Md . I)c.\tcr A 
Ncllegcr Albany N Y ; urong A Ar.-a^trong, 
Clevclnud O: Wm Johnston Detroit Mi'h ! wil- 
I too i'eiers A Co Louiavillo Ky, vSnSlyl 

rpii!:sr, KiTTi:;;^ ark pji::i'aui:d in t-zv.v. 

I IJonrbin V. Ui-^kev, from a combination ot over 
t«pntv lii.Tf.eiit i;iij(li of ro-Jts, l.irk- «n I beil-s. 
vbicb ."xct in pi;rfiTt conrcrt one with tlioo'.bcr, prc 
;i\rpl froi^J t'U" ori^iinal firniiila q-ivcn by tno Rreat 
chiet r.'; I Jacket, t.> Dr. Chiiitin. who used theai £iic- 
c^'fti'ly in bis prartire fir nnny yc.'rs, and by tlioir 
iiM. "lincl 8 . ?re.-it a pnpularit-' in the trealnent .-xiid 
C4:r.".>r Dv.-pt-;' -i^u Liver C.inipUbit, Constipuiion. Sifk 
:i". I N-! v'oiis lleatUcbe. Fever and A?ii9, and all <iis- 
» - I'froni toqiiJ liver ai.-.I inii-icstion. Ter- 

f .i-f.-.m-i citli--r of tlip-o I'vith^ionio di-<e:iHes 

V. .il ;.:! i a OHIO liv tho ii^o of tbesp Bitters. wbiHi arc 
pc!ri--l!v tuio.nn! frc(> froMj nil tl.'xie <1nip.-s .iiid p.>i- 
<i!!ij u-wtallv pat «r in sa-li i;rcparjiti>ri<. and palinea 
»a" oa nil «:)sn':peclin:r pr.Mic. A sin-le trial « 'Jl C'"; llie im -ii hkt].ticd tiiat in tl:« K'.l> .lACKi.l 
there i.-* a v'rtuo thai no other Eittcrs i; .-.scss, 

TJiey'ii;tben and inv!p>.nito tbc .system 

TlieV are niic<iniiled f 'r 'icnf-nir debility. 

T iiev u!C « cure f 'r Dysjicp- ia. 

Thsiv ;;ive n pim! and bf.nlihy appetite. 

T'.ieV :w.)-:t diuiestum. 

T'li'V j.nrllV tlie lireath nnd aridity of tbe stomacli. 

TIn'V cnro Di:\rrii»t»a r.nd Cholera Morbus. 

Tlioy aro n-i antidote to!;" of water and diet. 

Tlipy are tho b^st Ftimubvit in cxistenre. 

Tiey .are ii prevoiitiTC cf FcTcr and Agno. 

Tiu-y nlievo O'tistipnti^m. 

TlieV cure Nervous Ilcadiicho. 

Tbcy aro j»orfectly puro aad palatable. 

Tlie gcrmiiie I>EDJACKETBnTEn!!»TtimU''"M 

' ■ uover bv tbe pnllon. quart ? : I r.t. 

Peaches. Blackberries. Raspbcrricsj or any kinds 
of CANED FRUITS, this is the place togct them 

Of CANDIES, both plain ana Uv- 

cy.ho has them in endlesr quantities. 

And of NUTS from cverj clime, li« 
keeps a large supply eoii>Jiautly on hand. 

t vikoo 

i:i ij'iiit bottlci; 

8cc tSat oar private Gorevmreal stauip w ii: 
orer enth iwrk. . .i _. 

S' M l>y iiU drug^std and dsalcra throughout tbe 

Oi!l f >r Tie I .Tarket. and t!»Ve no otaer. 

Circnbu-3 lo tbe tradu supplied ca npiilication. 



Do'nt forget the place. 

Don't forget the name 
Vi'inncbaso City, Nov. 15, 1S65 

Next dor SOUTn 




To- I.r-proviiigaud po%af;*-«gt!;"* iJomrlexion. 

The f.ob-t vs*''-a1 le rsd j^vf'. et e'rep-iralion in 
use. fcr giving the ekin « 'rcxuiral pearl i=kc 
tint, tb:vt <"'-iod in }f.-t'j. It quic';!y re 
moves Ian. Fr^cHes, VirrW rio»-hci=. Moth 
Patcher. SrHowness. Frapt'urrn ard r'l impuri- 
ties of tbe sis in, kindly heal-n*; th«r asr^e, leaving 
the skip white and cic?T M a?8Vx''<- Its pse 
can uff be d(>*eci-?d ^y ihe ^Icr^H tx.'nztiiiy, and 
being £ vege'.Abie r»"''par»'i'^r '"^ pcrfec-fy harm- 
less. Il is the CR^y v^'tW cf tbe kind used by 
the French, ard if ccaf-.dp'--- ^ by n't Parsian as 
indcspon.'=ihle to a*^e-* toi'ct- l^-^wards cf 
30,000 bottles were fo!<^ df"i»iff the past year, » 
suQcicnt gnarnmteo o*" 'tr F9''"xcy. Priee only 
7f, ...... c;, writ bv mail, op '■'•ceipt of mi order, by 

P>ERCiEP i-'UUTTS A CO., ChemiptE, 
r^n2Sr.6 5S6 Hirer Ft., Troy, N. Y 

A tiLivTLLMAN, eurd cIV'Tvous Dei»uit> 
Incompelencv. Prtn:atur»' Decay and Youthful 
Error. »ievu?ted by a .ic£ir»» tobenc^' others will 
be happy to forni-h to all ^♦»o nec^ it. (free of 
charge), vho k'.-ce'.->t and «'it«'?t»'Tif for making 
ho eiruple remedy as-»"^ -o tr!- ca«e. Those 
wishing to profit by his erpwietir^, and possesfc 
a Valuable Pi-cujedy, will -pceive the raaie, by 
rcturi'mail,(cstefuliv E^alpd), by addTCseing 

n31m3 t»0 Nass*" re^t, New York.. 

V*Iir.=:KERS A MUS- 
TACHES forced to 
grow upon tbe smooth 
est face in from etl '•-- 
to five v.ecb.'. by us^l'.r^ 
Dr. .SEVI«NE'» KE8 ^^m 

iliairo, the most wor.- 
d-rfnl cTiscovery in mo dcrn scieuio nct!.-:^ upon 
the Beard and Dair iei an almost miracu1on» 
manner, it has been used by the elite of Paris 
and London with the most flattering success. 
Names, of all porcbascrs will be registered end if 
entire sntisfaetion is not given in every instance 
the money will be cheerfully refunded. Price 
by m.-.ll, tealcd and postpaitKSl. DcFcnpti^e 
cirei4nrs and testimonials ninib^d fi^e. Addres? 
VrUGEK, SUCTTS A CO., Clicmi ts, No. S:.') Diver 
titfwst, Iro/, N. r. SwM *«eaU Uu Urn Cult#d fltai*. 

Manhood : How Jost. bow re^ 

^^p>.u- just nubliBhed, a new edi'*' 

if -.{'/%'^y tiou o' Dr. Culverwell's Celebratt* 
^^"v. ' ,i^ Es.say on thi» radical cure (wifboat 
iu:-uiLi'iL; of Speruiatorrboea, or eeminal Wealf 
ncss. Involuntary cemiual Losses, Iropotcncr, 
.Mental and Physical Incapacity, IicpeJiment* ta 
1\I;> mage, etc; also Con^UiDptiol:, Epilepsy, and 
Fifs, iuuuci'J by uclf in«iai:teiic<t •" •«e"suai extr»T 

\ Til^< "Clcbiwlcd »l«ll.««'-^ »« |.a»* »»«»air»M>" •••»«.•' 
' oJKiiriv •;em«-«>iit«-itp». ;>r»-~. « rn'rvy \m»rrr SHw 

I ulf-iiriy •;eM»«-«>et'""«ip>». 

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